I’m American 66 years old and still employed making USD $58,000 a year.

In perfect health but a screening found a growth on pancreas over four years ago. MRI have shown no activity and fare to assume its non malignant. However insurance companies won’t touch me.

Can i apply for obama care?


Every legal US resident is eligible for health insurance, either through ObamaCare or private coverage. However, cost assistance is based on income. You can't be denied health insurance based on age, gender, health status, or any other reason. The only way you can be dropped for coverage is failure to pay and the only way to be kept from having coverage is not having the money to obtain it. You have more than enough money to get covered (but won't get cost assistance unless you have other household members due to your income).

Learn about subsidies.

Learn more about getting covered.

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Joe on

Am I covered and how much will it cost