I got Obamacare subsidies for 2014. I am on an extension to file my taxes until October. Is my time to file Form 8962 also extended to October?

thank you!


If you file a tax extension with form Form 4868 the extension applies to all ACA related tax forms including Form 8962 for tax credits and Form 8965 for exemptions. This also applies to 1095 forms, and to most healthcare related taxes like HSA forms and deductions for medical expenses. Make sure to understand potential fees and responsibilities when filing for an extension. For those specifically having issues with 1095-A's some of the fees had been relieved with filing an extension for a missing or incorrect 1095-A for 2014 only.

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Susan Fleming on

I had obama care for 2017. Can I file an extension till October 2018 and not suffer any consequences? Or do I need to file by Apr. 15, 2018.

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