Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)

What is Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI), Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), Gross Income (GI), Family Income, Household Income, Etc? Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is Gross Income (GI) Adjusted for deductions (AGI) and then Modified by adding some deductions back in (MAGI). On this page, we cover MAGI as it applies to Medicaid and the Marketplace…. Read More

Enrollment Numbers Outside Marketplace

Get the Facts on Who Signed Up For Health Insurance Outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace Between 15-25 million enrolled outside of the marketplace in 2014. Let’s take a look at enrollment numbers outside of ObamaCare’s marketplace. In 2013 over 15 million people enrolled in private health plans. In 2014 about 4.7 million were estimated… Read More

How to Buy Health Insurance

Guide to Buying Health Insurance: How Health Insurance Works Our guide to buying health insurance walks you through how health insurance works and how to buy health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare). Below we take a look at how ObamaCare affects buying health care plans, different ways to buy health insurance under… Read More

ObamaCare: Uninsured Rates

Let’s Take a Look at the Uninsured and How the Affordable Care Act has Changed Things The uninsured rates dropped to all times lows under the Affordable Care Act. The rate has however changed over time, for example, the rate rose under Trump (in part due to the fee for not having coverage being reduced… Read More

Single Payer Health Care

What is Single Payer Health Care? Single payer health care is a health care system where a “single” fund pays for health care costs (rather than private insurers). There are many different ways single payer can work, but the general idea is 1. to create a universal healthcare system (a system that covers everyone) where, 2…. Read More

Save ObamaCare | Protect ObamaCare in 2018

What you Can do to Save ObamaCare in 2018 It’s up to you to help save ObamaCare from losing its ability to insure over 44 million uninsured Americans. Find out how to protect ObamaCare in 2018. Join Democrats, Republicans, and the tens of millions of Americans who support health care reform in a bipartisan effort to stand… Read More

ObamaCare Repeal Attempts

ObamaCare Repeal Attempts and the Potential Impact of Repeal There have been a number of attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). There have also been some notable changes to the law. you can see a full list of repeal attempts here and a list of constitutional challenges here. In short though major repeal… Read More

ObamaCare and Smokers

ObamaCare Gives Smokers a New Incentive to Quit Get the facts on ObamaCare and smokers. From ObamaCare’s smoking cessation benefits to the amount smoking can increase premiums, ObamaCare affects smokers. Although insurers can’t charge more for health status, they can charge up to 50% more for smoking status. On the flip side of this ObamaCare… Read More

Congress ObamaCare: ObamaCare Exemption for Congress

Everything You Need to Know About Congress and ObamaCare We cover everything you need to know about ObamaCare and Congress, including updates on votes to repeal and replace ObamaCare and the Congress exemption. First here are a few updates on changes and attempted change to the law made by Congress and other branches of government…. Read More

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