I’m Thinking of working for the VA. I currently work for the state. I have an autistic son and carry insurance for my family. I need my current coverage and what it covers (no cap for ABA) for my son. Can I keep my current insurance coverage and transfer it with me to the VA?


Typically when switching employers you'll need to give up the group health plan you are on and switch to a plan the new employer offers.

Before the ACA you had rights for converting employer coverage to an individual policy but today that is essentially not needed as you can switch to a Marketplace plan and that coverage is guaranteed issue.

When switching health insurance you should review what benefits the new plans are offering and double check that they will cover the services and family members you need to be covered. For you specifically the VA is supposed to have pretty solid coverage so you could be in luck.

The thing to keep in mind would be transitions between jobs and avoiding downtimes, you can use COBRA or get a plan on the marketplace, but make sure not to simply let your coverage lapse.

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Shell on

I don’t have a comment, I have a question. As of February 1, I will no longer be employed with my current company. I will become an independent transcriptionist. Am I eligible for coverage? Will I need proof of employment?

Erin on

You should be eligible to enroll for Coverage on the Marketplace using a Special Enrollment period. You apply for Special Enrollment through healthcare.gov. The Health and Human Services Secretary recently made changes, so you may be required to prove that you qualify for special enrollment. They will let you know what documentation you need when you apply, but you do qualify for 60 day open enrollment perion when you are losing employer based coverage (even if they offer COBRA).