Comment Below to Tell President-Elect Trump What You Do and Don’t Want for the Future of HealthCare Reform

Leave a comment below to let President-elect Trump what you like and don’t like about ObamaCare. Let’s help Trump build a great ObamaCare replacement plan.

UPDATE 2019: This page is getting retired, while I do think I was able to pass some of this information along… both parties were rather dead set on what they wanted to do.

No one likes the mandate or rising healthcare costs, but the ACA offers provisions that have helped people.

20 million Americans are newly insured. 1 in 2 Americans have a preexisting condition they can’t be denied coverage for. Children can stay on their parents plan until 26. There are millions on Medicaid who couldn’t get coverage before. Seniors who are seeing the Donut Hole drug cost gap close. Do you want to see all of these provisions repealed?

I’ve never heard anyone complain about getting cost assistance or seeing their doctor via their free annual wellness visit or getting other covered preventive care. If you don’t want to lose your Affordable Care and Patient Protections, you’ll need to speak up for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

Do you want a single payer system or national public option? If you care, you need to speak up. Let’s help to make TrumpCare healthcare reform the type of program we want.

Do you want Paul Ryan and friends to privatize Medicare like they did with Part C and Part D? Do you want to protect our Seniors from funding shareholders’ profits? If you want grandma to get care instead of being treated like a commodity? Say something.

Post your comments below and let’s help build a better future for healthcare. Affordable Coverage and Patient Protections for all Americans are important no matter which party is in the White House.

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Marcella Gridley on

I absolutely rely on Obamacare! Please, please don’t take it away.

If you want to call it Trumpcare, then call it Trumpcare. This is the best insurance I have ever had. The subsidies are what make it usable.

Bertie on

Unfortunately, your subsidies are coming out of my pocket and I can’t afford an ACA policy anymore! Prices and deductibles have gone up every year, I’m not eligible for a subsidy and wouldn’t take it if I did. The lowest priced policy is not $150 more a month than my house payment.

P Khune on

I work and I can’t afford insurance, so what does it do FINE/TAX TAKE more of my hard earned money. I don’t care if you appeal it or not, but do NOT FINE me for not being able to afford it. A plan for myself and my husband STARTS at 1200.00 per month, has a 10 THOUSAND dollar deductible before it will pay one cent. NO one can afford that and “NO” we do not qualify for any subsidies because we work.
Please end the mandate at least! It’s unconstitutional and we pay so much in taxes now I’m considering a 2nd job.

Kim on

What state do you live in? Your costs do not make any sense. We work too and the monthly amount you state is before the tax credit, and the 10,000 deductible is not true. That’s why I’m asking what state you live in? Something sounds very fishy…

Lesa Thompson on

I was not the original person who wrote – but I would like to inform you that in Texas, we now only have 2 insurance companies to choose from (ambetter and blue cross blue shield TX), we make approx. $23,000 a year and JUST FOR ME my cost for a gold plan ( I have a lot of health problems) is $688. There are LOTS of plans that the deductible is $10,000 PLUS -that you have to pay BEFORE insurance kicks in. We also have had the right to choose our own doctors- no more PPO’s- all HMO’s. That is totally unfair. I lose all the specialists I have been working with for 17 years.

The Federal Farmer on

The good news is there are no teeth in this stupid law. If you direct your employer to send the IRS the minimum so that you owe taxes at the end of the year (or if you pay quarterly, stop and pay that penalty) and aren’t owed a refund, you will never have to pay the penalty for not buying something you don’t want, can’t afford, or whatever.

The IRS will send you letters trying to scare/trick you into signing up, but from their own website I quote the following:

“What happens if I don’t pay the fee?

The IRS will hold back the amount of the fee from any future tax refunds. There are no liens, levies, or criminal penalties for failing to pay the fee.”


if your adjusted gross income is $50,000 or below you qualify for a subsidy. If it’;s above $50,000 you can certainly pay $1200/month.

george on

We are self employed and our income combined was over $64,000 (not much when you are paying a mortgage, college etc). To buy a Classic Silver plan with a $5,000 individual deductible (max $7,350 out of pocket per person), the cost is a whopping $2,500/month…that is $30,000 per year and still have a $5,000 deductible.

That is like purchasing a new car every January 1st and then leaving it in a parking lot with the key in the ignition on December 31st. Tossing $30,000 out the window every year for nothing – that is Obamacare for the self employed.

The self employed do not have pension plans provided so we must save for our own retirement without matching funds by a corporation. So $2,500 /month for Obamacare is a lot of money for anyone.

Theresa Adams on

Bertie and PKhune,
I feel for you!! You are forced to pay taxes so that others that maybe can but don’t work can have subsidized insurance and you even pay for them to have what you as a working family can no longer afford. But guess what? it is worse than that! Did you know there is an ‘Assets’ clause built into Obamacare (I read it!!) that means you also pay for the wealthy retired or non-working, who, because of that new clause, now qualify for subsidized health insurance via the marketplace because if they have ‘no income’ they qualify!! The government no longer considers that they have ‘Assets’ including millions in the bank, vacation homes abroad..I know this because a friend of mine who this scenario characterizes, bragged about her new lower health insurance ‘subsidized’ costs, to me, her lower middle class hard working, tax paying, friend who is currently helping to fund it with my taxes (and I pay a lot of taxes!)!!! I do not have a executive home, or another vacation home abroad. So I work to pay my mortgage and my taxes and evidently my friend’s and other wealthy nonworking folks subsidized health care!! (My daughter is a hard working middle class worker who cannot even yet afford to buy a her own home and pays double my wealthy non-working friend’s insurance rate.
So get angry!!!!! Talk to your congressmen, and legislators. Tell them to end the madness and get this bad unfair unconstitutional health care law replaced with something that is truly fair to the working middle and lower class earners. Obamacare is soooo unfair to the working lower middle and working lower classes!!!! Plus I know of many working class folks who previously had and paid for their own health insurance plans, but lost them due to the new requirements for insurance companies! They were forced to find new policies that includes coverage they do not need, and have to pay much higher insurance rates!
So affordable for everyone?? I think not!

Leia on

For the people that assume that people who “Can, but choose not to” work are the ones who somehow are the cause of this: No. Just no.

It is an unfortunate truth that one of the main issues here is young americans (like myself) who didn’t think healthcare was or is a necessity. They’ve been lucky enough not to have anything bad happen to them, or have stayed on mom & dad’s insurance, or just plain choose not to go to the doctor or the dentist or both. As someone who *does* have an ongoing condition, I needed health insurance as soon as I was off my parents’, and understand the necessity of it over all.

If we want lower premiums, costs, etc., showing the necessity of well care, healthcare, and overall personal care would go a long way. Also, be aware that even if you’re not paying these fees, you’re still paying for people who are uninsured or underinsured–hospitals, especially public ones, get the money from the government. The best way to address this is to simply ensure -everyone- is getting proper care, and that we are all chipping in to the best possible effect.

We are proud of all the America is, let’s include our health and people on that list…

a.b. on

Completely agree. My monthly premium is $251, and it’s a bronze hmo plan! It’s all insane.


very vague.. how much is you house payment? I guess you meant that an ACA policy IS $150 more than your house payment; instead of “policy IS NOT more than $150 more than your house payment. As an insurance agent I am certain that a married couple someone with $50,000 adjusted gross income can get a subsidy. If an adjusted gross income for a married couple is above $50,000 a subsidy is not needed. It’s just about making the mat right so that everyone can afford health insurance regardless of income.
As an insurance agent the repeal pf Obamacare would be jackpot for me and the rest of those in my industry. It would be just plain wrong though.

Shelley on

It may work for you I don’t know what state you live in but it doesn’t work for anyone but low income people and it doesn’t make much difference. I want my own doctor and hospital! Should be my choice not stupid obama! It’s my health not his.

Lesa Thompson on


shyleen on

amen what thats how you feel unless you want us killed suit your self

Korey on

How much do you pay out of pocket and if you do how much do you get back each year from the government returns? Do they cover all your medications?? How much do you pay per prescription? What’s your yearly deductible? What are your copays?? Please let us that work everyday to pay for your healthcare at least know we are getting your I mean our money’s worth!! FYI FREE LOADERS ATTN BLOOD SUCKERS YOU NEED TO GET A JOB THERE IS NO MORE FREE RIDING ON THE WORKING MIDDLE CLASS!!!!

Dee on

that’s because those of us that work our azzes off, pay for your subsidy. the government my friend is the federal taxpayers. your free ride is off of our backs. the goverment doesnt pay anything..WE DO! the worker bees

Wendy Workman on

If you lose your job… even if not company paid, you will have to repay those subsidies. Did you know that? Does that make sense?

Thomas Pane on

If government wants to basically run the entire health care industry how long before they out law Cigarettes, soda, candy, hamburgers and other things we put in our body that can be harmful? To me its very simple, there is no where in the constitution that says Government shall provide health care for all citizens. So basically i’d like to see this country take one of 2 paths:

Path 1: Give every citizen the same health insurance for the same cost and begin regulating everything we put in our bodies. Complete destroy the Tobacco industry, prohibition will probably have to return or at least limit drinks to 1-2 a week. Out law all processed foods that can cause health and digestive problems and mandate that all citizens exercise regularly. Any one who remains obese or at other extreme health risks will be jailed for non compliance.

Path 2: Allow every citizen to make there own decision on health care with the knowledge that once you get on a plan that insurance company can not change that plan because you get sick or hurt. In that plan they must also establish reasonable cost increases as someone gets older. Insurance companies will however be aloud to change your policy, after a 6-12 month notice of warning, because of new habits for instance if you start smoking or a physical shows you are putting on unhealthy weight as a result of diet.

Kayla Warner on

CLEARLY you have an issue with obese people! This country is not about to be a dictatorship. Glad you weren’t running for president. Whooh, we bypassed that one!

The Federal Farmer on

How about a 3rd option?

Allow every citizen to make their own decisions regarding their own lives. If people want to live under some form of welfare state there are plenty to chose from.

The reason the first two options will never work as intended is that they use force or the threat of force to accomplish their goals.
Neither bureaucrats nor elected office holders are capable of running my life and there’s no provision in our present government that mandates I purchase anything I don’t chose in spite of any recent legislation to the contrary. The fact that there are no criminal penalties for violating this legislation bears that out.

Sanja Zoeller on

Dear Mr. Trump,
I am a teacher in the state of South Carolina and only make 35,000 a year. We have three children and the cost of healthcare in this state is ridiculous. Recently I went in to get a yearly gynecological exam because I was having issues and felt it was time to go (I have put it off for 4 years because I can’t afford my visits). My insurance company only paid $45 of the visit and left me with a $245.00 bill (just for a ROUTINE exm). I was outraged and said “I thought this Obamacare covered all yearly women’s well visits for free” They said technically it does but we don’t have to follow the ACA guidelines because we are “grandfathered in”. That…is…absurd.
On top of that, then only dental offices covered in network with my plan are medicaid facilities which overbook their patients and treat everything like an assembly line. If I go to a non medicaid facility with doctor’s I trust I have to pay more. My family’s last routine dental cleaning was over $200 (any my dentist does not have high fees….I checked before we chose him). I have over $1,000 in medical bills to pay just for the past 6 months. PLEASE help us come up with a system that makes insurance companies cover us equally no matter who is…and require all well visits (both children and adults) to be covered 100%. We need affordable premiums and deductibles. I have anxiety attacks now when I have to go to the doctors because I know they will charge me an arm and a leg. I am not seeing any benefits with Obamacare.

Lee on

Based on the information you gave you should be eligible for MediCaid according to the FPL or more likely a PPO plan at 94%.

Kare Henry on

Can’t believe Medicaid is being treated as if it provides healthcare. Medicaid says you are covered, but try to use that “coverage” to actually access actual care from a doctor and provider. Many doctors won’t even take Medicaid–and, in our information we should include the cost borne by others to provide additional “free” Medicaid and count them as some of the wonderful benefits of Obamacare.

Erin on

Medicaid is administrated by the states. States can then contract out to other companies to actually administrate Medicaid. Some states have higher reimbursement rates and more providers. Some cover vision, dental, mental health, and home health. Several State’s Medicaid recipients report higher satisfaction than the average private insurance plan. If your state is doing a poor job, you should contact your state level representatives and the Health Care Authority for your state. They are the only ones who can make changes to how it functions and this has always been the case.

Eddie on

Your costs are a pittance compared to what I was billed. After a $4000 upfront charge, I was balance billed $18 445 for a routine check of an ulcer.

This is with insurance, from work. And through creative number jiggling, they don’t consider me yet to have reached my $4000 deductible, as balance billing apparently “doesn’t count towards it”.
That was 6 months ago, now for Christmas the kids are still starving, and no money for new winter jackets or warm clothes.

Brenda on

I look at these comments and I see so many different stories. Many of these issues are about your particular’s state version of Obamacare.
Most of the complaints are from people who live in the same states. There is a pattern to it. About 20% of the country has just one insurance carrier to choose fro on the states exchanges. Those state’s average premiums before government subsidies are increasing 22 percent in the states where data is available. BUT – for the states that have managed their exchanges well — premiums have gone DOWN.
Mine have. Obamacare has meant the world to me — it’s the best healthcare I’ve ever had – and I’ve always had healthcare insurance — that I paid for myself. Until my employer didn’t offer healthcare as a benefit — it was cheaper to have my own policy than my employer’s policy.

Rent has gone up. My expenses have gone up. My paychecks have not stayed up with the costs of everything around me. Obamacare has been the best healthcare I’ve ever had. I

Tim on

I can’t afford this obamacare crap and I certainly can’t afford the penalty for not being able to afford insurance. I will become a criminal come tax time next year because I will not even attempt to pay the penalty. I’ll just stop filing. The IRS can kiss my ass.

KAthleen on

I work hard and my lowest premium is 270.00 per month!! with a 6-7,000 deductible!!!!! That is NOT affordable for people who can’t work full time. I have a health condition that prevents me from working full time or the number or hours to get part time benefits. WI is not a multi state plan so what happens if I become sick or have an accident out of the area of coverage!??????
This is Again…..NOT AFFORDABLE and certainly NOT realistic!!!!

Pussi Artist on

No preexisting condition clauses, 10 essential benefits, Medicaid Expansion (really helps very low wage earners), kids on plans until 26 years old. Love the co-op insuarnce companies. Support them more (Had coop insurance in Wisconsin. Best medical experience I ever had). Like the electronic medical records provision to bring us into the 21st Century. Like the medical homes and accountable care organizations that coordinate care. Like the incentives to get hospitals to cut down on readmissions. If Trump is going to get rid of IPAB, then overseeing Medicare costs has to be addressed. LOVE the innovation center testing best practices. Like that 20 million more people are insured. Really want to find ways to increase that number.

Don’t like:
family glitch, subsidy cliff (some people a little bit over the subsidy income limit really can’t afford the insurance), don’t like narrow networks, high out-of-pocket costs. Don’t like that Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices. Don’t like that Trump is not realistic about the funding mechanisms for giving sick people access to insurance (The no preexisting clause needs to be paid for) Either everybody has to buy insurance so the pool is large enough to keep premiums in check. Or the insurance companies can charge whatever they want? That means that a person could have cancer, not be denied an insurance policy, but have to pay $5,000/month for it. So what good is a no preexisting clause there? Want real clarification on how Pres. Elect Trump plans to pay for making all those insurance companies insure sick people.

I think the funding mechanism are fair because the burden is not on the middle class. The Cadillac tax is controversial. If it is eliminated I want something else in place to replace the funding it is slated to provide.

I hope Trump looks at Switzerland’s system if he wants to keep the private insurance model. They use private insurance but there are a lot of price controls and EVERYBODY has to participate. And I hope that Trump sees that the US really needs universal health care to compete with other developed nations. They all have solid systems in place that operate efficiently, effectively and cost way less than what the US pays giving them an edge as competitors.

Robin on

I like that there are no “pre-existing conditions. Please keep that. The deductibles and payments are a bit high for working folks. Please find a way to lower those.

Laurie Amber on

If you repeal Obamacare my family will lose its health insurance. It is very important to continue to prohibit insurance companies from discriminating on the basis of pre-existing conditions. High risk pools have been tried many times and they don’t work. It is also important not to charge extra based on these pre-existing conditions.

It is also very important to continue to provide subsidies and cost sharing. Without these, healthcare reform is meaningless. If the subsidies and cost sharing are repealed, I will have to drop my family’s insurance coverage, as there is no way I can afford to pay it.

Lastly, please don’t charge more than the ACA allows based on age. People over 60 should be allowed to buy into Medicare since the insurance companies don’t want us anyway. If you allow the rates to go up even further, we will no longer be able to afford our coverage.

Amy Rubin on

It is too complicated. I am a self employed individual and am having a hard time finding the rules that fit my situation.

michael wills on

I myself have benefited from Obamacare in that the premium tax credit has greatly helped me make health insurance affordable. I am 62 now and cannot really increase my income stream. Without the tax credit, I would have to settle for extremely high deductibles or go without insurance entirely. I know Obamacare has many flaws that need to be addressed, but hopefully what Mr.Trump will do to amend it will not negatively impact my ability to afford health care insurance.

Deanna Hooper on

During 2015, we paid in $3900 for an ObamaCare policy which we never tapped into as we did not meet our deductible. We then were penalized for selling equipment from a closed business and inherited $40K from my mother’s estate. $10K of that went back to the good ‘ol IRS to pay back the subsidy. No possible way should a basic policy have cost us $1158 a month!! What a shame that her hard-earned money that was already taxed was figured into what we pay for health insurance. What a joke Obamacare is!! Now for 2017 the coverage is less and fee more. Yet a letter we received stated cost would more than likely be less this year for the same coverage. Not even close! Blue Cross Blue Shield is only option in Wyoming as well, so no competition. Affordable healthcare — we make $50K a year and what we are paying is ridiculous for what we get. No wonder people end up not carrying insurance. We have always made sure we have coverage — paying more as self-employed, as we felt its the right thing to do. But it’s not feasible. 🙁 Not carrying insurance will incur a monthly penalty, so one cannot win this battle.

Debra Calvert on

PLEASE get rid of the tax penalty for those of us who still can’t afford to sign up for one of these worthless, good-for-nothing health plans. I’m still hoping for a health plan that actually has some useful benefit for those of us not old enough for medicare and don’t go out having sex with every std patient they can find. What a rip-off this has been.

Zeenat Chandrasekhar on

Obamacare is the first real step towards covering uninsured americans. If it is flawed work together across party lines to fix it don’t throw it out. You cannot cover pre-existing conditions without a large healthy pool to balance it. Without health coverage for all we are one step closer to third world living conditions for our working class.

Stacy on

I need the ACA. Please help us keep costs down by taking on the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Let us keep our insurance.

Jenny on

Hi there, Since there will be a change in Obamacare, I will share with you on what I love about this act and many people will agree with me on this. DACA has helped immigrants so much, and DACA has its own rules too as well, where you need to be here in America certain of time and an age that has to meet with the DACA act. I myself relying on DACA to work here in America and paying my taxes all these 4-5 years, it has helped me proceed toward my dreams which is being a nurse, and help people. Moving to the states when I was only 7 years old, and being undocumented because of certain personal problems, it was hard. I’am actually waiting for my green card now but it will take time. But I am and still have to for certain amount of time rely on DACA. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE DACA

Vickie Baggett on

Starting in the 1990s, I have been a purchaser of individual health plan here in Missouri, and found my costs rising. ACA was supposed to be a resolution to what has become a sixty-five percent 4-fold increase in premiums with an equally steep deductible (I will pay BCBS $785 in premiums with a $10,000 deductible, when I began buying, it cost $237 with a $1500 deductible). There is no standard on costs, providers can charge anything, insurers can bilk the consumer. We sorely need ACA protection against this blatant capture of wealth. MISSOURI DOES NOT RECOGNIZE NOR CARE TO ADDRESS this issue for consumers.

Pam Abbott on

Hey, we need Universal Health Care or something like it. We can’t afford to kick all of these people off of health insurance. Being covered is one less thing people have to worry about. It is a HUGE thing. I work a seasonal job in road construction and my employer doesn’t offer health insurance. I have it because of Obamacare. Also, what you get through an employer plan is more worthwhile now- preventive care. Before Obamacare we were drowning in debt and everyone agreed it needed to change. Obamacare can be fixed and made even better. Those who don’t think it can have been paid off by lobbyists. it was a republican who came up with it and this program is based off of that plan.

Carole Helgesen on

Please get rid of this very costly donut hole! I cannot afford my diabetic insulin and do not qualify for any help after retirement! Food, property taxes or meds are my choices plus I pay for my Medicare and supplemental policy with no policy available to cover donut hole costs! on

The ACA is supposed to close the donut hole, so we’ll need to close it quicker or keep that Medicare reform. If Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare goes through it could pose difficulties regarding this.

I’m trying not to comment here, but I feel like its unfair not to let our seniors know that when they say “repeal ObamaCare” they do mean “we are also going to try to dismantle Medicare, Medicare, and everything and privatize it”. There are arguments for and against as you can see in the link.

Andrew Sumrall on

there is nothing I like about the aca.I have bills from a “fully covered” procedure that after the fact and after asking a ton of questions I find out the insurance wont cover parts of the procedure.
In the area where I live there is only one insurance company thus creating a monopoly in which the insurance company has lowered my plan benefits and tripled the premium. Thus creating a fee mandated by a Socialist system that is more than I can afford.
also the tax credits being limited to marketplace only insurance companies should be very much illegal being that it creates a highly uneven market field.
then we can add the fact that my occupation requires me to travel extensively across the United States and the market place policies are not national policies most are limited to my home state.the few that are national are so expensive there would have to be 2 of me working to pay for them.

Marianne Danehy on

My husband and I run a small business and we rely on getting our health insurance through the Obamacare health exchange. Prior to Obamacare, I had been rejected by private insurance companies even though I have always carried insurance and didn’t have any major medical problems. We are older but not old enough for medicare and our private insurance rates were though the roof when they were allowed to stick it to older people. I would like to see Obamacare continue and be improved over time. It’s expensive but at least we can get health insurance. Please don’t rip it out from under us.

Kayla Warner on

It is way too expensive! Obama care was “designed” to make healthcare more “affordable” to the middle class people and it has become a money racket and unaffordable, therefore making the middle class the lower class and not being able to support their families and provide them with healthcare because the fine at the end of the year at tax time is cheaper than the health care itself! PLEASE GET RID OF OBAMACARE!

amy on

please please please find a solution for the gap between medicaid & obamacare. 20 million are still unisured & medical is the leading cause for bankruptcy.

Cynthia on

I hate Obama Care for the last 5 years i have no insurance , I refuse to pay for an insurance plan that no body accepts, I think is not fair you can not choose the plan you want. when you go to the market place according to your zipcode they choose the plans for you and they suck, no doctor takes these plans , I wish health plans were like before Obama came into office. then plans mnow have very high deductibles and the insurance will not cover you untill you meet whatever the deductible is. 2,000-5,000 individual coverage . this needs to change.

Cynthia Oliveras on

no take obamacare out it sucks !!!
no doctor takes it I hate Obama care

shyleen on

you suck, obama he was helping us





Deborah Palmer on

this is my dilemma with the obama care. in 2015 I enrolled in the obama care with aetna silver plan.I was hospitalized and all things were payed by me and the aetna insurance my co pay was met .It was over,till nov.2016 when the hospital sent me a bill for the full hospital stay in 2015.I called marketplace three times now and they say there is no info on me having any insurance in 2015.they put me on hold then came back and tell me that there was a cliche in the system and give them five days for it to fix.the first call was on oct.3,2016 this person stated 7to 10 days.nothing is fixed yet and they put on the navigator that nothing was paid in my behalf in 2015 ,only 6 payments that I don’t believe they were claims of mine. Now the second problem is that the I.R.S. says that I owe all the tax credit money back for my marketplace plan because in 2015 I received a check for mineral lease money for a renewal plan that started Dec.29 2015. I did not receive the check till the later part of Dec.and my plan payment for the month was due and paid by the 1st of Dec 2015.My income was eligible for the months from January 2015 thru November 2015.December 2015 was the only month that I was ineligible which I did not know till the mineral lease money came in,in the end of Dec.2015.All those that I talk with thinks that this should be like food stamp eligibility and that a person should not have to pay back months that they were for eligible when their earnings change.Actually state assistance doesn’t claim a mineral leases on your form as earned income.

Sarah on

My 18 year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia 7 months ago. Pre existing conditions is a very real concern for my family and I. I like the fact that right now I do not have to worry about my daughter having coverage because of cancer and I like that she is able to stay on our insurance and not worry about working while she is receiving chemotherapy for 2.4 years. It’s also great to know that I do not worry about a lifetime maximum or annual cap on her insurance. Taking care of and making sure my daughter gets the best care to be able to have a future is what I should be focusing on. NOT the worrisome insurance related issues as stated above. The Affordable Care Act has made this possible.

How will high risk pools help the truly sick people? Throwing all of the sick Americans in a pool hasn’t worked. Who funds that? It has been tried in the past and failed. There wasn’t enough funds. Most people don’t ask to be sick.

I don’t believe your version of covering a person with pre existing conditions is as good as the ACA. ” Pre existing conditions will be covered as long as the person consistently maintains coverage” is what you have stated in the past. What happens if the person loses a job? Takes time off for illness and loses coverage?

I have worked in the health insurance industry for 12 years and I think that the some of the benefits of ACA are very much needed. We are all just one diagnosis away from a catastrophe. Not every American has mass amounts of funds available to pay for healthcare. 7 months into treatment and our insurance has paid 700,000. If there is a lifetime max placed on plans we are in trouble. You have stated in the past that insurance companies should not be benefiting as much as they do. I hope you will remember this. I do hope you will be on our side and take care of us. Again, I should be focusing on my daughter being cured and not if she will have insurance and am I going to pay an arm and a leg for it because she got cancer–which she didn’t ask for. In fact, I can’t think of one person who has ever asked for cancer. Or any illness for that matter.

Kimberly T on

Dear President Elect Trump. I am 55 years old and have enjoyed having the ACA insurance since it started. I have been so grateful as I was living without insurance for about 6 years. I am self employed but with a very modest income, so I had given it up around 2008 when my income dropped during the recession. It was difficult to give up, but I was going more and more in debt paying for insurance I was not using. But at 47 years of age, I felt terrible not having any coverage. I just felt I was really taking a risk. As I got older, I worried more and more about getting an illness I would not be able to afford to treat. I literally love my health insurance. I finally get physicals, including blood tests, mammogram and colonoscopy, which my family has history of both breast and colon cancer. I pay about $215.00 per month for medical and dental, and I thank God for it all of the time. I have been informed that my monthly premium will stay the same in 2017. I fear that I will lose my insurance with you as president. Or that it will then again be something I cannot afford. Tax write offs alone would not work for me, as I would still not be able to afford full cost monthly premium.

Miranda on

I really loved the idea of the ACA. It does need a little tweaking though. But by having it, it allowed me to have guaranteed insurance (I’m bipolar and have scoliosis) It guaranteed that my annual pap smears and birth control was covered. It also guaranteed that my son has insurance for the rest of his life. (He has a birth defect, and as such before the ACA, he was denied coverage as a newborn) The ACA has significantly closed the “doughnut hole” that my mother had for her Medicare. She no longer has to pay $900 each month for two months for one of her medications, she now only has to pay $700 for one month for that same medication. I understand how people are upset at the higher costs, but cost were going up even before the ACA. The difference now is that insurance companies no longer are making almost purely profits, they now have to pay for medications and doctor visits for the people that they refused to cover in the first place. A one payer system would be so much better. Remember, Medicare is a version of a one payer system; and we all pay a percentage of that out of our paychecks.

Cindy on

I do not like being put into a tight, little financial box with the subsidies situation. Being self-employed, I never know what my income will be until I file taxes, so if I have had “too much” in subsidies for 2016 and have to pay them back when I file 2016 taxes, I will not be able to afford to do so. It is extremely scary…to not be “allowed” to try to better your income for fear of paying back subsidies that I HAD to have due to the complete inaffordability of my premiums when I was forced onto Obamacare for 2016 (and now for 2017).

Tavia on

Ditto on this. The solution seems simple to me: base the subsidy on the previous year’s self-employment income. That is a “known” amount, rather than pure speculation.

Theresa Pearl on

My husband and I gross about $67,000 / year. Our 2017 health premium is $1395./month. This is more than our mortgage and there is no way we can afford this. This premium is up $415 from last year! Please help us, we will loose our home. I need to get a second job at 60 years old just to pay this. We don’t qualify for any help from the government.

Patricia on

Both of my daughters and several nieces have ACA coverage and although it’s not as good as it would have been if Republicans had not evicerated it and refused the single payer option, at least my girls have insurance. The parts they like are the inclusion of pre-existing conditions, women’s healthcare, and childbirth and coverage of babies and children. What they would like to see is a single payer option and reasonable deductible fees. Now the plan deductible is about $6,000. Women’s insurance is typically more expensive than men’s; all plans should cost the same. Thanks for considering these facts.

Eugenia L Janecka on

Preventative services should remain part of health coverage, i.e. annual physicals, screening mammograms, and “screening” colonoscopies.

A “screening” colonoscopy becomes a “diagnostic” colonoscopy if polyps or hemorrhoids are found. When that happens, the patient and his insurance company are responsible for payment of the colonoscopy. Understandably, further problems may accompany a “diagnostic” colonoscopy; because of this, a “screening” colonoscopy should be kept as a “screening” and not be the financial responsibility of the patient, as he will probably have additional expenses in the future.

What I am more upset about is that I am 62, widowed, in excellent health and have to pay an outrageous deductible and premium. I cannot afford the increase this year and am contemplating paying the fine for no coverage–it is cheaper than the premium!! Better yet, remove the mandate.

thomas keiffer on

should not be forced to have insurance you can not afford, and you should not be be
forced to pay penalty out of income tax to me it is unconstitutional, obama should have been impeached because of this and supreme court ruling was wrong making people get obamacare

Cynthia L on

Change the 24 month wait period for people who have been awarded SSDI to be eliminated or let us buy into Medicare.  Re-address the bill  from 2005 that would have phased the 24 month wait period out over 10 years.

Obamacare takes up the majority of my SSDI check and retirement because I actually worked 42 years and had some money saved too.  So, I can’t enjoy life at all because of total cost of insurance is 25% of my income and I can’t afford to use it. Also, doesn’t cover many of the drugs or doesn’t cover them until you have paid almost $6,850 deductible.

Obamacare is just like Medicaid and is only for the poor.  Takes all the money from those barely at middle class and makes them poor.

Do not drop pre-existing and allow cross state lines. Give those that don’t get a subsidy something as affordable ad you give the poor.  I get a subsidy but 2017 increases took everything away so pay higher.

Sandra on

Carrying a child until 26 is a bit much! Our parents carried us until 18, Quite a big age gap. Kids are not getting out on their own as we did!! I believe the age 21 is a reasonable number and we shouldn’t have to cover them if the get married or pregnant! If this child is going to college to make something of themselves I could clearly see age 26 but the must be enrolled in a college.

Debby England on

Today I am being forced by Obamacare to go in and quit my job.
My paystub shows that I have reached my income cap of $10,100. This is all I can earn and still get the subsidies because my state of Missouri has voted not to expand medicare. Now I will need to more then double my income to $26000 (work hard at least 6 days a week) in order to receive any more subsidies.
There is a limit on the earnings that I can make which causes me to quit my job at the most critical time of the year.
Or pay a huge fine.
I used to be an electrical Designer (ie. Engineer without the paperwork) and did that well for 17 years. My husband was a teacher and a coach. He spent 25 years doing that.
Then he went blind. I could no longer work in the city 60 miles away and take care of him. Nor could I afford $2000 a month to pay for someone to come into our house and take care of him while I worked.
So I quit my job, moved full time back to our home (I did have an apartment in the city and traversed back and forth as necessary) and took a job working in an assisted living facility.
I work part time, it’s a very physical job. The pay is lousy. The work is hard. The hours are terrible and there are no benefits.
But I can be here with my husband a lot more then before.
For the first few years I had no insurance. The doctors’ office would charge me only half price on the office visits. $50. And I could get my blood pressure medicine for $8 at Walmart, my asthma rescue inhaler for $4. I had to go in 2 times a year to get my medicine. Total yearly cost, less then $150. I’m really not a sickly person.
Then came Obamacare.
Now the doctors office wants a full $175 up front and they will send me a check on what the insurance doesn’t cover. My blood pressure didn’t go up too much, one bp prescription is $14 and the other is $15 and my rescue inhaler is now $65. My premiums, in flux now, have increased from $4 a month to $186 a month. My deductible was $6500.
And my state did not agree to the ACA Medicaid increase so I am held to a $10,100 earnings cap. Now if there is an earnings cap, how can I afford an increase like this. My only choice is to quit my job or pay huge fines thru my taxes. There is just so much that is just not right about this.
There is nothing in this whole act for people who cannot work outside the home. My husband is on disability and covered thru that, but for those of us (you should figure a 1 to 1 ratio on the number of people who take care of those who are receiving disabilities) who are the caretakers, there is nothing for us.

steve smith on

I am a cancer patient. I pay a reasonable premium for good health care with an ACA plan of insurance. PLEASE keep the ACA in effect. Obamacare is protecting millions from financial ruin due to a diagnosis like cancer.

I rely on Obamacare. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t take it away. I am asking you this as a cancer patient who has no one else to rely on but himself.

And if you want to change the name of the program that is fine with me. Call it RepublicanCare if you want, just don’t get rid of it!

If you want to call it Trumpcare, then call it Trumpcare. This is the best insurance I have ever had. The subsidies are what make it usable.

Victoria on

ANYTHING WILL BE BETTER THAN THIS! OVERPRICED Rates and OUTRAGEOUS DEDUCTIBLES… for example ..Mid to late 40s, we used to pay approx. $300.00-$500.00 per month and have a $750.00 deductible…. High rates but doable…. NOW I pay $750.00 per month and have a deductible of $4500.00…. What JackA** thought this is Good for the Working Class? I am sick and tired of paying for People who sit on their a** and WON’T work! I AM with President Trump! 100%

Jordan Celmak on

President Elect Donald Trump – PLEASE get rid of ALL Obamacare. Please bring back the ability for individuals to have the power to shop for their own care with health insurance companies free to go across state lines to compete with all other insurance companies. Please give people more power to control their own health by giving them tax deductible health saving plans. Please give power back to the states to control health care – why should states send tax money to DC and let DC take a cut and then return what’s left? VERY inefficient.

Jef L. on

My wife and I are among the millions of others that will lose their insurance, and therefor their HEALTHCARE, if the ACA subsidies are
discontinued. The monthly premium for a low end Silver plan is just over 27% of our income. That’s roughly equal to our mortgage payment. PITI
There’s no way our budget could handle even the premium payments that high, without the subsidies, let alone the deductibles if we did get seriously ill.
Folks also need to realize that the PP-ACA requires 80-85% of that
premium money, directly paid and via the subsidies, to be directed by the insurance companies to actual HEALTHCARE and services.
Those federal subsidies are mostly going to HELP sick and ailing Americans who need treatment. Our friends, neighbors, loved ones and

Michael Scholar, Jr. on

Keep the ACA. It’s the first time I ever had affordable insurance in the US.

S Stone on

I HATE the (un)affordable healthcare act!!!! I should NOT be forced to pay 25% of my net income for one month of premium! Why is it when I self-paid my doctor visit was $49 and when I used this disastrous, government-forced healthcare plan my co-pay ended up being $104!!! I want the affordable healthcare act abolished, I want the tax/penalty removed, and I want employers to offer insurance that costs an employee no more than 10% of the employee’s net income.

Judy Griffin on

I did not have insurance for many years prior to the passage of the ACA due to a pre-existing condition. Actually I was denied because I am overweight, 225 for 5’4″ woman. I had to have a fairly common surgery before I was insured that cost me 42,000 that I was forced to pay for without insurance. The large bill forced my huband and me into bankruptcy.

I am self employed and make over 100k a year. I pay a very healthy premium for my family and I do not get a subsidy. I am thankful to have the inurance. My 21 year old daughter needed to have her gall bladder removed this year and it was covered by our policy. The total bill was 38,000. I don’t know what I would have done if I did not have the insurance.

The public needs to understand that the majority of the people on the ACA insurance plans are working Americans paying their fair share. I urge you not to take away my access to insurance.

Kim (Kumad) J Singh on

Need for a good health care knows no gradations. Costs are driven by Utility, Frequency and Admin. Cost containment is the Key to the health care budget. Americans taught me, the World what the terms like cost containment, benefit and cost management means. Do this. You can. American health admn costs are utterly out of proportion. Someone in the System or the System itself or both are either inefficient or making too much Profit. Possible savings amounting to 15 or so percent are worth pursuing, in today’s day and age of internet and cloud storage. Americans are smart. You know it all. Keep it Stupid Simple is what I’ve learnt. Design a KISS Health Care for the People, by the People of the People. Make no-Profit on lives of People, if and to the extent possible.

Chrystal Dunn on

Obamacare is terrible. I do not like having to go to PCP to get a referral just to go to a Cardiologist or any other doctor. Its cost more to have to do this. You go to PCP and pay him and then turn around and go to specialist and pay again. I would love to be able to go to my own doctors. It is also hard to estimate our annual income every year. We own a trailer park and people come and go all the time. The second year with Obamacare I did not estimate correctly, and ended up paying $10,000.00 difference. Plus my payments are $1000.00 a month. Then I had to pay my deductible to Cardiologist of $2000.00 plus 30% of EKG.
This next year my insurance if going up to $1550.00 monthly premium, plus deductible and out of pocket is going up. Higher premium and I receive less benefits. I cannot afford $1550.00 a month.

nancy GaffneyBaker on

With out Obamacare I could have died. As a single parent I could not afford medical insurance. I finally got it, and was diagnosed with Myasthemia Gravis. If I loose my insurance I will pass away leaving and adult disabled child. Please do not repeal ACA. I know many people who will be in great danger if they loose their medical coverage or have high premiums and delectables, so high they could not afford to pay co pays or their medicines.



Marie Griffin on

I’m with the people who are asking you to repeal Obamacare, keep it the same, and rename it “Trumpcare.” Just tell everyone (most Americans don’t know anything about legislation) that you are employing the system former GOP Governor Romney instituted in Massachusetts.

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect because it doesn’t eliminate the “PREMIUM” we all pay on every service and medication that goes straight into the pockets of FOR-PROFIT insurance companies. Moreover, insurance companies are the reason all our health care costs keep going up. They make more money when health care costs are higher because they are taking a cut. (Simple math, but at our expense.)

Obamacare is enabling 22 million people get healthcare, literally saving lives and allowing people to get treatment at earlier stages, which is more affordable for everyone. As a full-time, hard-working self-employed person, I rely on the ACA subsidy so that I can afford any insurance at all. Unfortunately, we all need insurance because the “cash” marketplace is falsely inflated in the system we have; anyone who would like to pay cash has to pay incrementally more than an insurance company does on behalf of one of its members for the same service.

