I recently moved to the US from Belgium (Europe)

I now still have my travel insurance but that will end in a couple of months.

Is it possible for me (48) and my 2 children (9 and 17) to enroll in Obamacare and get a family health insurance?

We have no conditions or health issues and don’t take medication.

It’s just to get covered for if something happens or someone gets sick and need a doctor or go to the dentist.


Any legal US resident can enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Subsidies are offered to anyone that qualifies, but Medicaid and CHIP have restrictions in many states. Please be aware, when you move outside of the annual open enrollment period you'll qualify for a special enrollment period due to moving. The special enrollment window is a short window of time to get covered, if you miss it, you miss your chance.

You can learn more about immigration and ObamaCare here.

You can learn more about special enrollment here.

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