What Will Happen if ObamaCare is Repealed?

What Does an ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Plan Mean For America? We will explain both “what will happen if ObamaCare is repealed” and “what will happen if the latest repeal and replace plan goes through.” The Basics House Republicans passed the latest version of their repeal and replace bill 217-to-213 on Thursday May 4th, 2017. The bill will now… Read More

ObamaCare Open Enrollment 2018

Published: April 10, 2017 Last Updated: Sept 7, 2018 Understanding ObamaCare’s 2018 Open Enrollment Period ObamaCare’s 2018 Open Enrollment period started November 1, 2017 and ends on December 15, 2017. However, some states extended enrollment until January 2018. See state-specific deadlines for 2018 coverage below. Open enrollment is the only time you can enroll in a health… Read More

The Difference Between ObamaCare and TrumpCare

TrumpCare vs. ObamaCare What is Different About the American Health Care Act / Better Care Reconciliation Act (TrumpCare) and the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)? We explain the difference between ObamaCare and TrumpCare to show how TrumpCare (the American Health Care Act / Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017) and ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) are different. The goal of this… Read More

Facts on the American Health Care Act

Everything You Need to Know About the American Health Care Act Below is an unbiased list of everything you need to know about the American Health Care Act (the ObamaCare replacement plan some call TrumpCare). UPDATE 2019: This plan never passed, and thus some specifics here are of historical interest only. TIP: Everything below is subject… Read More

“The American Health Care Act” Explained

A Simple Version of Everything You Need To Know About the ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Plan We explain “the American Health Care Act” (The New ObamaCare Replacement Plan) in simple terms. You can see our full review here or see a simple pros and cons list here (the list below offers some opinion, like the opinion that taking away Medicaid from… Read More

Washington State House Reps Sponsor Single Payer Bill

Washington State House Bill 1026 Several House representatives in Washington have sponsored HB 1026 which would establish a single-payer health care system in Washington state using the Affordable Care Act’s State Innovation Waiver 1332. The 1332 waivers first became available to state legislators this year, and these waivers allow states to utilize 95% of the… Read More

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