Mr. Trump, I DARE YOU to take on the for-profit leeches and truly make health care affordable. STAND UP to the corrupt system and create a not-for-profit health insurance option that doesn’t make us all pay an surcharge on every service just to feed insurance company profits.

In fact, you could really be a president “for the people” if you keep the Medicaid expansion idea from Obamacare and force all the Republican governors who refused it–only for political reasons–to take care of the hard-working people who are not asking for public assistance but can’t possibly afford insurance in this FOR-THE-PROFIT-of-INSURANCE-COMPANIES system.

Finally, stand up to Paul Ryan and don’t let him dismantle social security and Medicare. These are “entitlements” because we working people have been paying into this system for our entire working lives and we are “entitled” to receive the benefits we paid for. Again, be a man of the people and you will be forever remembered as the president who “saved” our precious social safety net.

kim on

The ACA has been a godsend. I could not possibly afford a policy prior to ACA. the deductible is great, and being able to get routine care will prevent anything from escalating to a bigger problem(thereby saving the insurance companies and hospitals money). While researching how this program works I have discovered that it has a positive impact on GNP and has created jobs in the states that have embraced it. Universal health care for all american’s is a move in the right direction. I feel the penalties for those who don’t get insurance are justified as they will need medical care and hospitals have to provide care irregardless of ability to pay. These penalties offset those costs.and the excise tax is an appropriate way to equalize policies and care received. I am concerned about the fact that some of this countries poorest people are the least likely to have health insurance. Now if we could look to the countries that have universal health care that works well and use that knowledge to do a better job,,. that would be great. To those have been so negative I hope you at least attempted aquiring insurance through your states exchange or the federal exchange… might be surprized… my sister did nothing but complaint until I showed her how to apply and she was able to get a less expensive plan with better benefits.

L. Lewis on

ObamaCare should be called ObamaScare. My list of don’t like, is way longer than the likes. Yes, it’s great for those people that get coverage for free and financial assistance to pay premiums, but for those of us that do not qualify for anything, it is a pure JOKE. Of course people love it that don’t have to pay for it or 100% of the high premiums. We all love something for free! But it’s not free, tax payers are footing the bill, and that’s not fair. We’ve already been doing that for a long time, it’s called Medicaid. All ObamaCare did was create a new form of that basically, put it under a different name, and added more burden to the taxpayers that do not qualify for any assistance or very little assistance. To call it “AFFORDABLE healthcare” is a contradiction within itself for many of us. I work in the healthcare field and have for about 25 years now, and I can tell you that for many of the people that are having to pay those high insurance premiums, they may as well be without healthcare; because they can’t afford to pay the premiums and then the large deductible they have to pay before insurance ever pays anything, so they don’t go to the doctor. They are forced to get the high deductible plans because it’s the only ‘affordable’ plan for them since they do not qualify for assistance. Obama says no one should be without healthcare; then why are they Obama? I’ll tell you why, because there is a difference between everyone having healthcare insurance and everyone actually being able to receive and afford the actual healthcare. President elect Trump needs to revamp a lot of this completely. I agree that everyone should have access to healthcare, but there is a better way than forcing people to pay for health plans they can not afford to even use, yet the people that pay absolutely nothing are reaping all the benefits. What’s wrong with this picture??? Here’s an idea to help put money back into the government to help cover these healthcare cost and put money back into the system, and possibly help the states to be able to expand their Medicaid program; maybe the sales tax should be placed back on food stamps. After all, food stamps are provided through the government and don’t cost the recipients anything; why shouldn’t it be taxed? I pay taxes out of my check and then every dollar I spend is taxed on top of that. I’m beginning to think I’m being punished because I work. There is no easy answer, but as the old saying goes, we are “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and it is not working. We have young people out there that are reaping more free benefits than our seniors that worked their entire lives. It’s not just a matter of fixing our healthcare system, because in order to fix it, there are other changes that have to be made as well; which is where my point of view comes from on the food stamps and sales tax…..the leg bone is connected to the foot bone people. A lot of new structuring needs to happen. Obama always wants to say how many more American’s have health insurance now due to his plan; well #1, of course they do, because you are forcing them to, and #2, let’s do a survey on how many people can not afford to go to the doctor even though they do have health insurance. I’m sure the figures would be staggering on that. Obamacare needs a major overhaul!

Deb Matthews on

Please eliminate the behind-the-scenes rules that prohibit doctors from getting diagnostics and treating people over 60 who have operable tumors that are being allowed to grow and spread. I have fought for two years to be allowed care, even though I have excellent Boeing medical insurance. Four clinics and three hospitals are denying us care.

Donna Speranza on

I believe the tax deduction threshold of 10% should be tiered. Due to job loss and being under-employed we had to take money out of our 401k to cover medical insurance, medical costs and college costs. Even though this amount was over $25,000, before the 401k withdrawal we made only $50,000. If we were smart we would have played the system, but we didn’t. Unemployment ran out and we had bills that we have always paid our entire lives, now in our mid to late 50’s we are struggling. I don’t think that lower income (less than 50k) should have to meet a threshold. Do you know how much of a impact $5,000 is on that income level? It is huge. . .We need loopholes that we can take advantage of to use our 401k in lieu of bankruptcy. just my opinion. . . A lifelong middle class taxpayer being billed by the IRS for using insurance premium assistance because our income is now overstated by the money taken out of our 401k.

Laura Olsen on

I am self employed and living in Illinois. It seems that Blue Cross/ Blue Shield is the only provider now in Illinois. Rates nearly doubled between 2015 & 2016. In order to fund my HSA and pay for the policy I’ll have to pay $1300-$1600 a month! I can’t afford to pay for insurance and save for retirement, pay my bills and still have money to eat. How can it be legal to have 1 provider in Illinois? This is forcing me to be uninsured or grossly underinsured. A $700 fine is just half of what 1 month’s payment would be. The problem is a serious accident or illness could ruin me financially. This is wrong.

Gail Fitzpatrick on

The Affordable Care Act has been a Godsend for our family. It has functioned well with access to great doctors and the prescriptions we need. We are seniors not yet able to qualify for Medicare and have a son under 30 who now qualifies. The system in California works well and we could not afford access to good healthcare without the subsidies! Please DON’T take it away!!! We all have pre-existing conditions.

Karri Benedict on

My husband and I need the ACA. He is a cancer survivor and we could not afford the policy we now have without the subsidy. So if the ACE is repealed we will have to drop our policy and my husband will be un-insurable. We are nearing retirement ( I thankfully will be eligible for medicare next year) but in the meantime a recurrence for him while uninsured could mean us loosing our home at a time when we will not have the earning years to replace it.

Nancy Zoschg on

I have a son with a catastrophic illness…he need insurance for himself as well as his family…DO NOT PUT CAPS ON INSURANCE,,,,that would affect him greatly….

Daniel Sanders on

Before Obama care went into affect I was paying 292.30 a month for healthcare and had a great plan. Since it has gone into affect I have less coverage and more out of pocket expenses and am now paying $550 per month for less coverage. I make $100,000 a year so I don’t get any assistance. If I want the same coverage I had 3 years ago I would be paying over $1000 a month. That is a cost increase to me of over 200% in just 2 years. It needs to be repealed completely. Congress and the president singed a 3000 page bill that they did not read. That should be against the law. How can you pass a bill you didn’t read. I have gone from a high end silver plan to a basic bronze plan just to keep my costs the same. That is crap. Basically you want me to pay for other peoples healthcare while the insurance companies keep raking in record profits. You must think I am an idiot to buy into this crap. Repeal, repeal, repeal and start over. And this time read the damn thing before you pass it and don’t let the insurance lobbyists write it.

cathyc on

For those with pre existing conditions, it is the only way to get insurance. PLEASE do not repeal this. I will not have any health insurance, even though I am willing to pay exorbitantly high rate.

Lauren on

Overall I have major issues with ObamaCare, so I will state what I love and hate. I love that I can get free birth control currently, which is medically necessary to deal with my hormone issues and crippling migraines. Because the kind I take is high-estrogen, it would be super expensive if I had to pay for it, around $75/month. This coverage has been a huge blessing, and I don’t even use it to “control birth”. I know tons of other women who also use it for other purposes, and to take away the prevention of unwanted pregnancies in general is not smart. Now here’s what I hate. Because I work for a small business, I do not get healthcare through my job and have to purchase an individual policy. None of my doctors accept plans from the marketplace, so I’m forced to get the even more expensive off-marketplace plans to be able to see my doctors. My premiums and deductibles have risen every year, and I think it’s totally unacceptable that I’m paying $300/month for a $6000 deductible and have very poor coverage. I’m a 28 year old, healthy, single female, so to be paying this much is insane. Before ObamaCare set in I was paying $150/month for a $1500 deductible and was able to get the surgery I needed – now, I’m considering a catastrophic policy because I feel like all of my other options are terrible.

Patricia Nagelkirk on

The needs of entrepreneurs are overlooked in the current system.

I run a small consulting business as the sole employee; I’ve had the business since 2014. My husband is co-owner of a small business with an 8-year track record of success. They have 2 partners and pull in contractual and part-time staff as needed. His partner does not need health insurance as he’s covered under his wife’s employer. They don’t meet the minimum 3-person rule to quality for a small group plan. And even if they did, monthly premiums are still over $600! I was a huge fan of Obamacare in the beginning. It allowed me to launch my consulting business with a leap of faith and the confidence I had medical support behind me. I loved the requirements it put in place to protect the employees.

My enthusiasm has paled.

Today my husband and I are facing premiums of $1000 or more a month to be part of a PPO that meets the ACA requirements. (HMO’s just don’t meet our needs). Adding things like life insurance, long-term disability, dental, etc. seem far out of our reach. We’re in our mid-40’s and each have a couple routine prescriptions, costs for those are skyrocketing.

At this point our health care costs (premiums, prescriptions and a couple doctor visits a year) are nearly the same as our mortgage. Read that sentence again, please. It’s nearly the same amount as our mortgage! We’re highly educated and our annual salaries are middle class.

We aren’t sure we could cover the co-pays and deductibles if an emergency hits. We’d probably have to go to credit cards. Saying we can put dollars in an HSA is insulting; it’s cash flow that’s the problem. I want medical care for all. But I can’t afford this.

Shelley on

Everything sucks. No decent doctors or hospitals will take it. Only low income and transient doctors take it. No thank you. Premiums are way to high and coverage is limited.

Sjiaemla Aqulake on

Mr. Trump. Get rid of this Obamacare thing that is getting worse every time I turn to look at it. If you can’t replace it with something better, which shouldn’t be too difficult, resign.

Christina Leal on

1. Keep coverage of preventative services, including contraception
2. Keep medicaid expansion so that income isn’t a barrier to getting necessary medical services
3. Incentivize accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes
4. Set a cap on prescription drug prices
5. Incentivize primary care physicians because we have shortage and they reduce health care spending by promoting preventative care and wrap-around services
6. Use savings from cutting corporate tax loopholes to fund insurance subsidies for those that fall above medicaid eligibility but are still considered low-income




Harmony Hirsch on

Hello President Trump,

My issues with the current healthcare system (Obamacare) is that I may meet the tax bracket of supposed above the 400% poverty bracket, yet I have hardly any funds left over to save. It does not seem realistic for the Government to asses or more so to catogorize me and other individuals into a specific group by income alone. My/our expenses are not considered, I do not (and I’m sure many other Americans) consider myself to live outside my means. I’m a single 35 year old white female that aspires to still go to college one day. I have a car payment, mortgage, car insurance and modest credit card bills (to build credit). I don’t go on many vacations and live far from an extravagant lifestyle. With the current healthcare premiums I pay, I do not see (other than getting swamped in debt) how I will pay for myself to get through college, save for retirement, or even afford to have children. I work hard for what I have and want to better myself. I don’t know how to better myself without more income and I can’t make more income without bettering myself. I do agree with some of the current systems fundamentals, but I believe the healthcare system is broken by the costs of healthcare in itself. If the overall costs of healthcare were lower, I.e. Doctors, procedures and pharmaceuticals, then health insurance premiums would be lower.
Thank you and I hope someone who’s listening to Americans and cares reads this.

kate on

Health care is not affordable for those who need good insurance I pay 15000 a year just to cover my medical premiums (Im not even considered a sickly person). I can not even get a plan through the market place as they have terrible plans that would cost far more in the long run not to mention I wouldn’t qualify. I take a medication that is expensive and required to be given in clinic. people will say you should get medicaid but what they forget is spots are limited and currently are full.

I do like that everyone can get medical, but theres no affordable for the middle class. I have a family of six and we pay a mortgage payment just for medical insurance.Thats the bottom of the barrel for the five of us, and as good as I could get for my spouse. Honestly not even sure how I’m going to be able to afford insurance for 2017.

We also have a small business so there is not employer insurance. We pay high taxes yet reap no benefits from paying. Small Business and middle class suffer greatly work hard to get no were.

Phil Matthews on

Please please please repeal Obamacare within the first 100 days after inauguration. My family and I CANNOT afford it. Our premiums are well over $1,000 – after subsidy! For those of us trying to support a family on under $80k a year, how in the heck is this deemed “affordable?”

Despite the blatant facts, sends me this lie in an email yesterday:

“Because of the financial help people like you receive through, most people’s monthly premiums are reduced to just $50 – $100. Log in now to find the plan that best meets your needs and budget.”

What, do most people earn $7,000 a year, and I’m in the super rich by earning ten times that? Give me a break!

Lisa Vos on

Prior to the ACA, my income and expenses were about equal. We have had many unsecured consumer loans, IRS debt, and student loans that we have been paying on with a goal of becoming debt free. However, with the over $550 monthly premium and 40% copay, my budget fell into over $600 per month budget deficit.I am living in a mobile home. I bought a 6 year old used car after I drove my previous one for 13 years. My husband has been driving his vehicle for the past 12 years. How do you expect Americans, who in many cases have already made commitments to debtors, to be able to forcibly shoulder the costs of these expenses? I could perhaps claim bankruptcy–except that the remaining debt is in the form of IRS payments with astronomical late penalties and interest rates and government-backed student loans which can’t be named in a bankruptcy suit. I imagine that the hopelessness and despair I feel as a result of this awful legislation is the same feeling that had men jumping out of buildings to their deaths during the Great Depression of 1929. I am financially ruined, and I already work 2 jobs. And I know I am not alone. There is a reason white middle class working America supported Mr Trump during this election. We feel oppressed. Working surfs in an ever-increasing sea of rising costs. But I doubt that Mr. Trump’s administration will ever receive this.

Sam jennings on

I like the part of obamacare that helps seniors with their prescription drugs

Kim Bedard on

If you take the subsidies away and replace it with tax credits, I can’t afford the premiums so I would lose my health care coverage. Please keep the pre existing condition intact too.
Work on getting the premiums and co-pays down because they are making it very difficult to live. I pay $500 per month with $83 co-pays. And please put the members of Congress on the same Obamacare plans we have and make them pay the same way we do. Then reality would set in very quickly. WE THE PEOPLE are paying for them to have Cadillac health care. Why shouldn’t they pay for their own health care?

Erin on

I want to my pre-existing coverage costs to stay the same as they would if I did not have cancer in my past. My lung cancer was ‘cured’ 8 years ago, but I could not get health care from anyone if not for the ACA. I don’t care what you call it ‘TrumpCare’, ‘RyanCare’, ‘PurpleUnicornCare’ whatever…. I love the coverage we have now. My husband and I are both pre-social security, but 60 years old. We are living on our savings and hope they hold out until social security kicks in. We need the tax credits and we need affordable pre-existing condition coverage.

Eric Levy on

I own a small business and I completely rely on ACA for coverage. I also can use ACA insurance to attract employees.

I am concerned with the end-product, not the mechanics to get there. If there are cuts to the input (i.e. $), without cutting outgo – then my business sense says that is dumb. If there is a cut in benefits, that might cost me my business.

Subsidies are needed on one level or another – or it will fail. And my business will stop paying taxes, distributing paychecks/income and being a part of the economy.

Linda on

All must have access to great medical care. I could not afford it without assistance. Our cost has gone up with our income, but that is ok. Out of pocket is bit too high. Three years ago our insurance was this high(14,000) , but our employer picked up half the cost. I think folks are just starting to pay attention. I DO want my insurance to cross state lines like Medicare does. Leave Medicare alone. Make insurance companies play fair and offer all plans to anyone and stop jacking up prices for folks in one county over another within our states and across state lines. We also need to stop being a very sick nation and stop eating and smoking to excess which causes many of our serious health issues. Love the preventative incentives and wish more folks would get on board. Being sick and trying to fix everything with a pill is expensive. Everyone who walks into a hospital, Dr. office, etc. should have to pay something.

Lori A Berant on

Please continue affordable care act, so many people like myself I make $16,500 per year and do not get my medical insurance covered with my new employer. I did not have insurance for 3 years because I could not afford the payments before the affordable care act was in acted. Even if I could afford the premium Kaizer Permente insurance my previous insurance considered a back issue a pre-existing condition because I was going to a chiropractor through my insurance. This disqualified me from every other health insurance as well because they would ask it I had previously rejected from any other health insurance.
I can now sleep at night now and not worry about not having medical insurance and going bankrupt if I was in an accident or had a major illness. Please don’t go back to unobtainable medical insurance for so many of us, we deserve an affordable way to have medical insurance like everyone else.

Larry Williams on

I went through the market place website to get health insurance when I retired at the age of 62. I went on line filled out the questionnaire and in two months time I had gotten 387 phone calls. That was in June 2016, I am still getting phone calls wanting me to get insurance. How can I get these companies to quit calling me? I have had calls from every state in the nation Porta Recio, & Jamaica.

Erin on

Wow, that’s terrible. Was that or a state based Marketplace website?

Teresa Harrison Clemons on

Please find a way to stop the Medicaid gap…there is a point where people don’t qualify for the aca or Medicaid… they are poor.. but left with no options… That’s wrong. Please keep premium cost affordable..

Dan on

Every subsidy I could qualify for gets taken away. I could get a subsidy for a Marketplace plan? No, my wife and I file separately because of her student loans, so I can’t. She pauses them to get another degree, so I could get a subsidy this year? Nope, can’t do it because her employer offers coverage that’s $100 more expensive per month. I can deduct my premiums for being self-employed? Nope, wife has employer-offered insurance, so that’s not allowed either. I basically have to pay almost $3,000 a year for absolutely nothing unless I end up incredibly sick.

Scrap the whole darn thing, I don’t care.

Kenneth L Green on

I think that Obamacare is great to have, you see the result 20 millions uses it and more people likes it, I personally myself think it should remain to all people. Obamacare is helpful, and I don’t think it should be repeal if it ain’t broke don’t try fixing it

Kara Burgess on

I was a Nurse Practitioner, working as an Independent Contractor when ObamaCare went into effect, so I lost my PPO coverage & was forced into an HMO plan. Diagnosed with a rare and highly complex medical condition 10 years prior that effects the joints, causing spontaneous dislocations, and chronic pain, were symptoms I read about, but had not fully experienced, thanks to my PCP, who became knowledgeable about the condition, as we went through trial and error periods together. I started TaeKwonDo, and promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt. At 42 years old, I competed on Team USA at the World Championships and won Silver Medal. But my training lead to an overuse injury… a meniscal tear. I opted to have arthroscopic knee surgery, and it was expected that Id resume training in 4-6 weeks. My surgery on 12/1/2015 went flawlessly. One month later, post-op complications…called ObamaCare…has destroyed every aspect of my life.
I lost my PCP of 12 years, and the surgeon who operated on me one month prior & my physical therapists. The time it took from the first visit with my new PCP, to get a referral, then an appt with a new rehab physician, and finally into my first PT session was over 2 months.
The lack of knowledge about my medical condition, combined with the loss of 12 years of my history…knowledge that develops as a result of time, that cant be documented and passed on….was catastrophic.
Its been exactly one year since my minor surgery. I havent had physical therapy in 7 months. Unfamiliar with my condition, my last round did more harm than good. The rehabilitation medically necessary to treat my specific condition is out of network. There are no alternatives. My leg wont bend, and Ive been deemed “unhirable”, I need rehab to regain function, and work, but Im denied this basic service. So I cant work, Im in chronic pain. Im single. My passion was work and TaeKwonDo. Now I can do neither. So Im socially isolated, and totally broke. My premium has doubled, despite the same crappy coverage, and Texas didnt expand Medicaid, so there are no resources.
4 weeks ago, the ring finger on my right hand dislocated opening a jar of peanut butter. Saw my specialist. I need a special ring splint for my finger, which Ill need for the rest of my life…which is fine…but every place hes referred me to get fitted, is out of network. Im living day and night, with a dislocated finger…unable to get a splint to keep the joint intact. So my hand is becoming as useless as my leg. Im told in the future, surgery may be an option to reduce scar tissue and restore function….but whats the point….Im still trying to get physical therapy from the first surgery I had. No way Im having a 2nd one. On Jan 1st, when my premium takes more than 50% of my one day a week income, Ill be forced to choose between insurance and food. So my quality of life sucks…only took one year of ObamaCare to defeat me, physically and mentally. Unable to get a splint and forced to live with dislocated joints is inhumane and its cruel. Im stunned I live in the USA and being denied the basic minimum “standards of care.”

Bonnie Henry on

Dear Sir:
The whole idea of health insurance is that everyone pays to insure themselves in the case of accident or injury. The problem with the ACA, is forcing you to purchase a product (insurance) and then limiting the choices of that product availability. In Pennsylvania, a number of years ago, the legislatures in our state proposed that everyone should be able to choose their electric generating company. Many, many companies are now competing for our business. At the same time, health insurance which is also a necessity in our day and age, the choices are less and less, and the premiums are outrageous. I am a 62 yr old female in good health, my premium on the ACA is $1100.00 plus/month. I am semi-retired, working a part-time job 30 hrs/wk for $9.00/hr. The job is my choice, however I am forced to eliminate health insurance due to finances. In 2006, the Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug Act because too many seniors could not afford their medications, now my peers and I are in the same situation with health insurance premiums. This atrocity, ACA must be completely repealed. Junk it and start over Please!
Thank you for being a great American, God Bless you!

William Jeffries on

Get rid of this train wreck and the name Obama offends me i demand that it be taken off everything. on

I think you are kidding, but assuming you aren’t for a second, the Republican opposition to the ACA nicknamed the law ObamaCare. It is actually the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I’m sure no one who read the full law would really want to strip America of all their Patient Protections and Affordable Care over a feeling of being offended. Right?

Check it out:

Mindy Niemeier on

Please keep preexisting conditions clause as is. The chronically ill need real insurance coverage, not a high risk pool that no one can afford. If you change the laws and bring back high risk pools millions of Americans, many of whom are children, will suffer and die as a result. That is not what you want your presidency to be remembered for.

– Mindy
(a registered voter)

Kat on

I think that the income tax penalty should stop….and the smoking surcharge needs to stop immeadetly!! These kinds of oppression go against the America I know and love the land of the free…there can be a alternate insurance coverage for ppl as there have always been….the premiums for single ppl are outrageous and unaffordable….please I pray that the oppression stops!

Katherine Wells on

What do I like about Obamacare.. no lifetime cap. No pre=existing conditions.

What I DON’T like about Obamacare. In four years the cost has exceeded what I was paying b4 Obamacare came into play.

High copays.

High premiums.

Albert Martin Eisel on

Its ridiculous, its a scam ,and unaffordable, and if you can’t afford it you get punished for not having it with penalty cost , What happened to our Government, It’s not about the working person that helped build this country anymore,It about $$$

Angie Klafta on

President Trump:
Please eliminate ObamaCare. It is a disaster. Please get the government out of health care except for providing basic welfare coverage for indigent individuals.
Most of the young indoctrinated have no reference point as to how insurance use to work before the government got involved.
Thank you and I look forward to you becoming President in January!

Christine Stutz on

To be “taxed” for not carrying health insurance is a financial burden that some just can’t afford. It is a penalty that seems unfair and unconstitutional. Although it’s called a “tax” it ultimately is a penalty and I should have the choice to purchase healthcare insurance.

dottie on

The insurance company are making out like bandits. They are getting money (subsidies)from the government and no doctors or hospitals accept the insurance, No drug coverage so what good is it. Last year it was good but now I only have two choices and neither one is good

Lois on

I got married this year without realizing the “marriage penalty” of ObamaCare. Both my husband and myself have ObamaCare, and can not afford insurance anymore because we’re married, yet our combined incomes are still below the threshold of the allowed subsidy. The increase of the cheapest plan is 1000% higher than what we were paying while single. The only way to afford insurance would be to be un-married. Not a very pleasant thought!

Alysa Fields on

I have had insurance from the ACA exchange for myself and my family since its inception. We get no subsidy, and have compared our policy with other plans off the exchange and find ours to be more comprehensive, and a better value for our money. We are self employed. Thanks You

Catherine Harder on

I like that my two children can be covered by my insurance until they are 26. They are both college students and living at home. This feature of the Affordable Care Act is a lifesaver for us.

rose on

I love my health insurance under obamacare, great ins, free preventative, very low cost premium with subsidy for low income and under silver plan, with low income plan deductables go down,and out of pocket max goes down. Please DONT TAKE THIS ALL AWAY!!!

Kathy Gunther on

Dear Mr. Trump,
Like everyone else, I am in favor of allowing people with pre-existing conditions to have affordable healthcare(not that ACA is affordable) and I like that students can stay on their parents health insurance. In every other way ACA is a failure for our family. We make a few thousand too much to qualify for subsidies. We pay what is a high premium for our income basically for “free” flu shots and the kids physicals. My husband and I do not get physicals because of the high costs of all the tests that will be ordered and our inability to obtain actual costs of the tests. I have not seen a doctor for about 13 years due to being underinsured. We do not have access to health care. Our deductible is 13,500./year. We are not under 30 so we cannot buy catastrophic insurance which is really what we have anyway.Before ACA we were paying high premiums and were in a similar position as we are now except we had more choices. I hate this plan which was supposed to help self employed people like us. In fact, it doesn’t seem like self employed people get much assistance in general. We are just middle class and tired of spending so much for so little.

Michael Smith on

Prior to the ACA/Obamacare, our annual outlay (married couple, late 50’s) was just shy of $20,000 (and was going up the following year had we not had the ACA option). Our annual health insurance costs represented 30% of our gross income and now that we’re older and even though our income is lower, the Obamacare plan represents 13% of our monthly income. Under the ACA/Obamacare plans since it’s inception, our premiums lowered and our deductables are still less than half of what they were prior to Obamacare. Now we’re in our early 60’s and the idea of going back to pre-Obamacare rates are frightening. With the lower rates (and better coverage) we’ve enjoyed during Obamacare, we’ve had the ability to breath financially. We sincerely hope it can be improved rather than discarded.

Mary Miller on

My family has a hereditary skin condition that is very rare, only a few hundred people in the world have it. We were going almost bankrupt trying to buy our expensive monthly medicines – which were rare and not covered under insurance – and had nothing left over to pay for health care, even if they would enroll us with pre-existing conditions (that choice was up to the companies.) For three years we have all had health care. Because we’re so low-income, it is still so hard for us to pay even with the subsidy, but at least it’s possible!! Before it was a daydream. Now we have much better control over our health and have been in and out of hospitals much less, not to mention not leaving debt to be waived at hospitals. I’m afraid starting in 2018 things might go back to the way they were. One thing I hear a lot is that people make slightly too much income to qualify for Medicaid and slightly too little to qualify for Marketplace plans. They get angry at the wrong people, thinking it’s all part of Obama’s plan. Actually his original plan prepared for flaws like this. Medicaid was supposed to expand everywhere in the U.S., to cover all of those people. The Republicans fought long and hard to make Medicaid coverage OPTIONAL instead of a guarantee. This was extremely childish, wanting to put holes in the plan at any cost to our nation instead of caring about us citizens’ needs and rights. Of course if you give an organization the option not to spend money on charity, they will usually choose to pinch pennies. The original plan was beautiful though.

Ken Kurtz CPA on

Its obvious everyone’s premiums have sky rocketed. It’s clearly a shame and quite obvious that the wealthy, who do not qualify, are paying for those who are less fortunate and do qualify. That is fine as we’re only as strong as our weakest link, and it’s a must to help those in need. However……a great majority of those wealthy who do not qualify are paying for individuals who have horrid smoking, alcohol, and drug habits and are not making any attempts to become and stay healthier. Again the wealthy are merely giving handouts and in this case very expensive handouts.
Get rid of Obomarecare and recreate a capitalist Medical insurance hospital health industry, but merely increase the Medicaid limits for those who need medical care but cannot afford insurance. The niche which Obomacare has attempted to help has not utilized nor even care about their own health enough to attempt their own self improvement.

Mathew D on

Obamacare needs to STOP! GO AWAY like it never happened!

Paul Harrison on

I have been employed my entire adult life. When I turned 62, I was laid off after nearly 20 years of service with my last employer. As a result I lost my health insurance. I maintained coverage through COBRA until 2016, and then purchased a plan through the ACA Marketplace in my state. As a result of my medical history (I have survived prostate cancer, and have cardiovascular disease), I would more than likely not have qualified for any coverage that had a pre-existing condition clause. The ACA (aka Obamacare) was my only option to acquire healthcare between my loss of employer provided healthcare and when I am eligible for Medicare. Therefore, for me, any new plan that replaces Obamacare must retain the rules about pre-existing conditions. If insurance providers are allowed to return to the time when they could exclude people that had certain medical conditions, this would be potentially catastrophic for me financially.

Another condition that exists today is that if a person is insured under COBRA, that coverage ends on a specific date. In my case it was the 20th of a month. Under Obamacare, my new plan is effective only on the first of the next month. Transitioning from employer heath care coverage to Obamacare left me with no insurance for a period of 10 days. Fortunately, nothing happened to me in that 10 day period. But the potential for a major illness or accident was very real, and had I needed major medical treatments during this period, there would have had severe financial consequences to my retirement. The law needs to be changed so that there is no gap in coverage when transitioning from one type of plan to another, especially when going from one government mandated program (COBRA) to another (ACA).

Additionally, I would have been more than willing to buy into Medicare early if it was available, in order to retain my doctors. In the ACA Marketplace, 3 of 4 plans offered do not include all of my existing doctors, but all of my doctors do take Medicare.

Lastly, I agree fully with comments Mr. Trump made during his campaign regarding the elimination of geographical restrictions on healthcare providers. The pool should be at least regional if not national, but not by state as limiting plans to state boundaries, or worse county boundaries, reduces competition between insurance providers.

Darla Magana on

President Elect Trump, Please consider carefully the fact that 20 million people are insured because of the Affordable Care Act. I appreciate your willingness to revise and strengthen the ACA . As you move forward, please work to keep intact the rules that people with pre-existing conditions can’t be denied. Work to strengthen coverage for seniors. Allow kids to stay on their parents coverage. In fact, I would encourage you to consider moving to a single payer system. Thank you.

Amanda McKean on

Mr. Trump,
Please regulate the insurance companies. We are being financially slaughtered out here by the insurance companies. You should look at an EOB explanation of benefits. They strong arm rob the doctors. Who then have to raise their prices just to pay for the fancy software and most educated icd9 and now 10 billers to be reimbursed. The culprit is the Insurance companies. Regulate them please. We are willing to pay. My husband and i have paid out over 17 thousand dollars this year in premiums, deductibles,copays. We eat well,no red meat,do not smoke or drink,work out six days a week. Also lnown as fitness buffs. So why was that amount of money spent on Healthcare and not able to be invested?
Please help fix this problem.
McKean’s on

The insurers aren’t saints, but they to me aren’t the main problem. The amount of money you can make on companies who jack the prices of life saving drugs is staggering. Trump said he would go after the Pharma bandits (not all Pharma, the bandits who jack prices and play the subsequent market, the prices insurers pay in the background). Like the North Dakota Pipeline, Trump will have to choose between Wall Street and Main Street. Will he fight drug companies, protect our water, and drain the swamp? That is the question.

john marsh on

the best way to fix our costly healthcare system is to decree that the health insurance providers be non-profit organizations like they used to be

Linda Maus on

If you are employed, you DON’T qualify for the discounts on ACA if your employer offers a plan that is “discounted”. Lets not forget the “discounted” amount is still a ridiculous amount that is MORE than half of some peoples paychecks, but the working class…especially the lower middle class, is getting screwed with any and all plans. PLUS the rising costs that prevent using the plan at all. We should also not be penalized if we decline the ridiculously high priced healthcare and opt for point of service pay. Of course people who are subsidized love it, but it is literally destroying the middle class who is paying for this. I am also against covering “kids” up to 26. They are adults after 18 and need to take on grown up responsibilities. All we are raising is more “entitlement” mentalities which is really defeating any real work ethic those of us who were raised by working parents understand. It is sad what has happened to our country.

Kris C Doyle-Republican!!!#1 on

Dear Mr President!!!..I would like to know if we please… can get a rebate of our $700.00 paid to IRS for not being able to pay for OBAMACARE..If I would have had $700.0 for health care I would have applied for it..Now I had to pay $700.00 for not having money then or now to pay for OBAMACARE..Help me please..Thank you Donald Trump Mr President I prayed for you for a year and I Thank God everyday since the election!!!..You havemy many blessing!!Merry Christmas!!..Kris

Robin F Wolff on

What works: Everyone being able to get coverage. Coverage is affordable within certain income ranges.
What does not work: Having a child go uninsured while medicaid is determining if the family will qualify for Kidcare.
Allowing someone with major assets to receive a 1200.00 tax credit while someone who earns 11K per year is too poor to get insurance hence they do not have to get insurance but will not incur a penalty (seriously) everyone needs insurance. These people should get a tax credit as long as they are legitimately working.
Having the government have a serparate health plan than everyone else in the world. Everyone should have the same affordable care act period. Group if you work for a company (gvmt in not a company) and indidvual insurance if you are not eligible for group.

On a side note, why does the government have a different pension plan then the rest of America? Social Security should be given to every person in the government. Especially since the goverment uses OUR money for other purposes. Hmmm that would be stealing in a company and subject to JAIL.

Allowing carriers to cover certain counties in a state and not others. If they are in a state they should insure the entire state. employees (most of them but not all) DO NOT CARE about anyone who calls. They do not care if they give wrong information, they do not follow up, they are rude and unprofessional.
Young families earning over the income limit having to pay 1400-1800 per month. How can they buy homes and keep the economy flourishing if they are working to pay for health insurance and 14,000 in out of pocket costs. None of us would have been able to retire if we had these costs during our 30 -40 years of working.
Allowing insurance companies to publish their RX rates on 12/31/2017 so they limit their exposure from people searching to save money on premiums from the increases they are receiving from the “Cadillac” companies. If enrollment begins 11/1 then everything pertaining to open enrollment should be PUBLISHED. The insurance companies obviously found a loophole on this one.
It seems CrAzY to have open enrollment at the same time as Medicare’s open enrollment. I spend hours with clients reviewing their medical needs, doctors prescription drugs etc. We cannot enroll everyone in 45 days. There should be a 90 day open enrollment time that is NOT at the same time as Medicare.
Something that may or may not be of importance is the fact that educated, honest hard working insurance agents will no longer have a career or job within 2 years. The writing is on the wall for us. As there are bad people in every job, there are also very knowledgeable and professional individuals that hold their career and advice with a very high standard. What a shame not to have a professional helping people make informed decisions for their families.

I really could go on and on…but I doubt anyone is going to read this

Michelle Phillips on

My husband and I are 61 and 62 . We lost our business and home due to the recession of 2008 housing crash. We have had to start over after filing bankruptcy in 2012. We rent and have no assets. Our health insurance for 2017 in Pennsylvania will be approx $2400 per month. This is beyond what we can afford. We are in reasonable good health and have had no hospital visits other than oNE ER visit in the last 10 years. We can’t get ahead with this burden on our backs. My husband decided to take early social security benefits to help out but discovered it i’s counted as earnings and we then lost our subsidy which we will have to pay back for 2016. We now owe the IRS thousands more and we are saddled with full cost of unreasonable health insurance rates. This is a lose lose situation for us. Do we risk having no health coverage to pay our other bills? Please stop this insane Obamacare . It’s so wrong. We need immediate help. Thank you.

joseph ledo on

The ACA has been a blessing to our family. Without it, I don’t think I could afford health insurance and therefore a major illness could bring on financial ruin. Please don’t destroy this law that has helped my family and so many others.

Sherrie on

Our health insurance premium just increased by 50% for 2017. We are not eligible for subsidy, nor would we take it, since that would just increase the burden on everyone else.
Cons of “ObamaCare”: premium too expensive
limited insurance company options
limited policy options
Pros of “ObamaCare”: mental health coverage
pre-existing conditions coverage

Amy on

Like: (Not sure yet)
Dislike: I still can’t find the best plan for me because the marketplace search functionality is not user friendly. The results are way too many to sort through and just ends in frustration. It would help to be able to (1) input different line items that matter most to you, e.g., prescription costs, gynecologist visits, or physical therapy – so you can then compare apples to apples of your priorities. And (2) if there were a search functionality in the marketplace or hosted by the providers which let you sort which of your doctors participated in which plan, that would make so much more sense (a company called is doing something like this – not perfect yet but it’s a start). I also dislike the ridiculously high deductibles. I now have worsened conditions because I was not able to afford to see a specialist.
Me: I paid $431/mo with Oscar Silver for second half of 2016; had no income for those 6 months; am speaking with a broker now but still confused about next year after Oscar removed most of my doctors from its network, completely restructured the plan benefit (to my further disadvantage), and raised the price by about 18%.

Leo on

Obamacare sounds great on paper but its not working for us at all. We have a credit of around 500, that factored in the cheapest monthly premium is around 200 a month. With a deductible of 11000+ per person and terrible coverage. The following plans all the way up to 500 a month are still under the same provider, which nobody in my area takes. So… I could choose a terrible plan, that doesnt cover me other than maybe a doctor visit which its 4 cities away. Or, I can go for the penalty which would cost me around 166 a month and still pay in full at the doctor(because of high deductibles I still pay in full).

I just wish I could choose none of the above, but other than that I love it.

David Lange on

Mr Trump,
I like Affordable Care Act I worked hard all my life, saved, never took on unemployment, welfare, food stamps, free education, nothing. Weathered the great recession. Two years ago att 60 was pushed into unplanned early retirement without a pension, and without healthcare. At 62 years of age and no job I am still able to purchase health coverage because of the ACA…Obamacare. Even though i am healthy and use little of my coverage, I am glad I have it in case something goes wrong. Without ACA I would not have health insurance and would be going to the emergency room after I get sick, and not to a doctor to prevent getting sick. A catastrophic medical event without insurance would make me a charge of the state and government dependent for the rest of my life. There are millions like me. Millions.

