ObamaCare Under Trump: TrumpCare

Trump’s won the Nov. 8 election, and that means TrumpCare may replace ObamaCare. Here is what changes to expect for ObamaCare under President Trump.

The information below is based on Trump’s healthcare proposal as found on DonaldTrump.com, statements made by Trump before and after the election, and past GOP plans for health care and repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

UPDATE 2019: So much has happened since Trump took office, but this page acts as a reminder of what was expected going into the Trump presidency.

The Main Points

  • Trump and Republicans in Congress have stated that they will seek to repeal ObamaCare within Trump’s first hundred days in office. However, after a meeting with President Obama, President-elect Trump has suggested he will either amend ObamaCare or repeal and replace it. In both cases, Trump suggested he would keep key provisions like guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions and allowing kids to stay on their plans until 26. It will be important to hold him to that promise. TIP: See our review of the GOP ObamaCare alternative plan for an idea of what Republicans have suggested for these provisions and more (its not the same as the ACA version!). See an explainer of the GOP’s “Continuous Coverage Exclusion” For Pre-Existing Conditions.
  • Under a full repeal, the 20+ million covered under the ACA’s coverage provisions are in danger of losing coverage and cost assistance in 2017, but the future is unknown. Everything depends on how much of ObamaCare Trump and the GOP repeal, and what they replace it with.
  • ObamaCare is still the law here as of late 2016. That means you need to get covered during open enrollment or pay a fee. You can get cost assistance and can get coverage even if you have preexisting conditions.
  • Almost all GOP proposals eliminated the preexisting conditions clause. However, they let people continue their plan, or if that plan was cancelled for reasons other than non-payment, allowed for guaranteed coverage in another plan. In other words, special enrollment will stay, but open enrollment, the ability for sick people to buy a plan if they don’t have coverage, and the mandate to obtain coverage are likely to go. Anyone who has been sick will need to obtain a plan now and keep it moving forward, potentially for life. This will become a much higher priority, and also become difficult as plans change, especially if insurance companies are once again permitted to cancel the insurance of the sick people they insure.
  • Trump and healthcare. We don’t know what he is going to do in practice. He said he would do a full repeal, but from a legal standpoint that doesn’t make sense. Most likely he will call it a repeal, keep the parts that aren’t divisive while replacing other provisions. See our review of his repeal and replace plan he presented as a Candidate.
  • Some of the ACA’s provisions are enacted and near impossible to remove, some require court cases, and some can just be repealed. A full repeal of the law, even with a House and Senate majority, would be a very tricky thing to pull off. There are roughly 1,000 pages of ACA and its provisions. It remains to be seen just how literal “full repeal” will be. As VOX points out, Trump and the GOP can absolutely repeal Obamacare — and 22 million people would lose health insurance.

Thus, to sum things up, 1. the ACA is still the law. 2. Trump’s plan isn’t so radical that those who are sick and depend on the ACA should panic. Candidate Trump said:

“We aren’t going to let them die on the streets.” “The Government’s Gonna Pay For It.”Wildcard Donald Trump on Single-ish Payer, discussing how he wouldn’t let “the bottom 25%” go without coverage because of cost; perhaps that includes those with preexisting conditions.

… but he also says, “No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.” – DonaldTrump.com

A List of Likely Changes to ObamaCare under TrumpCare

Here is a list of what changes to expect to ObamaCare under President Trump:

  • Children staying on their parent’s plan until 26 could be removed. Some past GOP plans have got rid of it; others have kept the popular provision. UPDATE: Trump stated he would keep this provision.
  • The mandate to cover preexisting conditions will probably be eliminated. However, there will also probably be an exception for those who stay on a plan. Essentially special enrollment will probably stay around, but the mandate and open enrollment won’t. UPDATE: Trump also stated he will keep this provision, however it will be hard to keep this but remove the mandate. Given this, he may revisit the idea of preexisting condition pools.
  • The fee for not having coverage will almost certainly be eliminated. This individual mandate is the main thing people don’t like about the ACA.
  • Insurers will almost certainly be able to sell across state lines. This has long been on the GOP wish list.
  • Drug prices may be negotiated for Medicare.
  • Drug regulation may be passed to control costs. Trump has expressed a desire to go after drug companies before.
  • Medicaid will likely stay expanded but may get turned into a “block grant” program. This would mean states get a lump payment and a general guideline for Medicaid, rather than strict rules on spending. This is a longtime GOP favorite, so it is likely.
  • Trump said he would allow taxpayers to deduct health insurance premium costs on their tax returns; right now premium costs can’t be deducted.
  • It is very likely that cost assistance would be repealed. However, we have had healthcare tax credits in the past before ObamaCare, so there may be another healthcare tax credit in the future. Past GOP plans have included one.
  • HSAs will almost certainly be expanded. Trump and the GOP have considered funding HSAs rather than providing cost assistance for out-of-pocket costs.
  • It is hard to tell what will happen to the many less talked about aspects of the law which have generally been working, like quality over quantity and Medicare payments.

