Meridian Health Insurance?

Is the new Meridian health insurance part of the Obamacare Plan or is that a different plan? I have lost all of my previous doctors & specialists due to the new insurances many faults. Looking at the fact that I am a disabled individual, it bothers me deeply that my life would be played with thrown from doctor to doctor. And there are not even 15% doctors of all in my city of Alton IL whose population is only 27,865 that will accept this insurance. What would happen if there were a tragedy or a spread of illness, lord forbid!!!

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I agree in Granite City IL, I’ve had to change All my doctor’s! I couldn’t get a procedure because No One takes Meridian anymore! I have mental health issues and I’m struggling with the changes. I have PTSD, I can not start with Strangers, I’ve had the same doctor’s for years! I called Meridian they said ” Oh, just tell them to bill us” I called my doctor with that information and was told NO, that’s not going to happen.
I can’t get a straight answer from Anyone! This is Awefull! No guidance, no alert, no service. Ridiculous

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