If someone currently has an ins policy thru the marketplace as a single person and they get married, how will this affect their coverage? Can the spouse be added to their policy with a rate increase or do they have to re-apply? Also what is the income level for a married couple?


If a single person get's married they can use special enrollment to switch to a family plan. They will need to adjust tax credits on form 8962 at the end of the year.The same is true for divorce, one can switch off a family plan using special enrollment and adjust net tax credits using form 8962. There are tax implications to all of this, and it's important to note that cost sharing limits and subsidy amounts change depending upon household size.

There is a lot to brush up on, but the system is fair either way. It really all depends upon one question: "will you file jointly at the end of the year". If you file taxes jointly, then make sure to get on the family plan and get the right cost assistance for your projected income for the year. If you won't file jointly, then certain families may benefit from holding tow individual plans due to the way subsidies are based on income.

Learn more about subsidies.

Learn more about the 8962 tax credit form.

Learn more about special enrollment.

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Aiden on

If I’m going through a separation with my wife and I want an obama phone, does her benefits affect my qualifications?

Jane Smith on

What if I have employer supplied insurance that would cover 100% premiums paid for me, 0% for him, we would be just above the combined income cut off for medicaid ( he is currently on medicaid). Can I just drop my employer insurance and we both sign up under Obama care (same provider, and a single provider exchange) and be eligible for the subsidy?

Shirley Robinson on

No, not if you have employer coverage offered and it is considered “affordable”

Anita Rogers on

I am covered by my company with insurance but my fiance uses the healthcare exchange. If we get married during this next year and I can put him on my insurance. Will we be required to pay back the tax credits/ premium( or anything else that will cost us money or increased taxes) he received during the time he was not on my insurance? If it does we will have to postpone our marriage date.

Erin on

Congratulations! And no, you don’t need to post-pone the wedding. It makes the paperwork a little more complicated to get married during the year and eligibility for Marketplace insurance ends. When filling out form 8962 you will want to use the “Alternative Calculation for Year of Marriage” which allows you to file together, but to separate incomes for the months that you were unmarried and he was not eligible to be on your employers insurance. Be sure to enroll him on your employers insurance or have him apply for an affordability exemption is applicable, and be sure that he ends his enrollment in the private insurance purchased through the marketplace once that happens.

J B on

I am currently on Obamacare. My Fiance has employer supplies Healthcare. We are getting married in May of 2017. Do i have to go on her insurance or can I stay on Obamacare?

Gwen on

My fiancé has Obama care and is drawing his Social Security so it does not cost him very much. He has a much better plan than I have at work and mine is very expensive. Do I have to put him on my plan if we get married? If we file our taxes as married filing separately, will they only use his income to figure his pricing?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You have a few different options, you should seek professional tax advice or read the instructions to 8962 carefully 🙂

Generally speaking it makes sense to file together and share coverage as a family, but I don’t want to oversimplify your options.


Kacy Phillips on

I am trying to find out IF I go ahead and get married if I will lose the insurance I currently have through the marketplace, if the prices will go up or what. Please help! I can’t get any real answers from either QualChoice or Arkansas DHS. I tried asking one lady if I could get a quote on what my insurance would be if I were to get married and she told me that there was really no way to do that. I am happy with QualChoice and don’t want anything to change as it’s affordable and so are the medications I need that QualChoice covers. Please help me to figure out what I need to do to find out what changes, if any, will be made if I go ahead and get married. Thank you.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you get married then you have to follow the rules for “an alternative calculation in the year of marriage.” That can be a little complex, but basically what you are doing is splitting up the year and taking credits for the part when you were not married and combining incomes for the part you were (as that changes assistance amounts).


Julie on

I had Obama care in 2017 and also got married that year. when doing our taxes we now have to pay back ALL the credit (6000)received because its counting my husband’s income. Not fair or just considering we followed the rules and got health coverage. Hindsight says I would have not gotten coverage and paid the penalty. Congress slipped this rule in just to take more money from hard working americans

Emily M Cross on

I got married in Aug 2018 .added my husband to obma care do I have to claim full amount of income or just mine??

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you are currently getting tax credits, then you’ll need to do an alliterative calculation where you essentially count only one income before marriage and then both incomes after. With that said, see form 8962 instructions for details, because it is a little more complex than that.

You can also simply call HealthCare.Gov and have them explain to you the best way to move forward.

Simply put, you for sure need to address this, but addressing that is common and is built into the rules.

Karen Dale Graves on

Married at the end of October, 2020…husband on Obamacare and spouse has insurance paid by employer. Does new husband have to repay all Obamacare money from January to October of 2020?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Not exactly, on the 8962 form there will be adjustments for marriage. This effectively limits the amount of repayment, likewise there are other repayment limitations. It’ll become clear as you fill out that form. https://obamacarefacts.com/premium-tax-credit-form-8962/