Study Shows ER Visits Up Under ACA

A study shows that ER visits have increased as more people have gotten coverage under the Affordable Care Act. This expected short term outcome isn’t ideal, but speaks to habits of the previously uninsured, the fact that ER visits are covered under the ACA, and an increased doc shortage as demand outpaces supply in the short term.

ObamaCare: 10 Million Strong and Growing

ObamaCare sign up numbers reach 10 million after a surge in Federal Marketplace enrollments. A February 2015 HHS report shows ObamaCare is working. Enrollment numbers have surpassed 10 million between the state and federal marketplaces. It also points out some other really cool and groundbreaking facts about the uninsured rate (updated with citations on March 18 2015)…. Read More

ObamaCare Website and Personal Data

The ObamaCare website HealthCare.Gov does not share personally identifiable information with third parities, learn more about ObamaCare’s privacy policy for data. HealthCare.Gov’s privacy policy explains how they share data that can’t identify you, and how they protect data that can. Facts on How Personal Data is Shared and Stored on HealthCare.Gov Your information is stored under and safeguarded… Read More

Obamacare Tax Refund

How Tax Refunds for Advanced Tax Credits Work under the Affordable Care Act Millions may get a tax refund under ObamaCare. If your income was lower than projected, and you had a Marketplace plan, you may get an ObamaCare tax refund. NOTE: This article was written in 2015, but has been updated for 2019 –… Read More

Tennessee Medicaid Expansion

Tennessee may move forward with Medicaid Expansion alternative. Tennessee Medicaid Expansion would cover about 330,000. NOTE: May move forward should be stressed. Unlike in other expanding states, there is a lot of opposition to covering Tennessee’s 330,000. Officials elected by Tennesseans feel that the 330,000 aren’t worth the extra costs. What do you think? An Alternative Plan… Read More

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