Can A Child Who is a US Citizen Get Health Coverage?

Hi, my husband and I are Canadian and have an American daughter. My husband works in the U.S. on a P Visa. Our medical coverage will end as of May 2015 and we will not have coverage provided through my husbands work afterwards. We are wondering if we have any options for getting insurance in the US, if we do not we would like to at least have our daughter insured as best she can considering she is an American citizen. Please let me know if you can answer or help with any of my questions.

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My situation is similar as Canadian citizen with minor Born in US. Very helpful. Thank you!


I do not feel my question was answered. My daughter is an American citizen, was born in the US she hasnt been in the country for 5 years because she is only 20 months old. I need to know what my options are for getting her medical coverage once ours expires.


Didn’t mean to give a flippant answer, of course a child under 5 years old has not been a citizen for 5 years, we were just trying to make sure people who found this page had a answer that applied to everyone.

Your best option would be looking into a child-only health care plan if CHIP is not an option in the state you are residing. If you are traveling make sure to look into a multi-state child only plan that will cover multiple states.

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