If I have no insurance can I go to hospital?


Anyone in the US can go the hospital without insurance. In an emergency, anyone will be treated, but without insurance, you may be billed full price.

However, if you have low income and you qualify you may be enrolled in Medicaid on the spot.

Unpaid hospital bills cost taxpayers around $40 to $50 billion. As the ACA expands coverage fewer Americans have to wait until an emergency to get the care they need. That being said, even without insurance, you should never put off a trip to the hospital if needed. Check out some other non-emergency options for the uninsured here.

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Nam Dayhoff on

My brother who lives in Houston who is covered by Obamacare….3 weeks ago after going through severe stomach pain the colonoscopy discovered he has colon cancer stage 4…..as of today he cant even go to the hospital to have the liver biopsy because they do not accept his obamacare insurance….. his doctor said the cancer could already spread there….what can we do? please help us…thank you

ObamaCareFacts.com on

As per the terms of any health plan sold there must be at the least a public hospital in your vicinity that you can use. Call the insurer immediately to coordinate this. In an emergency simply go to the closest public hospital.

jannat javed on

hello(OBAMACARE FACTS) im soo worried about my mom because she get some weird disease in her both legs i council to all doctors in pakistan they cant understand which type of disease my mom have so i want u to take her in your country for treatment pakistan dont have techknowledge to fight with this disease i want you support my mom for her treatment in your country and give her financial support for this on aid basic because im just a simple and poor person here in pakistan i cant afford her expense for contact (jannat)

taha on

you have to be here for medical benifits they dont do it overseas

Dp on

Why should the people in the United states pay for her medical bills?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Basic moral principles, empathy, stuff like that… that said, it is a sort of bizarre request. Assuming it is real, I am very sure the WWJD answer is to care for the sick and suffering. In this case it doesn’t seem like something that can really be done through an internet comment.

Ellen on

You never know what will happen in life. The best laid plans often go awry. Stop being so arrogant. Some day you may need help

Dp on

Seriously??? I live in this country I work and can’t get help with anything!! How fair is that? I’m probably more poor than you! Happy

J on

My mother who is bi-polar went off her meds and stoped paying her medical ,insurence. Now she is in the hospital with no way to cover her stay there. What can she do.

Chayanne Trejo on

I’m 21 years old I recently hurt my knee went to the ER and they recommended me to go see a orthopedic DR.. But when I called they didn’t want to help me because I have no insurance… What can I do? I’m very scared and axioms at the moment.. Feels like I’m going to be crippled forever.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I would suggest public hospital for anything emergency oriented, they can help you sign up for medicaid and point you to local assistance programs. Sometimes schools and charities will step in to fill the void, especially in some regions.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can also just call the state medicaid office or local assistance programs.

Lupe. Momm. M ahoo.com on

I have a close friend that went to emergency room they diagnosed a tumor in his head. The hospital told him they were going to send him to Loyola (in Chicago). When they ask for his insurance. He responded he didn’t have one. They literally deny him service they send him home after they had told him he needed a specialists. Can you help me get him help please.

Tony on

Go apply to your walfare office you can get insurance through the stay especially if u got get then go also give u food stamps every month

Myles on

I honorably separated from the military last week and having had all my medical care completely covered for the last 6 years, I am confused on what to do now. I cut my arm pretty severely and I think I need stitches but I have no money for a doctor. Will it really cost me money to visit the ER?

Kirk davis on

V.a. immediately. You qualify for your service. If you are not near one, theu can have treatment approved where you are.you need to get into v.a. healthcare service.

Dion Patterson on

Your medical last up to six months after you get out

Kathy Ann Austin on

I need med help. I have no job $no insurance.

Cynthia S Prather on

Like the answer I can be treated with out insurance hAve stomach pain

Tiny on

What do you do when you are caughing up blood and have no money to pay to get med attention. The ER tells you they Will not look at you becouse I can’t pay and told me to leave.

Patriot16 on

This is why it is going to be repealed!

What if you are a honest hard worker not receiving government benefits.

Ur F( )cked. You pay FULL price. Nice reward for being honest not sucking free “benefits”!

