When President Obama’s term is up, will this insurance still be available for me? I finally am able to get the medicine I need and see a Dr. I have several health issues so therefore it has been very difficult not being able to afford my medication until Obama care. I am so thankful but I would like to know if I am still going to have this coverage to get treated?


ObamaCare is short for the Affordable Care Act and is a U.S. law so it won't go away when Obama leaves office. All Republican candidates want to repeal it, but will have a hard time undoing many of it's provisions due to the way our system works.

If we get a Democrat in office or if you live in a "blue" state you should be just fine. In a worst case scenario we will be the first to provide advice.

After two supreme court cases, a century of fighting for healthcare reform, and almost 17 million covered we have to say that we feel the repeal stuff is more rhetoric than reality unless we get a far-rightwing Republican as President in 2016.

UPDATE: Now that Trump has been elected, see What Does President Trump Mean for ObamaCare?

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Gloria Cruz on

I hate this ObamaCare why should I have to pay this from my taxes. I work hard and don’t have health insurance because I cannot afford it. I will need individual insurance and not even with this damn program can I get cheap insurance. The price is ridiculous and since I have not need to have insurance I don’t think I should be forced to have it. I am glad I don’t have any health issues and, therefore, having a health insurance would be just throwing money away. I don’t want to pay for health insurance which would be flushing money down the drain and I pay enough taxes and don’t hardly get any money back because the government stays with the majority of it and now I have to pay it out to this dumb cause.

Kathryn on

You pay for health insurance for the same reason you pay for car insurance.(Thats if you do that much). In the event of an emergency you are going to be grateful that you have it. Get over yourself and understand that its going to take all of us paying into the pot to keep health care insurance down. When you do not pay your part, then get hurt, you are make it worse off for everyone else, then you become part of the problem. I guarantee that you could not pay a full doctors bill out right, which is why you are complaining now, because you have no money. If you don’t want to pay for insurance serve in the military and figure out a way to support your country instead of tearing it down through this forum.

Tom Catalanotti on

illegal aliens don’t pay for Car insurance or health insurance, this is one more reason we are broke. And as usual a #*#**# politician, in this case obama, makes pledges , no one can pay for and it kicks in when the ##$# is out of office.
The United states has become greece we are very close to having it all implode.
Immigrants came here to assimilate and become americans not to bring, Mecca here or little india or china.
ThE US Has become a joke.

Half on

F&*(#&$# *#$(#& &#($&# *)#&)$#& (swearing). Worry less excuse for an American you piece of garbage

Bob on

me too hmu

Robin on

You are a joke. A big one indeed. So hateful and ignorant. It is disgusting.

Alejandra Escobedo on

Tom Catalanotti
You are a joke dude. A very ignorant too. You are Broke because you want to be broke. My parents are illegal and the pay taxes and car and house insurances. They both have health insurance and we aren’t broke . Don’t blame other for you being broke. And these insurance plans are very high I just prefer pay the penalty fine at the end of the year which is $650

CJ on

Your parents are illegal? Guess what? That makes them criminals. #deportillegals

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is really uncalled for. Cool off the xenophobic rhetoric. Americanism isn’t just a nationality, it is a mindset, and your xenophobic mindset is not in line with true Americanism.

Marissa on

Soooo …. if they come they should eat process meats and mayo , celebrate holidays in ways that has nothing to do with the holidays !? Example turkey day , bunnies , chocolate and eggs day , and stuff your face with while watching foot ball ? U expect them to lose their culture? Why ? Do u loose the way u think when u see them ? By the way illegal immigrants can’t get health insurance with out a green card or social security u uneducated asshole . just to let you know everyone in this country are immigrants even you ! Unless u are American Indian which I highly doubt that .

CJ on

My ancestors WERE immigrants, too. With one HUGE difference, they didn’t sneak into this country as law-breakers. They did it the RIGHT way.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

All our ancestors were immigrants except the native Americans, most were treated like Garbage by the social conservatives of the time and were accused of all sorts of awful stuff like you are doing now. Illegal immigration isn’t OK, but a kid who is taken here by their parents isn’t the same as someone sneaking in here when they had other options. Even with them, there isn’t’ always a good pathway the citizenship.

Emotions are high on this one, but it isn’t a simple issue.

Pia on

Obama care is not fair to the middle class – this answer given is just crazy. Our part is not paying triple the price for someone else- we have to pay or mortgage and pay expenses, and we are going to have to pay over 1200.00 a month and we are healthy , Are you out of your mind? All plans are not offered in your area, they give health insurance to all who want it, however you still are penalized for age and being a women. Trust me that is still out there, If it did not matter they would not factor your age. There are people not working so they can pay cheaper for insurance, His plan is making American lazy and killing middle class , insurance companies do not even want to participate- they are dropping out of our area, Your remarks are outrageous.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Respectfully I read the answer and it said (paraphrasing) “if a Republican gets in office they will likely repeal” otherwise it will be fine, but with that in mind one can’t exactly just “repeal” the whole thing.

This is sort of saying, “hey person who finally got coverage under the ACA because they had hay fever once and thus were priced out of coverage forever”, you aren’t going to be left to die if a Republican becomes president.

The rest of my answers are centered or cheeky (like the Sanders one). Honestly i’m not sure what you are talking about, but your two cents has been shared and noted.

Linda Wood on

Again..as said priviously, Go In The Military..I Did! And stop attacking your country and do something for it.
You will have benefits you earned
If that bothers you so much! Or are you just all mouth and no action?

Brad on

Yeah I don’t want a big government to rule me. I wasn’t born to be a slave, as a middle class white man I’m going to start my own construction company and NOT take government contracts but it’s cool because I don’t want to pay taxes lol. Hey that’s what lawyers are for but hey it’s cool y’all because I’m going to be self insured so I’m not going to be in my country’s pocket I just don’t want my country in my pocket. Y’all arnt responsible for me and I’m not responsible for you. I love you and I’ll pray for you all but it’s every man for himself in this game.

g cardeeee on

you are so right I agree with you

Donald trump on

Listen i dont have any health issues and dont want to pay for everyone else. Not fair fk lazy ass people who do t wannt to work. Make america great again. Im an american middle eastern so you cant call me a racist lmfao.

Robi on

I make 250k a year. I use ACA because I have a very small business.

Make America READ AGAIN!

Brad Harding on

Alot of people have lost their jobs due to the fact that employers have to offer insurance . I was one of them . And guess what no job , no house , and still no insurance and to top it off I have court dates for non support now . Took a productive citizen and threw them in the gutter . I don’t want to hear about how Obama care was good cause it literally ruined my life . And yes I am looking for work . With no jobs available it’s kind of hard with having to walk on foot in heat and cold . I’m at the public library now looking for work cause I have no place to go anyways in 100+ temps . So I hope Obama has done you just right to make this all worth it to you !

Jeanne fisher on

You paying taxes on the police to try protect you. Son of a bitch A hole. What are they doing killing off every child women and innocent person they can that don’t have white skin. Dark skin and yellow skin pay taxes and still bring rediculed and killed you assinine fuck.

Lina on

Wow, you are a bitch. Why don’t you get over yourself.

Frank Alfar on

Bravo sir.

rosA on

I’m so glad for Obama care they found so many problems that I had they that I will never have heart problems etc thanks obama

Jeanne on

Me too. People are born disabled. They can’t help it. Thanks obama

Stacey on

I don’t have health insurance either & I don’t want it. When I go see the doctor I pay cash, which is $50 & I’m done with it. I have an account set up with the hospital to pay my medical bill from having surgery or when I get hurt & yes I make $20 payments. It isn’t hurting anyone & it’s the best health insurance ever. It covers me which is all I can afford to cover. I used to have health insurance B4 Obama Care came along. Then I got a huge bill in the mail that was 1/2 my paycheck. The letter said if I couldn’t afford to pay that then my insurance would cancel. This Obama Care is a joke

gena on

I am recently divorced .. I had good insurance thru Anthem on my husbands plan . I am between a rock and a hard place . My husband never wanted me working full time or furthering my career he wanted suzy homemaker … yet I went out and worked part time , No children , I am a hairstylist and do home healthcare . Now that we are divorced I met with my broker and got started on this Obama plan. I do pay a premium which is fine by me i expected to. Just got a letter in the mail that as of Jan 1st of 2017 my cost has and will go up $100 a month . Now I do not want free insurance and yes I believe in paying for my insurance but this was supposed to be affordable Health Insurance . My intentions are to further my career and go back to school . At 47 and divorced I did not realize life would come to this. I also feel like we are penalized if we make a higher salary . Yet I do not want the government taking care of me and me not contributing. I think this whole issue and issues are a mess and I feel like we a country have been done so wrong . I hope our next president can pull thru with what they say they are gonna do for all of us . I am very disappointed at this point with heath care.

