Can I File a Tax Extension Using Form 4868 Under ObamaCare?

I received a subsidy under the ACA as a self-employed person but I don’t think I’ll have all my stuff together to file by April 15. Can I file a form 4868 and then file my full return by October 15 (as I usually do)?

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I had some medical problems and filed an extension on my return. My wife had ACA last year but not this year. Was it okay to file the extension?


Nothing about the Affordable Care Act should prevent you from filing an extension as far as I’m aware.


I have been calling the Marketplace since Feb 8, 2016 to get my 1095-A. They have expedited my case 6 times. And they have all been resolved. I have not received 1. When I call back, they have no idea where my form is. They have no record of it. They expedite it again and again. With no results. They have no idea how to do their job at the Marketplace. Also they claim to not have a phone # of anyone that can find my tax form that I need in order to get my taxes done. I am beyond fed up with this nonsense! I should not have to fight this hard to be able to get my taxes done!

Donalald Trumpalino

The tax system is just so confusing. Even people who normally file and follow the rules can get caught up in all this tax mess. I’ve always used Turbotax to file my taxes. It’s easy to do, but because of some issues, I had to file an extension. Turbotax actually helped me generate the form for the tax extension and told me where to mail it. Because I was actually getting a refund, I didn’t have to pay anything and just mail in the extension. So there I was relieved that I filed the extension on time and everything was good in the world. Then I heard a tax expert on the radio saying, even though you filed an extension, you need to send in proof you had health insurance. “What???” huh?? So here I am wondering if filing an extension was not the only thing I had to do, but also mail in some health insurance proof. It appears I don’t have to mail anything else in so I don’t know where this tax expert got his degree. I’m voting for any candidate that does away with all this mess. I don’t actually see most of what goes on behind the scenes in turbotax anymore. It’s all just too confusing now. The government knows how much I make, they know how many kids I have, they know how much I make, they know how much I paid for taxes on my house, on my state tax, on my federal tax. Can’t they figure all this out without me having to tell them again and filing???? I’m voting for whoever does away with all this IRS mess. thanks.


i have had the hardest time understanding this whole porcess . I have read and read , feels like I am going round and round . Can’t believe this is easy to understand for most people . There are a lot of people with less education than , obvously some tax prepares don’t know enough to help . I have not recieved a 1095b , I have been sent around the world , and still have no form . Something needs done , and changes made .

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