Senate Voted to Approve Budget Resolution to Repeal ObamaCare

The Repeal Resolution: Senate Budget Resolution Makes Steps Toward ObamaCare Repeal; No Replacement Plan on the Table.

The Senate voted 51 to 48 early Thursday to approve a budget resolution instructing House and Senate committees to begin work on legislation to repeal key provisions of ObamaCare.

In words, they voted to begin a process of defunding key provisions like tax credits and medicaid expansion, but ObamaCare has not actually been repealed yet (see what provisions are on the line in this phase here).

This “repeal resolution” is part of the “budget reconciliation” process Congress plans to use to defund ObamaCare. The defund effort is part of the overall repeal effort, of which legislation is expected.

The House is expected to take up the legislation Friday and must also vote to pass the resolution.

UPDATE 2019: This plan never passed, and thus the specifics here are of historical interest only.

No Replacement, Despite Promises

Trump and some in Congress have promised a simultaneous replacement plan, but nothing has been made public yet.

Democrats made a late-night show of resistance against gutting the Affordable Care Act by forcing Republicans to take politically charged votes against protecting Medicare, Medicaid and other health-care programs. The measure narrowly passed without the support of any Democrats.

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i dont think it is right to take away medicaid from people on ssi how are we suppose to get our medicine on 733.00 a month from ssi


In the beginning of your run you said repeal, not repeal and replace. Just repeal. Which means, this can not be a law. Which is the truth; it can not be a law. Health care is a business; no one has the right to force some one to pay into that business. We act voluntarily. We already have forced health care: medicaid, medicare, social security, through car insurance, home owner insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, chips, workmen’ s comp, etc.. etc.. etc.. and each one of these seems to cancel out the other; and we have to hire lawyers to fight our claims. It just does not work.

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