If our company does not offer employer-sponsored self-insured health coverage of any kind then we do not have to fill out Part III all together correct?


You should complete Part III of 1095-C ONLY if the employer offers employer-sponsored self-insured health coverage in which the employee or other individual enrolled. For this purpose, employer-sponsored self-insured health coverage does not include coverage under a multiemployer plan.

So you would not need to fill out this part of the form.

See 1095-C instructions for further clarification.

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Jessica on

If an employer does not offer health insurance what does the employer have to submit?

Raj on

What if we are fully insured and not self-insured? Do we still have to fill in Part III?


ObamaCareFacts.com on

I don’t think so, i’d have to double check the form’s instructions. Being fully insured each month makes the form easier, that much I remember off the top of my head. Always reconfirm everything with the instructions or professionals, this site is just about offering general non-IRS advice.