Report the scammers, they should be jailed and repay what they steal!

And the scammers and illegals pay NOTHING!

Lizzy on

Amen! Well said!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I get the frustration, but the term “illegals” is prejudice and they really aren’t in a situation that we should envy. Pretty sure they are being rounded up and locked up like cattle. I’d rather pay the extra X bucks and be moral myself. Let us focus on the working middle class and not project hate on our Southern Brethren looking for refuge here for one reason or another.

Jen on

follow the law and dont come here illegally. @BUILD THE WALL

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I don’t believe humans can be illegal, I think it is evil for those who want to follow the law to have no pathway to citizenship (especially when they were brought here by their parents… those who come illegally as adults is another issue that also needs a compassionate response).

The xenophobic attitude against “others” is (in my opinion) anti-American. Meanwhile, working hard as an immigrant (legal or illegal) to be part of our great country is for me closer to true Americanism.

The way we treat illegal immigrants in our country is akin to being evangelical about a religion, but then telling people there is no pathway to joining it. Makes no sense.

marcus roque on

My shoulder keeps popping out and I have no insurance what should I do

artin arzmanians on

14 months of mind control abuse by sevan madadian and sali madadian and rafik madadian on artin arzmanians i wont go to hospital till they take responsibility if i have cancer and i die attempt of murder to murder

Cynthis on

You should recieve Medical Care. ER’s are making these patients wait extreme amounts of time. Until they get up and leave.
Family member with possible kidney stones and 1st Hospital did CT, said,” They dont know whats wrong.” Sent patient home. The pain is so severe as if obstruction is possible.
He was taken to a 2nd hospital. He admit at 2:30pm, family cont asking when will he be seen. At 07:15pm, they left were told no beds for him and dont know when he will be treated. Quality Healthcare has ceased. If no Insurance, increasing % of uninsured will NOT BE SEEN.

Rhonda Dezern on

My sister went to the new UNC hospital tonight and they are basically doing the littlest they have to because of no insurance!! Bruises keep popping up on her out of no where and no primary care doc will see her. I feel they made an oath to first do no harm!! They should do as much as they can to make her feel comfortable them then send her home. They made her feel so bad!! What should she do??

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In a case like this, I would see if there was another public hospital. You can always ask around at the hospital and see if someone is willing to help you.


Viktoria on

I am 41 y old desaible single mother on call fresh and nothing else, not Sitezen! My mental health and lost of 110lb ,after my 21 you old son death,5 months ago. My 9 y old is fully supported by Me! His dad and grandmother threts to get my son away just becouse they very rich and they no one time help to drive child to school or help to care groceries, I care about my 67 you old mom,and she is so bad to me,open case on Her! I never report about fiscal and verbal abused by my mom and dad of my Son! My medical cut off 5 days Ago! My Edelman M. Hospital push me out due cistern in brain with licvide in It! I out of 15 you. Used lorazepam, I not make it ,I told week, I ask for help all over World! No ,just child protection want to take my only son ,after older one tragic ly pass away!? Can somebody help me just to get my Med school? I take no more then prescribed! No insurance, can’t afford doctor and ERI not priscribbed it any More! I live in Inglewood! But never can ask on street or any like that… So, is any one can please help ,ASAP! My car brock, child care stop with any risonable Metter, I lost my best friends (momy) help alot ,I am not crazy or suisadical, just love my only left son and use to mess. Lorazepam 2mg ×2-3 per 24 have. As needed, several panick attak strik me as soon as mom or dad of my son wishing me death or taking my things much more… In August I move to Valencia,and save my 9 y . Old from he’ll of the past and my mom intensity. Help me please, I belive that more people is good,difficult ,but that how I am. Didier Hershey promise to help,Promise, words, social worker, big ,healthy dadynamic, in Pacific Palisades, my son in Inglewood school. Need lower, promises….Sincerely appreciate your time-consuming to my cry for Help! Sorry never did it ever….