Esi Cocker on

You all have car insurance don’t you and you don’t complane about your car you never crashed?from my understanding this is what it really is all about. When a person goes to the hospital and can’t afford the bill its irrelevant they write you an I.o.u. and send you on your way(never mind if you can afford it or not) the way a real business transaction works or should work in a real economy when people go somewhere to buy somthing people need to decide whether or not they can afford what they have in mind to buy always.this is the real ways inflation works(how much somthing will cost)if I’m selling something and I see 1000 costumers in line waiting to buy what I’m advertising at $1.00 a piece I’ll raise my price to make profits. Right?if my line shortens what do I do?lower my price.I love it because you all say it.”I can’t afford it”.if every body came into my store and said the stuff was to expensive and I was making little sales I might want to lower my prices.its not the insurance you can’t afford its the damn hospital you can’t afford is what you should be telling yourselves.the biggest bank rupture of all to the American people is healthcare so when ur give a service nobody is going to ask how much it should cost you your going to be taken advantage of so the idea is(Obama care) to throw in 10% each to help control the cost of the hospital that is that means if you made $12,000 you’ll contribute $1,200 a year and someone who made $1,000,000 contributes $100,000(I think that’s the basics) so weve decided how much money to dedicate to healthcare.therefor adjusting prices.and if you wanted to get rid of something I think it would be a good idea to throw out your mandatory car insurance(why do I have to have car insurance?I don’t need it my cars cheap. Compared to spending a day in the hospital cost me $10,000 or getting surgery which could cost $5,000,000) instead because of all the fraud that has to do with that.I can fake crash my car at will and collect money but I don’t see anybody purposely breaking their arm to get a dollar do you(fraud proof).on top of it all when you go to the hospital you can thank insurance companies.when the hospitals would go gouge them for money the insurance companies went back to the hospitals and said “if we’re going to pay that much you have to make people pay that much too” you know what people started saying”we all need healthcare insurance “somebody somewhere in this country my country men and my constituency’s will eventually need to go to the hospital and I am more than willing to play my role on contributing so that they won’t have to worry seems to be a pattern everyone who is in good health is complaining ” why” everyone who has experienced an illness or medical emergency is like “omg thank god I have that”has anyone els noticed that?

James on

Wow no wonder we still have obama care half of you morons arent even American nor do you understand the principals of law and liberty. This is why that son of a bitch passed the thing to begin with. The car insurance argument is so retarted. Yet you liberals keep saying it. This is why Americans are armed in the end we will have to win our liberty back by way of force. Or we will end in a marxist state wishing we were not such douchebags.

Lorna dean on

I used to think your way then I got cancer and everything changed. You have to have insurance before a specialist will see you or pay the full amount of the doctors visit which can run anywhere from a few hundred or more. This being said now I have a pre existing condition and would not be eligible for health care. Believe me I did not plan on ever having cancer and to loose a breast.
Unless you are under some impression that you will never get a costly illness than more power to you. That being said I had to take of work for many months due to the surgery and for treatments and if you have a rathe substantial amount in your bank account let’s say a 50,ooo dollars or more put away just for that rainy day illness than more power to you! Believe me when I say I did not choose this disease and it does not run in my family. So choosing not to have health care to me is very irresponsible just as not having the other necessary instance one most cover for things that are out of our control. If you have any better suggestions please let me know or maybe you would like to be facing my bills without any insurance.

AB on

Hi Stacey which hospital did set up on account and is this something recent? I am agree to pay $20. Its been a wile I am trying to get something only for emergency but I can’t anything reasonable.

Delkid on

I’m sure that Trump will get rid of this obama care during his term. With 60% of the dumpocrats out of office I cannot wait to see what happens to the country once Trump takes office in 2017. I’ll just sit back and watch everything. This is going to be great !!!

Debbie on

It’s the MANDATORY part that most Republicans have an issue with Obamacare and the fact, it has caused premiums to go up yearly with the cost of prescription meds… It is a nightmare for many people and is taking away people’s rights by being forced to buy insurance they don’t want or cannot afford. Take out the mandatory part. What right does any president have to make anything mandatory, and the penalties are a total scam.

Jeanne on

Well croak than. You get sick you won’t have no service. Let’s see if you talk this bullshit when you paining bad and fighting for your life fool.

Patrick S. on

Congratulations Kathryn,

Thanks to people like you who put Obama in office, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic, but well down the road to socialism. The government has no power to require us to buy anything, whether we should or not. Obama is not our nanny, or our conscience. The states are another matter, which is why we can be forced to buy auto insurance.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I know people feel this way, but historically and technically speaking, we are most certainly a constitutional mixed-republic. A rather Democratic one at that, think: 1. you just freely said that. 2. you can go run for office. 3. you can vote directly on state initiatives.

Insurance is a pretty fundamental thing in societies, I’m not saying the ACA is prefect, but insurance products being mandated by the state is not really outside of a reasonable thing for a government to do.

Anna Perez on

I so agree with you!

Robin Wesley on

Lol….Just reading all the complaints….Now you got a little taste of what forced labor was like for my forefathers inslaved,=_==_=

Jeanne on

At least he had no smears or reputation comming into office like that skunk trump did. And people loves him. I think he’s the best there was. Here trump starting a we3 with his f**king stinking attitude kicking his voters to the curb trying to get rich on the government and your ass dummy. Obama csme in matured intelligent and a chief in charge with control and kept War in check. Obama disarming it. You are a f**ked up skunk punk dummy just like your idol trump. What a tucked up last name. It definitely describes him. A trumped up son of a fucked up badtard.

Doggy Meehan on

People who had health insurance lost theirs. Not everyone pays. Hard working people are paying for other people who do not WANT TO WORK! ObamaCare is horrible.

Mike on

That’s crap!

Sandi on

Auto insurance is ridiculous too. Insurance companies give nothing for free. As for paying out of pocket, the copay you pay is outrageous especially if something major happens and you can’t pay your whole copay at one time so you still owe money so I don’t know what your talking about you will be grateful. I think health insurance should not be mandatory and penalize people who work hard and still can’t afford it. It should be up to the person not the government. 5)3 government does not know what bills you have and what you can and can’t afford!

Jenny on

I think the United States should be more like Europe – they have universal healthcare for all of their citizens! They are entitiled to it. Yes, healthcare is a must, just like car and home insurance just in case anything were to happen so that we have access to it BUT it is ridiculously expensive! No way is it affordable at all! So the poor gets free healthcare, the rich dont care because they can afford to pay out of pocket but 2/3 of Americans fall in the “middle class” category! Making too much to qualify for any real assistance, and just have enough to be okay… with this law, it has put many families in even worse situations than before. Employers are juat buying the cheapest insurance packages on the market enough to cover their asses from getting penalized… employees are struggling and forced to either takw it or buy plans from the “market” which is NO BETTER! VERY VERY HIGH MONTHLY PREMIUMS, HIGH CO-PAYS, EXTRA SHITTY COVERAGE AND RIDICULOUS DEDUCTIBLES! So, does it even make sense for a person who makes 15 dollars an hour with no family, gross income of 2,400 a month, annual salary of 32k to pay 300-400 a month for insurance?! And are responsible for paying all of their medical expenses up to 6,000 in a “good” year before the insurance company will pick up the remainder and pay between 60-90 percent of the leftpver?! Not really! Some families are ok with it, and like many other middle class families … it is still too expensive! It doesnt make any logical sense to be forking 2/3 of your monthly income towards healthcare! It needs to be revised!

Manny on

its easy to say “its like paying car insurance”, well car insurance does not cost $20,000 even if you drive a Rolls Royce. It is not that we do not want to pay for something we don’t use, it is just too costly and it seems that it is getting more expensive as time moves on. So, don’t jump on your high horse and defend something that clearly needs reform in terms of costs.

Tom on

You are forced to pay for car insurance not because of an emergency. Most poor people get car insurance that only includes liability. Why? Because some single mom of 4 kids working at mcdonalds would never have to pay a dime if they were found to be in fault for wrecking their 1995 ford aspire and totaling a 2017 maserati grandtourismo, even if taken to court and ordered to pay a garnish she would never have to pay o dime

Tom on

When i get sick before obamacare i paid 200$ at the clinic and about 10 to 20$ for an rx, with obamacare i pay 250 a month for a 10,000$ deductible. So now im paying 250$ a month 200$ at the clinic and 10-20$ for the same rx no savings there. The only way i can get over my deductible is i f get put in the hospital but i cant work and ill have to go bankrupt. Either way im bankrupt

Tony on

Some of us don’t have car insurance because we do not have cars. We should not have to pay for this crud

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Right, you just voted to make this happen. But keep in mind what you asked for when someone you love gets sick and is priced out of coverage.

