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Discrimination, humiliation and denial. Words that I shouldn’t have to use to describe my experience at the doctor’s office while seeking treatment for my arthritic knee. I was openly treated as if I were less than human by a local clinic because I am receiving “Obamacare”.

I have been poor all of my adult life. Through a series of bad luck and hardship I was also blessed with depression- a double whammy for anyone to deal with but something that you may never overcome. I accept my circumstances, my doctor and his clinic do not.

I was openly mocked by my doctor because I wanted him to speak to me as an adult because he tried to treat me like an illiterate 6 year old, he questioned my job history because I told him I knew whet he was explaining to me because I educated myself. Apparently there is a rumor out there that all poor people are stupid. He treated me as if I were dirty- no eye contact and the bare minimum of care not to mention some very important information in my chart was never written in my chart. I have arthritis and the last x-ray that he ordered was from a year and a half ago -the pain in my knee has increased ten-fold since my first visit.He ignored any request for further treatment telling me I should lose weight and I am too young for knee replacement, then he doubled my prescription for an antidepressant-very dangerous to double this pill when I had been off of it for a week because he refused the refill until I had a doctor consultation-I had it refilled many times in the past year with no problem. That alone set off bells in my head.

He then reluctantly referred me to the rheumatologist that gave me an injection in my knee, told me to lose weight, still no x-ray and now I am looking forward to “relief in a month” IF the shot works. Just keep taking 1600 milligrams of Motrin (per day) even though I had told both doctors that I had been taking NSAIDS e.g. Motrin for twenty years almost daily- it doesn’t work anymore.I also told him about my other knee beginning to hurt. The man actually said, “there are people in wheelchairs that just sit there all day and they are okay”- implying that it was okay with him if that happened to me. I was ignored again. The second doctor also talked to me like I had no clue so I left there with no way to get rid of the pain and I had already lost my job due to this issue. They hurried me out of their office and I cried in the parking lot.

When I called to complain to my insurance provider I was told that my clinic was openly trying to get rid of A.C.A. patients and they are desperate to get rid of all of us. I decided to leave the clinic because I need care- my condition is not going to improve and they are not going to ever care because they had already shown me what they are about. What can you do? There are no legal protections for the poor- legally they can reject all of us and there we are with coverage but no one to take it. I will never understand the elitist attitude of anyone that is expected to care for others, nor do I think that doctors should be forced to do anything they do not want to do, but where do we draw the line? I am supposed to suffer for the rest of my life because my primary care provider openly shows disdain for me?

I am afraid that I didn’t have it in me to stay in that clinic- maybe if I had been more vocal with my issues they could have addressed them, but now I feel that by being a whistle blower to their horrific treatment only provokes them to further exacerbate my pain. I no longer have any faith in them and I have switched providers – keeping my fingers crossed that the new doctor is a decent person.

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All of the doctors that I previously established care with while on my former employers’ insurance plan are NOT ACCEPTING CA MARKETPLACE insurance, including the GOLD plan I pay $428/ month for from Blue Shield. The providers are very condescending about these plans and I cannot find doctors to go to that accept my insurance and can provide the care that I need. This is absolutely disgusting!!



The insurance available through the Marketplaces are private insurance companies. They each have their own network providers and hospitals on their own. Providers can also choose which insurance networks they want to participate in. However, this has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act or the Marketplaces. Insurers and Providers make those choices on their own. If your insurance provider is no longer working with medical provider you want to go to, then you would need to call the insurer and the medical providers to find out why.


I have a friend with the same problem. She has had fluid in her knee which has rendered her handicapped. She has been chasing doctors for a year now. No one will help her.


I am currently experiencing a similar situation, my have refused to provide any treatment for my condition. Even my primary doctor will never seen me and I when do get an appt to see them I get referred to yet another specialist. I have state insurance and it feel like because that because of my insurance the doctors just don’t care unless you can pay or have better insurance. IDK what to do now, I feel that if the doctors keep finding problems but they don’t anything. I can only work part-time because of my health and my doctors will not even assist me with my SSI or SSD paper work, although one doctor said they would help me with my paper work but they would charge me over $200 just to have them fill out the paper work.


If you have Medicaid coverage through the ACA (as opposed to a Marketplace plan with cost assistance) you can contact your state Medicaid office for help. If you have Marketplace insurance that is being “discriminated” against this way then you should contact the insurer and let them know what is happening, see if they have other suggestions for health care providers in your area, and consider switching to a different insurer this next open enrollment.


I hope for the best with your new doctor. I have had the same problem with doctors saying I was so young to have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome ( a central nervous system) . I was in tell I when to Washington University School of Medicine, where I was able to get AMAZING!!!!!! I hope you get the help you need. Also, I would also ask your local church or if you don’t go to church go to Assemblies of God. I hope the best for you and I will keep you in my prayers.


That is discrimination and you have rights against this. In a case like this where they aren’t “denying you treatment” we are in a bit of a grey area. Still the idea that people who pay for private health insurance, that happens to be sold on the exchange, are being treated poorly at that clinic is beyond belief. A clinic can deny non-emergency services, but providing shoddy treatment to individuals because they angry about a law sounds like grounds for an investigation. Could see a number of institutions taking interest in this story and taking action. Please feel free to contact us using our contact form with more information including the name of the clinic so we can report them.

We also suggest contacting the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights. They deal with HIPPA violations and discrimination in healthcare.

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