The issue is not how healthcare is administered, but the cost of treatment and medications due to uncontrolled unlimited corporate policies and profits. If costs charged for care by private companies and non-profits were limited by government in as they are in many other countries our costs would go down, and profits would still be made. Imagine how productive this country would be if everyone had access to affordable health care and could put all of their energy toward productivity instead of slaving to the morass of today’s U.S. health care system and the privateers.

I object to privatization of healthcare, and Mr Ryan’s ideas on Medicare. Government is supposed to be by the people, for the people; looking out for the common citizens.

Businesses are by the shareholders, for the shareholders, looking out for themselves. They provide jobs, but their mission is to provide profits even at the cost of jobs, and with least amount of benefit to employees. In a small way I am shareholder of several companies. I get it.

The outrageous cost of healthcare in the USA is because of the profit requirements of the businesses and failure of government to limit what they charge. Medicare, by limiting what it will pay for services/products controls costs. Expanding Medicare to everyone would level the playing field, allow those that want more/better coverage pay for it on private market as they do now. Businesses would make less, but citizens served would increase and they would be healthier. America would be healthier and more productive. America would be great again because it would be by the people, for the people. Its no where near that now.

Richard U. Waldbott Jr. on

Any chance of repealing the fine for not having health insurance? I have six months until my 65th birthday and my retirement. I would like to retire early since my job is not going too well. I don’t believe I should have to pay a fine if I am willing to chance it for one to six months.

Geraldine Egbert on

I can live out of the country for 6 months each year. I purchase insurance coverage that will cover me while in a foreign country. Why do I also have to pay for Obamacare while I am not even here to use it? My premium for Affordable Healthcare in NOT affordable.. My quote was for $680/month for just me. I have to choose between “living” my life and enjoying what I worked hard and saved for or I stay in the US, do not travel and just pay for healthcare coverage instead. THIS STINKS!!

Joni on

Here is my situation for anyone who would like to listen.

I fall into the “Family Glitch”. My husband is the only sole provider for our family. We have a family of 4, and he makes roughly 50,000/year. I stayed home with the children because my job did not pay insurance and we would lose money on the cost of daycare. His insurance through his employer is under the 9% for himself yet for the family it goes up exponentially. It’s well past 25% our “family” income to add me.The children get covered by Medi-cal so the only person without insurance is me. I can’t get a subsidy through the market because his employer offer a plan to include me (that’s a laugh – his insurance is $300 mo but to add me it tacks on $800). We live in california where rents equal 40% or more of your wages so people can’t afford much else after paying their rent. I have been without health insurance for a year and a half now. I was able to pay my own basic kaiser or anthem or whatever in the past at $100-150/mo. (before Obamacare) but now I can’t find coverage for under $300.00/mo. and I’m in my 30’s. This is ludicrous! I maybe go to the doctor once a year. To top it off as insult to injury, we are also getting fined a penalty at tax time because I don’t have insurance and can’t afford to pay it. So basically I have to pay for others to get a deal on health insurance. Nice.

Laura McLinn on

(So Ca)ACA 100+ hrs self driven (& needed) paralegal & acct’g work until we filed an appeal to fix the AR issues, which caused a cancelation of my coverage in error, and the reinstatement was then wrong. The appeal fix both problems eventually. The admin & acct’g issues are horrendous.

The deductibles are insane on the Bonze Plans, (Silver better, if they actually paid) and BS has had a lawsuit filed for their website in-network/out of network lack of disclosure, where people have had major financial surprises. Not acceptable. I haven’t followed the case filed by a law firm in No Ca. They aren’t the only insurance co denying claims and making people’s life a living hell.

Kaiser isn’t an HMO for Covered Ca healthcare members. The out of pocket costs for a major issue could me $6K+ annually. That’s insane, it’s an HMO.

We are afraid to use my coverage, since a BK isn’t something we would like.

The pre-existing condition fix was a good thing, the cash grab, no fix to the medical loss ratio (shareholder meeting stuff) is a huge issue for me. We need a system like Medicare for all American Citizens, and for legal immigrants. If you squat and have an anchor, well we should not be paying for it.

l feeley on

I am an independent contractor/title abstractor for the oil and gas industry. My base residence is MI, but I travel frequently for months at a time. I work for 3 to six mos, I’m laid off for 3 mos. and then the cycle continues. ACA has been an absolute NIGHTMARE for me! Before I could got not get coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and now I am constantly penalized because of my line of work. They have screwed me up so much, I don’t even know where to begin! The start a new app instead of modifying my existing one with each lay-off. There is NO communication between insurance co and ACA, NONE–ZERO, ESCALATIONS ARE A JOKE! They automatically enrolled me in Medicaid without my permission during one of my layoffs under a name that hasn’t been legally mine for years!!! The backlash from that alone has been tremendous! There is no one policing the insurance co. I got laid off and could not afford my ins. and did not want Medicare, cuz I knew I would bounce back in a few mos. its the nature of my industry. I lost my insurance but for three months Blue cross kept taking my tax credit. The later called it a “grace period”. I wasn’t working and will have to pay a penalty for the months uninsured, PLUS WILL HAVE TO PAY THE IRS TAX CREDIT BLUE CROSS STOLE WHILE I WAS NOT INSURED. THIS IS UNAMERICAN AND FRAUDULENT. WHAT WE HAVE IS NOT WORKING AT ALL! The only good thing is barring companies from discrimination against PEC’s and that is the ONLY good thing that has come out of it for me. The IRS has frozen money on my tax return for two years because of Tax credit audit. The marketplace does not provide them with the right info. and they are wanting me to pay almost 3 grand back when I paid in almost 6k in health premiums last year and my AGI was 19k. I am beyond irate. Trump. please fix this problem!

Diane Capps on

I think the subsidies to pay for the premiums should be abolished. Tax payers are paying for that. I paid $1000 a month for insurance premiums for 6 months while looking for a job with insurance. Didn’t use it once, so in essence paid $6000 for nothing. Because I live in a rural community, but work in the city, I was hit with ‘rate mapping’, literally it cost approximately $600 or more a month if I wanted to go through the healthcare marketplace. My husband’s and my salary are such that we pay the whole premium, which we would expect as we expect to pay our bills. But we do not appreciate having to pay taxes to pay subsidies for others to have premiums. In fact, once such person said they don’t want the ACA to go away because then they might have to find a full time job with a big corporation to get insurance benefits they could afford, if the subsidies go away. Stop making American citizens reliant on hand outs. Do away with the mandatory birth control. The preventive annual exams are a joke. Doctors will take the mandatory questions then they ask patients if they have any other concerns and suddenly the appointment is no longer a preventive exam but a diagnostic which comes completely out of the patient’s pocket. The Federal Government should put health insurance/health care back in the hands of the states. The Federal Government really needs to get out of the business of health insurance. Run the government, not our lives and our choices. Penalizing tax payers for not getting insurance is wrong, especially with such high premiums, subsidies and with the rate mapping that is being allowed.

Christy Wilke on

Please get rid of Obamacare. IT SUCKS!

Patricia Brown on

My Father is 62 and only a few years from retirement. The plant that he worked for just let everyone go because they are shutting their doors. When seeking healthcare through the marketplace he based his income off of unemployment at $23k a year. That makes his health coverage cost approx $700-$750 a month with a $6,500 deductible. My father has been battling aggressive pre-cancer cells in his bladder so it is essential that he has affordable healthcare. I asked him if there is any assistance he can get, he said that since he has worked his whole life and has a 401k he cannot get any help. My father had to withdraw from his RETIREMENT BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR JUST TO BE ABLE TO PAY FOR INSURANCE. A man who is a republican and has prided himself of working and NEVER HAVING ASSISTANCE CANNOT EVEN OBTAIN ANY ASSISTANCE. Why? Because he worked his entire life and paid his taxes which helps take care of those who DO NOT WORK, BUT KNOW HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM. Why should he have to drain his 401k just to pay for taxes and healthcare? So he can end up on welfare and being completely dependent on the government for the rest of his life? I would like to know what people like my Father are supposed to do in order to survive aside from the option of ending up on welfare?

Josie Taylor on

My husband and I own a small business that is not required to offer insurance, so we are the technically “self employed” folks who have to purchase insurance for ourselves outside of any group rate, on the exchange. Our premium is $1100 per month. We are the middle class Americans who are getting hit the hardest by the rise in health care costs because we don’t qualify for a subsidy. But, as healthy, fit, and active people, our insurance used to be cheap. The costs are out of control. Something must be done to help the folks in the middle.
HOWEVER, I do not think ObamaCare should be repealed. Some aspects of the plan are excellent. The prohibition against excluding for pre-existing conditions is wonderful, long over due and necessary. I appreciate being able to keep children on my plan up to age 26. I like that they can’t charge more for women. I say NO, to privatizing or cutting Medicare. Our seniors need to know that they can rely on that coverage.

Woodhouse on

Please do not repeal the ACA!! Our family has benefitted from the ACA and we do not want to see our coverage disappear. We are self-employed and have bought our own insurance for more than 20 years. The premiums and deductibles are high (we don’t qualify for subsidies), but we are grateful we cannot be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. We would be very happy to see the ACA improved and expanded to a single payer option.

Debbie Plisco on

I do not qualify for help under Obama cralp care! I will be turning 61 in February and my plan jumped 125.00. I’m healthy but afraid to go with out insurance. My new premium will be 530.00 pr month. That plan still sucks too. Screw Obama Care.
Maybe I should not work or be an illegal to get the best care out there.

Please Mr. Trump
I need your help, as do many Americans!!

William Luffman on

My lowest cost qualified health plan premium for 2017 is 37% of my expected self-employment pretax income. We had no medical expense or claims in 2016 so including taxes and ACA insurance premiums nearly $.65 of every dollar I earned went to subsidize health insurance and other government entitlement programs for people other than my own family. I can not afford health covearge for my family in 2017, the first time in more than a 42 year work career. It is likely true that ACA does provide free or nearly free health insurance for millions of Americans that in the past could not afford coverage. However, Obamacare has effectively “flipped the script” now making health insurance unaffordable for American citizens like me who have always worked to pay for their own coverage. The ACA is analogous to increasing Americans existing mortgage payments by 400%-500% in order to generate revenue to build new homes for our country’s homeless population. Yes, we could tout that millions of Americans who live in the streets by choice or circumstance now have nice new homes. But we do not discuss the millions of Americas who have chosen and have favorable circumstance to work and provide homes have now become homeless, forced from the security of their own homes by impossible to afford mortgages. Obamacare has not solved the issue of the uninsured, it has merely changed the demographics of those you cannot afford coverage. It defies capatilism, democracy and everything that historically defines the USA. It helps reinforce entitlements and discourage work and acheivment. The promised repeal of the ACA could possibly be the primary reason for the 2016 Election Results. There is no larger domestic issue and we do need a comprehensive and equitable alternative to the ACA. However, repeal of ACA must be the first priority of the new administration even in the absence of a better option.

deidre shertz on

this Obama care is not working for everyone. You should not be forced to have health insurance. I’m not understanding how congress thinks this is working. My daughter and son in law are trying to have the American dream, working, owning their own home and family however the cost of premiums to have health insurance is insane, it’s like a new car payment. They live pay check to pay check, they are struggling to make the premiums and own their own home. on

I’ll note that I can confirm many in the middle are struggling and that needs to be addressed. However, let us not forget why we need patient protections in the first place:

A 2007 study found that about 36% of American surveyed had been turned down or charged a higher price due to preexisting conditions and 85 percent of adults with incomes under 200 percent of poverty who tried to buy coverage on the individual market never purchased it. When people point out that coverage used to be cheaper before the ACA, they typically don’t tell this part of the story.

e.m. on

I am a healthy professional woman. My employer does NOT provide health care, we are too small. I have to buy individual plans and I am terrified that without Obamacare I will face increasingly difficulties getting coverage as I get older and start to get health issues. It is already causing me a huge amount of stress. I like to plan ahead, and be prepared, and I am willing to pay for peace of mind — but without Obamacare I will always be stressed about what the next month or year will bring. I’d rather focus on my family, my job, and my volunteer work.

carl eyman on

Mr Trump, Affordable Health Care saved my wife’s life.
You suggested system would not. She would have died.
You are wrong. But you know that.



Directing our anger at “LAZY PEOPLE” on “WELFARE” is misplaced. The costs did not rise as an advent of low-incomes getting assistance. The main causes are preexisting conditions (sick people getting insurance) and the general price gouging in the healthcare industry. Both those things need solutions, but don’t make the mistake of directing your frustration at our poorest… they neither have the money you charge them with taking nor the political power to draft and pass legislation.

Kulvinder Sangha on

Our insurance premiums have gone up consistently over the last 5 years. This month it went up $241.28 a month. This is almost like an additional car payment or house payment for some. Our premium currently is $1,414.62 a month. And we also are paying a deductible and co-insurance in addition to this amount if we have any health issues. This has caused alot of hardship on many people. We are now in our mid 50’s and all we are trying to do is save as much as we can for retirement. Insurance premiums continuously increasing as they have been like this are only going to result in us not being able to retire when we would like to by the age of 65. Something needs to be done about Obamacare. Sadly I was one of those who voted for Obama and since Obamacare was passed and our insurance premiums continuously went up every year $200 to $300 or more, I have regretted that decision. I would like Trumpcare to fix this problem. I know we are not the only ones with this problem. I have heard complaints from many people. So please fix the premium increase problem.


I am strongly in favor of requiring all health insurance policies to cover birth control. it is the least expensive and most reliable way to prevent unintended pregnancy. Many women rely on oral contraceptives to control irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding and other conditions. Other women have complicated health conditions that contraindicate pregnancy. It is simply wrong for an employer to be able to pick and choose personal health benefits of their employees.

One friend of mine who is on Obamacare, came down with breast cancer last spring, was unable to work because of the intense chemotherapy. She had surgery and is now cancer free. She would not have been able to afford the treament without the ACA.

Keep and tweak the ACA. Hold the private insurance companies to their end of the bargain when they sell a policy!

Karen on

We lost PPOs, none of my doctors of 17 years are on the list, premiums too expensive. Above all, I have lost my freedom to pick my doctors and hospital for all the money I pay. We were told we can keep our doctors!! Not true. We will be down to one insurer next year. Because of my age I cannot even buy just catastrophic insurance. We had a great plan for people with preexisting conditions but was forced to close down because of Obamacare. Let’s go back to the system we had. The uninsured and illegals get better care in a hospital than a person with insurance. This should not be. The insurance companies are also to blame for deciding where they want to sell policies. All of this must change!!

Bb on

I Don’t like that we have to pay over a thousand $ per month to get limited access to the Drs. We Prefer! (We have been with for a lifetime) -OUR PCP’s DO NOT ACCEPT OUR INSURANCE due to not having a COMMERCIAL INSURANCE PURCHASED PLAN!!!! We have incurred Thousands of $’s in out of pocket costs due to this! Refusing to chose a Dr. And staying with some of those we have used for our children!!!! The choice of DRS. & Hospitals! Due to location and INS. Plan purchase ability! (Both due to ACCESS & COSTS!!!!!)-for 3 years we have been battling with this issue! **(Our Preferred Drs. Are in the adjoining counties-and within a 10-20 min. Drive-PLANS accessible to us insist on Hospitals & Unpreferred Dr. Choices that are up to 1hrs. Drive for preferred care!!!!). With limited access and choices for affordable costs and good coverage for an average income household with other large payments for college tuitions and limited access to funding and grants access due to income levels-WE ARE INSURANCE AND TUITION BROKE!!! THIS SYSTEM IS HORRIBLE FOR A MIDDLE INCOME FAMILY !!! WE ARE THE “CATCH 22”, make to much for any REAL Benefits for anything!!! THIS SYSTEMINKY SERVES THE LIWER INCOME FOKJS-I DI NOT DENY THAT ALL NEED HEALTHCARE-BUT WHEN I AM PAYING ALMOST $2000.00A MONTH FOR A PLAN AND WE ARE A 2 PERSON WORKING HOUSEHOLD-WITH 3 TUITIONS & NO HELP-I GET BITTER WHEN I CANT GO TO MY PREFERRED DR OR HOSPITAL AND THE LOWER INCOME HAVE THAT ACCESS!!! I AM WORKING MY BEHIND OFF JUST TO PAY THESE PREMIUMS AND DO NOT HAVE ACCESS??!!! THIS IS WRONG! IF NIT FOR TERRIBLE ECONOMY MY HUSBAND WOULD STILL BE AT HIS 30YR JOB IN MANUFACTURING AND I WOULDNT MIND-HOWEVER-HE LOST HIS JOB JUSTNIN TIME FOR ALL OF THIS INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE BS!!! I AM BITTER SND WISH I COULD TURN THE CLOCK BACK 4 YEARS!!! PLEASE FIX THIS MESS!!!! IF ANY FAMILY IN NY MAKES Average of $45000.00 Yr-THEY ARE SCREWED!!! TOO MUCH FOR REAL ASSISTANCE TOO LITTLE TO HAVE A LIFE!!! STOP MAKING MY LIFE SO HARD!!! EITHER MAKE IT ALL PART OF THE TAXES WE ALL PAY-WHICH ARE RIDICULOUS IN NY-OR GIVE IT FREE EQUALLY!!!

cindy crosby on

What I don’t like about it: All of it. It’s sinful. Shouldn’t be able to pass a law that you don’t even know what the law contains, in the first place.

Roy Chavez on

Do not repeal Obamacare !
I am a diabetic and had had a stroke 7 years ago.
Recently I lost my job and would have had a difficult time getting health care if it were not for Obamare due to pre-existing conditions. Thanks to Obamacare, I was able to continue care without interruption. I am back to work now and have private insurance, but thanks to Obamacare I still continue those routine care that are covered 100%. Thank you Obamacare !

Pam on

No pre-existing conditions are critical. That’s what I like about Obama Care.
The insurance companies can’t use that as an excuse not to pay after I have paid them for premiums and deductibles.

Marie DeNigris on

Health insurance is SO EXPENSIVE , than you have these outrageous deductibles I cant afford to pay for insurance and than have to go to the Doctor and pay because I we did not meet our deductible. My daughter needed an MRI that she couldn’t get because it would of cost us a $1000.00 that is sad.

Andrea Dutton on

Obamacare is one of the best things that has ever happened to my family. As a step mother of two who works full time and goes to school full time, I was able to see my disabled partner get atleast some of the care he needs for the first time. We could take our daughters to a doctor that felt safe and reliable. And I was able to treat an injury with physical therapy so that I could continue working and supporting my family. I am in medical school and would love to see the preventative care options grow. Every benefit that I have ever experienced I want to pass along to others. Obamacare can help make that happen.

M Gaertner on

Please repeal and replace. Our premiums for a family of 4 went from $750 a month last year to $1600 a month this year with a $6000 deductible where NOTHING is covered until the deductible is satisfied. We have to choose between paying our mortgage or paying health insurance. We now cannot afford any insurance at all and will have to go without insurance. We are very healthy and have always had insurance which we usually never even used, our premiums go to pay for everyone else. You MUST get rid of ObamaCare!

Norma Aeschbacher on

Well what I don’t like the most is they have yet to fix my Forms from 2015 and seem to think sorry is an acceptable excuse with no one answerable as to why after hundreds of hours on the phone and monthly phone calls after all the “issues” were resolved …7 months later and one excuse mostly I don’t know why but another 30 days to sit back and wait to see if someone there might be willing to do their job. I am sure as federal workers they make more money than I ever did but no person is contactable or resposible in the escalation department that is in cyber space only contactable by E mail and with no person to talk to .

Jill webb on

I can remember when we could purchase our insurance and keep it for years. Since Obama care I have had to reselect insurance every year. Now I can not purchase a PPO in colorado…which I have had for over 20 years. After being forced to select an HMO for more money and unable to return to any of my doctors due to insurance dropping my doctors…I received a letter from Blue Cross suggesting a Doctor for me to try….if this isnt socialistic medicine….I dont what is. I have, under great duress, each year since Obama care to try and maintain a decent policy. I guess those of us who have worked for years and paid taxes no longer count.

Roxanne Thompson on

Don’t want it, can’t afford it! Why should I be forced to pay for something I don’t want then penalized because I don’t agree with it or have it? I scrounge $50 a month to belong to a Primary Care Dr, that I can use unlimitly, reduced cost of meds and contact/text if I need medical advice any time of day/night/weekend. The pre-existing clause is a joke because it is taken into consideration when applying for ACA, just look at the cost/deductibles. Why can’t this be a choice of Medical care in the US? Reduced cost for Self Pay in case of hospitalization or specialized care, why can’t these be an option for people without the funds to pay the high price of the so called ACA? Please Mr. Trump there needs to be regulation on the out of control insurance companies and cost of Medical Care in this country. The only reason ACA was passed is to cover the increased over spending of government.

Robert Matha on

Obamacare has enabled my family to gain insurance coverage we would not otherwise have access to because of pre-exiting conditions. It has saved us from financial disaster. We don’t qualify for a subsidy, but we aren’t wealthy. Our Obamacare costs are competitive with costs associated with group health plans in the small group market. I understand some people don’t want to pay premiums. Eventually, however, they will use hospitals and doctors or the emergency room, and if they don’t pay their bills, we all do. The only fair solution is a program like Obamacare. If Republicans don’t like that solution, come up with another one. But don’t give us the short end of the stick with some half-baked version. Make it better, or fix Obamacare.

Robert quinn on

I think we should do universal healthcare with all the taxes we pay we should have free healthcare

Jim on

We need affordable healthcare currently we do not use our health care because we have a 16,000’dollar family deductible before our 60 percent of our bill is paid by our insurance that costs $125 weekly .
Most of my co workers are the same we never meet deductibles and premiums go up 75 to 100 percent a year.

Jill Uhland on

I am a 59 year-old female. I pay $78 per week for health coverage. This is not affordable. My employer has 100 plus employees & said that I am required to have this. I would rather pay the tax penalty. This amount of money is almost as much as my monthly rent. My husband has the obamacare which is affordable for him. The last time I went for a simple health checkup/physical, my bill was over $500. I still had to pay over $200 out of pocket. I was devastated. We live paycheck to paycheck and my husband is currently layed off. He is 62 & is trying to hold off on retirement so we can get a little bit more money. We have never owned a home and are just trying to make a good, honest living. As much as I need health insurance at my age, this obamacare requirement has created a very bad hardship for me. Please help. We voted for you and so did alot of our friends. I love that we finally have a President who is looking after America and the people who live here!


Jill Uhland

Alena on

Please keep the Health Care Act. We have to make it better where it is free for all of us to see a doctor and not worry. Why are we workaholics if you only end up sick in the end and can’t even afford anyone to help you? Doctors oath is to help people who are in medical need, not who can afford it more. All 1st world countries are heading toward universal heath care as it is the most important thing for us all. All of you who think the government will take over what you eat….please look at Canada, they smoke like crazy cause they don’t even get penalized for smoking with their free health care. Yeah the prices are too high, lets lower them then. Doctors overcharge anyhow, $4 for a one Tylenol while they get it whole sale for prob .05 each at the hospital. It is a racket. The Health Coverage Act provides insurance to those who do not have it, without it people are dying faster. We are equal on this planet, just because I was not born into money does not mean I do not have a right to medicine. on

We are equal on this planet, just because I was not born into money does not mean I do not have a right to medicine… This view is reasonable and moral, but it is the opposite of what some GOP plans are set to do:

In practice we know we have to balance many factors of economy, bottom line, and fiscal policy… but one can’t help but return to the core moral point you present when discussing healthcare reform.

myriam on

Obamacare works fine. A friend had two cancer surgeries paid for because he has only a part time job. Obama care works, what we need is medicaid expansion in Florida for the unemployed.

Kathleen Capasso on

Please make medical insurance affordable again. Obama care is only affordable if you don’t work. It cost me 470 a month in 2016. That’s over a week’s pay. Never got to see a doctor. They put me with a pediatrician and I spent the year trying to change it. Now they want 2 wks pay a month. How am I supposed to pay other bills. I already cancelled my home owners insurance. Insurance was affordable before Obama. I paid 285 a month for top of the line BCBS. Now we have levels. If politicians want this in place they should have to be under same rules including Obama. Please Mr. Trump make America a nation for working class again. Not a welfare refuge.

Nathanael on

SINGLE PAYER NOW. If we can’t have single payer, just expand Medicare to cover everyone. Or expand Medicaid to cover everyone.

I know people on expanded Medicaid; they’re very happy. They have low payments, can choose their doctor, and everything is covered.

I am stuck in the individual market paying $450/month for crappy insurance which basically covers nothing, doesn’t allow me to choose my doctor. and the rates have been rising by 20% every year. Get rid of individual insurance and put everyone in Medicaid or Medicare.

Vicky Edell on

Please do not go back to the high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions. My experience in the past was there are waiting lists to get on it, which can be very hurtful to those who need care. The premiums are much higher and limited coverage. The insurance companies need to lower the deductibles on these plans. Most people choose the cheapest plans that offer these high deductibles. Please I’m 60 years old with pre-existing conditions. I lost my job. Cannot find an employer who is willing to pay higher premiums because of my age. I’ve paid insurance all my life. Don’t send me out to pasture.

Tim woody on

Got enrolled and they said $237 got cards in mail yes two cards and two sewerage bills now they cancelled the cheap one and it is $457 per month from $157 300% hike this is bull sh** how u supposed to afford anything after no notice just send a bill what ever I can’t do this my wife is on disability and merry Christmas to higher than hell and they said they can’t tell me why it changed not happy and I have a call in to my attorney!

Tim woody on

Got enrolled and they said $237 got cards in mail yes two cards and two sewerage bills now they cancelled the cheap one and it is $457 per month from $157 300% hike this is bull sh** how u supposed to afford anything after no notice just send a bill what ever I can’t do this my wife is on disability and merry Christmas to higher than hell and they said they can’t tell me why it changed not happy and I have a call in to my attorney! Affordable my a**!

John L Wisconsin on

The underlying problem is the high prices. The market ideology doesn’t really work in most areas of health care, see for example recent drug price increases of 600%. A single payer system can negotiate and set prices. A single payer system can be much more efficient administratively (e.g. Medicare)
Obamacare (originally called Romney Care) was the last best chance for a system based around private health insurance. Instead of trying to improve it, GOP will help us get single payer by causing a collapse of the individual insurance market.

Emily Richer, Accounting for Health on

You make great points. Hopefully, the GOP-led government will remove insurance industry protectionism, and the industry–through real competition, under smart regulation–will have an opportunity to deliver value-added service. It’s now or never!

Because if they don’t deliver, it will be hard to ignore the growing cry for Single Payer. I don’t think it’s the best solution, Health plans could add incredible value if they had direct accountability to consumers (not employers with evolving pools of consumers), offered incentives to engage in prevention and long-term health, and reduced our world-record rates of chronic disease. Instead of simply funding symptom management drugs and treatments of disease complications.

America is a very diverse place; to engage and turn around our public health crisis, we need a creative array of messaging/structures, easily reviewed in a transparent market. And, if you ask me, a public option as one of those structures.

Let a thousand flowers bloom….

Terry Mayes on

I dont like the fine poor people have to pay. on

Thank you for the comment. To clarify, those with incomes below 100% of the poverty level don’t owe the fee due to the way exemptions work… also, those with higher incomes who can’t afford coverage often qualify for an affordability exemption. However, there are a few “sweet spots” where people owe the fee, but can’t really afford insurance due to net income (even with credits). One thing to realize is that household debt means people are working with less many in practice than it appears on MAGI.

If we want to get serious we will address debt, the underlying cost of care, and the effectiveness of the funding and delivery system.

Trying to reduce costs by reducing access to coverage is undeniably immoral, but also not a practical longterm solution.

Heather L Brown on

Please don’t change the ACA. I need it to continue my medical coverage.

Angelika on

Hello Mr Trump

As a hardworking used bookstore owner I rely on Obamacare for my Health Insurance. Prior to the ACA it was not possible for me to afford Health Insurance. Having Health Insurance is a life saver. Please show mercy toward people like myself and don’t mess with this program. Please.

Dave Lee on

The ACA has helped my family to finally be able to afford health care. PLEASE leave it alone, millions of us depend on it.

Laura Higginbotham on

My brother, who had never had health care or an income, (details upon request) was able to obtain insurance through the ACA after he became a paid caregiver(which opened up an IRS nightmare for him) for our mother via Aid and Attendance from the VA. He had the tax subsidies (which you must have several PhD’s to even be able to fill out the various forms to continue it. My insignificant masters degree did not prepare me for this, nor I’m sure did the average working person’s background…but I digress.) Our mother passed away in Nov. of this year, effectively leaving my brother, who is 61, has health issues and is unable to work, with no income. Therefore, as he is below the lowest of poverty level, he is NOT eligible for assistance from the ACA. So, no insurance for him. Thankfully, being the poorest of the poor and apparently undeserving of healthcare he can apply for an exemption through the exchange, that is if he (in this case, me) is willing to sit on the phone for hours around midnight in the hope of getting through to someone. His future BCBS premium will be $1000 plus unless I can stop it and Blue Cross says that has to be done through the marketplace. He is on autopay and I’m afraid it will be deducted from what savings he has unless we can get through…during the holidays…Ha. I checked with medicaid, but being in Alabama, he is not eligible unless he is pregnant, has cervical cancer or is the single parent of several disabled children under the age of 19. So is the ACA a good thing? Should have been until corporate greed took over.

Sue on

So glad my 25 year old daughter with mental health issues, my sister with breast cancer, my husband with hypertension all cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, thanks to Obamacare. Very glad so many people continue to sign up despite the problems. I wish it had been allowed to function as originally designed, which would have reduced costs for everyone. Unfortunately all the holes punched into it made it less effective and more onerous for all.

Larry Taylor on

I am in the first month of Medicare *now*. If you repeal Obamacare *now*, I will lose out on the part that closes the Medicare donut hole. DON’T REPEAL OBAMACARE, that will MESS UP MEDICARE.

Hong Pham on

What I like:
Subsidies ( I think Goverment should take over insurance that will be better)
What I don’t like
Physical Exam (waste money – don’t know why Dr do this)
Preventive care (waste money)
Insurance never compete each other for healthcare
The Dr bill is too much if don’t have insurance ( bill $13000, insurance paid $3000, Why?)
Drug bill ($1200, insurance paid $35. Why?)

Gail Louise on

We struggled for years (could not afford health insurance) being a small independent business owner, my husband and I are 57 and 60 years old. Only through Obamacare ACA were we able to obtain health insurance and my husband had his hernia repaired which he had put off so long it was a massive and painful surgery. Hundreds upon thousands of people like us were able to get insurance for the first time since I lost my job 4 years ago. Insurance companies are making record profits. We spend more on health care in the USA than any other developed country and we get LESS. Even Cuba gives their citizens some basic health coverage. Please do not do away with ACA, President Trump, we are in trouble without it, some people will die and it will be on you. Please don’t let us down.
Stand up to the Republicans and make us proud.

Mary Ann Gutierrez on

The ACA has resulted in significant saving to healthcare providers/hospitals etc… in reduced bad debt collection and charity and uncompensated care expense because more patients have coverage. There is a measurable reduction in instances of people accessing emergency room services for common colds and other common conditions better served by a healthcare provider.

Diann m Beard on

I have many friends on Obamacare who have felt safe and happy to be able to afford this healthcare insurance. Now they are scared that this plan will be taken away. There are many grandparents and children who are protected to get service they’ve never had. Leave this plan in tack for the people. It had been a blessing.

Ruth Cortez on

It is not affordable to many families and the coverage is not at all great. The main reason People enroll for the Insurance care is because they would rather pay than get penalized during tax time.

Erin on

The majority of people insured through Marketplace plans pay less than $100 a month and report being happy with their coverage. Perhaps in your case you are only getting insured because of the fee, but there is no evidence it’s the case for “most people.” Many of those who are frustrated with the Affordable Care Act are frustrated because they still don’t have access to insurance and they WANT it. There are people are simply frustrated because they are forced to have insurance, but at least as many are frustrated because they didn’t gain access to insurance and had to settle for an exemption from owing the fee instead.

Anthony Zarat on

Obamacare discriminates openly against men. Men are not protected by any of the seven offices of women’s health (spread throughout the Obamacare bureaucracy), men are not eligible for free services such as birth control, and men are forbidden from obtaining basic health care services such as screening for prostate cancer. Repeal the entire obscene law, there is no way to save this disgraceful feminist man-hating legislation that puts identity politics ahead of patient care.

Erin on

The ACA does not forbid men from getting prostate screenings. In fact it requires insurances cover them at no cost before deductible for men who are over the age of 50 annually. Which was not required before the Affordable Care Act.

Lee Ngo on

Obamacare is good for America. We treasure it

Tk on

No preexisting condition clauses, 10 essential benefits, Medicaid Expansion (really helps very low wage earners), kids on plans until 26 years old. Love the co-op insuarnce companies. Support them more (Had coop insurance in Wisconsin. Best medical experience I ever had). Like the electronic medical records provision to bring us into the 21st Century. Like the medical homes and accountable care organizations that coordinate care. Like the incentives to get hospitals to cut down on readmissions. If Trump is going to get rid of IPAB, then overseeing Medicare costs has to be addressed. LOVE the innovation center testing best practices. Like that 20 million more people are insured. Really want to find ways to increase that number.

Don’t like:
family glitch, subsidy cliff (some people a little bit over the subsidy income limit really can’t afford the insurance), don’t like narrow networks, high out-of-pocket costs. Don’t like that Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices. Don’t like that Trump is not realistic about the funding mechanisms for giving sick people access to insurance (The no preexisting clause needs to be paid for) Either everybody has to buy insurance so the pool is large enough to keep premiums in check. Or the insurance companies can charge whatever they want? That means that a person could have cancer, not be denied an insurance policy, but have to pay $5,000/month for it. So what good is a no preexisting clause there? Want real clarification on how Pres. Elect Trump plans to pay for making all those insurance companies insure sick people.

I think the funding mechanism are fair because the burden is not on the middle class. The Cadillac tax is controversial. If it is eliminated I want something else in place to replace the funding it is slated to provide.

I hope Trump looks at Switzerland’s system if he wants to keep the private insurance model. They use private insurance but there are a lot of price controls and EVERYBODY has to participate. And I hope that Trump sees that the US really needs universal health care to compete with other developed nations. They all have solid systems in place

Erin on

Thank you for this very well thought out comment.

Richard Almond on

The real problem is the all consuming GREED . Everybody wants to be rich yesterday.

Marsha Barnett on

I am lower income. I like that I have good coverage and lower premiums. I’m concerned about being able to afford health insurance if covered California is repealed

Margie Ann Shelton on

The ACA is critically important to Americans on Medicare! It makes preventive care affordable, allowing us to catch problems while they are minor and inexpensive. It also closes the doughnut hole, so that we can afford take the medications we need for our health and survival. It also requires that insurance companies spend 85% of our premiums on our care, rather than on administration and promotional costs.

Most importantly, it requires quality to prevail over quantity of care. Please don’t take the ACA away!

Cyndi Orr on

We need to keep most of the benefits in place. I have to have insurance that doesn’t reject me because I have a pre-existing condition. Also, I can only work part-time so there needs to be assistance in paying for the premiums. Pleas don’t cut ANY of the benefits.

David on

If everybody Joins it will be affordable and the best deal for all of us eliminating it right now is not a good idea for any individual or the economy

Sarah Eames on

I love the fact that people can stay on their parents insurance until their 26, I also like the pre existing condition clause, and think that those two should be kept, but I don’t like the mandate, and think that the mandate should be appealed but the rest of the law kept intact, I also have a few pre existing conditions and have benefited from obama care and from being able too stay on my parents insurance, Please keep it! Don’t take it away, or if you do take it away, do the public option!

Faye Newfield on

Obamacare has helped me maintain my care as a cancer survivor.

Erica on

I find it absurd that people who are unable to afford insurance are forced to get it or risk being penalized. This is especially unfair to people without any source of income, if they have no income, how can they be expected to afford insurance premiums? Also, the premiums are ridiculously high, not every state offers assistance. I have the cheapest, worst plan offered through BCBS of IL and they recently increased my premium by $120 a month, my deductible also went up and the plan is still awful. Americans are paying all this money every year and most of us don’t even go to the doctor so all that money is spent for nothing, we don’t get it back at the end of the year. Only ones benefitting from Obamacare is insurance companies, you pay an arm and a leg for horrendous coverage. Most plans no income to low income families can afford, still require you to pay high amounts out of pocket until the deductibles are met. How is this good for the American people???

Kimberly Lutu on

Obamacare is working and has provided assistance for members of my family. Please do NOT repeal this important legislation.

Vanessa Jones on

People who have worked hard in the civil service profession, putting our life’s on the line, can’t afford to retire due to the high cost of health insurance. Who can afford $1600.00 a month for health insurance. I shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s insurance and bottom-line that’s what we are doing. It’s not right!

Rebecca Henry on

In Alaska, health care IS hard to get, unless you are with a large corporation, then the cost is “ok”. In 2016, my husband’s old company was sold to a larger Tx owner, and the health insurance was changed from one company to another. Our premiums went up to almost $500 a month for married couple. The deductables made it impossible to see a doctor, because the insurance company refused to pay until we met the $5,000 PER PERSON. That included preventitive care, which should have been covered 100%. I canceled a colonoscopy due to the fact that Bluecross wasn’t going to cover if “it was coded wrong”, and was to be coded preventative. My husband left that company to another, not enough emplyees yet for health coverage, and so we have zero coverage. And shopping for coverage is like pulling teeth. HOW DOES ONE GO ABOUT PURCHASING HEALTH CARE WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO OBAMACRAP, err care??? Sorry, but that is what it is. AND where in the health care field does the IRS come in? WHY do we pay a penalty to IRS when they have NOTHING to do with health care? With everyone else getting low cost insurance or free health care, WHY do the rest of us have to pay the difference?? This is just confusing and frustrating. Also, not all people HAVE computers or access to get onto the Market, which is bullloni, and there for their health decreases, death, and then the penalties to an intity who has zero business in health care.

Thank you for letting me rant. I am sure I am NOT the only one.

KIM on

My family of 4 was able to afford health insurance for the first time in YEARS after “Obamacare” was established. Yes, the premiums are going up, but they are still VERY affordable, and our coverage through Sharp Healthcare is outstanding! I don’t know what we will do if we lose the option of getting insured through Obamacare. We start paying 411.00 per month, this month. (Up from 279.00, which I thought was kind of low to begin with), 411.00 per month for 4 people is fair. Without Obamacare, our cost per month would be 1100.00 PER MONTH! We cannot afford that. PLEASE..,PLEASE, hear my voice…our voices about how taking this away is NOT the answer! Fix the parts of it that have issues, but for the sake of millions of Americans, like myself, do not repeal Obamacare.
Thank you for your time.
Kim Densel-Rivera

Stephanie Byrd-Lee on

Please don’t repeal the ACA. It is vital that all Americans have access to healthcare! Thank you.