Dewbert MClinton on

I pay for car insurance because the government requires it, not because I need it. I have had one at fault accident in 31 years of driving. Do you think I need car insurance?

fred on

i pay for car insurance as a protection in case i hurt some one else with my vehicle , their hospital bills are covered , my health is not a direct threat to others , and my ability to pay for a hosp[ital visit also isnt a bodily or threat to any one else , dumbass , no one has been injured because i didnt have health insurance

Mike on

I pay my Dr bills out right and i agree with him no person Will make me pay for something i take card of my self if i use it if i am not able to pay outright for the services then i dont go.emergencies are usually called in by someone not involved if i need emergency help that is my choice not yours or anyone else’s

Mark on

Its a fine ..we shouldnt be forced to buy insurance
.if we dont want it then we should not be forced . You must be liberal to see things in your minds eye the way you do ..i had really good insurance and it all went away as soon as obama care took place ….who signs an agreement to buy a car without reading the terms of the loan …??? Well the government did when that idiot senator proclaimed we must pass it before we know whats in it …REALLY



Barbadosbelle on


In The UK we pay NHI as part of our taxes.
The only people who do get free health care here are the ‘Health Tourists’ from, mainly, Africa who come here to have their babies and get AIDS treatments – as stupidly we don’t chase them for payment. We should, but our Hospital Administrators are too lazy to do so.


doug on

Get over yourself dont wont it and wont get it trump is going to do away with this shity law thank god

Megan on

The difference is you can choose if you have a car, and in that case yes of course you should be responsible for car insurance. You can’t choose if you have a body and shouldn’t be forced to insure something that is non optional.

JJ on

Get over himself? Wow, how about we take profitability away from the insurance companies? How about we reform insurance companies all together? All the ACA really did was make middle class pay for all the underinsured instead of the government – hospitals – clinics. Yep thats right, their profits were being hit!! How dare us not be willing to make sure the profits remain excessive for the uber wealthy.

Mike on

Yeah right, one of the reasons health care costs are out of sight is because of the democrats getting government involved in it. Remember First Lady Clinton with her fingers in the pot? Look back and you will see that is when this mess started.
I remember when there where HMO’s, thanks to government involvement they died. Anything the government gets their fingers gets screwed up. You need to wake up and take care of yourself and not rely on the government to do it for you. Once obamacare gets dumped perhaps it will go back to the private sector where competition will lower prices. Less government is better government and this includes health care!

Amelia on

Keep insurance cost down for who? For with people who already have insurance? How is that fair in anyway. My $700 dollars is just taken from me. I didn’t go to the doctor once and I need to pay $700 for nothing. It doesn’t benefit the people who don’t have insurance or provise us with any so I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Margret on

People deserve a choice.

BAM on

You my friend probably dont even work, because this health insurance is nothing more than a burden on those of us that stay healthy. As far as like car insurance, who are you kidding… This insurance that cost me 12000 dollars a year does nothing for me, but puts insurance in your pocket so you can do nothing… Your the one that should get over yourself… I dont know you and I should not have to put anything in a pot so you can have a better life… Go out and get a job…

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Your last comment was more defensible, let us not insult each other. We are all struggling.

My name on

Health care insurance is nothing like car insurance. Who wver told you that was a complete moron. If I crash into someone elses car Im screwing with thier liberty. .. This is why i am liable ya stinking marxist. Im not liable for your aunts hip replacement thats screwing with my liberty by stealing and redustibuting wealth in the form of taxes. The problem is you librals should learn self sufficiency yet because you live in an age of ultimate utility you expect every one eles to take care of you. After all the state is your mommy and daddy. Obama deserves to be hung on a pike for what he has done to our country. Make him pay for your health care .. not our labor and hard work.

Tom on

The Affordable Health Care ACT aka Obamacare provides a safety net for everyone while limiting the cost to aprox 8% of your income. A small price to pay to ensure that you do not burden your family should you become ill. Even more important is that you not become a burden to me because I pay my taxes and have to take care of my own family. People like you usually have plenty of money for vacations, cigarettes and booze but don’t save for your retirement or think of your health care. If you contribute to an IRA it reduces your income and can help qualify you for a reduced premium. Why don’t you do us all a favor and learn how to live within your means because I hate paying for you and your ignorance.

Jay on

8 percent on health ins tax, 15 to 25 percent on income tax, 7 percent on sales tax (were I live) on everything I buy to live, i.e. Gas, cloths and food. And another 5 percent or so a year on property tax. Half my income is gone before I even pay one bill! Starting think people who don’t work and game the system are the really the smart ones. I get a 50 percent hair cut for doing the right thing.

Jay on

8 percent on health ins tax, 15 to 25 percent on income tax, 7 percent on sales tax (were I live) on everything I buy to live, i.e. Gas, cloths and food. And another 5 percent or so a year on property tax. Half my income is gone before I even pay one bill! Starting think people who don’t work and game the system are the really the smart ones. I get a 50 percent hair cut for doing the right thing.

Jj on

8% is too high!! And its also a joke! I pay $2000 a month (no exageration) for 2 people mid 50s please dont tell me thats 8% more like 30% I couldnt get approved for a home with a mortgage payment that high! Be honest, 8% is truly only for the most minimal amount of coverage hospitization only and not any real care.

Amelia Rosa Reed on

I don’t smoke, drink, party, or go on vacation, I’m going to school, and working a minimum wage job part time. I have just enough money to pay for my car insurance that I also think is silly, my car payment, my food, gas, and my rent and utilities. I have no money for anything fun. I live a rather simple life. Obamacare has done nothing for me since it has been passes. When I did make a doctor’s visit I just paid out right. And that was a total of maybe $1500 over the last 10 years so paying $160 a month or $700 annually seems hardly worth it.

BAM on

Another miss informed body, 8% of my income is far from what I pay… Try 12000 a year with 6000 dollar deductables… My wife and I gross 45000.00 dollars… DO THE MATH THEIR DUMMY…. This is why so many of you think this is such a great plan… I can only imagine those of you who only pay 8% dont work for a living…

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If your cheapest plan would cost more than 9.65 (adjusted each year) you are exempt from the fee… we are still talking big numbers, but if you make $45,0000 for a family of 2 your rate is capped at 9.65 (adjusted) after cost assistance for the Second Lowest Cost Silver in your state. It is literally an algorithm that determines baseline cost assistance.

That is the gist, problem is everyone’s situation is complex and i’ve seen some really frustrating ones… So I don’t like telling people “that isn’t right”, I will just say, I don’t feel like we all have all our details and facts straight. Something more must be going on… but let us just go on your statement, dang, that is insane! I would personally not pay that, what a rip off, fee would be way cheaper for you.

Lee on

You’re an idiot.

Derika on

It’s cheaper to pay the fine. This country sucks!! I want out so bad.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The thing about the fine is that you don’t get access to healthcare. Have you looked into your range of cost assistance options and considered an HSA?

Jason Reynolds on

Airplane’s, Buses and ships. Feel free to leave anytime, no one is keeping you here.

Cris on

Then leave? But you’ll have to pay for a passport and airfare which no doubt is Obama’s fault as well.

pamela on

One of the most selfish things I’ve read. See, you’re part of the problem. You’re complaining about how things are but things are the way they are because of people like you. I live in Canada and we pay taxes going to healthcare. Do I complain? No, it would be stupid. I feel very blessed and grateful to live somwhere where people care, I care, about others. On top of my 20 years of life i may luckily not need much but some kid with cancer does. Sick people can focus on getting better instead of dealing with inhumane healthcare debt. It’s like another world to me. People shouldn’t be punished for getting sick! Do you think they deserve cancer? If they don’t, then you don’t DESERVE good health either. One day, we all do, you’ll need doctors and nurses and pills and hospitals. Try to remember your comment. I consider health issues to be inequalities. Cancer, breaking a leg, getting a car accident… inherited diabetes. Maybe some people are reckless, but i’ll never accept to punish masses and start scrutinizing basic needs. Truly awful way of thinking. If you cannot afford to pay for taxes which is your rightful contribution for the society you live in, then you should sit down and review your budget, because that’s more important than the hundreth unselfless and unnecessary thing we buy. You feel like you deserve all that surrounds you and shouldn’t have to pay for it so you think it’s money vanishing and going into thin hair. It’s not. When you pay your taxes next time think about sick people you’re helping, see it as a group savings account, and go take a walk outside to realize your privilege. You might be struggling, things might not be perfect, but I’m pretty sure that this is for the best.

g on

I agree with you my insurance went from 150.00 a month to 700.00 how did that help me!!! and I dont use it eighter i do homepathic and it is not covered

Bob on

Gloria, I respect your desire to avoid a bill. If you really believe that then when Obama care goes away, you can stop contributing to health care. When that happens, please only seek care you have the ability to pay for out of your personal funds. By all means do not go to the hospital or call an ambulance because I don’t want my taxes covering your lack of desire to pay your way.

BAM on

Well, so you dont wany anyone going to the hospital when Obama Care goes away… Selfish you are, because we are already paying for your health care… You are another one of those that probably pays very little while those of us who work hard have to pay a lot. This year my kids went to college and now I no longer qualify for Obama Care assistance.. 45000 dollars a year and they dont help except mandate a penalty if I dont pay the 1000.00 dollars a month… More than my house payment…. I should not have to pay this so you can have your insurance, and the little taxes you pay mean nothing when it comes to medical bills for someone that does not have health insurance….

Vicky on

I hope you never get sick!!!

Rocky on

Wait until you are diagnosed with breast cancer….

