How Long Does the ObamaCare Application Process Take?

I applied for obamacare around the end of jan or middle of feb .. how long does it for my application to process, or receive the insurance cards?

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i have signed up for health care coverage but have not yet received confirmation of coverage .t has been over 3 months .When can i expect to get confirmation and am i currently covered if i need it ?


You’ll need to ask your insurer. Your coverage should have started the 1st day of the month following your application, but we have no way of knowing if you have coverage or who you tried to enroll with.


Applied, selected plan & paid premium – how long til we get insurance cards?


i just submitted my applicaton. how long does it usually take to be accepted?


I think whoever wrote this should retake An English course. The wording is poor and confusing.


How is this an answer? I am trying to determine how long the process takes.


I’m sorry. The English language can be strange. This question can be about a thousand things.

It takes a few minutes to sign up, then the application needs to be approved (not exact timing on this, but typically quick), then you need to enroll, then your coverage needs to start.

Each part of the process takes a different amount of time depending on your situation.

Ask a specific question and i’m happy to give a specific answer.


In case of a incoming legal immigrant, does the person have to be in the US to apply and enroll or can they do it in advance so that they have coverage from the day they arrive?


If I understood well, my family and I are coming as legal immigrants to Chicago in the middle of February (DV lottery winners), and we can apply in advance? Because they ask for the green card number, and we will be issued one probably a month after our arrival. That means we will not have a green card number before our arrival.
Does it still mean we can apply in advance from our motherland??

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