All of the above can be gleaned from HEALTHCARE REFORM TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and past GOP proposals for healthcare like H.R.3762 (which have been very consistent since 2012 when we first started covering the ACA). See House Republicans unveil healthcare alternative to Obamacare for a recent article about this.
Learn more about the ACA and its benefits on our site.

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I think I am getting a divorce and will be a single woman in her fifties, with several pre-existing conditions, making 15000-25000 per year. Would love someone to explain how I will be covered and still be able to actually afford insurance!!!! I have no children, so I don’t get any benefits that single parents receive!!!

carmen on

you can afford your premium with the government help/ but your deductible is not affordable/ give and take

Noelle on

Options vary by state, but at that income level you should qualify for a health care subsidy purchased through your state or the federal health care exchange (even without kids ). It is currently the open enrollment period, which runs through the end of January, but if I were you I’d sign up before the first of the year when Trump takes office.

Steven on

Yea you were right I thought my employer was giving me Medicare but it turns out on my w2 I was never shin up so now I will be paying the penalty. They should not be so harsh because most people can not figure this stuff out.

Linda Bantle on

You work for it! You shouldn’t except someone else to pay your bill’s get 2nd job go back to school. For the middle class that make just above you it cost them for you so Obama Care sucks!!!

Nicole on

Some of us are disabled and can not work okay so us American people definitely need insurance especially if we got kids and u no kids need medical appointments okay some of us are sick and tired of you all raising prices on beef and milk okay some of us are very unfortunate

Jonnie Hutchinson on

No one is paying her bills. She works just like you. We paid taxes we deserve help.

Frances Abbott on

I think Obamacare is wonderful! My child has many unfortunate disabilities. I don’t make much money but I bust my hump trying to make ends meet. I do the best I can with what god gave me. So all you haters about Obamacare please understand and have a heart. I never sat on my butt, I always worked since I was able, to fill applications out . This is America, last time I checked! !

Jason on

That’s the American way. “Don’t expect any help from me it’s my money I earned it ALL and screw anyone else.” American greed! No compassion. Or it just you? You’re disgusting. Hope you remember your comment when you die broke and unable to pay for medical care.

Kat on

Get a job….I’m guessing u r a welfare lowlife …food stamp selling piece of garbage .!!! Yes it’s my money you loser I went to WORK…. why the hell would I want to work to pay for your stink nasty self.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is why I think an opt-out is important. We need to let those who cherish their fellow Americans of all types to band together and care for each other, and allow those who want to go it alone to do so.

I feel a moral obligation to the sick and poor and suffering, but I would never want to force my morality on another person who doesn’t have the same sense of social responsibility.

We are all free to see those who need help as “welfare lowlife …food stamp selling piece of garbage losers” and to project our own anger on them. It isn’t my place to judge those who judge their countrymen so harshly, but it is more than reasonable to allow those who put people first to band together in our Great Society.

d waag on

You are getting a tax break for your employer provided health insurance. You do not pay taxes for the worth of the healthcare insurance you receive. Why should people, who are not forturnate enough to receive employer healthcare have to give you tax breaks for your health insurance. It is a catch-22 my friend. You do get a subsidy, you just receive it as a tax break on the income you receive in the form of health insurance.

Sarah on

You’re an A-hole. I pray that you lose your job and are destitute and have to live on the streets. I would spit on you as I passed by. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Disgusted on

My GOD what sort of hateful greedy a** you are..be thankful you aren’t in a horrible situation like that.

julie marie on

YOU should go back to school and learn how to spell, you self righteous creep.