Allen on

Very true

Dave on

I agree, 100 percent, this country is becoming communist.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I think you misspelled “enamored by nativist populism as a pushback against globalization which looks a little too much like Hitler and Mussolini’s National Fascism for comfort”. You said “Communist”, which is a leftist ideology that believes in equality, but is detrimental in its use of the state as a tool for mass equalization (under a tyrant). However, we just voted in Trump and the GOP is currently trying to repeal ObamaCare and build a wall to keep immigrants out, so that is more like the other WWII ideology than Communism. Which I assume is what you meant and have thus corrected you. Figure if we are going to throw around the WWII ideologies that almost destroyed the world and equate them to modern American parties, we should do so accurately.

Leslie E Anderson on

Just because some people don’t want it because they arte healthy now, doesn’t mean all ppl feel that way. Your company is supposed to have it available for you to purchase it anyway before Obama came along.
Other people really need this health insurance.

Diana L Cardwell on

If you cannot find insurance you can afford then you are not looking hard enough. There are many insurance plans/company’s that you can look into and get quotes. Individuals making $200,000 plus and families making $250,000 plus had an increase in medicare tax so unless this applies to you there should not be any money coming out of your paycheck for ACA. This is my understanding from all I have read. You have no health issues now you said but you will not go through your whole life without any. ACA lets you get insurance with pre-existing conditions and helps with cost of meds. To each his own but if I did not have insurance I would be living in a cardboard box because all of my money would go to prescriptions and doctor bills…..you get older you have more issues with health. It is people such as yourself that make the cost of insurance and doctors fees go up because if you get hurt with no insurance you go to emergency room. You are not asked for any money at that time but you will receive a bill and a doctor is anywhere from $800 on up not to mention the rest of the visit you will owe. So do us all a favor and put on your big girl panties and get on the health insurance wagon so the ones who have insurance like me do not have to carry your ass when you do not pay.

BAM on

You need to read more, it is not those who work and have no insurance that causes the rates to go up…. It is those of you that abuse the system and with every scratch run off to the doctor… You need to check the statistics and you will find that out…

alexander camacho on

the ignorance of some people is just crazy you cant get insurance because you cant afford it why do you think obama care was put for…..also if you dont want to pay the penalty here i a solution get insurance there isnt any reason that people with this new obama care dont have insurance there are plans for 20 or 30 dollars a month also if for whatever reason you signed up for obama care and it was over 120 dollars a month when you go to fie your taxes you can get the penalty exempted because of the high monthly cost maybe before worrying about just yourself understand the reason why it was put and how it benefits over 20 million Americans there are some Americans that if it wasnt for obmacare they would of been dead without being able to afford their medical prescriptions doing a little research can go a long way

carl dixon on

Forcing something upon the people of this country and if they don’t comply fine them if they don’t um can you say communism this is blatantly unconstitutional and is only viewed as legal due to tricky wording that labels the fine as a tax. I can not afford the gamble of you could qualify for lower rates. Tell me a rate and charge it not leave me guessing in till tax season to see how screwed I am.

alexander amacho on

dont you get forced to have car insurance,registration,drivers licence lol and your complaining about health insurance go ahead and brake one of those laws and get caught its more then just a 635 dollar penalty lol people can be so ignorance about why something was put in place tell that to the 20 million americans that have benefited with obamacare i read these comments and it hurts my head to see ow much people hate this just cause it is “against our right” granted a lot of laws are again our rights get over it

Anonymous on

I totally agree with Gloria Cruz the price of individual health plans are ridiculous and because of this law I’m going to be in debt it actually costs more to have insurance than not having insurance and having to go when necessary I also work hard and I can not afford the insurance with the premiums so BIG i have a family to support and because of this Act I’m going to be in debtdue to this Act. This Act is for those who choose not to work it is not even for those who are sick because unlike Gloria I am sick and when I pass away all I’m going to be doing is leaving a whole in the pocket for my child 🙁

Pete on

You’ve been sold a bill of goods. The two programs “risk corridor” and “reinsurance” which have bee propping up the exchanges with federal dollars are ending in 2017; “coincidentally” when this pathetic, narcissistic man will be leaving office. United Healthcare has already announced they will now longer take part in the exchanges which means that other insurers will have to pick up all those sick people putting in claims. They will most certainly say they will not be able to pay all those claims without the infusion of government monies. Also many of of the insurance co-ops have also failed and dropped off the Obamacare exchanges. This is what the administration is not telling people. What do you think Jonathan Gruber meant when he said they counted on the stupidity of the American people to re-elect Barack Obama so this law would stand another four years. You don’t have to worry about an appeal; in 2017 this law will drastically have to be revamped because as is it will die. This is not rhetoric, this is fact that that the Obama administration doesn’t want people to know about. If you have nay doubts, call United Health and let them tell you where this lie of a law is headed. You should have been smart enough to realize that nothing is free. Don’t get sick!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No, I agree, the underlying costs of healthcare have inflated so much that in truth no one can really afford them without some complex rationing, which is what happens under the ACA. We could write an essay on how to expand healthcare and keep it profitable at the same time. In today’s political environment this is no small feat. The GOP answer of deregulating and accepting that some won’t have access isn’t a good enough answer for me. This makes for a sticky situation, but at least we got step one in the ACA. Now if only we can avoid infighting and demand a little bit more.

Pete on

If Obama would have done what he said he was going to do in the first place; have a program for those who couldn’t get insurance due to pre-existing conditions and for those who absolutely couldn’t afford it while leaving everyone else alone who was happy with what they had, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Instead he lied to get it pushed through while scheming with Kathleen Sebelius to require 10 essential benefits all plans must now have knowing full well it would outlaw at least 75% of existing plans. Now people had to pay for benefits they did not need such as a 52yr old man having to pay for maternity, breast pumps and birth control. This was intentionally done to try to force people onto the exchanges. This man and his administration betrayed the American people. The only reason he got away with it was because no one has the guts to reprimand the first half-black American president. A poor excuse to let a narcissistic jerk ruin America’s Healthcare system.

wtf on

Umm…excuse me but up ’till this past February, I was out of a job for more than a year WITH NO INSURANCE. So if something happened to me, I was screwed.

But since Obamacare was available, I was able to be covered during the time where I was looking for work and now I have a job, though I pray it(obamacare) doesn’t go away anytime soon since it’s only 12 per hour(I’m definitely going to ask for a raise next year) and I can’t afford my own personal health insurance as of yet.

Bottom line : STOP WHINING about Obamacare.

Tyger on

Exactly…you were out of a job for more than a year.
As it’s been clearly stated over and over again in here. This plan works for your deadbeats.
Its those of us that actually have to pay for people like you that it’s not fair to

Linda Farrow on

Yeah…United health ins. sent me a letter saying they will not have this insurance as of November. So now I have to find another insurance company. This bites. And you shouldn’t have to be fined for not having it. I work 2 jobs just to pay for insurance I hardly use. I pay more to insurance than I have to my doctor

Kdee on

Making everyone pay for health insurance is completely ridiculous. I do believe that everyone has the right to be seen by a doctor when it is needed but the ‘insurance’ part is nothing but a way for a lot of big politicians and insurance companies to fill their pockets. If need be raise taxes to pay for these dr visits and have a certain amount that can be charged by hospitals and doctors for people who financially qualify. During my entire working life I have carried health insurance for myself and my family and one would have thought that since ‘everyone’ in the US is required to purchase health insurance rates would have went down all across the board but no. I pay more now than I have paid in my entire life and its totally insane. If health care providers would be required to treat so many ‘need based’ patients; such as a lawyer required to do so many hours of pro bono to maintain license; insurance would become more competitive and thus more affordable. So many people doesn’t actually go to the dr enough to spend the money on insurance; being cheaper to pay for the visit; then I know of a lot that take advantage of the government assisted health care and make me sick by watching them ‘waste’ working people’s hard earned money. Something better has to be done. Not much thought has went into health care reform. Companies and peole alike are finding all kinds of loop holes and cutting corners on employee health coverage. So many rich people just keep getting richer from this and I wouldn’t count out Obama’s pockets are being filled with some insuance company kickbacks from this.

Sue McKeown on

Well excuse me for living, but I took early retirement to care for my disabled husband at home (sadly, he is now in now in long-term care). When my COBRA coverage was going to run out last June, I checked with three brokers about getting insurance off the Health Care Marketplace a/k/a Obamacare). I have a preexisting condition. All three brokers told me that *no* insurance company would provide health insurance for me. It’s a howler because my condition has been stable for about 12 years with medication, a healthy lifestyle, and specialist visits about every 2-3 months. Insurance companies have made money off me big time!

I got a decent policy for 2016, which was very expensive, but worth it. Not as good as my previous health insurance, but still very good. My deductible was only 1K, and I could see my primary care doctor for $25 and my specialist for $50. Good mail-order prescription coverage, and 5K out-of-pocket at 20% for me. My best option for 2017 isn’t as good, since it’s an HMO and the deductible is 1.25K, but the network is still pretty large because I live in an urban area and there are three hospitals, one being a Level 1 Trauma center, and another known for its oncology, cardiac, and neuroscience care. All three are teaching hospitals, too. And the cost is $200 less/month than the 2016 policy. So I can live with it.

