Can Immigrants Get ObamaCare?

US citizens, nationals, and lawfully present immigrants can get ObamaCare’s Marketplace coverage, undocumented immigrants can’t, and Medicaid has special rules.

How Does Marriage Affect ObamaCare?

If a single person get’s married they can use special enrollment to switch to a family plan. They will need to adjust tax credits on form 8962 at the end of the year.

How Is Income Counted for ObamaCare?

When you sign-up for ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Marketplace you’ll project income based on your expected household income for the year, if you are unsure make an educated guess and consider only taking part of the tax credit up front

What is the Best Health Insurance Plan?

Tips on getting the best health insurance plan

The best health insurance plan for an individual or family is going to depend on the income and needs of that family. With that said, many will find a marketplace plan that qualifies for cost assistance to be the best value for them. Very generally speaking the best health plan when it comes to benefits… Read More

How Do I Know if My Insurance Plan Was Renewed?

You can log into the marketplace to see if your plan was renewed. You can also call your insurer. In general only some plans auto-renew, so you’ll want to check by December 15th each year.

Changing Plans and Verifying Info for Cost Assistance

Everything You Need to Know About Changing Plans During ObamaCare’s Open Enrollment Peroid Each Year The only time you can change health plans under ObamaCare is during open enrollment or a special enrollment period. Verify info or change plans by Dec 15 to ensure you have the right plan and cost assistance starting January 1st. Although you can’t change plans… Read More

Qualified Health Plan

What is a Qualified Health Plan? Under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) is a health plan certified by the marketplace to meet new benefit and cost sharing standards. Qualified Health Plans include all the metal plans sold on the marketplace and count as minimum essential coverage. Let’s take a look… Read More

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

How to Use Your State’s Health Insurance Marketplace to Buy “Affordable” Health Insurance ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Marketplace, or ObamaCare Marketplace, is your State’s price comparison website for subsidized health insurance under the ACA. The following guide will explain the marketplace and how you, your family, and your business can compare health plans and qualify for… Read More

Health Insurance Exchange Guide

The Health Insurance Exchanges Explained: A Complete Unbiased Guide to the ObamaCare Health Insurance Marketplace. Our Health Insurance Exchange Guide makes using ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Marketplace easy. Get how-to’s, tips and tricks on using the marketplace. Our guide covers everything from applying for premium tax credits and out-of-pocket cost assistance, to comparing qualifying health plans,… Read More

ObamaCare Special Enrollment Period

Qualifying for Coverage Outside of Open Enrollment A special enrollment period is a period outside of open enrollment in which you can get coverage due to qualifying life events. You may qualify for special enrollment if you have certain “qualifying life events” like a change in family status (having a baby, getting married, adoption, etc), losing… Read More

ObamaCare Website

Updates on the ObamaCare Website (HealthCare.Gov) The official ObamaCare website, that is the official health insurance marketplace website under the Affordable Care Act, is We explain the history of HealthCare.Gov and how it works. The History of the Health Insurance Marketplace The health insurance marketplace was created by the Affordable Care Act as a… Read More

How to Sign up For ObamaCare

How to Sign up for Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act To sign up for ObamaCare, go to HealthCare.Gov or find your state’s health insurance marketplace, create an account, then enroll in a plan. Sign up for ObamaCare during open enrollment. Directions for signing up, details on cost assistance, fees, enrollment periods, and information… Read More

ObamaCare Open Enrollment Period

Obamacare open enrollment 2024

When is Open Enrollment for ObamaCare, Medicaid, Medicare, and Other Insurance Types? Open enrollment is the annual period in which shoppers can enroll, switch plans, and get subsidies on health plans under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). In general, open enrollment starts each year on November 1st and ends on January 15th. However, open enrollment may be extended… Read More

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