ObamaCare Extensions

Open Enrollment Extensions For ObamaCare Each year there are extensions for state marketplaces, extensions for certain circumstances, and may even be extensions to open enrollment for the federal marketplace Healthcare.gov. Notable Extension for 2022 – 2023: The deadline to enroll in the federal marketplace is extended. Open enrollment 2023 will run from November 1, 2022 until… Read More

ObamaCare Delays and ObamaCare Changes

Changes to ObamaCare and Delays to ObamaCare Below is a list of ObamaCare delays and ObamaCare changes that have occurred over the years. ObamaCare has been subject to a few major changes and delays that everyone should be aware of. Important ObamaCare changes include pushing back the opening of the small business marketplace, extending deadlines to obtain… Read More

Missed Deadline for ObamaCare

What Happens if I Missed the Deadline for ObamaCare? If you miss the annual deadline for ObamaCare Open Enrollment, you might miss your opportunity for cost-assisted coverage. However, you may still have options for obtaining health insurance. Open enrollment for private individual and family health plans is limited each year. For example, most states have… Read More

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