John doe on

You dumb b*** you don’t get it ever one pays one way or another that’s why we need universal health insurance young people are paying for you and older people to be on Medicare maybe we should get read of that and what happens if you get sick and can’t work and lose your job who do you think picks up the cost for that health insurance should be a right you should work for the finer things in life nobody owes you that but everybody should have health insurance because in the long run we will need it and we all will pick up the tab one way are another get some education before you open your mouth

Julie Davis on

In response to Linda Bantle, I have worked my whole life and as a nurse for 18 years, I rasied my daughter alone after my husband died, I paid my own why through college and have never expected a hand out or a hand up in life. 5 years ago I was attacked beaten and strangled in a home invasion robbery, I cobraed my insurance for 2.5 years until my private disabilty insurance carrier Unum decided to stop paying me( long and short if it I have to take them to court after being told I could never return to work.. ) So I am 15 years to young for medicare so please in your words explain to me how I am undeserving of Obama care.. ?

Dan on

What kind of animal are you? Did you not read she has several preexisting conditions? You are probably a Right wing Christian who who could careless about what the Bible states on the poor and hurting. Shame on you! Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow. Then all the people shall say, Amen!
Deuteronomy 27:19

Kipsang Rono on

you are very right I support you, fortunate individuals should help the unfortunate ones!

Dan on

What kind of animal are you? Did you not read she has several preexisting conditions? You are probably a Right wing Christian who dwho could careless about what the Bible states on the poor and hurting. Shame on you! Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow. Then all the people shall say, Amen!
Deuteronomy 27:19

Paul Williamson on

Actually you suck at the trough just like everyone else. I would guess you don’t pay a penny in income taxes yet you benefit from police, roads, fire protection, defense, etc. Get off your high horse, you don’t support anyone else, we support you.

George on

The affordable care act should of caused insurance companies to lower their prices as part of competitive pricing, not increase pricing. But, to make ACA look bad, the insurance companies raised prices to create a bad situation, and then insurance companies would hate to lose the huge profits they are making. The government has plenty of money to cover cost assistance, plenty$$$$…!
We give Billions away over seas…?
Also, its best interest to the Republicans to stop cost assistance and keep the insurance companies high in profits since the insurance industry donates a much greater amount of $$$ to the republican party.

Bill on

I have a healthcare plan through the marketplace. I pay a considerable monthly premium. I pay taxes and in fact write out sizable income tax payments each quarter. My wife has FICA taxes withheld from her paycheck where she works. We never get tax refunds. I have also checked to see if the income taxes we pay to the Federal Govt cover my subsidy amounts and yes they do and my taxes paid are still above those. So no, I am simply subsidizing myself. Just like Exxon, farmers, tobacco growers and many big companies get my tax $$ in the form of subsidies.

shirene braim on

Actually, I am in a similar situation. I work in the insurance industry and you will be shocked at how much of a subsidized plan you will qualify for. Go to helathcare.gov and follow the prompts.

Barbara on

Without the subsidy, I guess I will drop my policy and go without insurance until I am eligible for Medicare in 2 years. It will be difficult to pay monthly premiums throughout the year while waiting for a healthcare tax credit the following year. How do we hit a moving target?

E Brice Kibler on

What will happen to Extra Help Medicines if repealed

Milisa Senate on

I think I’m still in a state of confusion. Argh!

Leigh Bradley on

My 22 year old son has psychiatric issues and is currently covered on my husband’s insurance. He works full time at Starbucks so I know he’s not making much more than minimum wage. Does Starbucks even offer health insurance? I don’t know what we’re going to do when Trump repeals the ACA and takes away our ability to cover him on our policy.

Scared Shitless in GA on

I am currently being treated for cancer and I am 41 years old and a single mom.

I am so angry and terrified. I wish that every old racist white person who voted in that lying orange bufffoon would lose their Medicare. They will find out soon enough that factories paying 70000 a year making Tshirts is a pie in the sky. Some people that gave us Bush.

Americans who voted for Trump are selfish, worthless,ignorant fools.

No, republicans, of course Americans don’t want to use our taxes to stay alive.

Julie (married to a black dude) on

Hello racist! Tell me oh wise one, who do think voted in a black man twice to presidency? Hmmmm? Now I know you are a consequence of liberal dumbing down education, but come on sweetie, think about it…..

Do you think people instantly became racist on the 8th Nov, whereas they were not before?

I have an idea – become really really really fat, have many kids and ta da – free medical!

ps sorry about the cancer – although do you smoke or are you fat -maybe you could have avoided this horrible disease if you thought the government wouldn’t pay your way?