Carlos on

To President elect D Trump please repeal this ridiculous Obama care. Thanks

Jason Burns on

We want ALL forms of health insurance to be made illegal in the USA. People should pay for medical care as it is received. If they do not pay, they do not receive.

Jason Burns on

We want a system like that of Japan. People have to have health items tracked annually such as waist size and BMI. If out of range, they must submit to diet and exercise changes.
In contrast, people in the US deliberately do nothing to maintain their health – – then rack up massive costs for care

Sarah David on

Please, please, please don’t cut my vital health insurance. I am a full-time performing artist in her 50’s with no other means of support, and I was uninsured for years because I couldn’t afford the most basic insurance. Thanks to the subsidy, I have excellent, Silver-level care for less than $30 a month, and have received vital screenings, including a colonoscopy that found and removed several precancerous polyps.

I cannot afford any health insurance without the subsidy. Please don’t assume we’re all as rich as you are. Some of us are hard working poor people.

Alison Todd on

The ACA has helped my family enormously. Please, please, save this program. My husband and I are both self-employed, working full time – he is a tradesman and I am a social worker. Before ACA we were paying $14,500 per year in insurance premiums for a family of 4, and then a $4000 deductible in addition. This was 1/4 of our annual income. We had no dental coverage. Now our children are covered by Medicaid with no copays for medical care and dental care. And I pay $315/month for health coverage for my husband and I, with no deductible, and no copay for preventative care.
I’m glad there is a mandate. It is what makes it possible for all people to be guaranteed coverage – lots of healthy people like us pay premiums but only go to the doctor for a check up once a year, so our premiums help pay for the care needed by those who have the misfortune of being ill.
I’m glad the ACA guarantees coverage of pre-existing conditions. I had cancer 11 years ago, when I was 33. I had health insurance from work then, but I was terrified that if I became sick enough that I couldn’t work, I would also lose my health insurance and my access to care. I was lucky and surgery eliminated the cancer, but no one should have to live with this additional worry of losing insurance coverage during a health crisis. ACA protects us when we are vulnerable.
I like that ACA allows a choice of plans, so we were able to choose a plan that our doctors participated in. I worry that repeal of ACA will result in many insurance companies bailing out, leading to folks having no choice. Though I would also support expansion of Medicare – the single payer option – as a way of giving everyone access to coverage their providers will accept, while managing costs. Most doctors and facilities accept Medicare, so we’d have wider access to providers, and none of our premium dollars would go toward the outrageous CEO pay the administrators of commercial insurance companies skim from the current system.
Please protect this important law guaranteeing all us of access to coverage, and please attend to the complaints of those who find their premium and deductibles are still unaffordable, by expanding access to Medicaid and Medicare. ACA should make healthcare accessible to all.

N. Ann on

Anyone who thinks the ACA is the reason premiums are going up has not had to purchase health insurance in the private market very long. My husband and I, who are self-employed, have been purchasing private insurance for approximately 15 years, and premiums have ALWAYS gone up every year, even before the ACA was even a thought in anyone’s mind. The ACA just provides a convenient scapegoat. And if you think that repealing the ACA will magically cause health insurance companies to lower their premiums, you’re living in a fantasy world.
In addition, saying “repeal and replace” is a lie. It’s “repeal”. Period. How about replace with something better, then repeal? Of course not! Because there is nothing to replace it with.
I support universal single-payer or Medicare for All for everyone in the US, just like every other industrialized country in the world does. It’s shameful we do not provide health insurance as a right for all citizens.

N. Ann on

If you think the ACA is the cause of health insurance companies raising premiums, you haven’t been purchasing health insurance very long. My husband & I are self-employed, and we’ve been purchasing health insurance on the private market for almost 15 years. The ACA has made it more affordable for us. Health insurance companies have raised their premiums every year way before the ACA was even a thought in anyone’s mind; it just provides them a convenient scapegoat now. What was their excuse before the ACA for double-digit premium increases every year?
In addition, the idea of “repeal and replace” is an absolute joke. It’s “repeal.” Period. There is no “replace.” Why not replace with something better, then repeal the ACA? Of course not, because there’s nothing to replace it with.
If everyone hates the government so much, why do they want to keep Medicare? It’s the biggest, most successful socialist program in the country, and no one wants to get rid of it because IT WORKS. We need Medicare for All!

Korey on

This is beyond crap care. This so called great idea for whom? The poor or the illegals that get it free. My premium went up over $300.00 and still rising my deductible is a joke thousands. This crap care will no longer cover synthroid and a long list of other medications. The list goes on and on this is killing the middle WORKING class Americans in every way possible if we don’t pay we get threats from the IRS give me a break. I hate Obama crap care and totally crap president.

Karyn on

The ACA is a base that can be built upon. A repeal will remove the protections it provides to all of us. I fell that many peoples displeasure is misplaced. It is the insurance companies that have to be made accountable for the increased costs. If the ACA is repealed insurance costs will increase for people with preexisting conditions. If you want your child on your policy until 26, you will pay for that. We will all continue to see rate increases and benefits decreased. Nothing in the many Republican plans for replacement address the frustrations we all feel. A repeal without a clear replacement plan is something that all Americans should be concerned about. The ACA is a platform that can be built upon for the benefit of all. We should all be asking for a bipartisan effort to reel in the insurance companies and fix a broken healthcare system. .Washington infighting only hurts us all. President elect Trump needs to bring both parties together and come up with a plan that works for all.

Tina Thompson on

I am self-employed and the open marketplace has made Obamacare costs easy to compare apples to apples. I don’t qualify for the financial assistance, so I pay full price. I am around 40 and pay about $250 per month for a high deductible plan, which works fine for me because I am healthy. Before Obamacare the marketplace was impossible to navigate. Yes, costs have increased each year, but less than most years when I worked for a large fortune 500 company (which I did for 15 years before starting my own business).

Barbara johansen on

Ultimately I would like a single payer system.

And, why is no one talking about the inordinate salaries of the medical profession. It seems to me that with the high salaries and high drug costs our health care costs are out of control.

But short of that…
Please keep the pre-existing conditions clause in the legislation.

Keep cost assistance for those that cannot afford the premiums.

Let young adults stay on their parents plan

Include preventive care and wellness checks.

Tina Thompson on

I’ve traveled all over the world and there is no doubt the American medical/insurance industry sucks. Health should not be a for-profit industry period. I am self-employed and the open marketplace has made Obamacare costs easy to compare apples to apples. I don’t qualify for the financial assistance, so I pay full price. I am around 40 and pay about $250 per month for a high deductible plan, which works fine for me because I am healthy. Before Obamacare the marketplace was impossible to navigate. Yes, costs have increased each year, but less than most years when I worked for a large fortune 500 company (which I did for 15 years before starting my own business).

Virginia S. on

Repeal OC Healthcare plan: Eliminate PCP middlemen and the need for referrals(unless requested). Limited services should become available to qualified recipients, making insurance (for all) income based to include a calculated cut off point for the wealthiest to the poorest. Those unable to pay (disabled, blind, welfare recipients, etc.) should apply to the state for additional relief.

Beginning at the Federal level first, include each state to incorporate their own regulations (in accordance with Federal guidelines) from therein.

Prescriptions should be mandated on state to state basis, largely unchanged. No taxes on medications remain the same.

I really believe any changes to the Obama Healthcare Plan will be welcome!!!

Lindsay Rencher on

Republicans could jump and worked with Dems to create and/or overhaul our health care. President on both sides for decades knew it needed to happen. Republicans kept trying to repeal, but still have nothing to say about how to fix our health care system. Screw this party division, make them work with Dems to fix or come up with a solution for the American people!

Trudy on

I would like to know if you can just repeal the mandatory part. Then you will not have to repeal anything else. If it is not mandatory then people really will have a choice for their health care needs and people who like Obamacare can keep it. And those who don’t like it can choose their own. The GOP can come up with their own plan and people can have a choice. No mandates whatsoever sounds like a good plan.

Teresa Z on

Obamacare provides a safety net for the Americans. Young people can follow their dream without worrying health insurance unaffordable when
their income are low at early stage of life. Sick people don’t have to worry to be rejected from insurance company. Obamacare makes America a better living place already. Everyone should understand no one thing is perfect at the beginning, same as Obamacare, however it only needs to be improved, not repealed. As the lead of American people, one should exam why insurance companies make so much money and why medicine cost so much.



Melodie Selby on

Please strengthen the Affordable Care Act – don’t dismantle it. Parts of it need change – agreed! But the base is strong and needed.

Jeff F on

The absurd expense of medical insurance and medical expenses in general is a problem that preceded the ACA. Propaganda and misinformation have amplified and misrepresented the flaws in “Obamacare”, while diminishing the badly needed positive changes that were made. Blindly repealing this program and substituting it with some imaginary replacement will lead to completely UN-Affordable Care, just wait.
Instead of this misguided obsession to repeal, how about trying to rein in healthcare costs?? Price controls on pharmaceuticals, decrease excessive high tech, expensive testing and unnecessary medical procedures??? What about a public option, allowing people to purchase medical plans that federal employees are enrolled in??? How about expanding Medicare- to EVERYBODY???? Since nobody is even talking about those things, I won’t be holding my breath. (My deductible is way too high!)

Erwin Galan on

For the first time in my adult life, I was able to afford a health-plan. I am extremely grateful for Obamacare.

P in MO on

I am terrified we will lose our health coverage now. It will be devastating to us if we lose our health care plan that we get through “Obamacare”. I work at a very small business with 1 full time (me) and one part time employee and they don’t offer health care coverage. My husband is self-employed but not getting to work much due to his health issues. He is in his mid 50’s with heart issues and probably would have died twice if we had not had insurance through the ACA or Obamacare. I do get a subsidy but by no means do I get it free. I do have a pretty good sized premium but nothing like it would be if we had to get it on our own. I don’t like the penalty portion of it for people who can’t afford it and I don’t like the super high deductibles that some plans have.

Karen Cook on

My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 11 and while she’s had multiple recurrences she is doing well.. I was most grateful that Obamacare allowed me to continue to insure her under my employers plan during the transition between finishing college and having an established work that actually carried reasonable insurance (I wish it had allowed me to carry her longer than age 26, maybe to age 28 as getting a job is one thing but one with good insurance is a different level). Covering pre-existing conditions is totally a relief or she might have coverage that doesn’t address the special needs she has for regular testing and follow up. It’s unfortunate that her coverage working for the state of VA limits her access to doctors and wouldn’t ‘t allow her to stay with her surgeon so she’s covered by her husband’s employer. That said last year she needed major surgery again and it cost her $11,500 for her max out of pocket. Together the kids gross out at about $70k (not too bad for young people) but $11,500 is a huge portion of their income and they needed help from the family. Now what would kids do if they don’t have family that is willing and able to help? I know these are important clauses to many. How does repealing Obamacare help? How will these aspects be preserved and funded assuming the repeal goes through without putting an unfair burden on the middle class?

Michael on

I am self employed. Before Obamacare, health insurance was affordable and I paid the premiums ‘out of pocket’ with little trouble and had a decent health plan. As soon as Obamacare was even proposed, insurance companies started raising their rates ‘to the moon’ and greatly increased the deductible. I could not afford it anymore and for 2017, I finally had to enroll in Obamacare to get a subsidy. The insurance I have now through Obamacare is much worse than I had before Obamacare. Please don’t count me as someone who has insurance b/c of Obamacare. I was forced to enroll in Obamacare.

Emily Richer on

I’m in the exact same boat; after 5 years of back-to-back increases, from $277 to $678/mo… a 245% increase on my self-employed individual plan with a massive deductible $4800/$6500, I did the same. I gave in and bought my 2017 policy through the exchange. It would be a distortion of the statistics to report me as “getting my health insurance from ObamaCare.”

Madison Wegner on

The fee for not having coverage, now my family is more miserable not having taxes to help pay off our debt. Please get rid of that fee. I’m in a debt choke hold that needed the boost of MY Taxes to help me get out.

Joel Moreno on

Do not repeal the Affordable Care Act! That would cost the nation so much money, I rely on it heavily for my medical care needs and the taxes to the rich it invokes helps redistribute the wealth that this country desperately needs. Especially without a plan in place, repealing it would be highly irresponsible and ignores the needs of millions of Americans.

Alyssa on

Obamacare should be reformed, not scraped. There are too many people that benefit from it. I however do not in the slightest. I still can’t afford insurance, especially not with the rediculous deductibles. And I shouldn’t be fined for that. Maybe if wages in America weren’t so low we could all afford insurance. Or maybe if the government didn’t allow insurance companies and the medical field to hike prices as they see fit. So maybe you guys should work on fixing those problems instead of taking insurance away from people who need it.

Sarina Evans on

Is there going to be an alternative to Planned Parenthood that offers everything, minus abortions?

Marcella Smith on

For the first time in 15years, I have health insurance I can afford. The only thing I don’t like is the nearly $300 I was fined before i got it. Fining people for not being able to afford it is completely asinine and another example of the rich being totally out of touch with the reality of the lower income family. Please keep obamacare but do away with the fines!!

C C on

Federal guidelines/rules are SO different from the guidelines/rules in all the states. There should be ONE set of guidelines and rules, not 50 different ones! Too confusing and leads to a sense of health insecurity as opposed to health security the ACA promises.
WAY TOO MUCH PAPERWORK and REPORTING!!! A constant barrage of provide this proof, provide that proof.
WAY TOO MANY MISTAKES by local Health and Human Services offices! Every time we turn around someone else at HHS has made another error and WE have to fix it.
We’re fed up with the whole thing!
INSULTING REMARKS made by staff at state level – when asked if I wanted prescription coverage when I went on Medicare and was told to contact state about prescription coverage, the woman I was talking to said “You are just going to cost the State more money!” I refused the coverage !!!!

Elke Weiss on

Please, don’t repeal. Fix.
President Trump, Speaker Ryan, you could unite the country by saying you will work with Democrats to “fix Obama’s mistakes” in giving people health care. You can call it Trumpcare, you can work to make the system work, take the credit and still make sure we don’t die in the streets.
We need health insurance. We need medical treatment.

cc on

Medicare For All – its is a program that has been functioning well for decades. Everything is in place. Just adopt it for EVERYONE! Problem solved.

Do not like individual state guidelines that are in direct opposition to the Federal ACA guidelines/rules. 50 sets of different rules/guidelines is confusing and cumbersome.

Way too much paperwork, reporting.

Way too much incompetency at local HHS offices. They are clueless.

Carl Jacobs on

I do not like anything about the so-called Affordable Care Act. It should be repealed.
Since the United States did just fine without it for close to 250 years we do not need a replacement.

Rochelle Simon on

I’m a senior with high drug (tier 3) expenses. Obamacare is closing the donut hole by 2020. This provision needs to be retained in whatever plan replaces Obamacare. on


Chris Roberts on

I like that more people have health insurance. I like that preexisting conditions don’t keep me from obtaining Health insurance. No Maximum on benefits is a must! I like that my annual doctor visit is paid for. But my concern and others like me is that my annual income is $27,000 a year. My annual health insurance deductible is $5400.00. So I must spend over 20% of my annual income on health costs before my insurance pays anything! So even though I have “Health insurance,” I still could be bankrupted with this super high deductible if I were to have a long term illness. A health savings account doesn’t do any good because all my income goes to living expenses. There is nothing left to save! What are you going to provide for people in my income bracket?

Cindy Johnson on

I like the free preventative care and the fact that children can stay on their parents plan longer. I also like the fact that more people have health insurance. I do wish it were a single payer system because I believe that would be much easier on people. I also believe that prescription drugs are way too high.

Cheryl Koski on

Deductibles for 2 people @13,300 is ridiculous. At 63 why do I pay for pregnancy care? Why not stretch out the free exam to every other year, but still encourage a yearly visit.

Kimberly G. on

PLEASE do not leave sick, poor people uninsured. I made an honest living working most of my life and both of my adult children do as well. I was forced onto disability due to a traumatic head injury & severe toxic mold exposure (with an ensuing multitude of disabling physical conditions) which caused severe depression leading to suicidal ideation. I was unable to afford the health insurance provided by my employer. Medicaid expansion covered me or else I would have died since the county was totally inadequate in attempting to treat me back in 2012. I’m 54, white and get less than 1k/mo SSI. I will die without adequate medical coverage.

Kimberly G. on

PLEASE do not leave sick, poor people uninsured. I made an honest living working most of my life and both of my adult children do as well. I was forced onto disability due to a traumatic head injury & severe toxic mold exposure (with an ensuing multitude of disabling physical conditions) which caused severe depression leading to suicidal ideation. I was unable to afford the health insurance provided by my employer. Medicaid expansion covered me or else I would have died since the county was totally inadequate in attempting to treat me back in 2013. I’m 54, white and get less than 1k/mo SSI. I will die without adequate medical coverage.

a.b. on

How is Mr. Trump going to find out about these comments? Are they going to be compiled and emailed to him?

At any rate, I think Obamacare is miserable — apart from the pre-existing conditions clause and being able to stay on your parent’s plan until you’re 26. As for the “free annual wellness visit,” that’s a laugh. I’m supposed to get a free physical once a year, and I still pay a $40 copay. (But then, I do realize that my doctor has to eat and pay bills, too.)

And frankly, it’s not just insurance — the quality of care in the hospital (or other institution) also figures in to whether or not you’ll get treated well. And even the greatest insurance company in the world won’t do anything for you if the doctor and/or hospital you’re seeing won’t negotiate contract with them. If that happens, you either go with some doctor the insurance company DID do a contract with (and that doctor might not be great), or you stay with the doctor you like, and you get insurance that you might not like.

There’s a lot that goes into it. on

Assuming no one from the Trump administration seeks this page on their own, the idea would be to pass this information on through a few different channels. So in short, yes, there will be an effort made to share this information. If it doesn’t get to Trump directly, which is likely, the hope would be that some who are working on a new plan do see this. Even if that isn’t the case, your fellow citizens will see it, and that will help everyone from both sides understand what other Americans do and don’t like (which will maybe be helpful in a debate over a replacement plan).

Sandra on

Obamacare indeed is really helping a lot of people, but on the other hand it affects the middle class. I am a teacher and my husband doesn’t have a profession, but works as a maintenance manager. We live in Mission, Tx. and salaries down here are not high at all. Together we make about $70,oooo a year, and with that we have to pay our daughter’s college, our house, 3 cars plus insurance, house insurance and utilities. If we want our kids to be insured we will have to pay $400 dollars a month. For us that is a lot because our kids are very healthy and thank God they never get sick. I know that emergencies arrive, but meanwhile we have to pay about $4500 dollars a year, so the people that are in the lower class and decide not to work can have free insurance. That is totally unfair for us who work and still have to pay taxes, insurance and a fine because we can’t afford insurance for our own kids. The upper class can afford it, the lower class get everything (scholarships, food stamps, Medicaid, even free phones); us in the middle are paying for everything, my daughter didn’t get financial aid because I have a profession, we don’t get any help at all .

Jef Lev on

The PP-ACA allows us to buy insurance for no more than 9.5% of our income. Without the APTC’s we could not afford the premiums and therefor would not have any insurance.

Lisa on

All Americans deserved quality health care. I pay higher insurance premiums, but it’s worth it to support the ACA and American people that do not receive/can not afford health care benefits. I know the program needs improvements. So let the new Admin work on improving the program, but do not repeal Obama care. Without a functional replacement plan millions will lose coverage, and that would be extremely problematic.

Peter Morrow on


I live in Hawaii. I work as a semi-retired pharmacist . Our state is primarily rural and self sufficient. We don’t have a large employer based economy, instead we rely on tourism and on many locally owned business to drive our economy. Health care is a problem . We have shortages of doctors and hospital beds. Although Hawaii has a progressive attitude towards providing health care for all of its citizens, we are a small, geographically isolated state, which benefited greatly from the expanded medicaid program under the ACA. Cutting back on those federal grants will hurt our state and destroy any gains made in providing coverage for our uninsured population. Providing health coverage for all our citizens not only is the correct thing to do, it will help lower escalating health care costs by changing many of the micro-economic issues that drive health care cost inflation. The ACA isn’t perfect. Rather than kill it for political, ideological reasons, why not fix it so all americans can reap the benefits of having easy access to affordable care provided by our wonderful doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

Ashley on

Under the Affordable Care Act I get my birth control for free. This is extremely helpful to me, as I am on a lot of medications for health problems that I pay for. The birth control I use saves me from painful and heavy periods. I would really like if Trump can keep the free brith control going.

colleen mullins on

i am retired and get insurance from that company. working part time at a new company and want to work more than 30 hrs and i cant because my new employer will get fined. So because of Obamacare i feel i am being penalized and they cant offer me more than 30 hours.





Terry Jansen on

It’s critical that all Americans can get health insurance. By taking this away, you will create tremendous anxiety and hardship for those who otherwise would not get coverage. I know it’s hard for billionaires to understand this but please put on your “common people” hat and stand up for us on this issue. And please stop telling the American people lies about Obamacare adding to the debt. You and I both know that is not the case. Make it better but PLEASE don’t take it away!!!

Richard de Triquet on

I am a cancer survivor currently living with leukemia. I was diagnosed at 15 years of age and have been in remission for the 15 years following my initial diagnosis. Despite the stability of my health situation, the continuation of my good health has been entirely contingent upon receiving affordable health care.

Fortunately, my father was in the Marine Corps and received Tricare Prime. Luckily I was able to extend coverage under his health insurance while I attended grad school. And thankfully I was able to extend coverage on his plan until I was 25 and able to get a job with a uniformed service that also has Tricare prime.

With the cost of my medicine alone topping around 130,000 per year, I would have been turned away for pre-existing conditions and subject to extremely high insurance without out of pocket maximums.

In short, despite a lot of the problems with Obama Care. I have found several parts of it essential for myself and other leukemia patients like myself to be able to afford adequate health care:

Out of pocket maximums
Can’t be turned away for pre-existing conditions
Being able to stay on parent’s health insurance until 26

Janet John on

I absolutely rely on Obamacare! Please, please don’t take it away. It also covers my grandson who cannot get health insurance through my daughter’s job.

Marina marcroft on

Do not repeal Obamacare. I receive Social Security and use Medicare. We cannot afford to have the donut hole back, we need to retain the ban on lifetime and yearly maximum payouts, and not be penalized for having a pre-existing condition. Privatizing Medicare would have a huge negative affect and would increase costs. We cannot go back to the days when each insurance called their own shots and what they covered. Privatization is unacceptable. Obamacare regulates insurance companies in so many positive ways that is difficult To put them all down here. Keep Obama care. It is working.

Debby on

Medicaid expansion has been an absolute blessing for me. I retired early to becoma a full time care giver for my elderly father. I couldn’t afford to purchase a regular imsurance plan. This way I can keep myself healthy as well as my father.

GS on

After years of not working in 2015 I finally found work, that year I was not required to file a tax return (Not fined). In 2016 I worked half the year as a part timer not knowing if I was going to be working 25 hours or 50 hours in any given week so needless to say I didn’t shop for any insurance that year for my wife and I because it would have been very difficult to budget for the new monthly bill. Needless to say I’m very upset that after a year of working part time and finally going full time and getting coverage through my job for myself only I’m having to pay the fine for both my wife and I and losing a large portion of my tax return because of it. This year I will be complying (2017)



Rose on

The closest counselor/therapist around who accepts Obamacare is 81 miles away. They don’t accept it because they get paid so little it’s not worth it for them. I make around 10-12,000 a year. I’d rather have a $25 copay than be unable to get help. Instead, I have a $1 copay but haven’t gone to counseling all year and find myself spiraling back into depression and not getting the help I need. I hate Obamacare. The quality of care I receive has gone down significantly. However, I can’t afford regular insurance and I have so many friends opt out of insurance completely and just pay the fine because the fine is so much cheaper than insurance. If you completely cancel Obamacare, the emergency room will be filled with patients simply because that’s the only care available. I wish I knew how to reform healthcare, but I don’t. I hope you can do something about it. Maybe put a cap on the percentage increase allowed for medications and tools would be a start..?

Martha Nicholson on

I am lucky. I have health insurance. And I am so glad that 20 million citizens have been able to get health insurance under the affordable care act.

Please do not punish the most vulnerable in our society by taking away their healthcare.

Emily Richer on

Not to single you out, because a lot of comments here do this too, and so did HRC, but I want to remind everyone that health INSURANCE is not health CARE.

In many areas, actual care/benefits are not accessible due to physicians not accepting insurance, physicians charging an additional “concierge fee’ regardless if any services are ever provided, and with premiums today greater than your mortgage and deductibles now typically higher than the annual interest on your mortgage, many people simply avoid the medical system if possible –unfortunately, increasing their risk of preventable chronic conditions potentially brewing.

There’s a real fear that the illness-care system will put their legal liability motivations first, and run up a huge bill in a nanosecond if you walk in asking for some guidance, and they spot that you are not a frequent user–you quite reasonably might fear you’ll be scanned and tested to the hilt. Every time I’ve looked for a little help and inquire about the cost, I’m told, “don’t worry, you have insurance.” As if insurance paid the first $6000. Which is a lot of dough. After paying $8000 in premiums, I don’t want to risk that deductible being squandered by a system that is fraught with overbilling practices.

I hope the new administration realizes there’s better economic benefit to us spending our remaining disposable income on something other than insurance and medical remedies!

Frankly, one could argue it costs insurance companies most of their 15% cut of all medical dollars spent just to make sure they’re not being radically overbilled. With no long-term incentive to help us get healthy, all they can do with our collective overutilization of medical services is make sure they continuously collect data to have a “reasonable test” on the price they pay. And even then, we’ve all seen billings on EOB’s that truly boggle the mind.

Rachel McCracken on

Please do not repeal the ACA– my daughter had a Pulmonary Embolism at age 22 and was not able as a independent acupuncture practitioner to get insurance because of her pre-existing condition. She now is insured. Please don’t make her lose her insurance.

Donna Cruz on

Keep it but make it better, Needs to be more affordable period. There is no reason that this country cannot come up with a health care system. There needs to be caps on what can be charged by the medical community why are they allowed to charge whatever they want??? There is a limit on what can be charged for utilities and gasoline. The healthcare system is a monster. There is medicines that are made in the US sent to Canada and sold 1/3 of the price. Why are the drug companies allowed to charge so much more when it’s in the states????

Donna Cruz on

Keep the Medicaid expansion, allow kids to stay on their parents insurance until twenty six and must insure people with preexisting conditions

Daniel on

Obamacare has finally made insurance an affordable option for me. I know this is not the case for everyone but before Obamacare I was paying $700.00 a month to see a Dr. for 10 minutes and a 1 month supply of my medication. The “Specialist” I was required to see charged $250 per 10 minute appointment and a 1 month supply (1 months worth of this med is smaller than 2 dice) of my 1 medication was $400 a month. Not to mention if I lose my insurance now they have since also started requiring monthly counseling and urine tests which if I was paying out of pocket would be at least another $100 dollars a month. With Obamacare I pay about $300 of the monthly $800. Without Obamacare I am looking at paying that $800 a month out of pocket. I am currently working two jobs and I am barely making it as it is. Losing Obamacare would be catastrophic to me.

Tommy on

3years ago I lost my job due to 3 Major back surgeries. I now live on long term disability from my job. If it wasn’t for obamacare I don’t know what I would do. Since 2013 I’ve had 8 surgeries and facing more. Now I’m concerned about my future with health insurance. I’m already living at a poverty level. THIS HAS REALLY SAVED ME IN THE LAST 3 YEARS. So please help me understand if you take it away. What do I do? I know its not perfect, nothing is. I’ve got medications I think are to high. If anyone need’s to be corrected it would be the ones making drugs such as humira that I use for 3 types of arthritis. Please feel free to email me. I know I’m just one guy from nc, but I really don’t know much about where we are headed. And honestly its scary.

Dustin S. Devin on

Something that i dod think was good about the Affordable Care Act was as long as folks paid their premiums it eliminated lifetime and unreasonable annual limits on benefits, as a person who is concerned about this I would very much appreciated if you could address this issue.

Thank you.

Sarah Coviello on

Do not take away my insurance

michael varano jr on

i don’t like the fact my insurance went from 350 per month to 870 while an old friend pays 220 per month which allows him to buy a new nissan maxima at 61 years old i am saddled with a mortgage like payment get them out of the insurance pool and onto medicare and raise taxes on everyone

michael varano jr on

the people who like aca likely have coverage at work and don’t feel the cost of it

michael varano jr on

and they said i can keep my old insurance-blue cross blue shield=sure but now i can’t afford bcbs i have to go with a no name carrier -that’s fair right?

Erin on

Millions of people working at small businesses or for themselves or only part time are getting health insurance through the Marketpalce and get cost assistance. Most people with Marketplace insurance pay less than $100 for insurance. I have actually found (in moderating comments and answering questions on this site) the ones most frustrating by the ACA are working families that have employer sponsored insurance offered to them. They are often in the Family Affordable Glitch where they have no help for the premiums to cover their family members, but they are excluded from being eligible for cost assistance on the marketplaces.

Jen Donovan on

The facts are that Obama care accepts pre existing conditions like birth defects, cancer etc. if taken away you will leave many families hopeless and penniless. What will they do without insurance for their children?

Susan on

Please keep the Affordable Care Act! My brother is alive because of it. He had to wait until it was passed to get insurance because he has history of cancer. He needed that insurance. It saved him. I know of many many others that are only now getting care for the first time in their lives. We are all very very frightened. PLEASE SAVE OBAMA CARE.

Tammy Moran on

This is the most outrageous insurance I’ve ever seen no-one can afford it . They keep saying how many have signed up why don’t they tell the truth about how many have dropped it . Who wants to give them $350 a month for nothing bc they have a $8000 deductible . So still I refuse to pay this bs . I have a child an can’t afford to hand them money for nothing . So they want me to pay every dr an hospital bill an give them $ 350 a month . This is total bullsh**.

Catherine Kelleher on

I think that all of the plans in NY are overpriced. If you go with a lower cost plan, the deductible is sky high! Paying 7k per year when I only make 48k is crazy. I literally used the insurance once last year because I cannot afford to meet my deductible to access services that would benefit my overall health. Obviously someone is making $$$ off of this, once again, the middle class or lower middle class is screwed!

Bradford on

I am one of the 20 million that needs health insurance. Before ObamaCare I was considered a high risk with pre-existing conditions. Obama saved me from living without insurance and allowed me to get the health care I needed along with co-pays that I can afford. I realize that most public servants get healthcare for the rest of their lives once appointed to their position which I find disturbing. Leaving healthcare to people that will never have to worry is absolutely crazy. Some of us are unemployed and do not have the means to pay for an expensive policy let alone the expensive drug costs. Why are public servants given insurance for the rest of their lives? They should only be allowed coverage while in office.

Jennifer Guidry on

Dear Mr. President-Elect and Mr. Speaker,

I am an American woman, self-employed and financially independent. I have relied on the ACA to help me remain insured because I have both a very healthy constitution and a very real fear that an unexpected medical emergency could compromise me and put me and my children at the risk of not being able to pay for care. I only see a doctor once a year, typically, though occasionally it happens that I need to make a sick visit as well. The biggest part of having health coverage for me has been keeping my birth control and all preventative care covered.

Please don’t take away my options for preventative care and health protection.

With respect and regards,

Wendy Kohn on

Mr. Trump, your appointees and you have stricken many of us with fear you can’t relate to: when you need medical care, you have insurance that covers it, and you pay any uncovered costs. For most the the citizens of this country, getting sick directly threatens our financial stability and hat of our children. Please don’t ignore us and sweep away the modicum of stability we have gained from the ACA: acceptance of preexisting conditions (think if your own brother, for example); coverage for our children until age 26; expansion of Medicaid; cost assistance for those whom can’t afford insurance on their salaries. I beg of you: show compassion for those less secure than you. You have no idea how hard it is to live as we do, in fear of illness as financial ruin.

Evangelina Persz on

At 56 was considered a healthy woman even though I had high blood pressure. At 57 I was dianosed with breast cancer and the same year my husband had cuadruple bypass surgery. This year my 20 year old daughter got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.both my husband and my daughter are covered under my insurance. Although I have a great coverage through my job If for any reason I cannot continue to work I am afraid that if ACA is repealed All three of us would loose coverage for our pre existing conditions and my daughter will not be covered by my plan. I remember how difficult and expensive it was to have medical insurance before the ACA. I don’t want us to loose all its great benefits!

eric on

The ones that are raping you with higher costs is the insurance companies and hospitals; they are using the excuse that there is now more administrative cost and other nonsence excuses in order to line their pockets even more.
The principal of the ACA is simple, if all those that couldn’t or didn’t pay when they went to the emergency room because they don’t have insurance for PREVENTIVE care, if they are now paying, then the hospital would no longer have to charge $10 for a tylenol to recoup the cost.
But what the hospital is doing is STILL charging $10 for the tylenol AND, now they tack-on and additional administrative cost to bill ACA.
ObamaCare is not perfect but it is better than nothing. Without it, a lot more men are going to die of prostate cancer and a lot of women are going to die of breast cancer unnecessarily because they can’t get PREVENTIVE care without insurance.
If you don’t qualify for subsidy it’s because you make to much money! divert what you are pay every month for your boat and the maintenance of the big house to paying for health insurance and you’ll be fine.
Many people are about to suffer because ACA will be eliminated and the health care cost will STILL remain the same because the greedy hospitals and insurance companies will find another excuse.

Abby on

I’m self-employed/building my own small business. Before ACA my monthly premium was $345 with a $4,000 a year deductible. Three years in a row I had to be hospitalized: for being in a house fire where I was burned and lost everything, for getting e.coli and almost dying, and surgery to remove carcinoma in situ where I hemorrhaged and almost died after surgery. Health care cost me a fortune and I was in debt for a long time and my premiums sky rocketed bc of pre-existing conditions.

Now with ACA I finally have affordable health care and am not afraid of being in debt if something were to happen to me. Please do not take away the pre-existing conditions clause or OBGYN routine exams for women. They saved my life and my finances

Abby on

I forgot to say that I use oral birth control so that I don’t get cysts on my ovaries and am not even currently sexually active…I don’t use BC primarily for birth control but to control hormone levels for PCOS



Dissatisfied voter on

I think all the idiots currently in office should be required to get the same insurance as the American people. So maybe they can learn about the problems they have. My husband and I have good insurance. However my children can’t afford it. They rely on Medicaid. And since the assholes in Washington D.C. are repealing obamacare they will probably lose it this year. I think that they should listen to those who will be hurt by the repeal. Our family and I am sure a lot of others will be doing our best to see that Mitch McConnell does not get re-elected. It time to limit terms and get some new blood in Washington. Get rid of the old fossils that are out of touch with the people.

Chrystal Hays on

It’s too bad so many people don’t bother to understand how it works.

I have insurance now. I’m paying for it. No one else’s taxes have anything to do with it.

I could not get insurance before, no matter how much money I had, due to the “pre-exiting condition” scam that actually killed one of my friends with cancer….BCBS dropped him after he had been with them 20 years.

If I did not live in Texas, I’d have better choices, and pay less.

I have no personal debt other than my mortgage, and I am self-employed doing work I LOVE. I have clients who rely on me. But I will have to quit that and work any old place if parts of the ACA are repealed.

If they repeal the part about employers providing insurance to workers, I will never have insurance again. It’s that simple.

I wish Medicaid has been expanded in all the states. Really poor people who don’t make enough to afford insurance, as I do, using the exchange, would be covered. Stupid rumors about how not everyone got covered would die.

Newsflash: ending this does not mean everyone will get covered, only that we will go back to millions fewer being covered.Small businesses and entrepreneurs will be hit hard.

The thing I do not like is that some states were allowed to opt out of Medicaid. That effects what their citizens can but, because insurance companies won’t offer good deals in those states.

The thing I do not like is that everyone quit using “Patient Protection” in the name.

I’d like it more if we could regulate the drug companies, too. THEY hurt insurance and healthcare costs in general when instead of being happy with reasonable, earned profit, they mark up things 7000%.

the main thing people do not like is having to buy insurance that actually has VALUE, unlike the crummy policies before the law was enacted.

If we lived in a nation where it was okay to let stupid people just die if they refused to get insurance, it would not be a problem. But we do not. If a stupid 28 year old thinks he is too healthy and gets hit by a drunk driver, his family and everyone around him pays because even if he only has $357.30 in his bank account, they don’t want him to die. So they end up bankrupt.

The PPACA was supposed to end that. and it has, for people making above a certain level. AND for the truly poor in smart states that expanded. In states like Texas, families can still be beggared by loss or illness. They are. THOSE people blame “Obamacare” but it is really the Supreme Court’s fault for giving the states a choice about whether to help their poorest or just ignore them.

If you come up with a plan and have it ready to go, fine. But meanwhile, leave this alone. Let me earn and pay my income taxes. It only took 20 years to get the ACA worked out, I’m sure you can come up with something. But you don’t fire the driver while the bus is on the road unless there is someone to take the wheel.

Like in that song, Wheels on the Bus?

Do not throw the driver out of our bus. I am seeing my home city make strange mistakes like that….fire people with no replacement and then various city services are suspended or messed up to the point that nothing works.

You know better.


Jorge Q. Citizen on

Dear President Elect Trump,

We don’t have health insurance and don’t want it. We don’t feel it’s a good financial decision to buy insurance and instead pay our expenses out of pocket. I am 59 and my wife is 58 and we each have at least two chronic health issues.

I negotiate with any doctor I might see before choosing to hire him or her to work for me.
And I shop around for prescription drugs. You’d be amazed at the differences in prices between a compounding pharmacy or a neighborhood druggist and a national chain, but few people bother since someone else is paying the bills, at least in their minds.

So Mr. Trump, please get rid of the Unaffordable Health Insurance Scheme and replace it with nothing.

Camila on

I am grateful for President Obama and his efforts with the ACA. That doesn’t mean I will not be grateful to you for creating other policies that help the people. You don’t have to undo the previous president’s achievements to create your legacy. The ACA works. It’s a blessing for this country. It’s what was needed and it should continue to improve. I am a healthy mom with 2 kids that last year never needed to see the doctor except for scheduled checkups. Yes I love paying for our health insurance knowing that is helping others who really needed. That is the concept people need to hear from you. Help the country and help your community. Contribute and feel good about it. Keep the ACÁ and all it’s many and wonderful provisions. Stop the bad propaganda with unfounded claims. They make you sound like a Chaves. This is America.

Mary Dyer on

The Afordable Care Act helped my relatives.

I am greatly concerned personally as a senior citizen regarding Medicare change.

Emily Richer, Accounting for Health on

1. GUARANTEED ISSUE. excellent, smart consumer anti-discrimination protection. The old practice of denying coverage to those with diagnosed “conditions” is absurd and inane when you consider over half of the population is afflicted by chronic disease, an epidemic born of (1) lack of education and preventive care and (2) a major government failure when the “food pyramid” discouraged eating (healthy and essential) fats and encouraged over-eating (not healthy, diabetes-inducing) carbohydrates. Sorry, it’s just true, health care costs are high because of utilization of remedial medical services. We’re one of the sickest populations on earth because of a financing mechanism that rewards maintenance of illness and disease states not health protection.