Of course there are problems with “Obamacare”. It’s a new program. Let’s mend it, not end it. And yes, everyone should be required to have health insurance. We all pay for the results of people who don’t have it, directly or indirectly. What about lost productivity, unemployment due to serious chronic illness, premature death that may leave children without a parent? One of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the US is unpaid medical debt. We can do better than this for our country, Americans.

steve smith on

it is easy for our trusted government to force us blue collared working class into insurance when we pay for theirs…..thats fair isnt it…….the government is the mob……

Rick on

OK what if Trump gets in?? He is a rich nut job to say it nicely!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Trump for me is a wildcard. He has expressed positions ranging from banning Muslims to single payer healthcare. It is hard to say, it’s not that I don’t have theories, it is that I don’t feel speculating them at this stage in the game is the right move.

angelina on

Obama is a good President Obama was the best present I’ve had since I was alive I think Obama should stay the president. I think That Obama should have a good life after he’s out of the office and he gets to care for his family.

doug on

Obama is the worst president in history i wil not get this healthcare i have totake careof myself frist f other people we r all going to diesomeday

Michael Bice on

Hello Obama lover site we can tell by your answer who your for

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Bernie sanders, but I wish he had stronger libertarian principles? So like if Sanders and Ron Paul had a baby.

I am impressed that you knew this!

But I respect Clinton’s record and Trump’s maverick-y-ness just to get a nice word in about all the candidates and parties.

Robert on

F Obamacare and who ever thinks it’s great!! My health insurance for my son and I went from $98 a month to $299 a month and don’t cover half of what it did. Also on top of that you get penalized if you don’t have none at $299 a month I see why people don’t have health insurance and if I would go to the hospital I’m still coming out of pocket! On top of that it was easy to buy my house then sign up for health insurance and you have to wait for a open enrollment period!! BULLSHIT get this shit out very against it!!

Saint Louis on

Yes I agree with you! My family plan went from 72 to 1,113! Where am I gonna find all that money! They need to get rid of it! It’s just getting out of control!

anonymous on

Excuse me but I know illegals who pay for car insurance. Not for health insurance obviously because they’re not allowed to get that even if they wanted to. Let’s not be prejudice. That’s whats destroying us.

Anonymous on

The ACA is strictly about making money. The Democrats do not care about the uninsured anymore than the Republicans. If they did they’d have gone after corporate pharmaceutical companies and combating frivolous lawsuits to lower malpractice insurance for doctors. I’m all for free health care, just don’t mandate it for those who don’t need or want it. My insurance cost have only climbed since ACA was passed. What’s the point of having it if I can’t afford to anything but work? Am I supposed to be happy with simply existing and spending the rest of my “American Dream” life in debt?

Don't worry about it on

I’m glad I found a forum to express my frustration with this Obama care bull s***!!!! Literally…. I’m a single parent making about 40thou a year… I’m really upset… Never mind… I mean irate… I don’t understand how every check I take home weekly gets taxed for like almost 300 dollars a week… Paying Health care insurance for other’s while they sit home lazy as f*** feeding and enjoying themselves with my hard work… Must be nice… Now.. Not only do I get taxed every check but even taxed for penalties at tax time… This is just to much I swear… At the end of the year they say you get most of your money back and that’s a lie… This Obama care shit needs to end… Everybody with no physical harm should be working instead of collecting welfare and getting high with it… Meaning my hard earned working money… luckily my son has insurance but I can’t get it… That would be one more expensive bill I can’t afford!!!! F*** Obama!!!!

Wes on

Good answer.

David Brown on

I too had the same question although I was on medication until my doctor moved his practice out of state and his replacement retired 1 month after filling in for him and his office completely closed, so it got me thinking about not being in a rush to find another doctor and continuing to take my medicine because I wanted to try to change my life style towards a more healthier one to see if I can manage without the dependancy of prescriptions, I have not taken any medicine since my doctor left 3 years ago I do pay my insurance every month and are greatful for it since I have a preexisting condition but I need to know I can manage my condition without pills if the republicans repeal this act

Candice Mancl on

I am a student at a 4 year university and I am going to practice law after law school. I receive state insurance in Wisconsin through/because of the Obamacare initiative.

I was poor growing up so I didn’t have much for health insurance then. After I turned 18 I had NO coverage. This was mostly problematic for dental reasons. I have genetically poor teeth and bad parenting while growing up, so a number of my teeth were simply extracted when it came to the point of root canal or extraction.

I am VERY grateful for the health insurance I receive from the state and do not abuse it. I understand tax payers complaints but I do not know what to say to them other than THANK YOU! I already have several missing teeth in the back of my mouth and it is very difficult to chew, so i barely eat. I would have more missing teeth had this insurance not been available to me during my formative years on my way to accomplishing my career goal.

So, thank you!

greg on

obamacare should be optional i am a 32 year old man with 3 kids and pay almost 600 a month for something i hardly use and if i dot have insurance i get fined on my taxes. It helps a lot of older people but hurts the youth

Frouxts of the Spirit Comedy on

Welcome to America, where the Government takes your money and your opinions don’t matter!

Gibbs on

Mine doesn’t even pay half of an office visit and nothing on meds ; 4000 deductable. It is worthless for a American citizen,

Sheila on

Obama care only helped the losers of the world get medicaid. Its my tax dollars helping all the junkies go to rehab and they know just how to work the program. The Scam put poor people to a benefit at the cost paid by the rest of us. Please vote for Trump

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That was one mean comment. Firstly if you work and are middle class and get sick, then you could lose your income, then Medicaid is your SAFETY NET. Many people on Medicaid are hardworking single parents. And GOP states tended to reject expansion. Next, the cost is not substantially different under the ACA for all healthcare programs than it was before the law (although this curbs up over time). Next, again with the classism stuff…. and lastly, that one is your call.

Theresa Bradbury on

I’m sorry but I guess I’m one of those losers then. I worked for 23 years full time and had to quit due to seizures that were causing me to blackout and I didn’t have insurance to go to the doctors cuz I didn’t have any money. So if it wasn’t for Obama care then I wouldn’t have been able to get the medical care I needed if it was for Medicaid. I paid in for this so therefore I’m one of the few that did deserve it.

Martin on

Its good because it helps some people. But the eay to qualify is not good. Its backwards. If we make less we dont get anything. We have to make a certain amount. The online system is terrible and some one us always dropping the ball. We should have the right to choose our own ways of getting health coverage. The government us just dictating what we can do and that is not living in the oand of the free. The way i see it theres going to be dictatorship. So who is really going to do something good for america?

Tim on

I really like Obamacare. If I had to take the insurance offered though my work my premiums would be much more than my house payment. Thank God I qualify for this program with my income!!

Ragen on

I like the sound of that answer! I need Obama Care! Without it I have nothing! At first I didn’t want Obama as President, but now I thank God he was! HE MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE!

Susan Taylor on

I would like to see “ObamaCare” amended to help those being charged more to get it. We need to to taxing the one percenter to cover the increased cost and earmark the money so it cannot be used for other line items. We should not repeal it that would be too costly and irresponsible to all Americans. Thank you

joseph ballance on

Before Obama care if you didn’t t have insurance no problem now Obama seen to it you would be fine $$$. Nice guy.

Lidiya on

The only people benefitting from Obamacare are the insurance companies and the government themselves. Middle class families are paying well over $1,000 a month for coverage but still CANNOT afford to go see a doctor if they get sick for whatever reason due to ridiculous deductibles, out of pocket, etc, etc. I’ve seen nothing good come out of it for our family or any other family I know. Instead, we now pay for health care PREMIUMS alone as much as we do for housing. It will be a wonderful miracle if Obamacare would end at the end of Obama’s term.

Robert on

I agree…something has to change…why didn’t Obama fix the problem instead of making it worse ? Somebody ..anybody please explain…….

Kathy Johnson on

Thanks to obamacare I an actually afford my diabetic meds

John Adams on

It has been very difficult to afford the healthcare premiums for a working family under the provisions of Obamacare. The Unafforadable Care Act is not health care…it is a tax! Wake up America!

Robert on

My premiums were 95 per month before Obamacare ..then went to 356…in 2017 it will go to 814…
I am 56 with no health problems…please somebody explain this

David c on

My opinion , I believe eventually the whole system will collapse in do time, because of the much sicker pool, verses healthy people, the other issue we face is , we simply don’t have enough people working and paying the taxes to support a single payer system, you have more unemployed by far than you do employed not to mention a lot them are part time workers and temporary workers. So theirs a strong possibility that we may be headed for a major healthcare crisis, I also believe it will get to the point to where it won’t hardly cover anything, I do understand President Obama’s point of trying to reform the heAlth insurance industry, but theirs more issues than just insurance. Theirs problems with fraud, law suits, aging population, increase in population in general, drug problems like heroin addiction like when a ambulance comes and tries to save someone from a overdose, someone has to pick up the tab, then theirs the billing and coding, paperwork cost that goes along with all this, not to mention the malpractice insurance that doctors themselves have to carry, and you have to look at how far medical technology has come since about the year 1980 and beyond has come (innovation) theirs many things in the healthcare industry itself that contributes to the cost of healthcare. It’s going to take a total collapse of the system to be able to start over again.