Julie J on

Hey genius (I know I know not your fault – you are the consequence of liberal education) who do you think voted for a black president twice? What white people became a racist all of a sudden – or do you think that only black people voted him in?

Sorry you have cancer – but do you smoke? Are you fat? Maybe you lived like a liberal with your health as you thought the government would pay all of your bills? What about baby-daddy – or are you a victim there too – he MADE you get pregnant?
Have I have an idea – have more kids, different dads and tada – people who work will pay your medical costs….

Mike on

Not a trump supporter at all but obamacare is a disaster the premiums went up by more then 50 percent and its falling apart insurance companys are scrambling to know how much each person medical bills our so they arw over charging us just in case. Why do you think trump wants to get rid of it. I have no heath issues and getting charged this much just to have heath insurance is ridiculous but ofcourse obama forced me too or else i get charged in my income tax so not only am i paying for people who domt have a job to have heathcare but im being forced to get it myself which is illegal… NO PERSON SHOULD BE FORCED TO PAY FOR SOMRHING THEY DONT WANT

Tully on

Right on brother.

Boopy on

Why are you people even on this page you Trumprs sh**. People that are speaking on this page are working members of society who have paid taxes and obey the laws. Who are you to try to judge people to assume that someone is unemployed or homeless or whatever you think is the case. If you don’t have medical insurance or need for it get off this page we don’t care to hear from you.

Erin on

Who are you to decide who does and doesn’t get to comment on this website. ObamacareFacts.com is open to all who want to participate in meaningful conversation, share their experience, ask a question, or to discuss their ideas, concerns, and frustrations. We accept all here (except SPAM and people who are just swearing/inappropriate). So, if you just want to pretend like you own this website, it is you who can get off this web page.

Lorena Fernandez on

I agree I haven’t been sick in over 14 years but I still have to have Obamacare why should I have to keep paying high monthly prices for insurance when I don’t use it

Michelle A. on

My sister has been cancer free for 1 year, she has stage IV breast cancer, she still requires monthly infusions to keep her in remission. She is on the ACA and we are all petrified about what we are going to do if she loses it. I completely understand your fear. Have you talked to anyone to find out what can be done? I keep telling my sister to talk to her oncologist.

Liam on

Do you regret your earlier pre-election post in which basically told everyone there was no chance that they would lose coverage? I think if the election would have been about health care, it would be a different world today.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There was a lot of rose colored projections made. I think if you look back at the words we actually wrote we never said “it couldn’t happen” we just explained the layers of protections in place. I still strongly doubt we will see a full repeal of every provision, it makes no sense from a technical standpoint, only from a standpoint of placating the voter vase. Obama didn’t close Gitmo or stop war, I don’t think Trump will pull off a full repeal.

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest money makers in the world, Trump won’t break it and leave America out trillions of dollars, and I don’t think he’ll want to wrath of America if he strips the program too heavily rights-wise. Those are of course, my opinions.


i just lost my job and i have a very bad heart i just signed up for market place ins if i can get help paying for it i would lose it and i have 17 stints what will folks like me do

Theresa Pline on

I am wondering as all people have different circumstances. I have the subsidised bronze plan. I still would have to pay the first 6500 dollars before I get dollar 1. Then a persentage after that. How do you afford that? The more you make the less subsidy you pay, but still have to pay the first 6500 etc. I don’t think I should be forced to buy this worthless insurance and be threatened with having to pay a fine. I never go to the doctor or have perscriptions. But if I did….I just paid as I went. No government involved.

Robin Rae on

Was in the insurance industry years ago in a variety of ways. Affordable Health Care is the first step at insuring everybody. Republicans can now tweak it. The more people on the rolls the sooner premiums and co-pays can come down. In the long run we will all look back and see that someone was able to unify a very costly area and help keep us all insured even with pre-existing conditions. Eventually, single-payer, then everyone can relax and enjoy their lives, and expect the unexpected with less trepidation.

shelley mckinney on

The fact that DJT stated that he was going to get rid of Obamacare (ACA) is very upsetting to the poorer working class. I was never able to afford Health care, unless it was offered by my employer. I now work for a small company, owned by one family, and we are not offered health care through our employer, as he states he cannot afford to provide a small company plan… even he himself (the owner) is on Obamacare, as we his employees are as well. I am in my 50’s and I do not want to lose my health care coverage or have the tax credits removed, as I could not afford private insurance. I feel that this MUST be as worrisome and depressing for millions of us that have FINALLY come to have a peace of mind. PLEASE – DO NOT leave us helpless, and hopeless as we are feeling now. I and my co-workers are not only depressed regarding the thought of losing our coverage, we are too physically ill (nauseous) from the worry.