2. NONDISCRIMINATORY PRICING; same age, same zipcode, same price–no upcharging for a prior sports injury, natural pregnancy or the existence of health conditions. Health is dynamic! Humans are resilient. Insurers need to take a long-term view (see notes on change needed below: PORTABILITY) so they have incentive to actually invest in health. Health plans should be recruiting as many people as possible and educating ALL their customers to prevent and reverse their avoidable chronic conditions –for example: educate how to prevent and reverse insulin resistance and type2 diabetes ($1 in $5 spent on healthcare!) before the expensive consequences set in; education costs a lot less than prescriptions, doc visits and amputations (see notes below on changes needed: legalize financial incentives for patient education)

3. AGE BANDING limits that keep elder premiums not more than 3x younger people; this is pretty smart regulation even though i’m typically against government meddling directly into industry pricing. The primary reason older people have chronic conditions is they receive no alimentary education in their younger years! Although Type2 diabetes is now prevalent in CHILDREN, even babies. Give financial credits to anyone engaging in prevention (see notes below on change needed: INCENTIVES)

4. NO LIFETIME LIMITS – we have no control over the sometimes silly charges billed to insurance. There is no reason an insurance company can’t invest in re-insurance for extreme outlier cases, and get a good rate on that insurance if they do a great job keeping their group healthy. But either way, the VERY MOTIVATION to purchase insurance in the first place is to cover the unexpected and catastrophic consequences of major health events, The idea of insurance was not to do what it has done: create a collective mortgage payment funding symptom-relief treatments to assure a continued epidemic of chronic disease rather than preventing and reversing it. THINK OUTSIDE THE CURRENT BOX. We don’t have a health care system; we have an illness-care system. With lifetime limits the insurance company is avoiding the very risk it purports to bear in exchange for a premium paid. Smart health policy would motivate real HEALTH plans that incentivize prevention of chronic disease (75% of medical cost outlays!) so everyone could be covered for the intractable and unavoidable injuries and illness, at lower premiums and at lower total cost.
5. THE EXCHANGES – Helpful actually to have an information portal providing TRANSPARENCY, It facilitates patient signup after review of competing plans; add key stats of the health stats of each plan being offered. Offer more choice not just QHP’s –just show what elements are different from QHPs. Only what, less than 10%? of Americans bought plans on the exchange and it has created a NATIONAL UPROAR by revealing the dwindling choices, poor access to care, and unsustainable cost of the structure in place since WWII. Additional government subsidies does not correct the counterproductive incentives of the current structure, but SEEING the problem is the first step, keep the market transparent. Information is power. No functional, rational market for goods and services exists without buyer and seller equipped with complete information, accountable to each other.

Don’t Like – oh my, where to begin….

1. DOCS DON’T TAKE IT! In my area, primary care physicians require a monthly “concierge fee” for the right to even call them. As soon as the ACA was passed, the only doc I had seen in 10 years started robocalling my home, threatening me that my access to care would be lost if I didn’t sign up today to pay monthly for the right to ever call her again. The talented D.O. who once helped me with a small matter in our local Urgent Care clinic adopted the same barrier to access for all but the very wealthy. Americans are simply being exploited if you have a cynical view: we’re required to pay a monthly insurance premium, a HUGE medical cost deductible AND an access fee for primary care representation. My cost FYI: From Blue Shield (as a 20-year loyal customer on individual BRONZE plan who never sees a doctor, same price in individual market directly or through exchange) for single 55-yr old self-employed healthy woman: $678/mo, $6000 deductible, $1300/year minimum “concierge fee.” Total annual cost = $15,000. It’s hard to keep my professional opinion off this post; I’m a health-care CPA. On my blog, Accounting for Health on Facebook, I took a look at the OECD stats to see how our spending compares to other nations (and how our resulting health compares), curious if my share is reasonable. I mean, you might think Napa Valley wine is expensive until you understand the cost of hand-farmed grapes in a protected agricultural environment, French oak barrels, regulated and insanely clean production facilities, not to mention all the insurance, taxes and regulation.

Back to the point: Health care in America per capita is $9500 and the average in the rest of the (healthier, longer-living) developed world is about $4000. I’m healthy, and my share of the American Health Mortgage is $15,000? 60% over the average? BEFORE any insurance benefits kick in???? Clearly, we’re spending a LOT of money that is counterproductive. And it’s easy to see where it’s going if you drop the political rhetoric and look at the costs as I have.

2. THE MANDATE – Forcing us to purchase something that is not accountable to our needs eliminates vital competitive forces in our markets. A small oligopoly of protected insurance companies are guaranteed to get our business, why would they not continue to double our rates every few years?? You’ve got three proverbial gas stations at an intersection…. notice how close the prices are? They seem happy to pay claims of any pricing to the billing machine that promotes symptom relief of preventable disease. Unintended consequence of the legislation they approved: higher medical cost is the only way they can justify higher premiums (growth required by their investors) with the ACA-capped admin fee. I say kill the mandate, remove barriers to entry, give them some competition and you’ll see competitive plans with even lower admin cost, plans that offer creative solutions and great value, plans that we WANT to buy. Plans that we can inspire –and learn from–with a public option. But without portability there’s no incentive for health plans to compete by offering lower rates (easily financed by robust investment in preventive health programs). Eliminate the mandate, require portability and watch a real market develop where insurers EARN our business and fight/compete for customers and their very survival as an industry. Immediately, you will see the only true cost solution emerge: better health through robust prevention and health-protecting programs developed by creative, competitive health plans. Want someone to come talk to the lobbyists for you; I’ll do it. Time for the health plan industry to show us some value added 🙂 They can do it! Especially if we allow them to KEEP THEIR CUSTOMERS! See below notes on change needed: portability. For the first time since WWII a consumer could reward a private health plan that serves them well with LOYALTY right up to age 65.

3. THE HIGH COST of insurance and care, and resulting budget deficits (see change needed, below). The ACA structure perpetuates the artificially-inflated “topline” retail pricing of medical services, designed only to show a ceremonial “discount” to insurance contracts. Health care is too serious to have all these pricing games. I don’t know the solution here, but I think transparency and competition combined usually clears this kind of noise.

4. NO PORTABILITY REQUIREMENT (see change needed, below); lack of portability creates the counterproductive short-term mentality of insurance, cashing the quarterly bonus check instead of developing creative programs to improve health of subscribers that would forge long-term profitable relationships, and grow the subscriber base on far lower rates. Not to mention deliver a population to MediCare that was healthy instead of 68% with two chronic disease conditions–what accounts for 96% of MediCare’s outlays for beneficiaries. MediCare costs outpace benefits today by over 2:1–accounting for over half of our national deficit.

5. PROTECTIONISM and high barriers to entry in our health insurance market restricting competition, including competition across state lines.

6. Group plans are available only to employers. First, I don’t think “purchasing power” is the answer to our problem (I think real health care, and good health, and therefore naturally lower total cost of medical intervention is the answer). But, if nobody is willing to stand up to the illness-symptom relief purveyors that finance congressional seats then at least let us band together in industry associations, neighborhood groups, etc. to attempt some respect in the market, and obtain relief from the obscene individual plan rates/deductibles that are counterproductive to accessing care.


The ACA caps insurance admin/profits at 15% on group plans and 20% on individual plans. The law should permit anyone to take their plan with them after a job change or divorce with an additional premium of no more than 5%. Not for 18 months under COBRA, but for life. Remember, health is dynamic, not fixed at a moment in time; most medical expenses (75% of US medical expenditures) are for servicing of chronic disease, $5300 per capita, for conditions that are the most preventable and reversible, but nobody in the system today – not insurance who wants more claims not less to support growth in their 15% cut, not docs who need to keep the lights on and can only bill for ‘diagnosis codes’ instead of helping to prevent illness and optimize health, certainly not nutritionists who could seriously impact the $1 in $5 spent on insulin-resistance/Type2 diabetes, or chiropractors who could educate us on spinal-disc protection, and certainly not pharmaceutical companies who are today laser-focused on symptom-relief drug regimens that give drug manufacturer and prescribing doc a lifetime annuity for every disease-diagnosed patient. Reward system is illness not health. Econ 101; what gets rewarded gets done. Pre-ACA, insurance plans tried to sort healthy from sick; doing it again by segregating people to high-risk pools is hugely counterproductive to health; EVERYONE needs health education to stay healthy and prevent disease. Until that starts happening, our chronic disease epidemic will continue to grow. Portability is the only way an insurance company will stop the short-term thinking that prevents investing in patient health and competing for our business by doing a great job as an actual HEALTH PLAN, not an illness-financing enterprise.

2. COMPETITION – eliminate the mandate, let market forces work for everyone. Nobody wants a medically-induced bankruptcy; if the program is attractive, more people will CHOOSE to enroll

3. LEGALIZE INCENTIVES – Tom Price has some vision here – health plans need to offer incentives that lower premiums (or reduce deductibles or give annually reduced deductible levels for participation, let ’em get creative) that motivate patients to the program to be educated on how to protect their health and avoid expensive repercussions of disease and illness

4. (controversial) A PUBLIC OPTION. Let’s face it, no insurance company wants you at Age 55+. In fact, at about age 45 you can feel how hard they are trying to get rid of you even if you’ve never filed a single claim. I’d propose creating a subsidiary of MediCare called “MediCare55;” my own plan at Accounting for Health offers the transition pricing model to get it going right away. Use this plan to set a standard of preventive care and health promotion incentives. They won’t fight you if you limit the program to 55+. If they can’t compete with a public option via their own robust prevention programs that offer great net rates and enviable health stats, with patients/customers they have been serving for years, how do we justify their existence as an industry to the hordes calling for Single Payer?

Changes above assume price/discrimination protections of the ACA stay in place; the changes are one CPA/economist’s structural modifications to create a functional market to deliver world-class quality medical care, health education, affordable insurance protection, with accessibility enhanced through market forces, transparency and accountablity.

I tried to make this a personal perspective. I’m a CPA who specialized in health care.
I blog about this stuff daily on FB: Accounting for Health. If we accounted for health, if government agencies (DHS, FDA, CDC) worked together on promoting good health, not just funding unfettered illness care, the profits earned through private industry would not offend us! We are democratic capitalists all. Reasonable profits (maintained by competition) would flow into the private industry for doing the right thing instead of being grabbed quarterly for doing the wrong thing. Invest in education/health, rather than chasing the consequences of ignorance… on

Very well thought out. Thank you.

Emily Richer, Accounting for Health on

Thanks. I was venting frustration, and should have been more succinct. I just received a “Balance Due” billing for a 100% covered preventive service under my policy–papsmear. Pathology group billed $160; insurance wrote off a contract discount of $124, leaving $37 authorized. Insurance paid pathologist $16.42 and bills me a $21.75 co-pay. Seriously? After $7,000 in premiums paid in, on a plan with $6000 deductible, my plan won’t pay $37 for a papsmear (preventive, cervical cancer-screening, 100% covered service on my plan)…? Reminds me of that scam where restaurants were adding a couple dollars to every credit card charge, hoping people wouldn’t take the time to call in and fight it. Along with annual mammogram, this papsmear is the only service covered by my plan. Prima facie evidence the entire system is out of control.

WHAT ACA DID WELL is get more people in the system, meaning more people on insurance policies, most with taxpayer assistance to pay the premiums–BUT, adding more citizens to a dysfunctional system doesn’t fix it, just increases total cost nationally. The ACA shed light; now it’s up to us to do something about it.

The core systemic dysfunction is rewarding short-term profits on illness & disease symptom management, no incentive for investment in long-term citizen health. Help get me a meeting with Trump’s team? They are business people who will understand my perspective. The structure is easily fixed with comprehensive reform; incentives that generate HUGE returns on investment–in balanced budgets and healthy Americans. Can be done in a totally nonpartisan way that benefits every partner in the system–insurance, providers, consumers, employers, government.

I will distill my plan outline and send it to every Representative and US Senator I think would be receptive to helping the American people and willing to work with the new administration to improve our structure. My solution is good for medical providers and healthy for the insurance industry as well –it needs thoughtful presentation to the lobbyists. Their industry members will have to learn to handle competition, but so does every other industry in America. They will rise to the call, to promote health instead of enabling growth in our chronic disease epidemic, and the cost to service it.

Nobody is born knowing how to prevent diabetes; citizens need a little help–from someone on their side, an entity motivated to keep them healthy (their health plan!), not someone they don’t trust, financially motivated to profit from illness… We can fix this.

Health Americans = healthy medical care finance and delivery system = healthy federal budget. It’s do-able.

If Trump wants to Make America Great Again, we need to Make Americans Healthy Again. Email me –I’ll help any way I can.

patricia merritt on

i am enthusiastically responding to your request for comments regarding obamacare. i have been severely impaired by this program although it is routinely touted as having a positive impact for everyone. i am a senior citizen that survives on an income below the poverty level. yet, on my 65th birthday, i received information through the mail that i now qualified for the medicare program and, at the same time, my monthly social security check of $675 lessoned by $124 a month. i urgently investigated where this much needed money was going and found that this money was paying for an insurance premium for part B of obamacare…..which i had NOT REQUESTED NOR AGREED TO. i found that part B is basically FORCED on everyone…and, in fine print on the medicare ID card, there is a statement that informs you that if you do NOT want part B, you have to check a box that states that AND return your ID card by a certain date.
i was appalled …. if part B is optional, it seems to me that it must be offered and a person agree to it, before any monies can be withdrawn from an individual’s social security account….to automatically put it into effect and then to advise the individual that IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT, you must sign and return this card, is, at the least, an approach that would be considered inappropriate, unethical, and which WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED if practiced by a private business. to remove funds from my ss monies without my knowledge, and certainly without my approval, seems to me to border on the illegal.
upon further investigation, i found that the system is set up to dissuade you from cancelling part B. in fact, there is a form that must be filled out BUT an individual cannot access that form directly and it can only be completed by an employee of the program, either by phone or a personal office visit. (and even then it is obvious that they have a persuasive “script” to follow to keep you on the plan.)
for the past 12 months i have suffered severely from this loss of money from my monthly check and HAVE NOT USED any of the plan B services since i was focused every month on removing myself from the program. what is most appalling is that the social security office obviously has all-inclusive information on my total income yet obamacare overrode this fact to force me to pay these premiums. now that i have visited this site to send you these comments, i see that i easily qualify for coverage exemption under the headings of “coverage considered unaffordable,” and “income below the filing threshold” which states that it is an AUTOMATIC EXEMPTION, so please help me understand HOW AND WHY obamacare impacted my daily effort to survive, let alone thrive! can you assist me at this time in retrieving the money that was so unfairly taken from me for the last 12 months? (UPDATE: i have been steered into other programs which will cover the cost of my monthly premium and have been reimbursed for 3 months of premiums but as of january 2017 the premium is still being extracted from my monthly social security check.)

Erin on

This was the case for Medicare before the Affordable Care Act too. Seniors pay premiums for Medicare out of their SSI checks (even if that their only income), but people don’t seem to realize that until they turn 65. That has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act and wont change if the law is repealed. It is something that needs to be addressed though. Our seniors should not be forced into (or farther into) poverty for health insurance they paid into their entire lives.

Karen Henry on

You say Part C and D privatized, and tell the reader that we don’t want seniors care to fund shareholder profit. Misleading. I have Part D, and my benefits, appeals, assistance, and I would give that company an “A”. Much better then trying to deal directly with Medicare mess.

Also, suggestion for Replacement Plan. Give Medicare the $500 billion back that Obamacare took from it to fund new law and make it seem as if it was cheaper than what was actually the case.

tony on

I think its discrimintory to charge smokers more, and to also blatantly show on my paycheck that im a smoker. I’m outraged. Smoking is an addiction, a sickness just as diabetes or heroin. ARE YOU CHARGING THESE PEOPLE.
I havent been sick for 10 years. Diabetic patients are the most non compliant patients but you dont do anything to them. STOP SELLING CIGGARETTES .
I AM IN AN ALL SHARE FAMILY , I pay for all the other employees kids…wheres my discount. Same for school taxes, I pay for all the kids, but yet I dont get the huge tax writeoffs..This is an unfair state .

Also the only people making money is insurance co., people cant afford their deductibles so they dont get there procedures done

Annie Frederick on

1. If indeed the 21st Century Cures Act forces state Medicaid health care programs to reimburse at Medicare rates then children with special health care needs will lose services because businesses won’t be able to function at Medicare rates which are often less than the product provided cost. States should not be allowed to reimburse less than Medicare but certainly should have the ability to reimburse more and determine their own rates.

Suzanne Dellis on

I think it is BS that American citizens are “required” to have health insurance. However, I realize the uninsured are part of the problem….but a very small problem behind bogus medicaid billing, bogus hospital bills, frivolous lawsuits, etc…
Using $9000 as my projected income,under Obamacare, I qualified for a Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan that was actually about $20/mo cheaper through a private insurance agent. When I called Obamacare Hotline, I was told if I made about $30K more I would qualify for a credit up to 90% of the cost to be waived (credited…not sure exact terminology).
In Texas, in general, jobs with incomes over $30000 provide insurance coverage through the company you work for or used to (past tensed very important in this statement )could afford premium for coverage through a private carrier.
I would hate to make Obama Care look bad. It’s wonderful!!!! After being told I am too poor to qualify for any healthcare affordable to me, I was told I am also so poor I qualify for an exemption from the $95 minimum “penalty” when filing year taxes.

Erin on

The Affordable Care Act did increase the number of insured by 20 Million and tens of millions also report have less expensive or better insurance than before. It didn’t get everyone covered though and it put many in the middle in a financially stressful situation. One of the most challenging things about this debate is know that there was success and benefit, but it wasn’t fairly distributed among those who need it and it actually hurt many working families falling through the wholes in the law.

K Eagan on

Leave pre existing conditions alone!!!!! Leave 26 year old children on family plans!! You made a promise to the republicans that voted for you! Don’t betray us!! This will kill the Republican Party! The democrats giveth and the republicans taketh away!!

Charlene J. Drzata on

I do not like that it is not affordable. Families have to make a choice – food or expensive health insurance. I also do not like the IRS 1095 Forms that employers have to prepare and send to all employees and to the IRS. Families should not be penalized if they cannot afford the health insurance. The premiums are high as well as the large deductibles. The health in this country is only going to get worse not better. If the penalty is less that the premiums for coverage, people will not get the insurance. How is that helping the American people. This country does not help the elderly or the veterans. Shame on the USA.

S. Marine on

My parents, who retired early and had to purchase private health insurance under ACA, had a family plan for the two of them that had a $1300 monthly premium. Meanwhile, I have employer-sponsored health insurance and a $120 monthly premium. My employer pays more than $600 a month toward my premium. The similar total costs ($1300 for 2 people with private insurance vs. $726 for 1 person with employer insurance) suggest the premiums under ACA are not unreasonable. The problem is that the financial burden falls solely on the individual with private insurance.

Holly Warren-Norman on

I SUPPORT the Affordable Care Act. My daughter recently started working for a Canadian company setting up their Houston office and the only Insurance she could get was through the ACA. She is a healthy Millennial, the kind of person who will pay into the system without insurance having to pay much out to help to her. I would hate to see her lose her insurance without some other health care plan being in place of what she currently has with the ACA.

trish on

first of all welcome Mr trump !!!!! this health care may have all of benefits for a lot of people i however fall threw many cracks of it and by being forced to buy insurance leaves me pennys a month with no gas, cant get to work, no daycare which then i still cant get to work, we live off a 25.00 food budget a week, school lunches or lunch food has to be bought. i make to much money for asstiance so i dropped my health care simply cant afford it. now at tax time i really could use the extra money for things my house hold needs, and im talking basic needs: shoes ,socks,haircuts etc……I am forced to pay a fine with something i simply couldnt afford in the first place?????? what ever happened to good ol fashion work ethics? work hard and hard work pays in the end? instead i find my working overtime very exhausted raising a kid on my own just to be broke and scrounging around just to make it ????

patricia dickinson on

i think this health insurance crud should be a choice !!!!!!!! we live in the land of the free and that to me means free to make our own choices and how to live our lives !!!!!!!! american goverment is suppose to be here to protect our country not tell how to run our lives !!!!!!!!!!

Maria on

Keep protecting patients with pre-existing conditions! Keep NO maximum out of pocket by the insurance companies. Keep CHIP. Keep breastfeeding and pumping support. Keep limiting the way private insurances can spend premiums. If you are going to replace it, replace it with a single payor system!

KJ on

Dear President Elect Trump,
I have to tell you about my horrible experience with this OBAMA”CARE” and a straight up lie *From ObamaCare FACTS “ADVICE: ObamaCare plans pair well with Health Savings Accounts.” This is NOT TRUE! There isn’t a single plan offered in Maricopa County, (that’s the majority of the population in Arizona) that is HSA Eligible. Even though they all have HIGH deductibles and terrible benefits….Because they are ALL HMOs and not a single PPO, THEY ARE NOT HSA APPROVED-NO HMO IS! Another stinging slap in the face.
FURTHER, I paid aprox. $771 a month last year for forced, terrible insurance for my family of 5, I was able to purchase straight from the Insurance COMPANY, and this year I am paying over $2200 and forced to purchase through the MARKETPLACE as a person CANT buy anymore straight from the insurer!!! (Our house payment is $1,700!) AND we have the SAME TERRIBLE INSURANCE (high deductibles that you never reach!)- EVen worse now its an HMO and not a PPO. That’s almost 3x more, or 300% more $$$! Not the 110% increase they say in the news. We are an actual AMERICAN FAMILY NOT A STATISTIC. Something’s got to give. I don’t think it’s right that just because we are hard working small business owners that don’t qualify for the free gravy train, that we should be FORCED to foot the bill for all those americans that get FREE medical insurance. Remember, this insurance is REQUIRED! It’s like a mobster racket!! IF I don’t get the insurance for my family we can be fined over $17,000 according to the insurance calculator. EVERYONE HAS TO Get it. why wouldn’t a poorer person get it? Its FREE or subsidized for them. But because of that hardworking americans HAVE TO PAY other people’s BILLs.
I SO SO SO SO THINK THAT OBAMACARE NEEDS TO BE REPEALED AND NEVER REPLACED. THIS IS AMERICA NOT A SOCIALIST ECONOMY. NOT EVERYONE should have the same loaf of bread, car, house, food, job, money, clothes, shoes, education, or access to health clubs, golf clubs, or health insurance. You work for what you earn, you work for what you get with what you earn. Nothing should be GIVEN, except for OPTIONAL charity. The first year I paid aprox $1,500 (2015) for our insurance-Same HealthNet (now Ambetter) all three years. Then they did away with that plan, and so we had to fill out a “hardship exemption” for a catastrophic plan that was $771 (2016) a month and then they did away with that plan, so we are left where we are now over $2,200 (2017). Who the HECK CAN AFFORD these kinds of rates? EVen if they can, why should they have to???? I am very frustrated and upset about Obamacare. My entire x-mas season was all drama about what plan to get and the cost. That time of year should now have “insurance wois me” songs on the radio-instead of “the happiest time of the year” it should be “the most stressful time of the year.” Lastly, Healthnet didn’t notify me until Dec. 9th that they are doing away with my plan, because every time I logged onto my account it gave the message “Are you happy with your current coverage?” Just keep paying your bill and you will automatically be enrolled for next year.” I screen shot this message. This leaves americans scrambling to get insurance and realizing that it is more than your house payment.
I am completely dumbfounded by the idiocracy of Obama”care” It reminds me of the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” That so many people can THINK That this is a GOOD thing for AMERICA when CLEARLY IT IS NOT!

Sandra Garza on

Our daughter has a chronic illness and we need her to stay on our health insurance she is 24 years old. It would be better to extend this coverage until age 30 it would keep more people off of medicare. If the age 26 law is repealed then we will be forced to have her file for disability and get on Medicare costing taxpayers additional money. If we keep her on our health insurance we pay the premium, co pays and deductibles not the American people.

Denise on

The biggest flaw with the current system is the fact it’s based upon ‘future’ income. It’s especially difficult for self-employed or unemployed individuals to know how much they will make in the next year. The credits should be based upon the last year’s household income, with no risk they will be taken away when you file your tax return the next year. The last thing a struggling entrepreneur needs is an unexpected tax bill because the credit was taken and the year turned out better than expected. A fine is easier to plan for.

The other issue is that the credits should be phased out gradually. The arbitrary cutoff of 400% above poverty puts pressure on those who are just outside of this income range. Anyone who has been living at the 400% range can tell you that they’re barely scraping by, and can’t afford the health care costs even with the credits. This is already forcing many households to remain uninsured. At 500%, the loss of the credit is forcing many households to choose the penalty because they cannot make house/rent payments and put food on their tables.

Jay Coyle on

The ACA has enabled me to receive needed care that has allowed me to work again.

Karen lumpkin on

Please get rid of penalties. That should be crime to charge people for not having insurance. Taxes is vaulintary yet if you get a return they take the penalties out. Preconditions should be covered. Prescriptions should be lowered. People are not educated in the changes or forms for taxes. My poll shows adverage people get paid 9 a hour. If lucky that is not much ayear and you want to charge high cost and penalize. So sad. Why should I be penalized for being healthy and tring to keep food on my table and electricity on. Untell I am able to afford coverage. Please make it better.

chris hart on

We are a family of 4 in colorado. Healthy with two boys. Our coverage went from $1255 per month to $1680 a month for 2017. That is the same as my mortgage. We make over 94k a year so we don’t qualify for tax credits. The problem is the tax credits are a cliff. They should at the least be gradual like the tax code to phase them out. Currently after 94k I work hard so I can spend the next 12k I made directly on health care. Sounds like I should take a few months off and make less. Sounds great if your lazy. That’s what the Dems want more welfare. All I want to do is work and pay my share but 10% of my income for health insurance is not my fair share. We are no longer participating penalty or not.

Donna on

I don’t like paying for a plan that does me no good I pay a premium every month and my deductible is so high I still pay for every visit and test . My meds cost me more on the plan than they do cash price off the plan. How is this helping me just taking more money out of my pocket that I can’t afford . I hate the threat of being fined for something that helps me in no way.

Rowland on

Repeal it, all of it. It is unconstitutional.

Mary Jo on

I have been in healthcare as a RN for 15 years and an Advanced Practice Nurse for 18 years. I have worked in physician offices, hospital’s and urgent care facilities as well as an NP for a insurance company performing Health & Wellness physicals. A significant portion of the population who have chronic illness’s such as Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure and Coronary Heart disease as well as Hypertension cannot afford the cost of medications or a medication that has been working for them is no longer covered by the insurance company because of cost. Our Mental Health system is an embarrassment to our country! We must do a better job of recognizing mental illness and put programs in place to address it. Most patients require bi-weekly counseling but the $45 deductible is not feasible for the majority of patients therefore they don’t go and stop their medications because without a recent appointment medications will not be renewed!

Repealing the ACA and overhauling the entire program would be disasterous for a majority of the population. I believe we should keep the pre-existing condition clause, reduce high cost of deductible, negotiate with pharmaceutical and insurance companies for lower cost of medications and premiums. The cost of diabetic medication and supplies is outrageous for a disease that has been around for ever. This shouldn’t be!!!

I urge the TRUMP administration to recruit those of us you work in the Trenches everyday with our patients to listen to the “Real Issues” surrounding health care and how it effects the health of our communities.

Although I do not agree with government regulating and making decisions on what is “best ” for the general population, I do think for those patients who repeatedly are non-compliant with prescribed medications and treatment plans and frequently are re-admitted to the hospital for complications should be penalized in some fashion.

dh on

I agree with this guy:
No preexisting condition clauses, 10 essential benefits, Medicaid Expansion (really helps very low wage earners), kids on plans until 26 years old. Love the co-op insuarnce companies. Support them more (Had coop insurance in Wisconsin. Best medical experience I ever had). Like the electronic medical records provision to bring us into the 21st Century. Like the medical homes and accountable care organizations that coordinate care. Like the incentives to get hospitals to cut down on readmissions. If Trump is going to get rid of IPAB, then overseeing Medicare costs has to be addressed. LOVE the innovation center testing best practices. Like that 20 million more people are insured. Really want to find ways to increase that number.

Don’t like:
family glitch, subsidy cliff (some people a little bit over the subsidy income limit really can’t afford the insurance), don’t like narrow networks, high out-of-pocket costs. Don’t like that Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices. Don’t like that Trump is not realistic about the funding mechanisms for giving sick people access to insurance (The no preexisting clause needs to be paid for) Either everybody has to buy insurance so the pool is large enough to keep premiums in check. Or the insurance companies can charge whatever they want? That means that a person could have cancer, not be denied an insurance policy, but have to pay $5,000/month for it. So what good is a no preexisting clause there? Want real clarification on how Pres. Elect Trump plans to pay for making all those insurance companies insure sick people.

I think the funding mechanism are fair because the burden is not on the middle class. The Cadillac tax is controversial. If it is eliminated I want something else in place to replace the funding it is slated to provide.

I hope Trump looks at Switzerland’s system if he wants to keep the private insurance model. They use private insurance but there are a lot of price controls and EVERYBODY has to participate. And I hope that Trump sees that the US really needs universal health care to compete with other developed nations. They all have solid systems in place that operate efficiently, effectively and cost way less than what the US pays giving them an edge as competitors.

Randy Lewicki on

Dear Mr. Trump:

The old adage “history repeats itself” is no more applicable now than ever before. History has shown time and time again that when our government officials stick their nose in the private sector they end up hurting the public and our country as a whole. Example; social security, medical insurance, mortgage lending, banking, etc.

Pleas ENSURE our government officials are held accountable for their actions and stay the hell out of the private sector. LET THE FREE MARKET SYSTEM WORK. If insurance companies, mortgage companies, banks, etc. are screwing people, let the people take care of the problem through social media and taking their dollars somewhere else. Quit complicating things.

Gerty on

I do not want to pay for Foreigner’s Insurance or illegals, someones Birth Control, abortions, Sex Change, Obesity, drug and alcohol abuse.

People who plan on having children should pay for there own health plan that covers there cost.

There should be more options for working class citizens when buying healthcare. When buying healthcare you should only have to buy what you need


Gina on

Obama care is good for the ones who don’t have to pay for it or for people on welfare or non taxable food stamps, ( why aren’t food stamps taxable income. Don’t they buy their groceries with them like I do with my cash) however my spouse and I cannot afford our insurance and three other people’s too, that’s just how much it’s went up, now paying a premium we can’t afford to go to the doctors and pay that portion too, and people with free insurance also are getting OUR taxes back, we paid 5000 in and get nothing (no credits anymore) and lazy people,( I know of several) getting it back 5-7 thousand and didn’t even pay 1000 in, who makes these kind of rules? The people begging for Obama care to be saved don’t want to have to pay, well I don’t want to have to pay for them. PLEASE HELP!!!

Healthy For Now on

Without the provisions and assistance offered me through the Affordable Care Act, I would be uninsured, homeless, and hospitalized by now as without coverage, I would have had to sell LITERALLY everything I own to cover the costs of my health care and medications.

Once that money ran out, the medications that I require to live would have been discontinued, leading to hospitalization – which I would not have been able to pay for.

Further, because my conditions are now pre-existing, the coverage of pre-exiting conditions is a CRITICAL component of coverage for me. Please do not change that.

The net net of this situation is that this program has not only kept me alive and well, but it is allowing me to get through a moment of crisis in my life while maintaining my health and dignity. The alternative would not only have cost me both, but would have created a crisis from which I would have not recovered, leaving me sick and destitute.

I cannot believe that would be the intent of any leader of this country. But it is clear that those making these decisions are doing so without a clear understanding of the impact of this decision. I am only one person and when I have access to affordable healthcare, I am a solid contributor to the economy and my community. Without them, I and others in my position would quite unwillingly and through no fault of our own, cost the health care system, social services, and our communities exponentially more money as our health deteriorated.

Thank you for your concern about the health of our people and our Nation. I trust that you and others who hold your power and responsibility will continue to include the public and the recipients of this aid in the conversation and ultimately the decision-making.

I fear how this will turn out for all of us, if not.

Julie on

My son’s life depends on access to affordable health insurance.
Prior to the ACA he was not able to get ANY insurance because of his pre-existing condition.

My 26 year old son is bi-polar.

He has graduated with a BS in Psychology and is currently working as a Research Assistant with a prominent psychology professor at the University of Colorado @ Boulder and hopes to be accepted into a Psychology Phd program.

Without his medications, he would not have achieved these accomplishments. In fact, I am sure he would be dead. I have been with him through 2 suicide attempts, which happened as the result of not being able to afford his medications without insurance.

Without his medications, my successful, bright and productive son will lose everything he has accomplished, will not be able to fulfill his dream to help others and will live in misery and perhaps commit suicide.

Many many Americans have pre-existing conditions. Are we really going to deny these people medical care? Are we really going to let people live lives in pain? Are we really going to let people die?

We need improvements to the ACA which will make it affordable for all! But until then, some of us will have to pay for those in need, unless you can look these people in the eye and say “I don’t care”.

Alan Yates on

It is critical that the ACA provision that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions be retained in any replacement plan.

Coverage for dependents up to age 26 on parental plan would be a secondary benefit.

Many thanks for listening!

David on

I am one of those people that works part time only because I am not physically able to work more due to an untreated health issue. Untreated because insurance is to expensive and due to this ACA act doctor prices have gone thru the roof. Market place wanted 840.00 per month for basic coverage and now the fine comes for not being able to pay for insurance. I can either choose to suck it up and deal with the pain or suck it up and deal with the pain those are my options. I am not a free loader. I am all for covering my health cost but I am not willing or able to cover those that don’t work and steal from the rest of us.
Please fix this situation if anything return it to the way it was twenty years ago and cap the medical cost.

Mel on

I feel like women’s health should continue to progress. We, as a country, should open our damn minds and eyes and EVOLVE. Women’s contraceptives should remain as is. Accessible and cheap or even free. Thus, lowering the need of abortions. (And in the future when more people get their heads out of their tight, right winged – asses, we can start including abortion aid in our health insurance)

Matthew Taylor on

Having affordable heath insurance is a great deal. Being force to buy it is wrong. If a man has to choose between feeding his kids and his heath insurance. If he feeds his kids then you take fro. The overpayment of his taxes. Money he could use to buy heath insurance. That’s just wrong.

Clayton H Humphrey on

My name is Clayton H Humphrey i live in Mississippi , now to the point I have recived about 8 to 30 calls from persons stating they were calling to get me enrolled in ObamaCare. but after i told them about my medcial history and that i havs been unemployed for some years now( 2007 to to date and cannot work. each time the persons hang up on me. also i have had alot of help from my 1/2 brother. he has paid the electric and water bills for me then he gave me a camper to live on his land i do get food stamps but that is all that i get. i have applied for ssi but have been turned down so i guess i need a lawyer. So on the 14 of jan 2017 i went online and filled out the paper work on the ObamaCare web site and a person called me again and after i told her every thing about my medcial history and that i had not worked since 2007 she said that she could not help me. but she would let me talk to someone to help me get medcaid but when the other person got on the phone they said that they don`t do medcaid and then they hung up on me again. so what do i do? and if my brother claims me on his income tax return they want to fine me or him because i don`t have med insurance !!!!! So please me what to do about all this med ins bullS***t Thank YOU Clayton h Humphrey.

Jenna Reim-Miller on

Please do not repeal the Affordable Care Act. The affordable care act is more than mandatory health insurance. It protects from discrimination in health coverage, which essentially is a fundamental right for all.

Please consider compromising. Please keep it illegal to deny anyone health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Please keep it illegal to discriminate against the genders. Please think about our kids. Our young ones who could be born with a genetic illness. Our college grads who need health coverage while they struggle to find gainful full time employment. They need coverage!

A suitable compromise would be to overturn the mandate that you must have health insurance or be fined. Make it so that you will not be fined by the IRS if you don’t have insurance, rather fine the Insurance companies who make their plans too expensive to afford. Force them to design plans that are affordable with low deductibles.

Better yet, do your homework. Listen to the citizens who contact you: both liberals and conservatives. Listen to their frustrations and their triumphs. Figure out what works. Be a leader, Mr. Trump. Do right by those who have elected you.

Deborah on

I started collecting Social Security then was dropped by Healthy Indiana Plan cause they said I made 250.00 a month too much. I only make 1,580.00 a month. They don’t consider the bills you pay. I was told to enroll in Affordable Health care Act. I can not afford that and the deductable is extremely high. I am now going to be fined 695.00 for not having insurance. If I can’t afford Insurance how am I going to be able to pay the fine? I voted for Trump and I am hoping he can help people like me with insurance that we can afford. the fine should be dismissed for sure. I want insurance but if they don’t take inconsideration of all your bills they are not getting your true monthly income.

C.C on

President Trump,
Several families will be without vital mental illness coverage if serious changes are made to the Affordable care act please think about these people as part of your family, and what you would do if your family couldn’t get the care that they needed.



Mandy L Rinaldi on

Please make adjustments to ACA, BUT DO NOT REPEAL!!!
This is forward motion!
Healthcare is needed!
Healthcare is NOT a luxury!!!

kepali on

Once Trump and the GOP repeal the PP-ACA, and we lose the APTC subsidies, our insurance premiums will increase from 8% to 38% of our income. Naturally, we will have to drop our insurance.
What do we do then when we get sick ?
Go to the emergency room and get help there, pay what we can, and I guess “stick them” with the balance.
Unfortunate, but that’s the reality for us and MILLIONS of others.
I guess the hospitals will just raise prices on those that still have insurance to make up the difference.

SaveACA on

*With ACA, the NO lifetime caps provision is huge. Every single American is just one illness or accident away from bankruptcy if this provision go away.
* No denial for preexisting conditions – also huge. Discriminating against people with preexisting conditions and forcing them into high risk pools (The GOP plan) is shameful. High risk pools never worked, were too costly and insurers still denied people insurance in states that had them
* Subsidies for low income people are great, only change I would make is offer them to a higher number of people – ie raise the income level.

Carol Reddan on

Please please no denying due to pre existing conditions AND continue to let young adults on until 26. And in order to accomplish this unfirtunately – I believe there needs to be a penalty for not having health insurance. Don’t want to go backwards. Obamacare has made wonderful strides forward in covering people!

Julia Martin on

I am a freelancer who never had affordable and comprehensive health insurance until the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed. It is great. It is top notch, affordable care.

Now my partner has been laid off. When his employer insurance plan ends in a few months, where will he and our two children get insurance?

Protect Americans. Keep us healthy!

