I have been living outside of the US for around 2.5 years, but plan on moving back later this year. It is absolutely necessary for me to sign up for insurance there? I do not know where I will live yet, so how will I know where to sign up for the insurance?

I read about a fee for those who didn’t sign up within the enrollment period, but since I’m not currently living in the US, will the fee affect me? I will file taxes for 2014.

I have health insurance here, does that affect or count for anything?

I also turned 26 this February, so based on my research I still can sign up for the marketplace coverage, is that right? And I qualify for the special enrollment, correct?

I look forward to your help!


When you move back to the US use the 330 day presence test to claim an exemption the 12 months before you move back, then use special enrollment to make sure you are enrolled in a plan by the time you move back to the US. Typically that means enrolling at least 30 days before you need the coverage with the start date being as close as to the date you move as possible.

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