My girlfriend just switched jobs across the country and is now working at through a TEMP department that does not offer healthcare. She said she tried to enroll on the site but that the enrollment period is over.


Will she have to pay a fine for not having healthcare while in between jobs and working temp? If so, how can we avoid that charge and more importantly get her affordable coverage while looking for new work?

If you move to a new state you have 60 days to enroll in a plan via special enrollment in that states Marketplace. There will never be an instance where you move out of state and aren't allowed to enroll in an individual health plan (although in some instances you may qualify for different cost assistance amounts or not be able to maintain Medicaid coverage).

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Joe Dopirak on

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Thanks for the fast response and explanation.

Alyson Harkins on

If a person will never be refused health insurance coverage, prove it! My seriously ill disabled husband has been denied health coverage in the state of NY after moving from TX. Social security won’t let him get Medicare part B and the NY Marketplace says its state law they can not sell it too him because he is eligible for Medicare. We can’t afford to pay out of pocket for all his medical needs. If this does not get fixed soon the cost could very well be his life!!!!! on

There may be miscommunication. If he is eligible for Medicare then he can get Medicare. If he can’t get Medicare then he is not eligible (unless you are saying he has part A and can’t get B). Still you can and should appeal this decision. If he had Medicare Part B before he moved he has a right to continue it after moving.