Karen on

I like that it allows me not to buried with costs. I like that it allows me some hope of saving anything beyond medical bills. I had health insurance for so many years, but was still afraid of using it an getting diagnoses. The worst plan I had (going back over a decade) when I was paying a quarter of an income between $13,000 to $14,000 to stay on a COBRA plan that didn’t cover me in the state I was in. Largely I was paying that for creditable coverage — as opposed to paying for health care (which I needed)! I had health issues going back to childhood but my (extreme!) family history of cancer left me unwilling to be without.

I like that the cost sharing and out-of-pocket maximum give me some peace of mind.

I like that I can afford good food and things that I need to be healthy. (My income in now above $20,000 but I live in a place where rents have risen exorbitantly and it’s hard to afford even a micro-studio on that kind of income.)

I like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation — even though, no, not every project works. Here and there, there are beautiful, beautiful success stories. It’s a step in the right direction. I like the focus on population health. I like the way health plans and health systems have incentive improve.

I like the mandate. Noone is completely invincible, and if they don’t have insurance, money, or assets, others will pay if they are brought into the emergency room. So it’s a matter of personal responsibility to buy insurance, not just something that’s needed to make the system run. No, I don’t want to see people paying so much for their healthcare that (like me a decade ago) they’re cutting out other basic things like telephone service. But I think healthcare is something we should all be paying into.

I don’t necessarily like that it is as easy as it is to wait until you have health problems to get insurance.I don’t want to see people penalized for life because of whatever it was that kept them from having insurance. Maybe the problem is even allowing people to not opt in.

I don’t like how some people below the poverty line fell through the cracks in states that didn’t expand Medicaid. But I would mostly put the blame for that one on people other than those who created Obamacare.

I would like to see even more cost saving innovations. I think it’s great to take on the pharmaceutical industry — but not simultaneously take away the safety net of those who are relatively poorer and relatively sicker.

Donna M McCandless on

like: children covered until age 26 on parents plan, pre existing conditions covered
don’t like: skyrocketing costs of premiums and treatments and all the red tape of HIPPA

Wendy on

I do not like having to pay a penalty because one person in my household does not maintain insurance. I should not be forced to have it. Stop the mandate.

Sherri on

Please keep the tax credits and mental health coverage. We saved $12000/yr as a small business WITH the ACA. PLEASE KEEP THE ACA!
Sherri Williams

An American Citizen on

I love that people can not be charged more and denied insurance for a pre-existing condition. I love Obamacare.

People have a right to healthcare as human beings.

Linda T. on

I am a small business owner and have been since 2003, as well as a single mom, back then my premiums were $250 a month with a $3000 deductible, it was all I could do to pay it. Since the ACA, my income came into play and my premiums have varied from $26 a month in the lower economic time years, to $75 a month now as my income has increased, which is still under $20,000 a year. Also the deductibles were $750 to $1000, making it easier to reach with medical appointment necessities. All I know, is this year I was rushed to the emergency room in excruciating pain, suffered a kidney stone, which costed in excess of $10,000 all said and done, had I been covered on the plan I had in the early years, I would have gone bankrupt trying to pay for the cost of that one visit! The upper and middle class folks can afford higher insurance premiums, but we cannot, it affects everything when something unexpected comes up. I’m thankful I signed up 🙂

Marsha Wallace on

Dear Mr. Trump, please fix This! I’m at a clinic where I used to pay a partial payment to the hospital for great care. Now I have been forced into Medicaid where the care I do get is slight. I’d rather go back to paying something rather than nothing. I clean houses because I have a record and can’t get hired anywhere. Even tho it’s been 20 years since my trouble I still cannot get work. What a shame. I refuse to rely on the government for help because I can work and I work hard. But being 61 I may have to ask for help. But until then please help those of us forced into Medicaid.
Thanks Marsha Wallace

Shaula on

Our Obamacare quote from WA state.
1500/mo, 5000/ person deductible, 13000/ year/family. I have not been able to see a doctor in six years. No one in this family sees a doctor.
I am hospital RN x 38 years. I get to take care of those lucky free Obamacare recipients. Cannot tell you how many infected heroin users get admitted for treatment. They stay for weeks at a time. Free food, free narcotics at the push of a button. Many are able bodied people who walk and talk…..And just don’t feel like working. It doesn’t pay to work when you get everything for free. I hope Trump gets rid of Obamacare. on

Fair points, but let us refrain from demonizing a sick and suffering addict. We are America, we can figure out how to make your life better without taking it out on them. Get the frustration though, you aren’t alone in that.


Better yet, let us evaluate why one in forty Americans now die every single day because of prescription opiates/opioids. Ever since Obamacare awarded corporate monopolies control over patient access to medical care, America developed a severe narcotic dependency epidemic. Medical conditions causing acute pain are no longer promptly and definitively treated in the ER. Instead, patients with broken bones, gall bladder obstruction, herpes zoster, etc., are handed a bottle of Oxycodone and administratively re-directed to follow up in outpatient orthopedics, surgery, or medical clinics. Opiates/Opioids are the ER “crowd control” of Obamacare.


William Reid on

I would like a cheaper premium ,I live in NJ and we have a limited health care carriers we can choose from. I am getting a tax credit which with out this I would not be able to afford my health insurance. I would think that when President Trump says cheaper health care that he will leave the tax credit intact. I retired early and not able to receive medicare. I am under a husband and wife plan.

Sharon on

We must keep the new benefits, rights and protections of the ACA. Over 40% have a pre-existing condition (and all seniors have pre-existing conditions)–your only insurance choice will be a “high risk pool”. You think bronze plans with $10,000 deductible are bad? That’s what high-risk pools are. One out of three people now get cancer. Do you want to be denied treatment because of a medical cap? Once you reach your medical cap you either pay costs out of pocket OR YOU DIE.

Accessible insurance is NOT the same as affordable insurance. HSA only helps if you have money to contribute to it. A tax credit does no good if you cannot afford to pay the premium.

Sherry on

In a perfect world, we would all have access to some form of GROUP insurance. People who are gainfully employed would pay no more than 4% of our gross income for premiums, be covered for the typical illness and injury that group insurance covers (which is the one thing I miss about working for a COMPANY, not a small business), not be punished for being self-employed or working in a small 2 person office and making too much money to get on Welfare and not enough to afford to pay our bills. The deductibles should be more reasonable, too – I’m not going to pay $1200 a month for insurance with a $7K deductible!! That’s insane.

Just so you can get your head around this problem: My husband & I make about $70K a year. He’s self-employed and I work for an attorney who offers no health insurance or any other benefits other than pay – and he pays me well because I work hard, and he wants me to stay. I’ve already left his employment once because I was desperate for health insurance. $70K is a LOT to someone on welfare. But we pay our taxes, buy our own food, own a house (with a moderate mortgage of $67,500), own one new car and a beat up truck, pay for fuel, utilities, medical bills and all of our own expenses, including business training, college, etc. We don’t have revolving credit charges or any store credit cards. What we have, we own free & clear except the house & car. We pay for life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, medical insurance and have only used the car insurance maybe twice in 23 years. Never the home, never the life (obviously) and never even BEGAN to meet the $7K deductible on our health insurance. We get by. When our income last year was $64K (just $6K less than this year) — we had a subsidy that helped with our health insurance, so we had to pay $265 a month. It covered nothing – no doctor visits (out of pocket), and it was an HMO, and the doctor “assigned” to us is a nut. We never liked him – went to urgent care instead for the flu and some sutures and allergy issues. Maybe spent $1200 on out of pocket medical expenses all year – plus those premiums. So, now we got a $6K raise this year…..I got a note from Blue Cross that my subsidized premium was going up to $440 — a 60% increase. But that wasn’t all – when I went to to report my Life Change (of $6K), the available plan premiums went up to $1010 – $1800 a month! WTF?!?

So, if someone makes $70K a year – they have to pay for insurance that’s over $1000 a month. What part of that is “AFFORDABLE”??? My mortgage and car payment TOGETHER is less than they want for one insurance premium! And it’s still the same crappy insurance I had – $7500 Deductable, don’t get to choose my own doctor, allows only 2 doc visits a YEAR, doesn’t cover ANYTHING until you meet the deductible….What does a healthy, mid-to-low income couple do for health insurance that is actually AFFORDABLE???

Jasmine Springer on

I need obamacare, sir. I have depression, bipolar disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and anxiety. I see a psychiatrist for these problems and without obamacare I would have to pay five hundred dollars to see him. I get medications to take care of my disorders, four different ones that in total cost over nine hundred dollars per refill, and those are generics! With obamacare, I’m getting them for free. I’m a semi-functional living person with these medications, and without I’m a suicidal mess that can’t even talk correctly or do anything at all. Obamacare saved my life.

Becky on

Please continue to allow children to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until they are 26. My son is a senior in high school and is currently on 11 prescriptions due to various health conditions that need to be treated for him to live comfortably. He is currently working a part-time job and plans on turning full-time when he graduates in June. But his place of employment does not offer health insurance for their employees. Please consider allowing children to stay on their parent’s health insurance until they are 26.

Thank you,
B.K. in Pennsylvania

marysue witchger on

we need to be sure the new health plan provides free preventive services for all (hysicals, basic bloodwork, mammograms, immunizations) and also doe not place a maximum spending cap for essential services.
the fees are still too high for treatments for non-life threatening services though- why are they going up and up?

Bobbi Rongstad on

The ACA gave me an expectation of a partial subsidy on health care premiums so that I retired early (at 60) because my spouse has already been retired for 8 years. Now I need to arrange for insurance and it feels like the rug is being pulled out from under me. Without a subsidy, health care will cost around $20,000 per year for the 2 of us and we planned to live on about $50,000 per year. We have worked and saved for 40 years to get to this point and it feels like a dark abyss, not knowing what will happen to health care. It is the main topic of discussion among all our friends. Why shouldn’t basic health care be something provided in this country? Why should it cause worry and fear for people?

Cheryl Jensen on

Obamacare failed because it was too and focused on the wrong things. The healthcare system wasn’t bad the way it was for the average person. What needed and still needs to be addressed are those people who fall through the cracks, out of control prescription prices, and insurance companies having too much authority over treatments.

People who still don’t have health insurance: young college students whose parent did not have health insurance they can continue receiving, people who have chronic health issues but are not disabled and have no children from which to derive meficaid, those in the income gap in a state where Medicaid was not expanded. Ex: I’m a Masters student under a grad teaching assistantship who also receives child support. The child support is not included in the ACA income determination and my grad teaching income did not meet income requirements alone. Now that my daughter is 19 I’m no longer eligible for Medicaid and she will only be eligible until age 21. I’m not eligible for subsidies so the plans offered are over $600 a month with a $5000 deductible. What good does that do me? Even including my daughters asthma inhalers and allergy shots and my Cymbalta and Adderall we would never get near that.

Prescriptions: I don’t want to sound like one of the anti corporation Libs complaining about “big pharma” but prescription costs are not reasonable. A consumer reports study showed that pharmacies are involved as much as pharmaceutical companies. When the same drug exjibits.a wide range of prices not only in other countries but within pharmacies in the same town, something is not right. Generic Cymbalta for instance runs from $43 to $174. That range seems a bit extreme. We also need to look carefully at restrictions, why they sre imposed, and who they serve. Treatments for sleep disorders, for instance, require controlled substances. Access is restricted which is inconvenient and costly to the patient who needs the drug just to curb abuse by those who don’t. Then there are inconsistencies like the access to birth control pills vs plan B. A prescription is required for the pill, which involves a Dr visit and exam, yet the morning after pill can be purchased OTC.

Authority Over Treatment: Insurance companies also have too much power to interfere in treatment progams. Not allowing an experimental procedure or prescription is one thing, but delaying or denying recommended, approved treatment or insisting the patient try other treatments the doctor says are not as effective is wasting time and money and prolongs the patients suffering. I realize there are some corrupt doctors who order unnecessary tests and treatments but those are not the majority. Once again people who need something are affected by people who abuse it. If my doctor prescribes Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia the insurance company should not be able to insist I first try Effexor or Flexeril, neither of which has been shown to be effective. If, after weeks of titration, my doctor determines I have an extremely high tolerance for stimulants and orders my Adderall tripled to a level that finally reduces the excessive daytime sleepiness to a managable level, he should not have to justify that to the company.

These are my suggestions, the things that of course I am personally familiar with. I’m counting on you Mr Trump. I think part of Making America Great Again is helping us to be healthier without bankrupting us in the process.


This Act has afforded me health insurance for myself and my children. I am a widow, my husband died from stomach cancer,and the mother of 4 children. I am also a full-time student working part-time to support my family. I would not have health insurance if not for Obamacare. I can afford to have preventative care for my daughters and also for those medical emergencies that arise. My daughter tore her ACL, MCL and Meniscus playing basketball. We had insurance thanks to ACA and she is on her way to fully recovering.

Also, the Medcaid expansion allowed us to not have a monthly payment. I previously had to pay a monthly amount for health insurance that ate into the money we had to live on.

This bill is too important to too many people to repeal. It may need to be tweaked, but it is a good basic plan to start with.

Lauren Stone on

I am 63 years old and recently lost my Aetna insurance when I left my job in 2016.
I now drive for Uber and have taken Social Security early to survive until I find another job. I really cannot afford Obamacare when the deductible is $5000 and my doctor’s not in the network. Why pay monthly for a doctor you don’t know?
Does anyone even care how hard the national senior community struggles? It’s shameful!

Dena Viola on

I believe aco’s assist in saving Medicare money. I am in the heart of an aco as an employee and we move mountains for patients and their needs. We have a huge wrap around service and see it first hand that as an aco we make a difference.

Jesus on

Universal health care is what the country needs now. Insurance companies care about their bottom line not our health. Don’t build the wall, stop all the wars and stop subsidizing other countries. Keep all those funds in the U.S. and we will have plenty of cash to provide everyone with FREE health care. Close the tax loop holes and require everyone, corporations too, to pay their share of the tax. These funds can be used to fund universal health care.

Jackie Elledge on

Without Obamacare, I will die. I have stage 4 cancer and rely on chemo provided through Obamacare to keep me alive. While I know some people state they are paying high premiums and complain about the insurance, I feel I am so very very lucky to have Obamacare because it is keeping me alive. My company closed last year, and for the first time I found myself without health insurance. But, I was able to enroll in Obamacare. A month later, I found out I had stage 4 lung cancer. I shouldn’t have to worry about if I am going to have health insurance and fight for my life at the same time! My state does not provide expanded Medicaid. Please do not let me die!!

Jennifer D. Jones on

Obama care isn’t terrible, but it could be better. It should take other expenses into consideration (house payments for example). They decide what I can afford based on my pay without at least considering housing costs like Medicaid does. It should also cover more. I spent $800.00 on a blood test just to see what was wrong because they wouldn’t cover it. That is basic diagnostics. I shudder to think what else they don’t cover. Spent twice my deductible and they still didn’t pay on bills. The only thing helpful was the agreement with providers which cut the bill down a little. Spent $2200.00 on insurance,(medical only, couldn’t afford dental and vision) $3,400 on uncovered bills with a deductible of $1500.00. Something is wrong with this picture when all I did was regular doctor visits, blood work, and shots once every three month for migraines which work! I can still function as a contributing member of society. Then insurance didn’t want to pay for the shots. Doctor had to explain that meds to prevent the headaches would cost more than the shots in the long run.
Also, I work in an Elder Law Firm dealing in Medicaid and VA benefits. Please do not repeal all the options for asset protection planning for the elderly. The folks, we represent are by no means rich. No more than $250,000 to their name and that usually includes their home. Causing them to be unable to protect assets for the well spouse at home, will in-turn, cause impoverishment and will only add to the welfare problem. It is the younger crowd who are completely capable of working but don’t and milk the system. Their is no accountability, no follow-up, no limits, poor attempts at training and education and job search. Plain and simple, we have a lot of people in this world just to lazy to work. It is easier to get Medicaid and food stamps for these people. Also, as I deal with Medicaid on a daily basis at work, the system is a mess, poor training, and mistakes to the detriment of the person applying or person loosing benefits due to their mistakes. I here they get a bonus for each case completed, even if it is wrong. That needs to stop. They should get a bonus only if it is completed correctly. Care for the Elderly is just heart breaking mess. We have to figure out something better and taking away options to save what they have worked for their whole life will not fix the Welfare system. Accountability and transparency on the part of the agency and a much more detailed program for the younger crowd milking the system is what will work. I am in full agreement for drug testing for benefits. This will weed out those riding for free.

Pat Blaney on

Obamacare ie ACA has been a blessing for me. I have preexisting conditions and have to use the plan for medications and treatment that I can not afford any other way. For the first time I am not afraid when the healthplan bill comes. Deal with rising healthcare cost and high deductables and copays but please let low income and average income people be able to afford the care they need. The only thing I don’t like is that you lose the care if you can’t work. KOBRA is not an affordable option.

Jody Cranford on

Husband and I both self employed, Our monthly premium in 2016 was $879 with a $500/per person deductible. For 2017 our plan was cancelled and we have 3 options, we took the lowest monthly payment…and that new payment is $1287 with a $6,000 per person deductible. Meaning, we will be spending over $15,000 this year for health insurance that pays NOTHING!! NOTTA!! ZILCH!!! Then…. if one of us WOULD have an illness, up to another $6,000 to $12,000 BEFORE it would pay anything. This is highway ROBBERY!!! $21,444 – $27,444 for coverage that NEVER PAYS ANYTHING!!!
This money could be going into my retirement or into the economy rather than the insurance companies pockets. And if I cancel it…the GOV”T penalizes me?? Are we socialist or what?? Let me choose if I want to pay for my own medical cost out of pocket or not. We are about to cancel it, put that money into an investment account, and hope the penalty is dropped before end of the year…and pray nothing major happens…since we can’t even purchase a catastrophic policy!!!

Leta Fisher on

Please don’t appeal ACA without a replacement. I have diabetes, heart disease and an autoimmune disease and can not afford health insurance on my own. It has been truly a blessing. I love Obama Care.

Lesa Thompson on

I am a 47 year old female living in Texas. I have a lot of health problems. We own our own very small business and have always had to purchase our own health insurance. This year Texas was only given 2 choices- Ambetter and Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX. I need a gold plan and although we only make $23,700, my plan costs $688 and I have no choices any longer. Texas has gone to all HMO’s so I lose the right to chose my own doctors. A lot of doctors in TX are refusing patients who use Obamacare insurance. The only reason I am going to accept this plan is because it covers all my expensive medications but only ONE of my doctors. I have to pay THAT $688 and $200+ cash to keep my doctors- plus my prescriptions, and my copays and deductibles which there are MANY plans with deductibles over $10,000. INSANE!

*I want the right to CHOOSE – single pay or national plan- but I want the right back to CHOOSE.
*I want PPO’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I want reasonable costs back for health insurance, and prescriptions that are needed (By me and many others) to stay alive, but normal people have to be able to afford it.
*I want to continue to be protected even with prior illnesses.

PLEASE help – my life literally depends on what happens.

Steve Ramsay on

I think it is critical to save Obamacare because everybody should have the right to affordable care without penalty for pre-exsting conditions. Health care is a fundamental human right and people should not be denied that right simply because they are poor or are already have a health condition.

Susan Payne on

We have been enrolled in Obamacare the last 2 years as we are trying to live off our pensions to help with my fathers care. In our state of Ohio we have signed up at the Marketplace.The plan covers our perscriptions but no drs visits or mamograms or colonoscopy so therefore we are paying $137 per month for AFC and making payments on medical bills. Today we were told our hospital would not accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. How can a hospital deny your insurance that you buy throught the Afforable Care Act? Help please.

Nancy Weiner on

My 27 year-old single female friend has a young daughter. They live in South Carolina. In 2016 she made less than $13,000 according to her W2s. Based on her income her ACA application said she would be eligible for free or low cost health care through Healthy Connections. However, she didn’t qualify for Medicaid’s Healthy Connections because her household’s monthly income is higher than the income limit for Medicaid in the state of South Carolina. This state did not expand Medicaid to cover the gap.

On the other hand her household yearly income is too low for a premium tax credit or cost sharing reductions. There really is something wrong here. She spoke with a customer rep at the Heath Care Marketplace who offered her insurance premiums with VERY high deductibles as well as monthly premiums that are not feasible with her income while trying to raise a little one.

Further, she was told her daughter MAY BE ELIGIBLE for CHIP. It seems pretty cut and dried to me.

She won’t owe a fee for not having health coverage at tax return time – she received an exemption. However, I am sure she would prefer to have health insurance coverage, at the very least for her daughter. She is a hard working girl who was deserted by a dead beat dad. It doesn’t seem fair. There is something terribly wrong here that needs fixing. If the ACA is staying in any form, it needs to address these issues. So sad when aliens can get health care coverage and US citizens can’t. on

Well I mean, South Carolina… So I doubt poor people or aliens are getting covered. Medicaid is a state-based program, you aren’t exactly living in California, instead, your daughter is facing the Medicaid Gap because, and I quote, “costs”.

Ps. I personally love all of our 50 states equally, just like a parent loves their children. But its like when a father says, “i’m not sad, just disappointed”. This is to say, your leadership rejected your daughters Medicaid and your state voted away ObamaCare… So, I feel for you, but for-the-love-logic… lay off “the aliens” and lets focus on our real collective problems like Flint, the North Dakota Pipeline, and the lack of affordable coverage for working poor families living in places like the American South.

Sandra Moore on

I don’t like the fact that it dose not cover pre existing conditions I have diabetes 2 angenoma brain tumor sever depression PTSD and I live in Idaho currently not working and don’t qualify for Medicad and yes I am an American citizen trying to get on disability but due to the fact that I am classified as white I cant get any coverage that is affordable

Ryan Caudill on

My aging parents health care plan jumped from almost 300 a month to over 800 a month so they were forced to downgrade there plan tp some ridiculous plan that prevents the health care plan from taking taxes but doesn’t cover any major health problem ???

Linda Watters on

Dear President Trump:

I live off of “social-security retirement,” only, and I do not have “Affordable Care Act” insurance, simply because I cannot afford the monthly “insurance premiums.” I will be getting “Medicare,” within the next three months (I will be 65-years-old in April).

Thank you!


BG on

When my son lost his job was able to draw unemployment and filled OT hundreds of applications for jobs and got refused for them all and struggled month by month to pay bills and is going to lose his and his wife’s vehicle because he can no longer pay for them or pay the high rent for a shack they were living in and vehicle insurance utilities the high cost of food medical bills and now has going to get fined for struggling ever day to survive. Trying to take care of his family. As far as Im concerned this Obama care is a rip off ever bit of it and I hopeTrump does away with it. I hope trump has the gumption to stand up and do what he says. To work for the people not for polititions and rich interest groups. My son gets kicked down overtime he turns around. Now they want to take from him again and he can’t even pay what he owes now or take care of his family like he wants to. No i don’t like Obama care and everybody that has mentioned it to me don’t either and that’s a lot of people.

Melisa on

I think the ACA only helps the poor. Good for them, bad for me. We pay $12,600 a year in premiums and insurance pays absolutely nothing until my husband and I pay another $4800 on top of that. I think medical costs are the problem. If I could pay the prices Medicare pays we would need nothing but a catastrophic policy, but of course that would be illegal under the ACA. I say, come up with something better President Trump!

Belinda on

Once Obamacare was enacted, my monthly premiums went up 277%. My husband and I are both educators and have a family of 6 and make under $100,000 a year and do NOT qualify for subsidies. We drive cars that are 21 years old and a car that is 12 years old. I have not personally met anyone that ObamaCare has helped. Obamacare is like a tax on Healthcare because I am just giving away our money to the government with nothing in return. I will never reach the $10,000 per person deductible but I have to pay $115 to see my doctor (which I don’t do anymore because I can’t afford it now because I pay so much in monthly premiums). on

This is exactly the sort of situation where people are having the most problems. Once you exceed 400% FPL and feel the full weight of healthcare costs things get difficult. At some point, when you make enough over that, it is eased, and with cost assistance it is eased, but this is the “forgotten man” in the healthcare conversation. Fingers crossed the replacement helps your tier of middle class without shifting the burden to another class.

Also, you should reframe “i’ve never met anyone that ObamaCare helped”… you’ve met tons of them, passing them on the street, you just didn’t engage them in conversation over healthcare. I do, as someone who writes about it, and the stories i’ve heard… good and bad, they really give a human perspective to the conversation.

Renee Scott on

Very WELL SPOKEN! Thank you for sharing.

Belinda on

I need my Obama care. Do not repeal. I vote.

Becca Pinckney on

My family uses Obamacare so that I can have my own Private Practice and the family is still covered for health insurance. I am very thankful to the Obama Administration for this. It was what finally allowed my small business dreams to come true. In 2017, thanks to the Obama Administration, health coverage for my family is NOT ONLY BETTER BUT CHEAPER! YES you heard that correctly BETTER & CHEAPER!!! I fearful for my family about what will happen because I have 2 young children and my family relied on it.

Missy Taylor on

Obamacare is wrong! Before Obamacare I had insurance that met my needs and I could afford it. If I got sick I could afford to go to the doctor. That is not the case now.

On the flip side there will be someone that will say just the opposite. Before Obamacare they couldn’t get insurance or they couldn’t afford it.

Yes, there might be 20 million Americans that got insurance as a result – but how many people lost it as a result because it is no longer affordable. Additionally, there are many people that gained it but now can’t afford to use it because deductibles or co-pays are unaffordable. This is why Obamacare is wrong – or any health insurance plan that requires one person to sacrifice their health for another. Why is the other person more deserving than me when it comes to health?

Here is my story. My husband is self-employed which is the first strike with Obamacare. We do not qualify for tax subsidies which is the second strike and we are in our 50s which is the 3rd strike. Before Obamacare our monthly premium was $380. Our deductible was $4500 however, the plan covered 3 sick visits per year that were covered as a copay and not subject to the deductible. Fortunately we are healthy and have no prescription drug needs.

Even though Obama promised we could keep our plan with the ACA we all know this was not true. Our plan was canceled a year after the ACA went into effect. For 2017 our plan increased to $1100 per month from $880 the previous year. Our deductible is $6500. If we get sick and need to go to our doctor our plan doesn’t pay a thing until our deductible is met. We would never meet our deductible unless we had a serious accident or illness – basically we have a catastrophic plan.

Additionally, as a self-employed person we are paying the full price of the large health insurance premium increase of 2017. However, the governments is not very concerned about us or the huge premium increase as they repeatedly say most people won’t be impacted by the huge increase because they get tax subsidies. Well people, who do you think pays the tax subsidies? You and me!

Some people will argue that because of our income we are better equipped to pay more taxes and subsidize the less fortunate but I would argue that is not true. It is very difficult for anyone to cover unplanned increases in monthly expenses on a basically fixed income, irrespective of what those amounts are. In three years our monthly expenses went up by $720 – where is that money supposed to come from?

There are ways to fix this. A single payer system or some components of it need to be discussed. Health insurance companies are not the answer – their sole purpose is to make a profit for Wall Street not to provide medical care. There are two exceptional resources that should be required reading for the current administation and every citizen using our healthcare system: a video called “Fix It – Health Care at the Tipping Point” produced by the owner of MCS Industries. The second is “Deadly Spin” a book written by Wendall Potter an ex insurance company executive. Both provide valuable insights into this broken health care system along with suggestions for fixes.

Mary Ellen Wright on

My husband died suddenly on the floor of our home on Feb 10, 2015. (Please notice that was the second month of the calendar year.) We were not rich. We raised 4 kids and had 8 grandkids. He had a City Job and I worked as Executive Director of a Children’s Science Museum (non profit.) We had insurance through his employer at the time. We had both been working, full time, for many years. I was 58 at the time. After he died, I had to sign up for Obama care, Quickly. Then I soon lost my job. Obamacare charged me monthly premiums on what our LAST years combined income was according to the IRS (which was when my husband was still alive and working full-time and so was I. Two full-time incomes.) When he died and I lost my job (all in the same 6 months) my income dropped to zero, except for unemployment. Obamacare told me they couldn’t lower my premiums because they went for 12 month increments (still going off the incorrect two – person income.) I got charged the same price as if me and my husband were both still alive and working fulltime but the truth was the complete opposite!!! He died, and I got fired!! There was NO monthly income coming in, yet I owed 608.00 a month. I paid over 6,000$ of my only savings that year just to keep Obamacare, plus paid med. bills for my husband out of my savings. I still just think that is fundamentally wrong. Don’t price a premium on what a family made when they were “okay off”, I wouldn’t even be on Obamacare if my husband hadn’t passed away and I got fired.

Thank you for letting me tell you,
Mary Ellen

Renee Scott on

President Donald Trump!!! What are you and your administration thinking about? A vast amount of Americans have benefited extensively from the Affordable Care Act. I am an RN and several of my colleagues, in addition to myself, had no health care coverage during nursing school. Many of them benefited tremendously from ACA and were able to receive wellness check-ups, blood pressure monitoring and needed prescription medications that were life-saving. Life-saving because one colleague of mine was experiencing “stroke-avenue” high blood pressure ranges. ACA was right on time for him, and he was able to receive coverage right on time – “affordable” coverage that he needed. Now, he works for a federal prison as an RN. ACA made a tremendous difference in his life. Most individuals I speak with are happy with their coverage. I understand that premiums are undesirable for “some”, but It seems that “most” are satisfied. Maybe in contrast to repealing the healthcare coverage, you can create a specific, and private coverage with some private insurance entities you are affiliated with to provide healthcare and prescription coverage for the individuals who are not happy with ACA. Thank you for listening!

Rachel Chavez on

Dear Mr. President, The worst thing Obama did was to force the americans to have Obama Care and to fine them if they didnt. Aperson works all year long in a minimum wage job looking forward to his tax refund and if you make more than you should Obama takes it from you. PLEASE get rid of Obama Care, it is B.S.. Help us please!

Rachel in El Paso, Texas

Rachel Clapp on

I’ve been in favor of the ACA since it was rolled-out. I like hearing about all the ACA has accomplished. It makes me feel good to know that more people now have access to healthcare. Unfortunately, that good feeling doesn’t diminish the fact that my healthcare costs have never been more expensive. And it’s not just me, it’s more expensive for a lot of Americans.

Affordable healthcare was an issue that mattered a lot to me during the 2016 election. Trump talked about repealing the ACA. Clinton applauded how much the ACA has helped Americans.

Many Americans believe that the increased cost of their healthcare is because of the ACA. When lower-middle class and middle class people tell me they’re against the ACA they always give specific examples of how, in recent years, their healthcare costs have dramatically increased.

Here is the story of my rising healthcare costs:

I am currently an Executive Assistant and have almost always worked for a company that offers decent benefits.

When Bill Clinton was president I had an HMO. My HMO was great. I paid a standard copay for a regular doctor’s visit, and a premium copay for a specialist. Emergency Room visits were a little more. All copays were reasonably priced. My insurance picked up the rest of the charges.

When George HW Bush was president things started to change. I still had an HMO with copays and the copays were reasonable but I started having a yearly deductible too. At first $250. Then $500. Having a yearly deductible was an adjustment but it wasn’t the only adjustment. After the deductible was met my insurance only paid 80% of what they determined to be a reasonable charge. That was a problem, doctors, even preferred providers, tended to charge a lot more than what my insurance company said was reasonable.

When Obama was president the ACA was rolled out. Health insurance companies increased the cost of their plans. Every year big hikes, 16%, 30%. The companies I worked for, responding to the increase in cost, decreased the health insurance benefits they offered employees. The company I work for now only offers a high-deductible plan. I have a $2500 deductible. After my deductible is met my insurance will pick-up 100% of what they determine to be reasonable charges. My high-deductible plan comes with an attached HSA. My company does make a $200 deposit to my HSA at the beginning of every year and they offer a WebMD program that, if I participate in, will earn me an extra few hundred dollars.

Health insurance is too expensive. I cannot afford a high-deductible plan even with an HSA.

I don’t believe that getting rid of the ACA will lower my healthcare costs. People are going to the doctor more today than ever before and healthcare costs will continue to rise. We need to expand the ACA to make healthcare affordable for all Americans. Healthcare should be what our taxes pay for.

Mike&Dina on

Dear Mr. President Trump, you said on Larry King Live that: “If a government did not provide a military or health care to protect its citizens it wasn’t worth having.” I can agree with you more. I hope you make good on your word. I wish you well.

Laura Finnegan on

I’s obvious the ACA needs a bit of an overhaul, but wasn’t that the intention in the first place? See what works and what doesn’t and the politicians work together to make it better? Maybe instead of trying to repeal it, they should have been working on it the last few years?

I couldn’t get insurance before this law kicked in. I now have insurance. I’m self- employed and have a very small pre-existing condition that costs me less than $10/month for medication (which I pay cash for – it’s cheaper than with my insurance!) Maybe I’m fortunate in that I live in New York, which seems to have a better exchange than a lot of other states, although my choices of insurers has decreased every year so that now I’m down to two choices. I think I like the idea of changing regulations so that insurers can sell in all states. This would increase our choices, promote competition & lower costs. And although I don’t think socialized medicine or even a single-payer system is the way to go, I like the idea of the federal government negotiating pharmaceutical and medical equipment testing prices like they do in Switzerland. If the companies won’t negotiate, they can’t do business in the country.

What needs to be fixed: premium cost, deductibles so high, less and less insurers to choose from, outrageously expensive prescription prices, expand medicaid for the people who make too much to be on it, but not enough to qualify for ACA assistance. What’s good/great: kids stay on parents’ insurance til age 26, no denials for pre-existing conditions, preventive screenings, exams, etc covered 100% by insurance.

I’m single and make a little too much money to get any subsidies. The $600/mo. premium and the $2,700 deductible is a bit much, but I seem to have it better than a lot of people who have responded here. And I know that I’m the one paying for my friend who makes much less money than me and with her subsidy, pays $75/mo. in premiums for her insurance. But she works hard and I like that fact that she now has insurance after not having it for several years. I disagree with the people who think they’re paying for a lot of lazy non-working people to have insurance. Most of us are just one serious illness away from welfare, or worse homelessness. Some can’t work, some don’t work because childcare costs more than they would make, and yes I’m sure there are some who don’t want to work (although I don’t personally know any of those people.) But we live in the richest country in the world. We’re talking about providing basic health care here, not a life of luxury.

Janet on

I agree. Nicely stated.

ss on

Please stop with the tax penalty if you don’t have health insurance! It’s not fair and if the insurance companies didn’t jack up their premiums maybe more people could afford heath coverage. There is no need for all of these high costs – it’s gotten totally out of control with greed and competition. So many people can’t afford to pay their regular bills just to live and then you have all these high priced premiums and deductibles and you still owe a great deal of money AFTER insurance because the doctor offices have this notion of ridiculous high prices for 5 minute office visits — so you get to the point where you just live with your illness the best you can. Sometimes I have to cut my pills in half because I had to buy groceries instead of paying a high price for my prescription for that month and by the way – I get cheaper prescriptions prices using GoodRX than I do with my insurance. My last one cost $126 with insurance and thru the GoodRX card it was $65. It doesn’t count towards my deductible but since that’s so high I don’t even care. Insurance, pharmacies, doctors and hospitals are all rip offs – the prices are quadrupled ++ and it’s all because of greed – certainly not quality. There is no reason for these prices to skyrocket the way they have! Stop and think – look at the whole big picture and hopefully you will see what needs to be done and you will fix it. I have a lot of faith in you Mr. Trump and hoping you will fix our country before it gets any worse. The working people need to be able to take care of themselves and their families – my whole family works their butt off and we can never get ahead – we try hard to save money and it’s just not possible. It’s gotten out of hand! Oh and while you’re at it – please do something about the disability rules, too, because those are not fair either.

David Shuts on

The ACA saved my life and kept me out of bankruptcy. You must save the ACA for the millions of citizens who depend on it. Do not privatize Medicare. The United States is the only advanced country that does not provide health care for all its citizens. Please replace that shameful condition.

Buck Jackson on

Healthcare till 26 for dependents
Coverage with pre existing conditions

Can’t keep doctor of choice
Limited choices on exchanges
Increased TAX for those subsidizing others
Mandated taxes, especially for young/healthy
No solution to increase supply side (Doctors, care givers, suppliers, etc.)
– More qualified Med school candidates than capacity, artificially lowering supply
No torte reform


We should keep Pre-existing condition and dependent care until 26.
I am a medical biller and see so many with Obamacare paying high deductibles and co-pays. People can afford to purchase their insurance but cannot afford to use it.
My daughter had to change her plan because the monthly premiums had increased to over $1,800. My other half had to obtain a new insurance. I went online and the premiums were very affordable but $50 for a generic script, $75 to see a doctor and $7,500 deductible. This particular plan was thru the ACA and was noted as Obama compliant. My premium went up 30%. These are only a couple of examples and unless something is done, no one will be able to see a doctor, get scripts or any treatment they need.

Dale Hahn on

lower health cost and no fines me and my wife has to pay a fine because no health insurance I had medical bills due to my wife having a stroke

Catherine A Fry on

Dear President Trump:

The so-called ACA is not affordable to most of us poor middle class people. My husband & I tired to signup but when we found out what it costs, there is no way either of us could afford the premiums. Now, filing our income taxes, we BOTH have to pay the penalty to the tune of $2300.00. We don’t have that kind of money and are trying to figure out how we will pay this without getting in trouble with the IRS. It is a shame that the government is FORCING us to buy healthcare that we cannot afford. The politicians can afford their healthcare and in some cases get theirs for free or almost nothing at all. They do not care about us little people.

brian deiter on

i cant aford insurance that cover my needs yet i get fined and essentially pay for someone elses insurance then im even further away from getting insurance. special kind of person thought this up i guess.

Christian White on

Obamacare saved my life, saved my children from losing their father and my parents from losing their son. That’s just a small group of people spared the misery of lose. I know it is helping millions of Americans just like me and I will not be silent while a small group of privileged sycophants use our family’s future for political theater. Trump, you promised something better… all I am hearing is the tire old arguments of “increase Health Savings Accounts limits” and “remove regulations so the market can decide”. We had tried these things for 50 years before the Affordable Care Act and they did not work there by necessitating the need for the ACA. I worked in health care for over a decade from the mid 90’s to 00’s and knew people that just had to go home and die because they could not get insurance. This in the most affluent society that has ever existed. There’s your ‘death panels’, profit seeking corporations looking at spreadsheets and ratios to determine who lives and who dies. I do not want to return to that society.
President Trump, please protect the ACA and strengthen it to be even better. Thank you for your time.

Vincent on

Mr. Trump,

The first thing you need to do with Obamacare is to mandate most (if not all) communication with be accomplished via email in order to establish a paper-trail. As of now, the complete incompetence of Obamacare employees is hidden by the fact that they will not put any consumer initiated communications in writing as to avoid a paper-trail.

Second, please set minimum functional standards for Obamacare employee education, comprehension, and literacy levels.

Third, once you have required a written record of all Obamacare communications, please make it mandatory that if the written record shows an Obamacare employee to be deficient in their job, said employee will be fired with no chance of reinstatement.