Anthony debacco on

The people that have the affordable care insurance need a long trasition period to some how get health insurance that they can afford the subsidies need to stay in place but the insured should be able to pick a plan suited to them

Liz on

now that Trump is in office, how long will it take and what is the route to repealing Obamacare?

Linda Brock on

Now that we have a far right-wing Republican as president, what will happen to Obamacare?

Timothy Goins on

I hope it stays I can’t afford my meds I’m diabetic and have to take over 14 pills aday.

Ashley on

What now?

Jack on

Hahaha hahaha yeah it’s going to be gone

Darcy on

And so now what. . .

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We break it down in detail here: https://obamacarefacts.com/2016/11/09/what-does-president-trump-mean-for-obamacare/ and here: https://obamacarefacts.com/trumpcare-explained/

Essentially if you obtain and maintain a plan then you can’t be kicked off for preexisting conditions, but cost assistance and the mandate may go away. For now, ACA is still the law of the land. A full repeal is still near impossible, but the key provisions are potentially on the table to be cut for next year. We will obviously be keeping close tabs and providing updates.

doug on

Law of the land u make me sick every time i hear that. F obamacare

James on

far-rightwing Republican as President in 2016 is in office so now what

Grace on

You called it wrong. I hate the coverage I have with Obamacare. It made my great individual insurance triple forcing me on to the Affordable Care Act. With the way the election turned out, it will now be repealed. So what do we do now? The marketplace closes before the president is sworn in. Do I just choose one anyway? It was screwed up when it was started, stayed screwed up, and now it is screwing us up even more. Start letting us know what to do next, and quit pretending it will stay in tact.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The ACA won’t stay fully intact under a Trump President, instead we are likely to get a version of the repeal and replace plan he outlined. We won’t likely lose all the gains though, lots is working in the background and no one talks about it… so it is likely not to be on the chopping block.

doug on

Good by obamacare trump will give us choice again u should not ne fined for not having healthcare. Again it’s about choice

Kong on

Good bye obamacarefacts.com

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Kong, we aren’t going anywhere at all. The ACA may be, but we’ll be around for whatever comes next.

Kong on

Good bye obamacare

Kenneth Solum on

Dont know if my wife and I should spend 28,244 dollars for insurance for 2017 your thought how long to change if it does

Dona barona on

Well, we DO have a right wing republican president now…. so , what happens to us, the medications we have been prescribed, the ailments we are being treated for?

Raymond Trollinger on

Good answer but That far right wing President will be in office on Jan 20 2017 What then?

unamnious on

Well now the Republicans control the house, senate, and presidency. You may expect a repeal of Obama Care but that will not necessarily mean you will lose health care permanently. There are plenty of insurance agencies that you could switch to which will result in you paying less than you were on Obama Care. Obama care was dying on its own anyway with people paying $10,000 in deductibles. Unanimous

Tom on

don’t forget that ACA also lowered the definition of full time work to 30 hours because more people would be covered since many worked 39 cause employers avoided making them full time not realizing that people bearly making by with 2 part time jobs would get their hours cut to 29 for the same reasons, so not only did millions get their hours cut but on top of that they had te buy thier own insurance or take a massive fine. The democrats knew it was going to happen and passed it anyways. And for some reason the poor still elect them cause yay healthcare.

Gigo on

As I am in the middle class my payments are 465.00 with a 6300 deductible, totally unfair! Who can afford this? I hate having a gun put to my head forced to pay or get taxed

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well, we will see what happens under Trump. You may get your wish and not have to buy coverage, but that may come at the expense of having guaranteed coverage or cost assistance.

Certainly, we all can be sure, the frustration has been felt and resonated in the ballot box.

jess on

do you all wipe your asses with your tears people need Obama care… So do you hate people who have Medical and human too? and do you ppls hate ppls who have SSS? Why do you all hate Obama Care.. yeah so it takes away some of your taxes but if you didn’t work or if you care about people and there health than you rock other than that if you don’t care you suck… And do you really want to have a rapist as present? if you say Hillary is corrupt so is Trump.. how dare you people for wanting to take something away that helps people.. a big fuck you to all

LR on

Funny how nobody talks about farm “subsides”. Take that away from farmers and what have you got? How much money is coming out of the taxpayers dollars for that? Everyone forgets about farm subsidies. Can it be called a welfare program for agribusiness. I will let you decide.

Dave Dwyer on

The AHC was long over due. All the developed nations have a health care system and now we do too. Before this law was passed healthcare was not affordable to many Americans because of the cost. The largest number of bankruptcy was caused by healthcare. The law provides many benefits including tax subsidies for those who cannot afford healthcare. Now more Americans have access to healthcare than ever before.

However, the law did not reign in the high costs and today like before AHC, Americans have the highest cost for healthcare in the world by at least 2X.

There are those who are against the tax subsidies for healthcare. The primary reason is that the don’t want their tax dollars funding healthcare for those who cannot afford it. While AHC is not perfect it goes a long way in helping Americans get healthcare.

The major problem with the AHC is Obama. Instead of defending it, he let politicians and the media lie about it. Donald Trump shows leadership. He lies and gets away with it. Obama seems week and does not know how to fight for things that he believes in. I think that this is something that you are born with. Perhaps when Obama leaves office he can write a book and explain why he let people walk all over him.

john on

For all you obamacare haters out their.You say you don’t need it because your healthy,well there are a lot of sickly people out there who need obamacare,and this plan is saving there lives.Remember healthy people don’t tempt fate because one day you or a loved one might become sick and your going to wish you had obamacare.

Tracy on

Obama care is an unfair law and needs to be repealed and replaced. The mandate needs to be dissolved, where as the left wants the public to pay more of a penalty. Go back to feel for service.

Vicky on

I’m 60 my husband is 62, a liver transplant recipient. When I lost my job I was so grateful to be able to enroll into Obamacare. After care is crucial to my husbands survival.

To take away this insurance is devastating to anyone who is sick! Believe me putting the power back in the insurance companies will only eliminate more people from buying insurance because they will set the rules based on your medical history. Employers insurance premiums will rise if someone becomes sick in their group that costs a lot for care. Why should they hire or keep someone who will cost to much!!

This is just so terrible and shameful to our society !!!!

vickie on

Ppl should be able to chose if they want ins or not instead of being TOLD they HAVE to have it i look forward to extra money from taxes only to be told i owe a high penalty an they take my hard earned money.

Deborah Dodge on

This is a joke!!! If you bring home $2000 a month you can NOT afford to pay $250 a MONTH for insurance ESPECIALLY when the deductible is $5000.00!!! SO the $250 I would pay I could pay the dr directly for a visit and prescription because no way will i have $5000 extra in a year to pay the deductible. It is a JOKE!!!!! THEN if you dont they FINE you!!!

Lori on

Wow, what a biased website. It should be called Obamacareoponions.com because it certainly isn’t Obamacarefacts.com

George Pantelic on

My insurance before Obama care was $548/mo now it is $1,312/mo and I have $7000 deductible now on top of that. How does this help anyone. I can not in right mind be for ObamaCare.
We as a society have to face it that people do die, and some of them that can not afford the high price of medical care would have to do just that.


Will I have to still pay a fine for not having health care when Trump takes office?? I think Trump should overrule this nonsense in folks having to pay a fine for not having healthcare which is bogus and government extortion.. Who the hell punishes someone for not being able to afford healthcare and before you drag the Military into this and say I should join to get healthcare, I’ve already served 25 years ago and I’m 50 now, so that’s not going to happen..

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is nearly impossible to tell. However, him canceling the fee for next year after the year has started is questionable. If they repeal through budget Reconciliation it could break the mandate, but I wouldn’t be betting on it just yet.

As for your care and costs, lets reframe this. We all pay military taxes, when you are active you get TRICARE, after many get VA options. Who do you think pays the bill? I personally feel good about that bill, keeps our military funded, it is a common good. But now, when it comes to private citizens, who also serve our country in their own ways (ideally by participating in the economy and raising the next generation), now when it comes to this you don’t want to pay in? Think about it.

Sure, I get the frustration and don’t think where we are today is the ideal “ends” in healthcare, but whether i’m paying my healthcare tax, military tax, or social security tax I force myself to feel proud that i’m doing my part. You may want to try on the same rose colored glasses in the interm.

Kelly Lewis Martinez on

Obama care is NOT affordable. My husband and I make 65k a year and our monthly premium is 1556.00. For obamacare. I have Oscar health paying this amount every month is definitely not affordable I can’t pay my other bills so we are struggling and my husband is a diabetic.

You need to have a descent plan to cover you doctors otherwise your deductables and prescription are still high
So stop saying it’s good when it’s not. Millions of people want it gone. We are paying for people who just come into this country they get everything. If I was to get a second job I get penalized for making more to put food on my table so then my premium for health insurance goes up more.