Paul on

As a small business owner looking for an insurance plan years ago, I can tell you that an employer’s cost is based on health assessments of those individual employees to be covered – being in a “group” doesn’t mean that individual specifics are ignored.

I was reassured by an insurance agent that, because my construction business might likely employ younger, unmarried men, my costs could be low. It seemed like a nod and wink. Another manager related that his health insurance costs soared to the point of insolvency because of a particular employee’s health circumstances; the woman eventually resigned so her coworkers could continue having coverage for their own families.

Of course, it’s illegal to consider such factors in hiring or employment decisions, so the “older,” the married, or women need not worry about their jobs. That law will still be there. I opted out of coverage, as my own wife was battling breast cancer at the time. That fact was sure to eliminate any hope of “affordable” insurance, anyway. I understood, then, the dilemma of a former employer when the guys confronted him with demands for health coverage. His son was disabled…

No one has any idea how much of the ACA might go away, but it’s sad that so few people understood how things really operated before. It was flawed, but at least the start of something good. I suspect this is a fantastic plan to fix Social Security – after all, now so many workers will never even get to be old!

paula on

I’m terrified, horrified, and devastated. We need Platinum insurance, which has been hard enough to pay for WITH the Tax Credits. Without, I cannot imagine how we’ll manage. The insurers will likely cancel policies for people who are older and sicker, and offer some crappy “catastrophic” policy (which won’t be cheap either). This will leave people like us unable to pay for the care we need, nor pay the balances on bills leftover from whatever “bare bones” policy we will be able to afford. The upfront discount has helped millions of people.

Jane Smith on

Hopefully the quality over quantity aspect of “Obamacare” will not be overturned by the GOP. Since it’s inception, hospitals are being held accountable for their actions, in that if a patient develops a Hospital Acquired Infection, or a surgical site infection 2015; Medicaid and Medicare will NOT reimbursed the hospital for that patients stay. The Hospital’s involved “eat” the expense!!.. I much rather have quality of care over quantity any day.

Linda Bantle on

I make just above Obama care and now have to pay $3000.00 back. I don’t think America is a free country making Americans not to have a choose. OBAMA CARE needs to go!!!
It’s for poor not middle class working people.

Jerry G. on

If the pre-existing condition mandate is eliminated, that would eliminate eligibility for thousands of people with illnesses that are the most in need. If a middle ground position is to grandfather participants as long as they stay in a plan they are already enrolled, then why not have a provision that when a person is no longer eligible for coverage under an employer plan, they get a one-time exemption from the pre-existing condition mandate. If I lose my employer coverage before my eligibilty for Medicare, that’s a ‘death sentance’ for me & likely thousands of other Americans including Trump supporters! Thanks for listening!

Mary Wolfe on

Will my insurance plan be cancelled upon repeal due to pre-existing conditions?? I don’t qualify for a subsidy but I am fearful to be without insurance. I am scared to death that it will come down to paying for an expensive health insurance plan or pay the mortgage. I am 62, so I have a few years to go before Medicare. But I have so many pre-existing conditions that I am sacred to go without health insurance. What a mess! Do I pay for my health or do I pay to keep a roof overhead?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is going to be very hard to cancel an insurance plan. I would be confident Trump will replace the preexisting conditions clause with a high-risk pool and guaranteed coverage if you maintain a plan. We don’t know though.

Jack on

Guaranteed renewability with preexisting conditions is essential.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I agree, however it is designed to be a loophole. Only the rich can ensure they never lose coverage due to non-payment. It is like those long-term life insurance plans that know that when you are sick you’ll forget to pay or won’t have the money, then they can drop you. It is a big part of why health insurance used to be cheaper. The elites and insiders know this, and this is why the ACA tried to push back against it. However, even the ACA failed to truly protect people against plan drops. It is very hard to protect against fully, but the ACA made a lot of progress with its special enrollment and new rules.