In addition, you may also want to hire some people with real tech skills that are able to put together a system in which most aspects of procuring and maintaining one’s health insurance are automated. For example, why should it take me over 3 hours to change my mailing (not physical) address over the phone since doing so online is impossible? Why should changing my mailing (not physical) address involve cancelling my entire policy and forcing me to go through the enrollment process again from the beginning? Also, why shouldn’t Obamacare employees be able to simultaneously view on their computer screen the same page I’m viewing on mine (even the smallest operations in third-world countries have this ability)?

In conclusion, there is no doubt Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced but unless you hire competent people who are accountable to their customers, the new system will be doomed to fail no matter how good the prices and coverage. In other words, take the current ‘make-work’ program and turn it into a program that works.

Note: There are several major issues with my Obamacare coverage I am attempting to resolve at present but do to employee incompetence and the lack of a paper-trail, this is proving to be an almost impossible task.
I also did not address the out-of-control costs and lack of access to quality medical care which Obamacare has bestowed.
And people wonder why the election went the way it did?

mike & Dina on

64% of people who are AFFORDABLE CARE ACT recipients voted for Trump.

Peggy Reed on

no one should be penalized
because they do not use or go to the doctor. it is my belief not to go to doctors or hospitals I do not believe
in either one I live for one thing I,m born to die when it is my time nothing will stop it. my husband died of cancer and all the treatment is no more then money made by the doctors and hospitals and the drug company’s I have friends who have lost spouse and have said the same thing I think it is my or my children,s right to decide if they want to carry insurance no one should not have to pay a penalty because they don’t carry insurance thanks for nothing once again obama so glade your gone. Its more important to pay for insurance then it is to eat , or pay rent or pay to heat in my home or buy gas to go to work. Boy does it make cense to have health care ha ha ha not ! So I have health care but can’t afford food or heat and now I will get sick from the cold or not having the food to keep me healthy boy that make a lot of sense right?????????????????/

Michael Lee Bailey on

Obamacare is a misleading title. The affordable care act has many valuable features and I appreciate it very much.
Both political parties should work to strengthen the act and extend its reach. Medicare for all would be a good start. Coverage for acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, osteopathic, and homeopathic treatment would be very helpful.
It’s disgusting that anyone could become a billionaire by exploiting people’s health care needs.
Money for this and many other urgently needed projects would be readily available if the US minded its own business and closed the hundreds of overseas military bases from which it represses the rest of the world, to everyone’s displeasure and huge wastage of time, talent and of course money.

Katherine on

Healthcare in this country has to be fixed period.I am just appalled that any living human being has to be treated less than animals when it comes to their health.I have yet to run up on a living sole who begs to be sick from any ailment but things happen and when it does people should not feel raped financially to be able to go to a doctor.Medicare for disabled and elderly is one,how can a person in this country be penalized for life if they were not able to get on medicare in a timely manner?The elderly who no longer work has to pay a huge chunk(Penalty) of their social security benefits which is needed to maintain their living expenses so they have to decide on whether they can eat and pay their household expenses due to lack of funds because of this.These elderly people paved a way for the younger generations and they get hit below the belt every time.It’s not right.

Mark plunkett on

Mr President I am self employed and have been buying health insurance on the open market for 15 years before Obamacare. Since Obamacare I have been able to afford insurance and go to the doctor. Before, insurance was just a backup in case the worst happenned. My previous insurance even though called insurance was just major medical.
I had a colonoscopy and spent four years paying for it. Please don’t dismantle a system that works because it was created by a democrat.

Brenda on

this is an important point:

Before Obamacare, we were drowning in debt. Everyone agreed the healthcare in this country needed to change. Now we finally have a way to take care of our health care worries! Obamacare can be fixed and made even better– some states do better than others because some states governments ran Obamacare into the ground – and other states supported it and — thank God I live in CA. Those who don’t think Obamacare can be fixed –read up and check up on these states governors –have they been paid off by lobbyists, insurance companies who don’t want to loose profits. Remember – was a republican who came up with this program we call Obamacare. Obama’s plan is based off of that old-school republican plan. The republicans then that still had the notion that they wanted THE BEST for the citizens.

Linda on

If government officials want to make it law for all to have health insurance then they should just give to us out of their own pockets. If you would work out of your own money to care for us you could find a solution. You provide and we receive. We can not provide for ourselves you must provide for us.

Leigh-Anne Hawse on

I was so excited when Obama care came about. With a pre-existing condition I was denied insurance since the age of 22 –since my condition is considered terminal. I have to this date never been treated again for the condition, since my initial visit to John’s Hopkins back in 1990. Well , disappointment came when they quoted me the cost of the Health care….I make 12.00 an hour and for my health care alone It was everything I made in a month plus part of what my husband makes. Then there was his cost for his part…so out of the month of pay checks we have to live off of and after health care came out we had about 1200 a month left to pay bills, put groceries on the table make a house payment and such….We still go without to this day. Please make it affordable.

Merle Brown on

A lot of people, like myself are in a plan that has such a high deductible ($7000) that the insurance company will never pay anything on my behalf. The Federal government pays them $600 every month and they pretty much keep every penny. The idea is to provide healthcare, not give health insurance companies a free source of income. For that reason I would like to “fire” the insurance company and have a one payer system (free for all) paid for by the 1% money holders who could never spend all the money they have. on

I also think that every little child should get a Pony for Christmas from Santa. Your idea is better of course, but I think mine has a higher chance of happening.

… 😀

Kristina Richmond on

I need insurance but I work full time but only make .30 more than out minimum wage in NC and even paying the lowest price they offered at $55 a month I still can not afford it then my deductible is sky high and i have to pay out of pocket for prescriptions and gotta add a copay per each visit to doctors,hospital etc etc but then I make too much to be eligible for Medicaid in this state..Help us cause I know I am not the only one going through this

Janet on

Healthcare reform needs to keep the clause regarding pre-existing conditions- you should not be denied insurance or pay higher premiums because of this. High deductible plans are horrible. My plan has a $2400 deductible for family(there are 3 of us). Well visits are free which is awesome. But, I can’t afford to pay $2400 out of pocket. High deductible plans are all my employer offers and I have the lowest of the deductibles and pay a high premium for this. However, my family very seldom ever exceeds the $2400 deductible per year and then when we have, then it is the co-insurance we have to pay on top of the deductible. I feel like I only have major medical coverage and that is all (so essentially coverage for a major hospital stay). The only benefit I am getting from my insurance is my insurance providers negotiated rate. I need to have an MRI done on my ankle, but I have not met my deductible yet, so that will be another $700-900 to have that done(not exactly sure the cost). The problem with that is this becomes a snowball effect. I am having ankle pain that causes me to favor my ankle and walk on it a certain way. This in turn causes my knee and back to hurt. Do you see where I am going with this? Not being able to afford something causes even more health care problems. It is much cheaper to fix the original problem than deal with all the issues caused by an untreated problem. I always put my kids first, so I will wait on the ankle. I have $1000 outpatient surgery bill to pay off before I can consider the MRI. Hospitals don’t allow you to pay a minimum each month anymore and I have depleted the money in my Flexible spending account already.
Just not seeing the benefit to a high deductible plan. Probably great if you don’t use it except for well visits. But, have a sick kid or two and suddenly you have a $300 plus doctor bill to pay or more. I can’t afford to fully fund my flexible spending account at the moment because I have debt from a divorce to pay off. So, exactly what is my insurance paying for??

Ronda Berkey on

I know many people who have benefited from The Affordable Care Act. I am writing in concern of others. Please do not repeal this protection. There are ways to tweak vs. destroy.

Leora on

I would like tokeep as is no repealing its not broke do’t fixit. Thid will destroy some amerivvcan households.

Leora gordon on

I like it the way it is we should havebeeenasked before any reapealing talk

tanjanique williams on

I don’t like the fact that I can not receive a mammogram that is supposed to 100% covered under preventive service because I am under 40 My grandmother lost a breast to breast cancer and my mother was recently diagnosed and after radiation and 1 round of chemo then doctors she could not take anymore or it would put her in a wheel chair so she has to take pills for the next 5-10 years. So there should be a provision to waive age requirements when there is a family history.

Doctor with ACAplan on

I am a physician and owner of a medical practice. I have an Obamacare / ACA exchange plan which is silver PPO with premium $1000 with $5000 deductible for my family. Even as a doctor this is a significant amount of money to pay for insurance, but at the end of the day it is affordable to me and I cannot complain. As well, I realize that my UNsubsidized plan is probably helping those who truly cannot afford insurance and do not have large group employer based insurance get insurance through the exchange. Prior to Obamacare exchanges we had a PPO plan with $550 premium and $5000 deductible however we had this rate because of NO preexisting conditions, I am sure it would have been higher with any chronic health conditions, but even with NO preexisting conditions we had a HIGH deductible plan prior to Obamacare. Being a physician and participant in the exchange I see the issue from both sides. I have many patients who did not have insurance prior to Obamacare, and with Obamacare many of these patients now have insurance either via medical assistance with medicaid expansion, or though the state exchange. Obamacare is not the most perfected solution to healtcare in the US, but I feel it is the most equitable solution for all Americans that was possible at the time it was implemented. Of course all branches of government should continue to work together to improve on the Obamacare / ACA, but repealing and starting over is most likely not the best thing for America as a whole.

Sheena Rosario on

Obama car is too expensive I have a family of 4 and they are quoting me at 700 to 900 dollars a month
who can. afford this. I need insurance for my to son’s 4 and 9 and there are no child only plans so if they don’t have a parent on the policy they can’t get insurance. it’s just crazy. and the plans do include vision or dental that’s extra so on top of the 700 dollars I have to get another plan.

Dianna Reisinger on

the ACA was the biggest of many government mistakes to Amercia. All of it should be wiped out, and go back to traditional health plans. As a 26 year seasoned Heath Agent in California, there was a time where Defined Benefits was offered where a person (s) could choose the type of plan: ie; deductible, coverage, etc. For example: a man with no children, doesn’t need Pediatric Dental/Vision, Sex change operations, Free Birth Control, etc, Why should he pay for someone else’s need. Why should any of us pay higher taxes to subsidize someone else’s health insurance. Health Insurance should be a choice not forced. My premium for a $5500 deductible plan was $228/mo for a 55 yr female. Jan 1st 2014 when ACA forced compliance, my premium went to $595. Jan 1st 2017 the insurance company wanted me to pay $1025. R U KIDDING?? these astronomical rates stripped me from my ability to save for my retirement, for all my retirement savings was going towards the cost of health insurance with a high deductible. I decided NO MORE: will the insurance companies profit off of my hard earned dollars. I enrolled in a Christian Health Share for $150 a month! a month!! Additionally, the CEOs profit millions in annual bonuses when they stripped the agent down to a mere 2% commission, or $9mo, when prior to this law we made 20% 1st year, 10% on renewal. within 6/mos of the ACA passing ( without our vote) the insurance companies reduced our commission in 1/2, and in three years by 85%.California alone lost 17,000 agents because they couldn’t work for free( below minimum wage. my longevity is what sustained me but i can no longer afford to help anyone that needs insurance through the CA Health exchanges- for my time and 26 yr expertise i am no longer compensated and will not work for minimum wage. I am now forced to charge a benefits consulting fee should individuals desire my service. The fact that those of us who pay taxes are paying for everyone else who doesn’t, should be high treason. if the Federal government would charge everyone a flat tax no matter how much money you make, we would be out of our government debt in 5 yrs. I HAVE A PERFECT FIX FOR HEALTH INSURANCE. Let the member decide what type of plan they need, don’t make them have benefits to pay for others needs. If person wants Unlimited doc visits, birth control, sex change, children pediatric benefits, then that’s their choice, and they should pay a higher premium. same for people who are obese, smoke and abuse them selves. Allow the sale of insurance across state lines, this will dissolve the monopoly the few remaining insurance companies control. Make All health insurance companies NOT FOR PROFIT, with no CEO bonuses, and put the money back in the pockets of the consumer.I AM NOT MY BROTHERS KEEPER NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSES CHOCIES.

Pagan Mosher on

It took decades for the US to pull together a health plan. Don’t throw out ACA just improve on it. Let logic prevail.
My family has only been able to stay financially solvent because of ACA. Don’t cripple the working middle class. Keep ACA.

Christina Gage on

Obamacare has directly affected my family . My daughter who is in college works a weekend job , Friday, Saturday , Sunday a total of 28.5 hours . In the summers she could work extra hours but is no longer allowed to as the company would have to offer her health insurance. She had a 10,000 dollar difference in annual pay due to this law . She is still covered under my health insurance , she is a full-time student 21 years old.
Many other retiree come back and work part time they were also cut down to no more than 29 hours per week.
My father who worked 30 years as a firefighter is now retired and works part time at times the employer needs him or he would like to earn some extra money but can’t according to the law making 30 hour a week the new full-time. Please consider changing this law . many people have lost and have to work more than two jobs to survive.

Jennifer on

I’m in Florida. SouthFlorida to be exact. I thought last years coverage was bad this year is worse. I have to say the monthly premium is subsidized and less than last year. But don’t try and use it. Everything about needing a referral for everything is rediculous especially when you have to babysit everyone to make sure they sent the referral or processed it. They treat you like second class as soon as u say you have a marketplace plan. I’m feeling suicidal and my first appt is in April. I’m bipolar. What’s the point of paying the year If i can’t use it until they have time to see me and start my coverage. Because conventry left Florida I have to re established again before even mentioning I’d like to die. If I walk in with cash I’m sure someone would help me.Why is it so hard to get help when u actually need it? Aside from that I have tons of medical bills from all the great stuff that wasn’t covered but was told I had to get done. What good is a wellness check up if you have to change every year to a new doctor. And re explain your health to a doctor who doesn’t care bc they don’t know when they will get paid for the services I need.

Noreene Sweeney on

I used the Affordable Care Act coverage when I lost my job at age 63 and could not get another. I had 18 months to go before Medicare, and at age 63 one does not want to be without insurance.

The ACA offered me affordable insurance for that duration, and I was grateful. Medicare offers great coverage with reasonable cost sharing. So I’m happy.

My husband, who is also on Medicare, age 77, is a victim of the abominable “donut hole.” We would have to spend thousands of dollars to pay for his diabetes and COPD drugs that are NOT available as generics. This would be life or death for him, as there is no way we could afford drugs during the donut hole; he falls into it as early as February in any given year!

The ACA is closing the donut hole, so while we have Medicare, we are still very much affected by the Act. So is every other person currently enrolled or soon to be enrolled in Medicare. The ACA is NOT just about people who purchase insurance on the MarketPlace.

The lifetime caps, preexisting conditions, free mammograms and other screenings, all of these affect EVERY person covered under health insurance, not just those who purchase “ObamaCare.” Call it RepubliCare if you want, call it AmeriCare (much better nickname, palatable to all parties), but just rebrand what is already in place and secure while improving the elements that are not working well.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act and then replacing it does not make sense. Don’t kill the patient before performing the appendectomy!

Brenda Barker on

I believe the ACA is great especially for dependents. However, I would like to see supplemental vision and dental plans also cover dependents til age 26 to be consistent will medical health care plans. Currently dependents are dropped at age 22.


NO! “Coverage” is NOT health care! The ACA makes corporate insurance monopolies rich while INCREASING actual costs to patients and obstructing prompt access to life saving care by corporate gate keepers. My baby brother is dead because of his ACA insurance plan, which blocked his access to a cardiologist until it was too late. Death is an affordable outcome for corporate insurers, but not for my brother’s family who was strapped with his funeral expenses.

Unlike this site’s host, I have listened to poor immigrant patients complain about ACA “cost assistance” which resulted in ACA obstruction of their health care. The same poor immigrants, to whom I previously provided sharply discounted and free medical specialty care before the ACA, now appear in my office sicker and broker begging for my out-of-ACA plan medical services. Their ACA’s gatekeepers had finally permitted them access to be misdiagnosed by an ACA plan’s non-physician provider. These patients’ finances were avoidably injured by missed work income while navigating ACA gatekeepers, who denied them appropriate access to specialized medical care.

Given that there has yet to be any healthcare reform, with the exception of Trumps’s bill to end Obamacare’s ignorantly prejudiced release of confidential mental health records of Americans to law enforcement, it would be hard to learn more about “TrumpCare”.

One thing is for sure, in actuality, Obamacare has stripped Americans and immigrants of patient protections and civil rights by mandating corporate insurer instrumentality for governance over America’s lives and limbs.

Susan Harris on

I need Obamacare. Both myself and my husband are self-employed. We both have pre-existing conditions. We do get a subsidy and it helps greatly BUT we both have 5000.00 deductibles, for a total of 10,000 for our family of two before our insurance will pay anything…this is ridiculous. We do not have 10,000 each year of disposable income for health needs. The deductibles are way too high. But we at least have insurance, for that I am greatful. Please do not do away with it, but please help with the costs.

esther gaddis on

Married Filing Joint is the filing status. Connecticut or accesshealth or Connecticare. I was told the Advanced premium tax credit is $946 monthly. The second lowest silver plan monthly cost is $1,343. Do not qualify for any medical help at all, yet the state of connecticut sent to connecticare medical insurance $946 for 5 months in 2015??

Mark plunkett on

I am a self employed farmer and carpenter. Before Obamacare I watched my insurance costs increase by a minimum of 10% yearly while the deductibles increased by more than that. Since Obamacare I can actually afford insurance and going to the doctor, In every other way my wife and I consider ourselves successful. We own a nice farm we can buy a used car when we need to. We have a kid in college. These are all things we can afford. Before Obamacare we paid $1100 monthly for insurance with an $8000 deductible. That’s a lot of money for working people.

Vicky Abraham on

The problem with healthcare in America is a lack of regulation on the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the hospitals. Common procedures should cost the same no matter where preformed. Medicine in almost all other countries is cheaper than here. Since the AMA had their ratings/rankings made private, it makes the capabilities of all doctors the same in my mind. Only if I’m going to the best specialist in their field should I pay more for their services.

vicky abraham on

No elective procedure should be covered nor medicine with side affects worse than the illness .


America wants health care for everybody so lets give it to them! Let’s put a 10% federal tax on recreational marijuana and build free public hospitals, instead of walls, along the entire length of the Rio Grande! Repeal Obamacare in its entirety and allow Americans to choose a cash option or health insurance if they so choose.

With a federal 10% recreational marijuana tax, we will probably have enough revenue left over to create a few public medical schools and Nurse Practitioner PhD programs. We might even be able to afford necessary treatment programs for all of the iatrogenic opioid/opiate addicts resultant from Obamacare’s delayed access to definitively treatable pain conditions!


America wants health care for everybody so lets give it to them! Let’s put a 10% federal tax on recreational marijuana and build free public hospitals, instead of walls, along the entire length of the Rio Grande!
With a federal 10% recreational marijuana tax, we will probably have enough revenue left over to create and fund free treatment clinics for America’s epidemic of opioid/opiate dependent patients resulting from Obamacare-related obstructed access to definitive medical treatment for painful bone fractures, injuries, infections, diseases and neoplasms.
Repeal Obamacare in its entirety, build free public hospitals and allow Americans to choose a cash option or health insurance for their health care if they so choose. Return health care related civil rights to Americans.


Repeal Obamacare in its entirety, build free public hospitals funded by a federal 10% recreational marijuana tax and allow Americans to choose a cash option or health insurance if they so choose.

Laura Pallotta on

Just like so many people, my sister has cancer and would be dead right now without the ACA because she could never afford her enormous hospital bills. I understand all the healthy people complaining about costs. It should be affordable for all. But for all those healthy people out there I ask: what would you feel like if you get cancer and suddenly can’t work and could never afford life-saving treatment? Trust me, it can happen to you too. And you’d look back at all those years you pitched in to help the sick and the poor and maybe feel a bit better about it. And you’d realize you’d rather be the one paying a bit more than the one struggling for their life.

paula van horn on

We have money in our financial investments to help at retirement age, but we cannot touch it as my husband is on ObamaCare. We have my medical bills and struggling to pay due to my time on ObamaCare(I am now on Medicare). Catch 22, I have huge ObamaCare deductibles and so what do we do?

Ed Jones on

I am self employed and have purchased my own health insurance for the past 23 years that I have been in business. Before ACA, I had a Blue Cross policy that was $850 for a $3,800 deductible for my family of 5. Because of the increase in cost due to additional requirements from ACA, it increased to $1,100 in June, 2013. I raised my deductible to $5,600 to keep it below a $1,000 per month ($920/mo), because that was all I could afford. I found out later on the nightly news that if you change anything in your policy more the 5% you lose your grandfathered policy. I was concerned because I figured an ACA policy would cost more and I was already at my limit. Well I was granted a waiver in June 2014 my insurance went to $964 which was still affordable. In June, 2015 I was forced to buy a new ACA compliant policy. The cost was not only over $1,000 but was over $2,000: $2,216/mo to be precise. So now you have affordable insurance paid for with my taxes and for the first time in my adult life, I and my family of 5 do not have health insurance.

Sb on

Taking away Obamacare will cause us to not have insurance. I have been on Medicaid my whole life. I work an have a family of four I can not afford to pay for medical insurance. I do not think it is right or fair for people to have to pay for not having insurance if they can not afford it. That it is the reason they do not have it! We need our state insurance that’s the only way we are able to stay afloat when something happens. We need our insurances please do not change that. The sick will only get sicker an there will be much more damage done

Deborah A Roxberry on

I do not like being told that I have to get insurance it should be my choice not someone else’s I know what I can afford each month and Obama care is not it at this time.

Shelly Lewis on

Why isn’t anyone addressing the medicaid estate recovery laws for persons over 55 and especially in the State of CA they will go after your estate for the premiums if you do not have a surviving spouse or child under the age of 21 years old. I am a widow who is struggling to maintain a home that my husband and I purchased about 22 years ago. There is obviously a lot of equity built up because this is CA. My children are 22 and 19, both still living at home and attending college. Because Obama Care altered the amount of income you need to qualify for medicaid, we now no longer qualify for “Covered CA” and they are trying to throw us on the medicaid system. This does not allow us to continue to see our same doctors, as promised. It also threatens my estate equity in the home and if I were to die, they would lose their home to an estate recovery. Please, in “repealing & replacing” Obama Care, address this medicaid glitch to the public in the media and place a clause in the new law that says they cannot lien your home for this after your death; only for long term care for the adult. This straps older parents who have younger children in this category or grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and it is not fair !!!!! I did not renew my health insurance this year because of this glitch !!!!! We have nothing now because of this law. We used to qualify for “Covered CA”, now we qualify for medicaid and I do not want to qualify for medicaid. I can’t even buy health insurance in the open market because I qualify for medicaid so in my opinion there is no affordable care for my family right now. Thank you.

Ron nyack on

Reading the comments it is clear that everyone wants what is best for them. If ACA hurts them, they say repeal it. If it helps them they say keep it. We live in a society, a nation. The question to be answered is should a citizen of this country get the best health care regardless of ones financial capability. Insurance by its nature is pooling people and based on the risk and profit a company wants to make, the insurance rate is determined. One solution is, everyone is own their own. And no freebies, I.e. No insurance to treatment even in ER one dies period. The other extreme is single payer system. If everyone is honest, has integrity, will not abuse the system then single payer is the best. But if some will abuse it, go to doctors unnecessarily, do not take care of their diet, do not excercise then it may not work due to their abuse. The in between insurance scheme will be good for some and not good to others. There is no magic want. The real issue is folks have become very selfish over the years and everyone whines if they do not get what they want.

Jo Ann Ficarra on

Dear President Trump,

I like the ACA, it meets the needs of all Americans. Like all new plans and innovations when created are not perfect. I believe fixing the flaws in the ACA would be the most cost, and time effective way to improve what is not working. I know it was one of your campaign promises to repeal the ACA, but no one could argue that you would be looking out for the best interest of the American people by fixing what is not working by making the changes you outlined in your campaign. It makes no sense to repeal the ACA after all the time and money spent on it. I do not like wasting tax payers money, as replacing would be doing instead of fixing the problems. Also if the ACA was repealed and replaced after all the cost and time, and the new plan is also flawed in eight years will be again repealing and replacing. It is only common sense to fix what is not working.

Kathi Lewis on

I think it is a terrible and not human to take away medicade away from my senior mother and myself which I only make 800.ok a month and disabled what am I suppose to do now ?How do I pay for my medications?I have worked 2 jobs all my life and now they want to take away my insurance its not fair. The rich are always going to get want that includes Donald Trump they don’t care about the poor and never will especially Donald Trump

Angela Marie Gott on

I live in Marin County, San Rafael, CA and lost my healthcare when Borders Books closed in 2011 at age 60. I was a bookseller and had had Aetna PPO that was good with Dental coverage too. So I had nothing for 2.5 years. I qualified for expanded Medicaid under the ACA which started January 1, 2014. An HMO had the contract for all of us on Expanded Medicaid and I went to the Marin Community clinic for everything. It was absolutely terrific in every way. I had vision via their optometry dept and dental care via their clinic and entire medical via their doctors on staff. I was treated for high blood pressure and low thyroid. I had access to mammograms, Pap Smears,, all kinds of blood tests for cardio, diabetes, liver, thyroid, cholesterol and for anything catastrophic I would have gone under the expanded Medicaid to Marin General Hospital. I paid nothing. Prescriptions, blood work, whatever I needed was covered. I even got free eye glasses. If I needed a specialist–and I wanted a full body scan for skin cancer, the HMO then sent me to a dermatologist. When I broke my little toe I got an x-ray and treatment, same with my wrist for carpel tunnel and the brace was supplied free. I wish I could have stayed on expanded Medicaid forever under the ACA but at age 65 you have to get on Medicare which I am now on. It costs me $134/month for Part B and I took an advantage plan which includes Part D for $66 a month. So just to be on Medicare costs me $2,400 a year. No more Medicaid. I am not drawing Soc Sec as my full Retirement age is 66 and so I have to pay all out of pocket. I managed to finally find 2 part-time jobs in 2014 without benefits and I earn $22,000 a year– that’s it so Medicare is quite a chunk because the rents are so high. I had to give up my apartment in May in order to get on Medicare. There’s no senior subsidized apartments for the boomer generation now retiring in droves. We are all falling into homelessness. I will never earn more than $22,000 a year. That’s about what I earned working FT at Borders Books too all those years. My Social Security if I was to collect is under $1000 a month, not enough to cover rent. In CA under STATE Medicaid laws, if you have any assets higher than $2,000 you can’t qualify for CA state medicaid. The ACA used different IRS rules for what is an asset so that is why I qualified until I turned 65. The ACA has made Medicare better than it was. The donut hole is being phased out and will be gone by 2020. Seniors get an annual wellness prevention physical with all kinds of screening tests every year without any copays and that is nice too. I hate to see the ACA leave because I know how much it helped me when I was 63 and I wish I could have stayed on it. I fear for the younger workers age 50-65 and what will happen to them under TrumpCare because many are physically worn out by the time they are 50 and really need access and from what I have learned about the proposed House plan American Healthcare Plan , the older you are, the more your policy will cost you and the subsidy won’t be near enough to make it affordable and you will pay a lot more for less coverage. Those with preexisting conditions and most people have them as they get older– will be penalized with a 30% penalty if their coverage lapses so the new plan will not be good at all for older people. This will result in people dying before they reach 65 or being much sicker once they reach 65. All the progress in wellness that the ACA created will be gone by the new plan as millions fall off of their healthcare and have none. My advice to young people today would be to move away from this country. Do not raise your kids here. Get out and go to one of the other countries which has universal healthcare. Build better lives for yourselves by leaving for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, anyplace but here. The American Dream is dead and Americans are dying younger because of the lack of access to healthcare. The ACA prohibited lifetime caps, annual caps, and the practice of rescission, which is when despite paying for your insurance, when you get a serious costly illness like Cancer or some kind of horrible accident that costs millions, the insurance company can just refuse to pay. The ACA would not allow insurance companies to charge an older person more than 3 times what a younger person with a silver plan was charged. All that will be lost under the new plan proposed by Congress. All the consumer protections are being taken away or made too costly to keep. The ACA was not perfect but it worked well for everyone under 400% poverty. Those lucky enough to live in 31 states with expanded Medicaid were able to get medical care, many of them for the first time in their lives. Congressional members and their staffers had to get their policies via the ACA too. Under the new plan they likely will not be made to have to get their policies under the new plan they are creating for everyone else. They will not have to live under the new plan and thus have no incentive to make it anything more than what they are doing. They had great coverage plans prior to the ACA and will go back to what they had before no doubt. Millions of people are going to die now and make do with less care if the new plan is passed into law. So young people should make every effort to leave this country and build new lives where access to medical care is a birthright.

Chiquita Rawson on

Marin Community Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Clinic. You would have been seen with or without the extended medicaid or insurance. And your bill would have been the same. Did you see any private doctors or hospitals while you had extended medicaid?

Nicole G. Kay on

We couldn’t afford insurance in 2008 for our entire family. My husband was uninsurable. We both have our own businesses and one of us had to find an employer in order to have coverage. Since the ACA, we have returned to having our own businesses which adds to the economy and allows us to raise our young children. We use the marketplace and do not have subsidies. We are ObamaCare and proud of it. Fix the issues do not create more that will leave millions without coverage.

Amber on

This might be helping millions get coverage but it is also keeping millions from getting coverage. The working middle class who live paycheck to paycheck just like low income earners are not able to afford this coverage. So of course, they are able to afford these mandate (penalty) fees ? This makes no sense. If you are providing healthcare, provide it for all legal working Americans. Not just the few you select. Provide a subsidy to ALL, with the exception of maybe the upper income brackets. Obviously they choose the best coverage. Luckily my job provides me coverage but the family premium is $1200 per month! So my husband, whose employer is allowed to not provide them any healthcare options is living with no coverage since we cant afford the $1200 or a $600/mo premium thru the marketplace in addition to my $300 premium. This program needs to be seriously adjusted. The thought behind it is proactive, which I think everyone agrees but its failing at this time. Thank you very much

Marie on

You are throwing the vulnerable and elderly under the bus if you eliminate Medicaid Expansion.

Rocky C on

While everybody complains about The American Health Care Act and ObamaCare! Did you do your homework! The men and women who are representing you in Washington D.C. are getting the best health care that our tax money is paying for. Not to mention their family members are getting a cheap health plan as well. So why do you think they care if Social Security is cut, Medicare, Medicaid is cut, Prenatal programs and women’s health care is cut. You bunch of cry babies need to wake up and smell the Sugar Honey Ice Tea that is coming out of the White House and Congress! Starting with the GOP Speaker Ryan! Anybody that is rich; is no friend of mine. I’m apart of the American working poor middle class.

Wendy Oakley on

Obamacare is unconstitutional.

Dave K on

Expand Medicare and Medicaid, and get serious about a Public Option that helps the self-employed and small business owner. The AHCA is a money grab for the wealthy and is the wrong direction for healthcare, especially for low-income Americans. We can’t afford to this opportunity to build a healthcare system affordable for all, and the AHCA misses the mark by a long shot.

Jim Worrell on

Shouldn’t parents have a choice if they want to continue to insure there Adult children? What if they don’t? What are my rights I’m a divorced dad I feel like this is the continuation of child support. I have no way of knowing if they have more favorable coverage so I’m stuck flipping the bill. And have to constantly check my credit report incase they don’t pay the bills. At 20 yrs old you can vote and go off to war. This young adult needs to be responsible I’ve completed my obligations.

Doug on

The problems people are complaining about, lack of choice, high premiums, losing their original doctors. Those are all due to the individual states refusing to setup their healthcare exchanges and expand medicaid. People are upset and rightfully so, but we need to place blame where it belongs. on

Very true comment. The ACA isn’t perfect even in states that expanded and embraced the program, but the biggest problems are in states that rejected the ACA (which happen to be red states for the most part). That part of the strategy is nothing short of offensive honestly. Really one of the worst offenses of the whole healthcare debate from pre-HillaryCare to today.

Darby on

Millennials & Gen Z:

1. Restore catastrophic-only plans without under-insurance fines; allow for sports riders
2. Expand support for innovation like: (1) purchasing a bond against your deductible amount (2) medical GAP coverage (3) health insurance that works more like whole life insurance based on qualifiers
3. Allow for more alternative treatments under CAM-specific plans or riders
4. Provide more grants for NCCAM and tax incentives for private research in alternative and advanced medicine
5. Expand insurance coverage of midwives and birthing centers
6. Let any American citizen who pays to have a baby write the costs of delivery off above-the-line on their taxes, like moving expenses, even if it is only a deductible

Reforms for high-deductible/HSA combos:

1. Restore low premiums for high-deductible/HSA combos (as they originally were)
2. Limit HSA health plan deductibles to the max amount a family is allowed to contribute to the HSA yearly (raise the allowable amount if you have to).
3. Fight to keep all of the excellent features of HSA’s like the ability to invest in real estate, the ability for HSA’s to grow tax free, and the ability to pay for family members’ healthcare with one’s HSA.
4. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and diet-related diseases are epidemic enough to educate and require doctors to prescribe exercise, diet, and supplements related to these ailments to ensure patients can pay for them with their HSA’s. Congress can revisit the necessity of these tax benefits after these diseases are no longer epidemic.
5. Allow a limited amount of retro-active reimbursement of cash-paid medical expenses for the last year with a new HSA

Ideas for Medicare:

1. Stop paying for over-drugging and redundantly medicating the elderly, especially in nursing homes.
2. Make it illegal to advertise, on TV or otherwise, for “free with Medicare” scooters, catheters, knee braces, etc

Chiquita Rawson on

ObamaCare is an excellent idea if doctors, clinics, and hospitals didn’t need to make money to buy food for their families. And a one payer system is not the answer. Medicare pays an inpatient visit $35. This type of visit is about 30 mins. A professional with 12 years education, in a facility that is highly regulated=cost, compared to a massage therapist (minute for minute) will only make less.

But we forget the real fact. Health INSURANCE does not equal Health CARE. It just equals a bill someone has to pay.

Barbara M Islas on

Love no FED $ going towards abortions.
Love employers mandate to supply insurance is gone.
DO NOT like 30% fee if coverage is dropped—

I propose a National 2 Medicare Plan, I for under 62 yrs with optional supplemental insurance and Plan II for over 62 yrs with a mandatory supplemental insurance. All citizens pay mandatory 3% of your income. A $40,000 annual income at 3% would be approx. $100 monthly. Veterans could be included with their supplement being paid by military funding as their benefit, prisoners would also pay their supplement. All citizens medically covered 80%, supplement would cover 20%. Many low income citizens will not SAVE to afford medical insurance, any extra monies given or credited will go towards bills. NOT socialized medicine because citizens can still be offered choice of doctor, state etc.

Pam on

I provide care to my daughter and I will not file a return in 2017 so therefore I am ineligible for marketplace subsidies. The enrollment period should be open all of the time. It isin’t accessible at all to those who don’t need to file a tax return due to the nature of their income. My income is countable against WV Medicaid, where am I supposed to find coverage? My exemption comes from notice 2014-7 concerning hardship of care payments. I am exempt from the tax penalty. It seems that once one issue is finally settled with hardship payments, another arises. I really like the pre-existing conditions coverages. That was a necessity. The deductibles are terrible. The tax penalty is horrendous.

john doyle on

what are you kidding me. each and everyone of you got a lot of guts putting this BS on our plates. and Obama is the worse of them all. you guys should all have guns because you are nothing but a bunch of crooks. I got an idea, how about we take the insurance away from the seantors and congressmen and we will see how fast they come up with a decent plan. one more thing it should be 8 years in congress 8 years in senate and then get the heck out. the career politician stuff gota go. dumb as a fox that’s what you all are. if they can give everyone free health care across the world what’s that saying about the us. it is a disgrace what you are doing to your people. and the whole world is watching. and laughing at the fools on the hill. sincerely, one uninsured mother.

Alanbarry on

I am on a medicare advantage plan. My co-pays, monthly premiums and regular medicare have all increased greatly since the start of the ACA. . So how is this helping us who are over 65?

Alan Kardon on

Lets have ONE policy for everyone. Lets have everyone pay the same equal percentage of their gross income. Pay Doctors, Hospitals and Drug Companies a fair price. Yes it is that simple and it is the best and fairest way. NO EXCEPTIONS. Foreign students must buy into at a certain set price.

Jan Wilmore on

Single payer is the best option. Get rid of the greedy insurance companies. no pre-existing condition clause. No random raising insurance premiums. Keep kids on parents policy until they are 26. Over 50 should not be charged 5 x more for their insurance if they have been paying for insurance for 30 years. Amend problems with Obamacare but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. What is the rush!!!!! Let’s get it right this tme. We are the only civilized country that can’t seem to provide affordable healthcare for its people. If you are able bodied, you should work and help pay for those that can’t.

Jamie DeFranco on

Obamacare pros:
1. More people than ever are covered. Many people who think they do not need coverage (ex: young adult) may have an accident or a sudden illness and need treatment/hospital care. If they are not insured, tax payers and hospitals end up picking up the bill which all in all, is not good for the heathcare industry as a whole (many hospitals going bankrupt, etc.). While I see that a government mandate to have healthcare may seem unfair, in the end it helps the country as a whole. I have heard so many stories of people who would normally not be covered (or even did not like Obamacare) and suddenly got sick and Obamacare saved their lives. Look at it like the safety belt law. You may not like that the government is telling you what to do, but wearing that seatbelt may safe your life one day.
2. The 10 essentials requirement for all insurance companies. There requirements are things that can affect everyone at some point and time in your life. I think the only argument that could be made against that is the maternity care (as only women can have babies). But men can get breast cancer so it’s a good thing mammograms are covered under preventative care for them. Especially the addiction treatment requirement. This is an epidemic in our country and needs to be treated like an illness
1. Premiums going up. I was on a personal (not employee issued) plan when Obamacare came into place. And my premium did go up for the same coverage. I definitely was mad at first and Obama did break his promise on that. My anger lessened over time as my premium did not go up a huge amount
2. Too high deductibles: What is the point of having healthcare if your premium is too high?
3. Not enough options for insurance: While this did not seem to be an issue in my state, I have heard it is an issue in many states
Isn’t there a way to fix these issues without repealing Obamacare? Or if Obamacare needs to be repealed, the AHCA is not the answer. Too many people will loose their insurance which will send the healthcare industry into a fiasco. It will cost more for the people who need it the most; poor, disabled and/or elderly. How can you sleep at night knowing a mentally challenged person who can’t get a high paying job would be paying more for health insurance than you or I? How can you sleep at night knowing an elderly person with no pension and hardly enough social security to live on would have to pay more for the healthcare they most likely desperately need? How would you feel if that was your mother? Or your spouse’s mother? Or your best friend’s mother.
Obamacare is not without it’s issues, but the AHCA is not the answer. It would be worse for the majority of people while only being better for a small percentage of people.