Mama of two on

Please get rid of it. I had to pay a penalty two years in a row. I couldn’t get Obamacare because my husband has insurance through his employer. Problem is it’s NOT affordable when he adds me and the kids. Over $800 a month! So my husband was forced to add me. Now after health insurance and all the other taxes comes out of his check we can’t even afford groceries. I’d rather pay out of pocket if I see a doctor but I don’t have a choice. I’m getting health insurance but can’t feed my family and we don’t qualify for help. I see illegals and their children getting free health insurance, living a good life, while my family suffers! I shouldn’t be forced to pay for health insurance as my family goes hungry!!!!!

Erin on

The Family Affordability Glitch is frustrating. However, if your family’s coverage through your spouses insurance is more than 8.13% of the household income, then the rest of the family can be eligible for an Affordability Exemption from the requirement to have insurance and from owing the fee. You must apply for those types of exemptions and it may not include your husband if his coverage only is less than 8.13% of the household income. Here is more information about how to apply for Affordability Exemptions.

Self-employed on

I am self-employed. I am priced out of health insurance for 2017, and I don’t qualify for a subsidy. This program has failed me.

Kant on

The reasons the ACA is failing are simple:
1. Subsidies are too generous. A family in NC making $60,000 is paying $1300 per month full while an individual making $25,000 is paying $1.

2. Because the law requires a one size fits all policy and restricts competition (for example, no cross state border competition) most people are paying more than they would in a competitive market.

For those of you that believe the ACA will somehow survive, you haven’t been paying attention.

For those of you in handout nation, start working on your resume.

roger anderson on

yeah well so much for not getting a far right wing president

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Right? It would be funny to go back and read some of these “what if” articles we wrote during King Vs. Burwell and such… if only were so not funny.

Now we need to work on protecting the key popular provisions. Learn more about what a repeal and replace could look like. https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-repeal-facts/

Kira on

I was for Obama Care but having lived with it now I feel it was a failure. I am self employed and since Obama care my premium increased every year by over 100% and each plan was “discontinued” – aka they changed the plan name and increased premium dramatically. But still I supported the plan thinking it would correct itself. Last year for the first time in my life I needed surgery (spine). My plan found reason (excuses) to deny my surgery – 3 appeals. I would have to pay our of pocket all costs and I even offered to pay for part of surgery. Still denied.
I am sad to say from my perspective ObamaCare is a failure. I still support Obama but the healthcare plan has been a fiasco in my state. FYI I am having surgery in Europe for a 10th of the price in the US.

Steve Erickson on

I am still confused. I have a twenty two year old son who has cancer and will graduate from college in May. He is currently under my wife’s employers insurance. We were preparing to start a business and purchase insurance under the ACA, but that is now on hold as we don’t know what the ACA repeal will do to our ability to keep our son on our insurance or our ability to buy insurance because I also have a qualifying pre existing condition. Confused about what it means for us and worried over what it means for our son. He cannot go without insurance and we are not the least bit wealthy. How does somebody with a serious condition avoid losing continuous coverage as they go through the typical life challenges of finding jobs, changing jobs, starting a business, etc? How do we as a country justify leaving the sick or disabled behind with a discriminatory health care policy? Also, Medicaid is not accepted at many care centers that treat complicated cancers and other complicated conditions that require specialized care. Many who have pre existing conditions like us, were already wiped out financially before the ACA took affect because of extraordinarily high premiums and will now get hit again. I would never suggest this, but some in the public and in Washington are way too willing to make it tough on young and middle aged people to afford or have quality health care. I can’t imagine the outcry if people already on Medicare were facing losing their coverage, but that is never suggested. Why is a twenty two year old with cancer less deserving of affordable guaranteed issue health insurance, but an eighty year old with major health issues doesn’t have to worry about losing what is essentially relatively free single payer healthcare? Really America?
I don’t know any eighty year olds who have spent their life savings($250,000) on health care over the past ten years as I have and we still pay over $900 per mo in premiums and now have to worry about losing coverage. I would never think it is ok for the elderly to lose their health care coverage. Why do so many think it is ok for a young person to lose their coverage or not be able to afford it?

Myra on

Hopefully my Obama care won’t be taken away. I still have dental work that needs too be done.

David Harris on

Sorry, obamacarefacts.com, the ACA is over. It is going the way of the dodo bird. Yes, something will be put in its place. It is called buying your own healthcare. There will be no employer mandate. There will be no individual mandate.

Insurance companies will still be required to cover those with pre-existing conditions, however, you will have to pay for it yourself or your employer will cover your insurance.

Democrats can’t stop it, block it, or throw a tantrum.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No, i’m sorry. I am a high income American who owns a company, so i’m not going to have problems keeping my plan for life regardless of what happens… I’m sorry for the XX% who aren’t as lucky.

This is what the GOP means when they say “you can keep your coverage”: https://obamacarefacts.com/the-continuous-coverage-exclusion-for-pre-existing-conditions/

And remember, ObamaCare was RomneyCare and Ryan wants to privatize Medicare and create an ObamaCare-like exchange. The only way we get something better is if Trump pulls a miracle out of his sleeve. The GOP plan on paper right now simply beefs up HSAs, privatizes, and deregulates. https://obamacarefacts.com/2016/11/22/house-gop-better-way-plan-explained/

I’ve read the legislation, have you?

john coleman on

killing Obama care with no replacement is not good. Trump needs to place health care asap with as little lapse of coverage as possible. keep the medical coverage for the elderly who will be miserable and in pain etc. if they cannot get their meds. I have FAITH in America that the health care system will take care of ALL of AMERICA’S patients who need it.

Manuel McDade on

Due to the affordable care act i lost my full-time position at my job. My job cut back my hours to part time and my Healthcare insurance was cancelled.

Billy Hubbard on

I hope they kill it. I should not be charged and forced to have health insurance. It is my damn right as a free man that is a citizen and pays taxes that if I choose not to have health insurance I shouldn’t be charged for making that decision. It’s a money game

S on

Republicans are looking to make changes not repeal it. Get your facts straight.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is not correct, they are in the process of defunding and repealing it already. https://obamacarefacts.com/2017/01/05/the-republican-repeal-and-delay-plan-for-obamacare/

They have a replacement plan in theory, but they haven’t been very forthcoming with details. Judging just based on action, repeal is happening and tax credits, medicaid, and more is on the chopping block, along with medicare, social security, and planned parenthood.

Now, are replacements coming? Well it is likely, since they have promised this. But promises don’t treat cancer or pay the bills, so until we see a replacement plan we can’t give them credit for one.

Teresa on

Still waiting to see the affordable part. And does everyone like sharing you medical information with the government..Never ever was I asked before (with or without insurance) where I will be applying the ointmen that was prescribed by my Dr.. Before the pharmacy could sell it to me…So there is nothing private between you and Dr.. all information must be provided and it may be used to determine whether or not the ins.co. will even pay the bill then…So how is that affordable insurance…..

Erin on

There is no medical information being shared with the Government. The insurance providers that people enroll in through the health benefits exchanges are private insurers. The government only receives information about who provided that coverage and how much you paid in premiums.

All of your other points about affordability are certainly valid. The ACA did make it financially possible for millions more Americans to get insurance, but the insurance many have often comes with sky rocketing out-of-pocket costs, limited networks, and a complicated claims process for providers. It didn’t solve the problems associated with letting so many huge for-profit insurers have so much influence over actual healthcare decisions (either by high copays/deductibles or by denying prescribed treatments). There are a variety of examples of more quality and cost effective healthcare models, but they all involved guaranteeing nonprofit healthcare for a specific set of benefits to all.

Mr.J on

hello Trump.gbye obamacare.oh snap look at that, the news is talking about no more obamacare.win for the middle class.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Right, unless the middle class has been sick in the past. I feel bad for the middle class actually, they don’t have the money to save their lives when they get sick and realize they will need to wait 18 months for coverage due to not having enough money to pay for their own care. Individual responsibility comes before individual liberty. http://factmyth.com/factoids/as-many-as-1-in-2-americans-have-a-preexisting-condition/

Sandy on

My daughter has asma and thiodrods she says she going to pay over two hundred for one of her medicine she doesn’t have work insurance There going a lot of people that can’t afford insurance.

