My husband and I live in Illinois. He is retiring July 4th 2015, we will be losing his insurance coverage, he is 62. I will switch us over to my insurance . I am going to resign my job Dec 15th 2015. We are then moving to Arkansas to a home we have purchased. For 2016 coverage do I do the open enrollment for Arkansas since that will be our primary residency?


When you move you'll switch your coverage at that point using special enrollment, don't enroll in the new state until you are ready to move. You'll ideally want your new coverage to start on your move date. If you are going to travel or are moving late in the year, you can also consider a multi-state PPO and retaining coverage in your current state until the end of the policy period.

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Trevor on

But how can you enroll via special enrollment as of your move date? I tried it and was rejected because the verify your address in the new state using Experian, and of course if you are just moving there, that information is not on your credit file.