BB Smithe on

The problem with Obamacare is that it is built on a healthcare system where profits and high income are the primary goals of healthcare companies. These goals result in unaffordably high premiums and high deductibles (and less than high quality care) for all Americans, not just for those who buy on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Obamacare should accelerate its reform of healthcare provider reimbursement and demand cost-effective care of EVERY healthcare provider. Everyone in U.S.A. should be paying Medicare rates (Medicare For All?). Price gouging, fraud, overtreatment, and all other abuses should be punished with severe penalties. Reform healthcare at the source of the problem and all the complains shown here will go away.

David Ivey on

I think that Obamacare is not affordable. I had to use the crap insurance for a few months. Then my wife got a much better paying job with insurance. Now I have to pay back almost $3000.00 on my Federal taxes for garbage insurance that was never used.

This is ridiculous! As a hard working American Citizen, I am now being forced to pay back an amount that I can’t afford to pay back. How affordable is that?

Dirk Vandeputte on

every health care system should be based on cooperation between 3 steakholders: patient, Insurance company and CARE PROVIDERS. Many forms of mandatory health Insurance with or without federal control are possible but no system will work without the participation of the care providers. The system should include a (partially) commitment of these group to agree on a social fee in order to obtain balance between the income (mandatory Insurance fees paid by the insured individual) of the system and the expences (reimbursement of the Insurance companies). The social fees of the care providers are situated between and are necessary to maintain balance.
These are fundamental principles. How these tree steakholders should act as PARTNERS is a pure political decision.
In the US the costs of education in uhe medical sector are extremely high, certainly compared to those in the EU: that wil be the first obstacle to overcome. You could invest in lower, affordable education cost for students who agree to work later on a social fee, full time, part time or for a minimum set years of practice. You can look for income from other parties such as a x % in the bruto production figures of the pharmaceutical industry. Medication cost has to be negociated with the latter. Lots of other modifications are possible. You can provide a “social Insurance system” without beeing a socialist. It is a 21st challenge for a better and graeter America and still save the fundamental principles that make America great.
Dirk Vandeputte
Active in the Belgian National Health Insurance from 1976 to 2003.

April on

The deductible for the year 1,800.00 is to high for someone who only made 7,000 for the year. ObamaCare may work for some but not all. Trump please change things that will help low income people. President Trump please make things Great again! Thanks!

OK Connett on

Mr President,
Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, the ACA has a foundation already. Pre-existing conditions cannot be refused coverage, subsidies or tax breaks for those who can’t afford health insurance, preventative care and birth control/education assistance.
Privatization may be the way to increase access and coverage, making it competitive throughout the country and across state lines. However, there is a huge “Flaw” in this model. We do NOT have a uniform Health Care, consumer Bill of Rights. Believe me, it is needed and without it abuse, fraud, profiteering and more will result.
For example; Currently the rules for changing from one insurance coverage to another has a vague, generalized process.
You have insurance A and insurance B becomes available (due to marriage, spousal coverage becomes available, you get a new job.) Currently most companies MUST have a Life Event that can be used as the catalyst allowing the switching of insurance. However, there are numerous situation where the consumer is caught in the middle. The consumer can’t get the new insurance or switch until the other insurance is no longer effective. Or they get the new insurance, however when the attempt to document the old insurance the new insurance doesn’t accept their proof. Or the consumer thinks they accepted it and they did not. This will result in the consumer insurance being cancelled and dropped. Since they have dropped the other insurance and new the new insurance did not complete the process, they now have no insurance and are outside the 31 day window allowing any addition, changes, etc.
Similarly in the same type of scenario… the consumer can transition to the new insurance and get it set up perfectly. However, for some reason the insurance process for dropping the old insurance isn’t completed, and you are now outside the window to change. Now, you are enrolled in 2 insurance plans, being billed by each and you cannot drop because the process says you “failed” to do certain things, a certain way withing the time-frame.
Each private insurance provider can alter the process and if you “can’t drop” they PROFIT by your mistake. Honestly, this model as it is… without a “Standardized Process and set of Rules” businesses won’t take advantage… for profit?
This is only one small aspect. Certain things must have “an escape clause”, like when do to the processes you have no insurance or are erroneously in two plans. The must be allowances or a means of decision that is fair and prevents abuse.
I would be gathering many individuals who are working in the Health care field, especially benefits, enrollment, LIfe Events, etc. Gathering feedback and examples of the problems and failures they have seen, assisted with and been frustrated with while attempting to help consumers get the insurance they want, understand how it works, a plan they can afford, and a plan that allows them the services, facilities, physicians, and options for payment they can afford.

Steven Lewis on

EXPAND MEDICAID. End the mandate.

Any changes should be to first of all eliminate the insurance model from health care. This is the foundation of the problem and no system that seeks to keep our health care managed by insurance corporations will be able to improve on ACA.

ACA was the best shot at keeping illness in America a profitable business for insurance corporations and also improve coverage. It’s fundamentally flawed due to that and nothing built on the same premise can work any better. The basis of this problem is all the money in government elections. If we had a government for the people instead of for the money, we could have reasonable healthcare like everybody else.

Insurance model is a failure and has led to high costs and poor service decisions, bankrupting many many people. ACA did not/could not fix that and nothing else that keeps these corporations in the loop will work either. Let the insurance companies earn selling car/home/life insurance where the model works.

Gail Mix on

I am a single mother working and can hardly afford to live because I have to pay $400 in Insurance premiums a month to cover my children for only catastrophic events. It is not affordable if you work- only for those who don;t work. We need a solution for working people.

esther gaddis on

No one likes the mandate and rising costs of health care. I was told to pay $420 and Connecticare never disclosed that the real dollar amount was $1,363 in the tax year 2015. I was given APTC the advance premium tax credit even after mailing my income to Acess Health marketplace located in Manchester, CT and the dollar amount was $936?
This $936 was sent to Connecticare and Access Health verifyed my income twice in 2015 and I used the United States Post Office and paid the additional postage to ensure that the address for access health in Manchester, CT received the income documents for access health to verify income. April of 2015 and again in Septmember of 2015? Based on the income that was verified by access health I do not qualify for any Premium tax credit neither the advanced premium tax credit but access health continued to send the $936 to Connecticare all the time non stop. I had to scream at connecticare and access health to stop in January of 2016 otherwise access health without explaining that the real premium is $1,363 continued to bill me for $420 instead non stop, What it took for me to cancel connecticare was an unreal experience unreal?? This is outrageous simply outrageous and the income verification was submitted twice in 2015 and I paid additional postage to have a copy of this verified income? Unreal??

Laura on

Please keep the non exclusionary policy for pre exisiting conditions- those with chronic illness need insurance .
Please keep mental health coverage- it is just as important as physical heath care.
Please do keep the Medicaid expansion
Please do not require IVF coverage. People who want to use it could buy a rider perhaps, or pay cash as it is an elective procedure.
Please do not cover transition surgery or drugs. Same as IVF above



Lillian Macomber on

President Trump, Please do not allow People to go without Health care. Especially in older people and children. Please do not take away medicaid.

Thank you

Kathy S on

Please do not further the pain and costs to we who actually voted for you.. THIS IS A MONUMENTAL DISASTER… JUST REPEAL OBAMACARE and get rid of the goverment’s involvement in any sort of is what we had heard and hoped from you…and the whimpy Republicans as well.

David Beggs on

I do not like you or your Trumpkillcare

P.Davs on

I don’t like that I am forced to pay for it.I don’t like that my husband’s job’s insurance company forces me to visit a doctor,I don’t get paid when I take off to do these exams that they force me to do,then we get penalized for the rest of the year if I don’t go! They don’t own me,I pay them! They work for me,in my opinion.
I don’t like that nothing was done about dental insurance,a lot of medical conditions can be linked to poor dental health.But if you aren’t poor,or don’t have actual dental(dental insurances are just discount plans these days) then you have to pay out of pocket and no one is controlling what these dentists are charging.They charge about half to all of my monthly salary in one sitting at times.Therefore,as middle class,I have poor dental health.
I DO like that health insurance companies have to except pre-existing conditions.However,the fact that anyone with any sort of income is forced to pay is insane.My mother lives on SS and has to pay,she really can’t afford it,now her insurance costs consume half of what she was using to actually live.However the benefits received from the newer plans seem to work a little better for her.Aside from the fact that they will only hospitalize her for a week or so before kicking her out while still I’ll simply because her insurance has run out.So technically,she isn’t receiving the care she needs.
I don’t like being penalized for not being able to afford insurance.
Middle class often drops or lowers their costs to make it,such as down grading or completely dropping things like life insurance,home owner’s or health insurance to help us get by in tough times.Then when we can afford it,we upgrade again.Now we can’t do that.

Laura radley on

My husband works in a union, his premiums are standard rate for everyone regardless if it covers a single person, married with spouse and children. Now his employer is saying if the spouse works and is offered insurance then she/he will no longer be covered under his plan. So he continues to pay the same premium for one less person, and I have to pay an additional premium to be covered under my employer. This is so wrong!!! I’m going broke on insurance premiums and for the men he works with whose wives don’t work get covered under the same cost he’s paying just for himself because they dropped me. So wrong

Debbie on

Working spouses should be able to decide which employer plan better meets their needs medically & financially and be able to enroll in that plan. This loophole is insane and financially breaking the American worker’s pocketbook! Educated people struggling to get by!

Tami Schaumburg on

I think Obamacare is the most ridiculous insurance program ever. First, to penalize people on their taxes for not having insurance is only and I repeat only going to hurt the underclass people. Second, Obama care has gotten out of control. Any insurance that charges from $400 and up and then you have a $2000 deductible per year is useless. Not many people go over $2000 in a year. For example, my struggling sister who is trying to support her 3 children on her own and makes $44,000 per year can’t even afford Obamacare and then get her taxes taken away. What sense does that make? Absolutely none. You need to fix this immediately because it is only hurting the little people even more. Those like me Who voted for you. I am a disabled person who unfortunately only gets SSI and Medicaid. Due to the actions of an attorney that I hired to handle my case. So I myself live on very little means. I am more concerned about my sister because I have learned how to get by, as long as you don’t take that away also.

Wendy Workman on

REPEAL this terrible law ! American citizens should be able to buy their own insurance IF they want to and negotiate with the various offers in the free market. This worked for many many decades. Costs have risen mostly because pharmaceutical companies are able to lobby law makers to increase costs to astronomical amounts if you don’t have insurance. If you do, you pay a reasonable “co-pay”. Squeezing every sane moment in an American’s life is what health care – (ha- ha) has become. A terrible trick on the public. No one understands it & ARE LULLED TO SLEEP THINKING ABOUT IT ! Like every thing else people say “just please, you guys take care of it” to their elected reps. What you continue to do to this country is despicable ! My own choice, my own Dr. ! See how much healthcare costs once everyone demands reasonable fees. Of course I don’t have the power that the big ins companies have. And you have created that. We should have the power as citizens. lawmakers should stay oput of private business !!!

Sherry on

President Tump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell

As a nurse that works with those that have significant health issues (chronically ill), Obamacare has put programs in place to health improve the health of Americans. While I did not vote for him, these patient’s truly do need the help provided by the ACA. I get that you want to change the ACA but in all honesty as a nurse, I must tell you that we need to continue to protect those with pre-existing conditions. Those born with birth issue fall into this category, as do most ALL Americans with ANY health issue (ie., high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). None of us can help what genetics hands us; none of us. Please protect our elderly. They have worked to support this country and have helped build it up. Please do not disrespect the enormous contributions they have made with their blood, sweat, and tears by not protecting their health rights. The two largest problems I see as a case manager, is that medication costs are out of control, and patients cannot afford needed, life saving/sustaining medications and the high deductible plans are bankrupting the average American family because they have to cover all healthcare costs until they meet their deductible. This is crippling families. Single moms/dads who are working and trying to provide for their families, cannot afford to get them needed medical care. This is a disgrace. While I would love to see these two significant problems addressed to help most Americans. I also beg of you not to penalize the working American’s that keep this nation moving. Do not take penalize us for working by making us pay even more for healthcare. I work hard as a nurse. I pay a lot for healthcare. As these costs continue to rise on the working class you are going to have a sicker America and you are going to create a group of new “poor” American’s if you will because they cannot afford healthcare, medication, decent housing, and food. These are basic needs. These are things we all work hard for. While I may never own a home of my own, I still wish to rent a “nice, safe” place my family can live in and be happy. The American dream no longer exists for most……….and now it is becoming a dream of only the well to do. What an absolute shame for this country. The working class is working to improve the pockets of the rich, instead of being respected for the working, and making a contribution to society. Seriously??

Sue Ostrowski on

We are retired but not yet eligible for Medicare. We live in AZ for 6 months and MN for 6 months and MUST have a healthcare plan that is national in scope. There are NO plans available to us….period. This initiative is on the table for discussion but we are not seeing any movement. PLEASE HELP!


I have been a RN of 33 years. I am 54 years old. I am self employed. I eat right and exercise regularly. I am in great shape. BUT, there are 2 HUGE problems that you are ignoring and are unaware of:
1) PRE EXISTING ILLNESS’ ARE A LOT OF DIAGNOSIS’ (any history of ANYTHING ie migraine headaches, previous surgeries, abnormal lab values, previous accidents, ANY hospitalizations).
I have abnormal lab values due to my DNA. That will cause me to be uninsurable and/or unaffordable. I experienced that prior to Obamacare mandates.
2) Not requiring everyone to have insurance will encourage healthy people to get it when needed only. That will not work. Accidents and unexpected illness’ occur all day long. Then what?? Taxpayers ALWAYS pick up the tab for uninsured/underinsured patients.


Jana on

Hi! Here’s a little insight from Sweden. I’ve been reading this site with great interest as I, along with a lot of Swedes are curious about AHCA, and if the bill passes I want to know how this would affect the American people. The page led me here and I can see from your comments that a lot of you are dissatisfied with the ACA. I’ve read through the AHCA and I can see that there will be significant changes, whether they will be better or worse for you, that’s for you to decide.

Many of you are suffering on a monthly basis, trying to make ends meet because of the insurances. Now I know, you’re America, you do things your way, but I can’t help but thinking; wouldn’t it be nice to drop the whole universal health care act and letting the government take over? Health care regulated with taxes with a minor fee out of pocket. Is solidarity such a bad thing? Sooner or later, everybody needs care, whether it be stitches for a clumsy son or treatment for grandma. In Sweden, surgery is free, you only pay $8 per night for a bed and som food. Even drugs are subsidized. We never pay more than $200 per year no matter how much we need. Planned parenthood is free, including contraceptives. I happened to notice that with the AHCA, planned parenthood was to be excluded from Medicaid.

That’s something to bring to the table to Mr Trump.

Steve Jones on

Please get rid of Obamacare. The expansion of Medicaid is unwarranted and falsely inflates the number of people who will “lose their insurance coverage”. Reforms should reduce malpractice liability for doctors in exchange for lower fees. Reform should permit doctors to provide care without going through insurance companies, in exchange for a lower price. People should have the freedom to not purchase medical insurance if they choose, and then bear the responsibility for consequences. People with pre-existing conditions should not impose their medical costs on other Americans. Cut global warming funding and regulation and place that money in an independent trust fund for people who can not afford medical care. Take back the money from CEOs that Obama bailed out (like Solindra sp?) and put that money in the fund as well. Take any money out of Clinton Foundation (domestic and international) that was donated by entities that also got special access during her term and SEc of State. Impose a retroactive surcharge on any book deals or speech fees for past presidents and cabinet members and put that in the fund.

beth c on

I want things back to the way they use to be. My family and I are very hard workers along with a lot of other people not afraid to work.. When the ObamaCare went into effect I was working 42.5 hours a week had health insurance throw my husband and everything was fine. Once the ObamaCare went into effect 28 of us got cut down to 25 hours a week or got let go all together. It was very unfair and I tried to find a new job at 40 hours a week and no one is hiring. Now we live pay check to pay check. We will keep praying everyday that this law will be changed by Trump and we can go back to working 40 hours a week with out our employers having to give us insurance. I feel if you already have it and are willing to work 40 hours a week why should you be punished or your employer be punished? To many of us have suffered from this ObamaCare AHCA PLEASE HELP us out give us back our freedom.

Karen Penrod on

I haven’t had insurance for 10 years. In the Obamacare plans present it would cost us the premiums plus a deductible of half our yearly income just to cover myself only. If I could afford the premiums I could not afford the deductible. It’s a no win situation and I will continue to go without coverage because they can’t seem to get congress to repeal and replace this crap expensive insurance that low income families have no way of affording. So my husband has precancerous cells in his esophagus and I have health problems and I can’t afford coverage. I have to sometimes go to a food bank just to eat so I can afford electricity and car insurance. I certainly have no room to give a whole years income for an insurance plan. Try living on 15K a year and paying car insurance, rent, utilities and food and see what is left for medical. I hate Obamacare and the people who lie and say it is so great when it’s not them that has to be on it. The Democrats have a lot to answer for in this fiasco and they keep defending the crap even when poor people remain uninsured for years due to the affordability being a joke.

Levi McPete on

Mr. Trump, please cancel the illegal withdrawal of money from Freddie and Fanny funds to pay for the failed Obama care scam that has been going on for years to keep the medial insurance rip off going.
The Democrats and rinos have stolen billions from investors who invested money to help themselves and the American housing market not to help the communists fund their failed healthcare law which is not healthcare for anyone but is a rip of the Americans citizen of their hard earned money.

Donna Nash on

Blue cross blue shield TX is a holy hell scam. The IRS needs to keep out of the Insurance enforcement business. IRS system has always been lacking, handing them the insurance to monitor will screw matters up for medical and revenue beyond belief.
People are entitled to make choices for their own body not the Governments!, whats next? meal centers where every person has to meet for their meals at scheduled times and menu’s so that the government can monitor people eat what they say is “the right food & the right portions” concept same as healthcare since then government can control wasted food and do away with food stamps. Government wants the “people’ to pay for their stupid mistakes.

Rachel Vincent on

Please get rid of the fine for not having health insurance. Prices of premiums went so high they became unaffordable, when a healthy adult, who does not go to the doctor, should not have to pay a fine for choosing to pay my debt over health insurance i don’t need. If this is a free country, shouldnt i as an adult be able to choose if i want to be insured? Atleast during debt struggles.
Other option that would be great, is atleast getting the cost of insurance back to what is was. That way i can afford to abide by the requirement or having it. Its hitting us struggling, young college graduates extremely hard.
Already having to choose to pay a bill or to eat for that week is hard enough, but to then have to worry about a huge fine come tax time.
I hope you guys in the white house can fix the mess known as ACA.

Thank you!

Donna Nash on

The most obvious ridiculouse event in Obamacare is the penalty!, people want insurance, They do not “choose” to do without”, yet if a person cannot afford the insurance, Obama decided he should just throw them under the bus entirely. makes zero sence. The government needs to stay out of the USA citizens financial affairs, if a person cannot afford insurance its that person who suffers directly what is the point of penalizing? kill them off faster?.
Trump knows what to do, I trust his decisions. Trump has expressed he does not agree with the whole penalty concept. I cannot help but think the entire Obama care was clearly not for the people, Obamacare was a political move based on all those Insurance company contributing dollars. Thats the way Insurance companies have operated for years. Look at the Insurance company payouts against what they receive in premiums, they make a fortune, then they invest in banks. Obamacare was implemented so that the citizens would basically pay for each other and the Insurance company keep the premiums in their pocket!, The American way? I think not!!. Geeesh enough!

Luis hernandez on

I am a veteran and I am strongly against illegal immigration, the daca
Program. We in the United States must help illegals by paying taxes, teach
Them another language at our expense provide citizenship medical educational opportunities jobs nutritional help and many other benefits.
The reality is what is the other countryof these people coming here are doing? Too much of an economical burden is put upon is not Mexico Cuba
And other countries who want freedom free. Please! Congress president Trump, when one provides all of the above benefits mentioned above. This
Wrong. We are no longer Americans we are who knows what. on

I’m glad to hear all sides, although this was off topic for this page. Since this was off topic, I’ll post a rebuttal from Obama so readers have both sides of the story:

“Immigration can be a controversial topic. We all want safe, secure borders and a dynamic economy, and people of goodwill can have legitimate disagreements about how to fix our immigration system so that everybody plays by the rules.
But that’s not what the action that the White House took today is about. This is about young people who grew up in America – kids who study in our schools, young adults who are starting careers, patriots who pledge allegiance to our flag. These Dreamers are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper. They were brought to this country by their parents, sometimes even as infants. They may not know a country besides ours. They may not even know a language besides English. They often have no idea they’re undocumented until they apply for a job, or college, or a driver’s license.
Over the years, politicians of both parties have worked together to write legislation that would have told these young people – our young people – that if your parents brought you here as a child, if you’ve been here a certain number of years, and if you’re willing to go to college or serve in our military, then you’ll get a chance to stay and earn your citizenship. And for years while I was President, I asked Congress to send me such a bill.
That bill never came. And because it made no sense to expel talented, driven, patriotic young people from the only country they know solely because of the actions of their parents, my administration acted to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people, so that they could continue to contribute to our communities and our country. We did so based on the well-established legal principle of prosecutorial discretion, deployed by Democratic and Republican presidents alike, because our immigration enforcement agencies have limited resources, and it makes sense to focus those resources on those who come illegally to this country to do us harm. Deportations of criminals went up. Some 800,000 young people stepped forward, met rigorous requirements, and went through background checks. And America grew stronger as a result.
But today, that shadow has been cast over some of our best and brightest young people once again. To target these young people is wrong – because they have done nothing wrong. It is self-defeating – because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military, and otherwise contribute to the country we love. And it is cruel. What if our kid’s science teacher, or our friendly neighbor turns out to be a Dreamer? Where are we supposed to send her? To a country she doesn’t know or remember, with a language she may not even speak?
Let’s be clear: the action taken today isn’t required legally. It’s a political decision, and a moral question. Whatever concerns or complaints Americans may have about immigration in general, we shouldn’t threaten the future of this group of young people who are here through no fault of their own, who pose no threat, who are not taking away anything from the rest of us. They are that pitcher on our kid’s softball team, that first responder who helps out his community after a disaster, that cadet in ROTC who wants nothing more than to wear the uniform of the country that gave him a chance. Kicking them out won’t lower the unemployment rate, or lighten anyone’s taxes, or raise anybody’s wages.
It is precisely because this action is contrary to our spirit, and to common sense, that business leaders, faith leaders, economists, and Americans of all political stripes called on the administration not to do what it did today. And now that the White House has shifted its responsibility for these young people to Congress, it’s up to Members of Congress to protect these young people and our future. I’m heartened by those who’ve suggested that they should. And I join my voice with the majority of Americans who hope they step up and do it with a sense of moral urgency that matches the urgency these young people feel.
Ultimately, this is about basic decency. This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America, or whether we treat them the way we’d want our own kids to be treated. It’s about who we are as a people – and who we want to be.
What makes us American is not a question of what we look like, or where our names come from, or the way we pray. What makes us American is our fidelity to a set of ideals – that all of us are created equal; that all of us deserve the chance to make of our lives what we will; that all of us share an obligation to stand up, speak out, and secure our most cherished values for the next generation. That’s how America has traveled this far. That’s how, if we keep at it, we will ultimately reach that more perfect union.”

Peter Delmar Jr. on

Hey there. It’s hard to argue that any part of the affordable care act, when one looks at the objectives alone, needs to be repealed or replaced. However, I am in no way an expert in economics nor do I have the time to pretend to be. I do see that, as many would argue, simply covering the cost of all these programs could be very expensive. But I have noticed one trend in our current healthcare, as I work in the field as a soon-to-be licensed nurse: healthcare practice and thus costs seem to focus primarily on situations as they arise, and little is done to correct them before they do.
A great example is physical activity–exercise. Based off a pleura of research, one will easily discover the health benefits of physical activity and moreover, physical fitness. I’d argue with much support I believe, that physical fitness alone would greatly reduce both physical and mental illness statistics across the board and thus create an environment where health insurers could compete at less of a risk.
More incentives, even vouchers for healthy lifestyles (childhood sports programs etc.. not only the sports that are mainstream but gymnastics, dance, martial arts, etc.). Chronic disease and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, even schizophrenia will cost less to treat, and in some cases even go away.
We can reduce our healthcare costs and treat more people, if we put more effort frontloading health theory and practice, rather than all of our efforts in the ER and hospitals.
The seatbelt saves more lives, I believe, than any doctor should ever be challenged to do.

God Bless America 🙂

Terry Kreuser on

I am very disappointed that a president would make grand promises on the campaign trail and then not back up his boasts after being elected. How can you sleep at night knowing that you lied…you had NO plan and didn’t even take the time and effort to know what would replace what you wanted to repeal. You didn’t even care to know what the republican congress had for a plan and spent no time of your own trying to figure out what the people that voted you in needed. I’ve heard you call President Obama a “Bad (sick)” person. As it turns out YOU are what you’ve called everyone else. You’re a cheat, a liar, a crook, low energy, a self-centered ego-maniac! YOU ARE THE SWAMP!! You, sir are a glorified vacumme cleaner salesman that cheats your customers!

Cedric C Chin on

NOBODY wants to pay for health insurance, but, just because you don’t have it, still doesn’t mean you won’t need medical treatment. Thanks to ACA, the use of non-emergency medical procedures at medical Emergency Departments has *dropped*, meaning that Emergency Rooms are being used for emergency treatment. Emergency treatment for the uninsured hurt hospitals who cannot collect, yet hurt even more the uninsured who go into debt or are hounded by collection agencies.

Robert Bloomer on

Before Obamacare I could afford health insurance. It was $400+ a month.
Now it costs $1000+ a month. Now I will go uninsured for the first time
int 30 years. This is why I and a lot of other people voted for Trump. It
was also the first time in 30 years that I voted for a Republican. So
basically I am going to cross my fingers and hope I don’t die thanks
to Obama who I wish I never voted for. Affordable health care my arse.
And the dems are going to let Trump lower the costs. They will lose big
in 2018 and 2020. I will never vote for a Democrat again unless they
pass Medicare for All.

Robert on

I mean to say the dems are NOT going to let Trump lower the costs. Sorry. I am such an upset ex-democrat I cannot type straight.

jj on

Obamacare saved my life. I am asthmatic and low income. I couldn’t afford to pay for inhalers prior and would always end up in the urgent care., I can’t afford $50 or $100 a wk for insurance and this Obama insurance has kept me healthy and not without food. If you make it worse and I know you will, it’ll put me in poverty.

Raquel Soto on

Doing away with preexisting conditions has been very helpful to me and thousands of others who have gone years without proper care and coverage. Getting financial assistance to help pay for our premiums has also be helpful.

Cindy Sanford on

As an insurance agent, there are good and bad parts of the ACA. It is obvious that agents were not involved in any discussions while drafting the ACA.

* preventive covered 100% (preventive care can help decrease the overall cost of care by catching potential issues before they become expensive)

* birth control for free (we DO NOT need low income families/teens having more children that the rest of us end up paying for!!!)

* Carriers are having to pick up more cost sharing, so they are forced to scale back on prescription drug coverage. Weight loss drugs should be covered for ALL group sizes. Losing weight can reduce/eliminate expensive health conditions, such as diabetes, knee/back problems, cholesterol problems, and high blood pressure (just to name a few).

* Risk pools SHOULD NOT have been eliminated. Forcing the unhealthy to be pooled with the healthy has driven up costs for everyone.

* Eliminating pre-ex has forced carriers to implement coverage for extremely unhealthy people, driving costs up. Reducing pre-ex or leaving the lifetime maximums in place would be better options.

* The subsidies make no sense. Families of 5 that have one person on Social Security and one person not working or working part-time can’t qualify, but people who DO work and can barely make ends meet don’t qualify.

* Eliminating the ability for carriers to have $10,000 deductible plans was a mistake. This option gave employers the ability to keep premiums down with the major medical, while also implementing an additional plan, such as an HRA, on top.

* Carriers have been forced to move to HMO-only plan offerings in the small group or individual markets. These networks are very narrow and have severely limited the ability to choose a physician that meets the individual’s needs.

Kelsey on

I am a full-time student and part-time employee. I can’t afford any of the plans offered in marketplace. Not by half. I need an inhaler and migraine medication monthly, but because they are not life-threatening or keep me from working I do not qualify for medicaid. I am willing to pay a decent amount to cover my health costs, but the lowest plan offered is 25% of my income. I have bills to pay and that is impossible for me. Sliding scale clinics are often a month long wait, and do not cover my medication or a regular physician. on

You could be in a situation where you aren’t make at least 100% of the poverty level. If you can get your income up you will qualify for generous savings. As it stands you are exempt from the requirement to have coverage, but don’t have coverage. If you were denied Medicaid and your state didn’t expand (what it seems like is happening) you can get an exemption from HealthCare.Gov to purchase low-cost catastrophic coverage as well.

B.D. on

I have voluntarily purchased health ins. every year of my adult life for myself and my family. I’ve never enjoyed paying my premiums but before the ACA I at least felt I was getting something for my premium. My monthly premium the last year before the ACA was $690 for my family of 4. It included a $250 deductible 80/20, excellent rx coverage and most Dr.s/Scecialist in our area. The cheapest plan (Bronze) available for 2018 (Optima/VA – 13 plans from one provider) is $1,592; it has a $7,200 individual deductible/$14,400 family deductible.

My wife and I make a little over the maximum to qualify for subsidies so we have paid 100% since day 1 of ACA. 2018 will be the first year I will file for an exemption and unfortunately putting my family in a situation that’s unthinkable. I understand assistance for those who need help, but not at the cost of making coverage impossible for those who have always bought health insurance, even before it was mandated. All I hear and read from the politicians is how 80% of those enrolled in an ACA plan can buy a policy for $75 or less, $900/year. Many in the other 20% aren’t that far over the income threshold but by contrast will have to pay ridiculous premiums to offset the subsidized plans, nearly $20,000/year for my family for sub-par health insurance.

My only option at this point is to take my healthy family out of the individual market of qualifying plans and wait for the inevitable implosion and hope something better comes along after the dust settles because no one will admit that the ACA as it stands now will not last.

Do I wish harm for those who have benefited from the current ACA plans? Absolutely not, but I can no longer be a part of such a lopsided scheme that puts my family’s financial future at risk. I will buy a medical indemnity plan for 1/3 the cost and put the remainder in savings. Hopefully there will be more affordable options next year with many of the restrictions removed from affiliation plans.

Luz Flores on

The reason why I do not like Obamacare is that it is mandatory and even more it is fined. For example in my case my different lifestyle do not allow me have health problems. Therefore, Obama care is unfair. But actually to other people it helps a lot. So, that’s why I believe it must be optional but no mandatory nor fined.
Thank you .

GArata on

President Trump,

My husband and I are self employed and can not afford $2,500 per month for the Classic Silver Plan ($5,000 deductible with $7,350 individual maximum out of pocket). We have had a major medical policy for 25 years but have been notified that Humana will not longer offer independent policies effective 2018.

We are 60 years old and have worked hard to build our business and would like to choose our health care services based on our healthcare needs. As you mature, many of the “essential benefits” (forced to buy benefits) do not apply yet we are forced to pay for services we will never use (maternity, child healthcare, rehab etc.)

Why must we pay for pediatric healthcare, vision and dental if our children are grown? We paid for our children’s healthcare needs and never expected the government or our neighbor to be financially responsible.

Why must we pay for maternity care if past the child bearing age? Why is a 60 year old couple forced to purchase coverage for maternity care, lactation devices etc.?

Why is the government involved in our healthcare choices at all? These are goods and services that we should be able to buy based on our needs and wants.

Lastly, why have Rx prices doubled over the last 3-4 years? Pharmacy corporations are taking advantage.

Thank you for your service to our country.

Jaymi Arata

Jessica Penrod on

As a working mother who lives paycheck to paycheck and uses coin change to help assist with groceries and gas every two weeks I find it absurd that the government expects people like me to pay 1.000 a month for health insurance for me and my son but yet with my job I make 10 over the limit to qualify for chip assistance or any government help. And my employer doesn’t offer any health benefits due to it being to costly for the business. On top of all that and not being covered and paying month to month in hospital bills I am FINED for my taxes for not having it!! It is absurd! Land of the free?? More like land of the slave poor working for the rich!! Why do senators and governemt officials who get ELECTED get to use my money to get insurance? Why cant the government pay for the citizens health insurance? Why am I being fined for something that I just cant afford? But I am suppose to pay taxes right? I know of several insurance companies who aren’t paying a damn thing right now due to the high costs and even though people have insurance are paying out of pocket medical expenses!! CHANGE THIS!! Those who say obamcare is GREAT! Well you’re welcome I am glad you can at least get to the doctor out of my pocket

Lyn on

I work in the medical field, and work with insurances all day. the ObamaCare is NOT affordable! these poor patients pay a lot of money for this insurance, and they have horrible insurance. The majority of the patients do not even know they have the ObamaCare insurance. the website redirects them to the ObamaCare website, without their knowledge.. They still think they are on the original website. Very tricky. Also I don’t think people should be bullied into having insurance. This is supposed to be a democracy!


1. Get rid of UNLIMITED coverage. This is the reason why the premium is SO HIGH
2. Premium should be charged based on the Coverage limit cap. The consumer should be able to pick a plan for example with 1M coverage or 500K coverage ect to fit their budgets.
3. Keep Free Preventive services that it currently have. That will help to keep America healthy and detect health problems before it gets big.
4. Establish ONE NETWORK coverage for all STATES. If a subscriber has insurance, illness should be cover anywhere they go within the US. Outside of US, emergency coverage only is OK.

I currently have insurance with high deductible. I pay premium every month but afraid to use it because for the first 7,500 I have to pay it out of my pocket. This is wrong.

Nathanael on

I want to be able to buy into Medicaid. The Marketplace plans are all compete unmitigated garbage, they cost a fortune and don’t cover anything. Medicaid is good insurance. Let us middle-class people into Medicaid!!!

Meinda on

I wish obama care would go away. I can’t afford insurance now just as I could not afford insurance before but now I am penalized for not being able to afford it! The cheap options are a waste of money because the deductibles are so high I would pay on something I could never use. This is America and forcing us to buy something we don’t want is taxation without representation as well as down right anti-American. Our country is becoming more like communism every day! Thank God people woke up and elected a true American like Trump! I make too much for medicaid but not enough to afford descent insurance. Even my husband, a disable American vet with 3 heart attacks has to pay $300 a month for medicare and can’t afford the deductible to go to the dr.! Make dr work for the govt. only and make it free if you want to do anything. That’s my two cents. Thanks for listening.

Tamara on

ObamaCare has been a god sent for me because I am self employed in the fitness industry. With this insurance I am able to go to good doctors and doctors of my own choosing. It has allowed me to see my orthopedic doctor, dermatologist and pediatrist and it is affordable.

Due to the backing removed from Obamacare the rates have skyrocketed. To keep my same insurance for 2019 I will have to pay 75% more which means instead having great health insurance I will have none.

P. G Thompson on

I a forced to buy Obamacare for my granddaughter who is 15 years old. She does not need the entire list of Essential Benefits yet I have to buy a plan that covers them all. Therefore, the premiums are extremely unaffordable with high deductibles. I am a grandmother raising three grandchildren. I am on Medicare so I have to buy three separate policies on them. I cannot afford it. Stop making me pay for benefits not needed. I am only paying this so others can have them and this is not right. I don’t like socialism! on

In most states you don’t have to maintain coverage or pay a fee in 2019.

See a list of states here

With that said, if you can’t afford their coverage, you might be able to get them on CHIP or to get them coverage with cost assistance.

Jerry Hughes on

you know I have worked full time and paid taxes since my 18th birthday, i’m now 56 and currently unemployed and sick, Obama care is going by what I made before being laid off and want 50% of my unemployment income, my unemployment income exceeds the qualification to get medical. so after a life time of paying taxes and supporting my government, I face immanent homeless, poverty and premature death. I don’t get it their is a serious problem in America with healthcare, housing, employment and education. then my elected representatives are on some pissing contest with the president ? you know I have grown to hate the very county I was born in and lived my whole life supporting, because of the narrow minded politicians running the once grate state of California. which under democratic rule has become a haven for criminals, drug attics, homeless, menially ill, homosexuals and pornographers. on

Here is the deal, your tax credit eligibility is based on what you make in the year you get the assistance. If you got laid off later in the year this year, then your total income for this year could still put you over the line to get assistance this year. However, since you are likely talking about next year, and since you already aren’t working, you actually should qualify for more up-front assistance, likely cost sharing reduction subsidies, and if not Medicaid (depends on how much unemployment income you have).

In short, marketplace was wrong, you actually get to decide your own up-front tax credits… You should and need to contest the numbers.

Also, you likely want to make sure you have a Silver plan.

I won’t take your frustration away from you, I get it. However, in this case it is I think the assister and not the system that is working against you (although, to be fair, there are people out there who worked just as hard who are hurt by the system in action, and exactly which party or state is to blame can shift wildly).

Nancy J. Ezolt on

The Affordable Care act was to eliminate the Donut Hole in 2020. Now I have read that is not true.
We have Silver Script RX insurance and when went to Reed’s Pharmacy in my home town, to pick up prescription for Eliquis was told my bill was $422.00, shocked, left went home and called Silver Script this is new they said this year that you have a copay of 375.00+the payment for drug of $47.00 making total of bill $422.00. plus paying monthly premium for the insurance. Then I called and ask how much will copay be each month for the next 11 months and was told $47.00.I( I have sent them a letter voicing my outrage at not being notified and that I wanted in writing what I was told that 47.00 would be for the next 11 months.) So what happen to The Affordable Care Act that was to eliminate the Do Nut hole in 2020. Our Insurance premium each month is $31.80(down .70 cents from last year) each husband and myself. On top of the premium then the expensive drug is $47.00. for my husband’s Eliquis. Then for me the wife I pay my premium as per monthly summary in 2019 , my Silver Script Rx Co plan paid 0 for my drugs. One for BP and one for bones. So what good is a Rx prescription plan when it pays 0 for drugs regardless if they are inexpensive or not. So President Trump praising himself for what he has done for health care premiums which ours went up again in 2020 and his praising what he has done for cost of drugs and Prescriptions cost I find unfounded. And to top it off Silver Script Insurance Company never sent a letter saying they would be charging this up front deductible for prescriptions beginning in 2020.
Something for sure needs done in this United States of America for Senior Citizens as I don’t see where President Trump had done much of anything for Seniors. It’s jobs, jobs, jobs. Well there are people who have finished their working years and are not wealthy and rich which he seems to favor.
May President Trump soon do something for Seniors. Oh did get a slight increase Social Security. What they take off for Medicare keeps getting higher and higher thus you get less and less for your Social Security Check. About time there is something done about the wasteful spending of taxpayers dollars. The President needs to appointment someone to look into and do something about the waste of money. ABC use to have forget his name( he is deceased now I believe) who would expose the wasteful ridiculous spending of taxpayer money.
Thank you for this opportunity
Nancy E.

Gary Oswald on