60 Minutes ObamaCare

Get the Facts on the 60 minutes report on ObamaCare “Dissecting ObamaCare” featuring Steven Brill author of “America’s Bitter Pill.” We fact-check the video. Watch the full of the 60 Minutes ObamaCare video. First fact-check, it’s only 13:19 minutes long, not 60:00. CBS intended each of its segments to run for approximately 15 minutes and… Read More

CommonWealth: State Trends in Employer Coverage

State Trends in the Cost of Employer Health Insurance Coverage, 2003–2013 The new January 2015 Commonwealth Fund healthcare report shows the ACA is the only thing curbing health insurance costs, which are rising faster than income. The report is long, but the point is short, employer-sponsored health Insurance costs (particularly premiums and deductibles) have been rising… Read More

Understanding ObamaCare’s Enrollment Numbers

ObamaCare enrollments can be looked at in a few ways: current Marketplace enrollments, current insured under the ACA, and total average insured for the calendar year. Depending on how we are looking at the numbers, and what other factors we take into account, the answer to, “how many people enrolled in ObamaCare” changes. For instance… Read More

Should I Get Health Insurance?

Having Health Insurance means you are covered in an emergency. Not getting coverage could result in big fees for those who wait until taxes are due. Obtaining and maintaining health insurance isn’t just about avoiding a fee, it’s about taking responsibility for your health, knowing you have coverage when you need it, and avoiding the devastating… Read More

Policy Periods and ObamaCare

With ObamaCare deadlines for open enrollment approaching, it’s important to think about health insurance policy periods. Here are some key facts to help you understand why getting covered during open enrollment isn’t just about avoiding the fee, it’s about value. Your health insurance deductible (the amount you have to pay for covered in-network services before coinsurance kicks in)… Read More

Kaiser Uninsured Poll November 2014

A November 2014 Kaiser Poll shows the majority of uninsured are unaware of open enrollment date, despite saying health insurance was important and needed.  Let’s take a look at what the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows about the uninsured going into open enrollment 2015. Kaiser Health Tracking Poll 2014 Summary Despite the fact that the… Read More

Boehner Lawsuit ObamaCare Filed

John Boehner filed a lawsuit Nov 24, 2014 to sue the President over taking executive action on the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  The “Boehner lawsuit” focuses on the delay of the employer mandate, the claim that funds are paid to insurers without congressional approval, and overall takes issue with the Presidents use of executive action to implement… Read More

Notices to Change or Renew Marketplace Plans

By the end of November everyone enrolled in a Health Insurance Marketplace plan should get two notices about changing and renewing marketplace plans during open enrollment 2015.  One notice will be from your insurer and the other will be from your state’s marketplace.  These notifications will help you to understand what is new for open enrollment 2015… Read More

ObamaCare CDC Report

A new CDC report shows the largest decrease in the uninsured rate was recorded among young adults age 19-25, from 19.8 percent in 2013 to 14.9 percent in first quarter of 2014. Was it the the expansion of Medicaid, woodworking effects, under 26 young adults staying on their parents plan, subsidies that 82% of uninsured… Read More

Walmart and ObamaCare

ObamaCare’s impact on Walmart seem to have brought a new business opportunity, and a sad day for employees. Walmart cut back benefits for part-time workers in an effort to cut healthcare costs before the looming 2015 mandate to insure full-time workers. The end result of Walmarts reaction to ObamaCare for the employees won’t be too… Read More

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Hurts Doctors?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Hurts Doctors?  This Argument is a Fail, Much Like Alabama’s refusal to expand Medicaid. A recent video complains that electronic health records (EHR) mandated by the ACA hurts doctors.  But, in reality EHR improves healthcare drastically. The the video Mo Brooks complains that having to keep digital records (EHR) and use a… Read More

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