I am moving from NC to WA and I am wondering if I can keep my NC health plan under the ACA.


When you move whether or not you keep your coverage depends upon your plan type and if you have more than one residence. When you move you can use special enrollment to switch plans, but if won't be in one spot long, are traveling, or are near the end of the policy you may simply want to keep your plan. Generally plans and their networks are based on region. So your HMO from NC isn't going to do much in WA. However a multi-state PPO is going to function pretty much the same wherever.

If you get assistance through the Marketplace or Medicaid, then there is another layer of complications. Once you move to a new state that means you are no longer a resident of the state that was issuing assistance. On marketplace plans you can talk to your insurer to find out options, but generally the simplest move is to just enroll in a new plan either during open enrollment or through special enrollment. The big downside of switching plans is that you lose the amounts you paid into cost sharing on the plan (this can potentially be avoided by calling your insurer).

There is no one right answer, but generally 1) switch coverage if you haven't paid much in toward cost sharing 2) keep your coverage if you have a multi-state plan (especially if you still have a residence in the state you are moving from. 3) make sure to talk to your insurer before you move, and make sure to take advantage of special enrollment when moving outside of open enrollment.

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Sherry Baze on

I’m moving from Arkansas to Oklahoma how do I keep my Obama Care Health Plan I need help thank you

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Contact the Oklahoma health insurance marketplace (healthcare.Gov) and let them know you are moving, then you’ll use special enrollment to enroll in a new coverage.

Jackie C on

I have Medicaid in IL and I am moving to CO. How can I transfer my plan to CO?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Just call the CO medicaid department. https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/hcpf/contact-hcpf

Thomas Wynkoop on

On a previous page, this Obamacare website says to switch plans when you’ve moved to another State. How do you stay covered between the time that you leave your old residency and travel to establish the new address in another State? A State like Florida does not recognize MSP’s. This transient period could take days to a couple of weeks. Don’t know if 1 or 5 is the worst rating of this answer however, the answer above was unclear.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We have to clarify the star rating, good pointer. So this is a great question, what covers the gap? Well the goal is to overlap policies or have them switch in a single day to avoid a gap. So whatever plan you have when traveling would cover emergencies.

One reason we tend to advocate single payer is to avoid technical gaps in coverage like this. Love the ACA, but a big sticking point is unwanted gaps in coverage, which is a relic of private insurance contracts and no catch-all country-wide safety-net not based on income.

Sherah Jones on

I reside in Baltimore MD and my insurance is through obomma care. I am currently five months pregnant and my due date is Oct. 27th I had intentions on moving to Nc in September sometime depending on my insurance another part of it is I am on the methadone program and need my insurance for my pregnancy as well as my drug treatment. When I first move down there I will be residing with my mother until I find a place of my own. So my question is how do I go about doing all of this.

Emily Lancer on

I have Husky in CT and I plan on moving to New York to attend school for 6 months and work. can I transfer my health insurance or do I have to cancel my converage?

Danny Rodriguez on

Hello and thanks for this information. I already move to PA from NY. What can i do to change my insurance from NY to PA. Thanks for any information you can give me!

carla on

NO you are thrown into complete and utter hell if you attempt to move. DO NOT DO IT. I spent more than 7.5 hours today on the phone and ended up reversing my move and now have to PROVE I didnt move. ITS HELL…..do not listen to anything they tell you.

I am now going to lose my insurance because I attempted to be honest and tell them I was moving WRONG WRONG WRONG.

There are a list of “acceptable” proofs of moving. Strangely enough, my situation is different enough that I can not prove my move. I always used a PO box…I know completely insane concept….moved to a location we already owned…another strange concept…no mortgage…oh no now I am completely screwed…utilities are all in the business name…crazy again. Vehicles are registered in business name…so honestly…I am now going to get an attorney…at my expense…to prove I moved, prove all of this….and guess what…WE PAY 100% and receive NO SUBSIDY….better yet I was told we would be fined if I did not notify the exchange of our move.

SO now we are faced with completely losing coverage because your are NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE!!!!!

Wait until the end of the year and pray you dont need insurance in the mean time.

and yes you read correctly…I now have to hire an attorney to make sure we dont lose health insurance because of this entire situation.

Lyndon Nurmi on

I hope you voted for Obama.

Matt on

I recently moved from D.C. (which has its own individual exchange) to New Jersey (healthcare.gov). Do I simply sign up for a new account on hc.gov, or can I connect my DC Healthlink account to help simplify the process? Any help would be much appreciated

Jeff on

I have coverage through the marketplace in Georgia, and had a major knee surgery in the spring of 2016. I then moved to Texas and have worked there since Fall of 2016. However, I didn’t contact the marketplace to change my coverage, because I had a bunch of testing and follow-ups scheduled with my surgeon in Georgia in December 2016, and wanted to make sure I would be covered. Now that it is tax season, I’m not really sure how I should file, and if I am going to get in trouble for not letting them know I moved to Texas and just kept my Georgia coverage even though I have been living and working in Texas since September. Any advice on what I should do? Thanks!

Erin on

I am not sure. I suspect that when you file you’re federal tax return you will simply enter you’re 1095-A (so make sure they know you’ve moved now) and check the box indicating that you did have minimal essential coverage for the entire year. And that will be that.

Let us know if this ends up being an issue for you, but as far as I can tell, it’s just not an option to “enroll” in a plan in a marketplace unless you live in the state (and it can effect whether care you receive is covered). It doesn’t get factored for federal taxes.

Jala on

I am 10 weeks pregnant and just recently moved to Dallas, TX from IL. How do I switch my Obamacare over and if something happened to where I needed to go to the hospital could I be treated without having to pay out of pocket? How long will the transfer take?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Wow. So, this is sad because it hints that you aren’t the only person who is doing something risky like moving pregnant without health insurance as Republicans try to repeal ObamaCare. What you do is call healthcare.gov ASAP and coordinate coverage now (you should qualify for special enrollment due to the move). You are about a month away from being uninsurable in a worst case scenario where the GOP repeals ObamaCare, so really you don’t have time to waste, but if you enroll now you should be OK.

Not to be drastic, but when you have free time, just do a quick read of this page: https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-facts/

Gale Sweatland on

i have a friend Moving from Maine to Florida and he is on the Obama Care plan. Will he have coverage until he gets to FL and apply under the Special enrollment.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yeah, he should organize it before he moves by calling and aim to avoid a gap in coverage. There is a limited window in which to apply and I think proof is currently needed to qualify. In other words, yes, but start early to avoid headaches.

Garrett on

I am moving to Virginia from Texas but keeping my Texas residence. For estate planning purposes, the Texas residence will be held in an LLC I own. Can I keep coverage with my Texas based multi-state plan?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In general, if you have a residence there and have a multi-state plan, you should be OK. I don’t know if there might be a specific rule against this though. You should really check with the marketplace and your insurer to avoid complications.