I need life Insurance I’m unable to get it from several Insurance Companies, because of my HIV status? Where can I obtain this type of Insurance?


Life insurance, unlike health insurance under ObamaCare, is not typically guaranteed issue. However, there are options for those with chronic illnesses, specifically HIV due to modern treatments and thus increased life expectancy.

That being said, life insurance offers a really large range of products and riders (add-ons). Some life insurance is great and provides value and covers important things like long-term care. Other life insurance can be heavily market-based or include such large premiums near end-of-life that it becomes un-payable. You really have to watch out for unnecessary riders, understand term versus whole versus subtypes, and foresee your ability to keep paying that premium.

We don't want to suggest a certain provider or certain type of coverage, but you can simply do a google search for "guaranteed issue life insurance" or "life insurance for hiv". Again we would only urge you to do a little extra homework on the product you are buying and perhaps sit down with an insurance agent in person if you can.

You can learn more about life insurance from our sister site factsoninsurance.com

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