Michael on

I live in Memphis TN in 2006 I got hurt on the job and my spinal cord got pinched in between my vertebrae in my neck. I have down spiraled ever since and about a two years ago I started getting worse. I started walking with a cane until October of last year completely quite walking. I got transported to the hospital by ambulance but they told me because they are a private hospital they won’t help me. I have seen a Nero surgeon and he told me I need surgery asap. Imy getting around a little better now because I made myself get up and move through the pain. Oh and I don’t qualify for obummer care because I don’t make 12k or more a year. I have tried and tried to find help what do I do at this point?

greg prellwitz on

I have been enrolled in the Obamacare insurance policy with Molina Health care for the entire 2016 year.
In late December/early January, I started to have some pain issues and decided to go to a doctor and have it checked out.
While going through my bills, I had noticed that I had not received a bill from Molina.
After contacting them, I found out that my insurance was done at the end of the year and I would have to re enroll and my coverage would not start until March.
This is great news for me as I am sure I have colon cancer and still have to wait two more weeks for my insurance to go into affect,
I tried to play by the rules of the game, but the dealer decides when the game starts and ends I guess.
Thanks for nothing

Christopher Richrds on

I have a girlfriend in LaCrosse who is asking for $150 for severe period pains. She is not working and has 1 child.

Can she receive free treatment?

Tina on

I have insurance. We make too much for Medicare and not enough to pay for coverage. I have so much pain in my chest and my heart beats so hard. We live in Louisiana. Is there any help?

Jen on

Um, just go to any ER.

warren on

i have an infection in my foot from stepping on a nail i went to urgent care and paid 170.00for the first visit the doctor told me he was going to be aggressive in his treatment because he thought it was advanced and was going to try and get ahead of it. j?e said he was going to give me two injection and some pills to combat it , and if it didnt work id have to gp to the hpspital when i showed up the next day they wanted to charge me another 100.00$for the second injection which id didnt have i now need to go to somewhere to have it looked at and treated i have no money or insurence and wont until i can work again what can imdo p’ease he thanks

Bryan on

You can go to er without health insurance, I went tonight , I have
Sciatica, but all they did was take my blood pressure temperature, and talked to a doctor for 5 minutes then released, they gave me something for pain , but never did any test I was treated so unfairly, will never go back to that hospital again.there was a lady in another room that had some of the same problems , and had insurance, they were doing test on ,

Jimmy on

My uncle just got to the US as permanent resident about 3 months ago. He has a stroke and had a surgery. Does he qualify for medical? Is there anything happens to his sponsors? Please help and advice

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There isn’t a simple answer. Insurance is always best to get before it is needed, that said, Medicaid can be applied for retroactively in some state and some regions have charity options.

It thus depends on income. I would try consulting the hospital, they may be able to help give you direction. You can also contact healthcare.gov or your state medicaid department.

Sarah on

My health insurance terminated my coverage because the Marketplace did not send over my change of life event to them. The Marketplace said it could take 30 days for them to resend this notice to my health insurance company, who I am still currently paying. In the meantime, I do not have health insurance despite paying for health insurance for no fault of my own.

Please help.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There is no good answer there, you could try getting short term, you could also ask your insurer (it could perhaps start again in retrospect if you are re-instated.

Joy on

My grandson lost his medical insurance. He needs to beseech by a doctor a sap. Where can hero fortress net. Can he go to any hospital

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Without medical insurance things are complicated. A public hospital is best for someone with no insurance, but in a true emergency any hospital will take someone. That said, the answer is what was said above: Anyone in the US can go the hospital without insurance. In an emergency anyone will be treated, but without insurance you may be billed full price.

This is one of many reasons expanding healthcare to all citizens is important.

Joy on

My grandson lost his med insurance. He needs to be seen by a doctor. Can he go to any hospital since it is the week d

Travis on

I have no health insurance but needs medical attention asap what should i do ? Also im very poor.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In general you can contact a public hospitals and ask them, you can contact your state Medicaid department, and you can contact local homeless shelters and charities.

If you live in a state the expanded Medicaid, it is easy. The first two options will result in you getting Medicaid coverage. If you live in a state that didn’t (if you have a Republican representatives it is likely they didn’t expand) then it the third option is likely your best bet.

Learn more below:


john christopher on

i have no medical insurance we have the worst health care in developing world canada has better medical care then we do no body denied health care