ObamaCare Repeal Facts

What Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare Could Look Like Under the Trump Administration Republicans in Congress plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Get the facts on a repeal and replace plan under the Trump administration and what it means for America. UPDATE 2019: The repeal and replace plan never passed, and thus some specifics here… Read More

ObamaCare Open Enrollment 2017

Understanding ObamaCare’s 2017 Open Enrollment Period Open Enrollment 2017 started November 1, 2016 and ended January 31, 2017. Open enrollment is the only time you can enroll in a health plan on the individual market without qualifying for special enrollment. That means if you wanted to get cost assistance and avoid the monthly fee for 2017,… Read More

ObamaCare and the Public Option

ObamaCare Public Option Explained ObamaCare allows for a public option, a public health insurance plan that can compete with private companies and works with the ACA. This “ObamaCare public option” can work a few ways. President Obama previously expressed support for a national public option and suggested that states create state-based public options via sec. 1332 waivers, especially in regions with low competition. Initially… Read More

TrumpCare Explained

What is TrumpCare? “TrumpCare” describes health care reform under Donald Trump. We explain TrumpCare and how it is different than ObamaCare. An Introduction to the Many HealthCare Bills, Regulations, and Ideas We Call “TrumpCare.” Below we explain different aspects of TrumpCare. When people say “TrumpCare” they are essentially referring to healthcare changes made, attempted to be… Read More

How to Count Terminated Employees and Re-Hires for the Mandate?

There are a number of measurement periods an employer can use and methods of accrediting hours that allow employers to deal with termination, new hires, and re-hires. This allows employers to accurately address full-time and FTE employees in a number of common and uncommon situations.

How to Replace Health Insurance Card

If you didn’t get or lost your health insurance card simply call your insurer and request a copy, an insurer can tell your info and fax a copy to your doctor.

Prosthetic Coverage Under Obamacare

Prosthetics are covered on most ACA plans, but replacements and adjustments aren’t considered an “essential health benefit”, thus services can be limited.

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