Is the new Meridian health insurance part of the Obamacare Plan or is that a different plan? I have lost all of my previous doctors & specialists due to the new insurances many faults. Looking at the fact that I am a disabled individual, it bothers me deeply that my life would be played with thrown from doctor to doctor. And there are not even 15% doctors of all in my city of Alton IL whose population is only 27,865 that will accept this insurance. What would happen if there were a tragedy or a spread of illness, lord forbid!!!


Meridian health insurance is a physician-owned and operated group of health plans and companies. They service Medicare and Medicaid in low-resource environments. That being said, this is typical (and not really a ObamaCare thing at all). In some states, in some regions, they really let insurers (of all types public and private) get away with some B-S. Essentially the insurer is offering a network that is so tight that your coverage becomes lackluster (to be fair you coverage was also probably cheaper than other offers). Should be better rules in place for this, but by reviewing insurers who pull this sort of thing and by getting the word out we help other shoppers make smart choices.

Check out what employees think of Meridian, coupled with your story, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence in their product.

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Debra on

I agree in Granite City IL, I’ve had to change All my doctor’s! I couldn’t get a procedure because No One takes Meridian anymore! I have mental health issues and I’m struggling with the changes. I have PTSD, I can not start with Strangers, I’ve had the same doctor’s for years! I called Meridian they said ” Oh, just tell them to bill us” I called my doctor with that information and was told NO, that’s not going to happen.
I can’t get a straight answer from Anyone! This is Awefull! No guidance, no alert, no service. Ridiculous