Trump Says He Will Amend or Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

Trump Suggests He Won’t Fully Repeal ObamaCare

After meeting with President Obama, Trump has stated that he won’t repeal ObamaCare but will amend or repeal and replace it.

Trump appears to be open to compromise regarding key patient protections. After all, the law isn’t “ObamaCare,” it is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Twenty million people rely on it for Affordable Care and all Americans rely on it for Patient Protections. Trump may be realizing that a full repeal will please 25% of the population who voted for him but tarnish his popularity with the other 75%.

1 in 2 Americans have a preexisting condition; they could have been denied coverage for before the ACA. There is no better way to draw the ire of 175 million Americans than to repeal their protections. It seems as though President-elect Trump realized this after his meeting with President Obama.

Trump and the Republicans in Congress had previously stated that they would seek to repeal ObamaCare within Trump’s first hundred days in office and, while Congress hasn’t changed its tune, the President-elect has.

Trump has stated he would keep key provisions like guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on their parent’s plans until 26. It is important to note that Trump and Republicans have been discussing replacement plans for years, and while their outward rhetoric was often focused on repeal, we had suggested this was never really on the table. Still, there is a chance a full repeal may happen, so it is comforting to see a willingness to compromise on the many parts of the ACA that are working.

See CNN’s Trump appears open to compromise on Obamacare for more information on the meeting or find out more about what President Trump means for ObamaCare.

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There are some parts of the ACA that are working like they were meant to. Why are insurance companies being allowed to raise their rates up to 200% when one of the points in the ACA was before a rate increase it is reviewed and one place states that they cannot raise it more than 10% from year to year.
Leave all the taxes in tact that reflects on the wealthy and leave the middle and lower class Americans with the ability to get health coverage. Medicaid needs to cover more than it does now so don’t mess with it.
If you want to help cut the cost of health care, then put a freeze on the insurance companies rate increases and make them accountable for the 80/20 rule that is in place. The insurance companies are ripping people off every day and make it mandatory that all doctors and clinics must take plans from the same company, not just pick and chose the ones they will accept. If a doctor takes BC/BS for example then he must take any plan BC/BS sells, whether it is from the Marketplace or outside of the Marketplace. If they are caught discriminating against a patient then they should be fined by CMS and reported to the state licensing board.


I think Trump needs to stand up and do what he has said he would do. Yeah the preexisting thing is good. People pays for insurance for treatment if they get sick or already have something wrong with them. Otherwise you just handing over money to insurance companies for their use not yours. You might as well say to one hey Im gonna pay you a certain amount each month for your use not mine. I won’t ever use it or go to hospital or Dr. Hey you can have this money. But to get fined to take money from you when you struggle ever day to survive in this high cost society and yeah it is to have your electric cut off to have your water cut off to not be able to pay your debts to have to move from a 700 dollar a month shack and get penalized for being poor. Something is wrong bad wrong. I think and hope Trump does repeal it and has the guts to stand up for the people. There are more people than what you think that hates what Obama did. So these people has hope that Trump is a man of honor keeps his word and works for the people not for himself.


I think that this is a disgrace. What was wrong with ObamaCare to begin with?


I think our government officials need to put away their extremist rhetoric and stop jockeying for position by ensuring the AFA’s failure. By this, I mean I want our government officials to put down their pitch forks and examine what parts of the AFA are working for Americans and what parts need to change. That is how they can represent our country.

I want the consumer protections to remain, as they were badly needed. I would like the insurance exchanges to be true market places where a variety of plans can be offered at a variety of prices without the strict regulations and minimum plan requirements that the AFA put into place. I also do not believe Americans should be forced to purchase any insurance and believe that tax returns should not be tied to whether or not they have insurance.

I believe the high prices and high out-of-pocket requirements are what is turning Americans off. I also think that any time you require someone to pay for something they may or may not need or can afford is not freedom. We need to be free to shop for what we want in an insurance policy and determine if we even want insurance.


If I were President-elect, I would take anything Obama tells me with a whole lot of salt. What a read about in the first part of Obama Care, I would not trust the insurance companies as far as I could throw the empire state building. I say that keeping a portion of the bill will leave that portion of Obama Care open to the Death Tax which is plain robbery of the remainder of the Affordable Care Act or what ever you want to call it. You can rest assured Obama will leave a winner in the end, and everything a man has worked for going into somebody’s pocket


Obama care is a joke!
I live with my in-laws since I’m unemployed and I don’t have anywhere to go. My in-laws claim me on their taxes since they don’t want me homeless. Because of their income which I’m asked to report while applying for Obama care, I qualify ONLY for super high plans that I cannot pay since I have ZERO income. So I’m without insurance.

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