Jeanne on

I think that this is a terrible idea to dismantle obama care. It had been established to help a lot of people. Dismantle it you will a lot of blood guilt on your hands. And will be judged for murder by our higher judge god. What it boils down to it is a black mans legacy. White man could never accomplish this that’s why he wants to break it up not caring who he hurts. But let’s say God will protect his people and defend them and intervene if he had too. And another thing people……. this is a way to esrn their paychecks to make sure they keep getting paid. Get their bonuses and vacation pays continued. And obama care is the biggest thing the government pays in and he wants to cut it down just for that reason. These republican punks don’t realize that we some knows this. Know how to make them look like fools folks.., go yo licensed natural doctors like I do. I beat 3b stage breast cancer all natural. Doesn’t require insurance. All you need is between 100 yo 260 a visit takes care most your natural meds. If you can’t afford it. You make very low payments a month. Damn insurance. And most people turning yo natural anyway and putting doctors out of buisness. And if you look at your news doctors are going into part natural treatments anyways. Pharmaceutical companies putting a lot of people and people in the ground don’t belong there. God created us to live from the ground anyways until man sinned. I am 100 percent natural and don’t go yo the hospital or doctor unless really nessassry. People make trump skunk the republicans look like a fool. Look into good licensed natural nutritionalist and natural doctors. My husband beat lung cancer natural. My daughter beat thyroid trouble natural beating lupus naturally. Another secret. Ha ha. I am a certified natural nutritionalist consultant and certified personal excercise trainer. And certified kienisiologist. And what makes it do good my kids grandkids got natural immunization shots and natural medicines to keep the immune system up good nutritional plans to keep them up. Another surprise. I am certified to work along with medical doctors to treat naturally along with conventional treatment. And nutritional. I see the cancer centers are half natural. So common folks make the punk skunk and his team see and prove natural work my family living proof. And make insurance look like shit

Montana on

Problem is who is the government to dictate what I will or will not buy. What’s next what car you can or can not have or home too? If it’s so great why did the politicians get out of it, simple they like their “great ” medical plans already.Wise up people Obummer Care isn’t so great, remember all those promises Obummer made that faded as fast as smoke in the wind after it passed.

anonymous on

Obama care sucks. Why should I have to pay for something I don’t need or use? It’s easy for the ones that have money and good paying jobs to say its good for us. But how about you trade places with the lower wage families and live in their shoes? Where you have to choose between healthcare or food. Or how about us SINGLE PARENTS!!! That struggle enough as it is!!! Its not fair. A healthy person, that doesn’t need or want it, shouldn’t be FORCED to pay for something they can’t afford. Car insurance is different, I USE my car and drive EVERYDAY, I don’t get SICK everyday. So its throwing away $$$$ I NEED for other things. If I get sick, let me pay for it then, not throw away $$ I need!! I hope obamacare is repealed!!!!!

Mir Zahir on

Obama care was an asset, and I hope they don’t take it away.
Millions of good paying jobs are subject to insourcing and outsourcing of the same employee by outsourcing Companies.
Outsourcing companies engage in crowdsourcing, they bring in a crowd, with many of the resources able to be insourced and outsourced at the same time.

Outsourcing companies do this insourcing and outsourcing of the same employees to keep the jobs under their control.

It makes harder to find good paying jobs according to skill sets in Information Technology.
Information Technology are among the highest paying jobs.
Those who work on temporary contracts, including myself, have to have our own insurance.
Insurance jumped from $101 a month to almost $1000 with tax credits from Obama care, insurance with $2400 deductible & BCBSIL PP0.
It is a huge burden to pay $1000 because it is harder to find good paying work.
Obama care was an asset, and I hope they don’t take it away.

Sue on

Hospitals charge too much. That’s America’s issue.
I did not see any doctor in the emergency room but a nurse, but they charged me for two doctors’ treatments. It’s not about Obama care or other.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Agree, and of course, if you follow the money, they are charing more because: 1. insurance often doesn’t pay claims 2. underlying cost of care is bloated. 3. people don’t shop around for care. Things like this. The problem is complex, but certainly hospital prices are part of the overarching problem, as are health insurance costs, and more.

Disgusted! on

Every American deserves to have Health Insurance, especially in the richest country in the world. We are the only society in the west not to have universal health care. It is a national disgrace as well as our electoral college, which is not democratic. We are not a democracy. It is a country lead by special interest groups and corporations that support big business. In particular the Republican class believe in trickle down economics which time and time again the democrats have had to bail us out. It does not work. Humans are in our culture are particularly greedy people. By keeping the masses dumb, brainwashing and controlling content on media thru the one percent who pay the salaries of the press and decide what we know, they do not have a clue of what basic rights they deserve to have in any type of civilized society. To deny them these essentials only results in a culture of greed and lack of compassion but also as history has taught us, bad economic policy as well. We have the memory of dogs. And are no wiser or and certainly not nicer than these animals. Just wait till its time to vote for new senate and congress members. The Republicans scam will destroy many working class families and they will surely pay the cost of there indecent acts upon the masses. They are pretty tough sitting on there government provided Health coverage. Lets see how little backbone these weenies would have if they were in the same dead pool as the working and middle class. If you cant get an education or stay healthy, how can you live or contribute to society? you are just used and disposed of. Is that what you dummies want? Help the one percent screw you? Well its to late. Now we all have to pay the price. I have to worry about my son and family and how we will survive the inhuman criminal thugs surrounding our newly elected President. All the responses below just prove what an uneducated bunch of haters and losers that make up this culture. To bad you take some decent people down with your hate and stupidity it should only be you paying the price.

Emily C Martin on

It needs to go away. It should not be included when we file our taxes. We do not put our car insurance on our taxes.

Emily C Martin yup on

It needs to go away. It should not be included when we file our taxes. We do not put our car insurance on our taxes.

Leo on

The question was fake and this site would naturally give an Obama leaning answer. President trump has already used executive order to get rid of parts of the un-affordable care act. One of which was unconstitutional to begin with and that was the mandate. President Trump already has replacements prepared and the ACA will be a strictly voluntary coverage and not unconstitutionally shoved down our throats. Oh, and did I mention, the mandate is history!

Phillip C Roberts on

I am 55 years old married a widow with six kids under 13 We have had insurance thanks to Obama Care for 7 years The first time in those year we have used more than 20% of our premium Our daughter became very ill If we don’t have insurance we are done. I make 87000 a yare

I am republican do not take this a way without a good replacement


You enjoy Obamacare???? Then u must be lucky enough not to pay for it.I hope they get ride of it. I am paying 500.00 a month that’s is putting me in the f**king poor house.NO MORE OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!

Diana L Cardwell on

Canada and Europe have had health care for everyone that lives there and have for quite a while and it works fine for them. Maybe do some research to find out the benefits.
You all need to remember the ACA is new and it will get better as we all learn more about coverage for all american’s. As with any new program it will need some tweeking before it becomes a great idea.

G. Whelchel on

Well Trump just killed Obummer Care, by EO so that means it is not enforceable, and order the federal agencies to cease implementing the law. Great way to start off a grand new year. As far as replacing it, simple free market easy solution to a trillion dollar debacle. So long Obama and so long to “your” socialist medicine.

Adrianne on

Medicaid cut me off I had a heart transplant I thank God that I can afford 55bucks a month to get my medicine and treatments the only thing I don’t like is if you don’t have health problems you pay with your taxes other than that I’m grateful

Amber on

I am a stay at home mother. My husband makes $11 an hour. Our obamacare rate is $600 a month. How the fuck is that supposed to be affordable? It’s cheaper for us to pay the bill out of pocket. Plus, it only covers up to $200 for each visit. We couldn’t afford it, so they garnished nearly our entire tax return. Now we don’t have the money to replace the floors that are rotting out of our house.


Why is the Absent Parent with a court order to provide health care, not being penalized for not providing the health care, for violation of a court order, as well as the custodial parent is being penalized by purchasing the health coverage or be penalized. This is against my court order. Who do I contact about this?

Linds on

ObamaCare has always been too expensive for me. My premium is very high and I will never reach my deductible. I have health insurance but still can’t afford healthcare. Can I cancel without penalty now that Trump is president?

James on

Obama care sucks

Sharon on

Illegals and those on welfare out!!!! I’m tired of paying taxes to support these losers! Sink or swim…. if you cannot support yourself, then go elsewhere.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Honestly you don’t really pay for illegals unless you pay state taxes in specific states (I mean aside for the wall which is tens of billions spent to keep illegals out; you are paying for that). And for welfare, you don’t seem to understand how the safety net works or who it helps. It generally helps the working poor and the middle class when they fall on hard times. I would, if I were you, do some critical thinking. I get the sentiment, but you are taking a hardline that doesn’t really consider what is actually happening here. http://factmyth.com/the-purpose-of-the-social-safety-net/

Bob on

good i hate trump(; BERNIE/ KANYE FOR LIFE 2020!!

James F. Scagel on

I was told by my affinity health insurance company that the state discontinued me.I immediately called the state and they denied it.it wasn’t a money issue and now I’m left in the cold with over 500 dollars of prescription meds.I can’t pay.

John Blunk on

I hate this ObamaCare why should I have to pay this from my taxes. So glad obama is gone and I am no longer a democrat they are toxic! gods speed for our dyeing country!

Erin on

Blaming “the Democrats” and not taking a closer look at what is actually going on is part of what is wrong with the country. Trump’s plan has been pretty bad so far and it is hurting the working poor. I assume you aren’t a posh aristocrat given the way you are complaining. We need the parties to do the right thing by the people, be mad at Democrats, but if you make them the enemy and the other team the solution you miss the bigger picture (especially since the other team is literally not putting a better plan on the table).

lilli on

what about the Obama free phone service?