Not to be overly dramatic, but if Trump doesn’t address this it will cost Americans money and lives in the years to come. It is one of the more worrisome things to me honestly.

Scott C. Alden on

Before ACA, I was prevented from moving across state lines. I lived in WA and maintained my TN citizenship for nearly a decade because I have multiple pre-existing conditions that prevented me from switching insurers. When ACA was passed, I was finally free to become a citizen of WA and went through the process of getting all new doctors, often needing to be re-diagnosed just to get the same care I had been depending on for over 20 years. Now Trump has been elected in the same month a “window” is open for switching healthcare, and I am panicking. What am I to do???

ObamaCareFacts.com on

He won’t be able to take away a plan from someone who gets one and holds one now without crazy amounts of rule changes. I would strongly suggest obtaining and maintaining a plan.

Cost assistance won’t go away until the new President, House, and Senate take their seats and start attempting to repeal. Then they will have to face half the country in a battle over healthcare rights. So no need to panic just yet. For now, get covered and get cost assistance. Nothing has changed yet.

Theresa on

I don’t believe in forcing someone to get insurance. Who made this up? The people who cannot afford insurance in the first place are the people who would have to pay the penalty. ??? Plus, employers are offering their employees benefits, but at a steep cost. i.e. only paying 50% of the benefits is they are a small business and when you do not even bring home 30,000, $400 dollars a platinum because it is has the least deductions when gold and bronze has to steep of a deduction. Who thought this through? Congress? Yeah because they pay for it right? I should think if they get their insurance for free, we should too. Maybe put a percentage off what you make, even Congress, Senators, political officials. Why should we be paying for it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

About 20 million people are covered under the ACA, many couldn’t get affordable coverage before the law. The law was actually RomneyCare before it was ObamaCare, it was dreamed up by politicians on both sides of the isle and the X trillion dollar healthcare industry, because that is how America works. It is a compromise between the people’s needs and monied interests.

It needs to be reformed, but it is unclear as to what that will look like under Trump with Democrats losing the Presidency, Senate, and House to Republicans.

My fingers are crossed for Single Payer or a public option. Feel like they will be staying crossed for a while 🙂

Marcia Hawkins on

I have employer sponsored insurance and a pre-existing condition. When coverage mandates for covering someone with a pre-existing condition are repealed, I’m terrified of losing my coverage. Will my Insurance Company just be able to send me a cancellation letter? And how will I find coverage? Will I just have to than die? (Sorry for the morbidity, but I’m really terrified.)

paul on

As a small business owner looking for an insurance plan years ago, I can tell you that an employer’s cost is based on health assessments of those individual employees to be covered – being in a “group” doesn’t mean that individual specifics are ignored.

I was reassured by an insurance agent that, because my construction business might likely employ younger, unmarried men, my costs could be low. It seemed like a nod and wink. Another manager related that his health insurance costs soared to the point of insolvency because of a particular employee’s health circumstances; the woman eventually resigned so her coworkers could continue having coverage for their own families.

Of course, it’s illegal to consider such factors in hiring or employment decisions, so the “older,” the married, or women need not worry. That law will still be there. I opted out of coverage, as my own wife was battling breast cancer at the time. That fact was sure to eliminate any hope of “affordable” insurance, anyway. I understood, then, the dilemma of a former employer when the guys confronted him with demands for health coverage. His son was disabled…

No one has any idea how much of the ACA might go away, but it’s sad that so few people understand how things really operated before. I’m sorry – I feel your worry. At the risk of sounding flip, I’d suggest aspirin. I’m not sure what it does, but it’s cheap enough and you don’t need a prescription to buy it. Maybe in the course of this political change embracing a “do-it-on-your-own” philosophy, we might (at least) let people be their own doctor? I still need a refill of a BP med…

Margaret on

Trump s plan sucks.
Finally people can get healthcare at
Affordable costs
And #not my president is going to
Destroy people’s lifes with his plan for the rich.

Hong on

If no subsidize from government, how can we afford to buy insurance? Means goes back to the old way.

pattyfoot on

ill be glade when abma care is gone a night mare for me and husband im not working diabled they punish you for being marred if you live togather to us its a sin people living togather get food stamps oil for heat elkert bill payed while being marred we dont get help free inc not us very gettig by his pay obma care its not care its a night mare going up 500 dollars in jan our taxes get takin away at tax time for going over what you make this abama care il be glad to see it go up in smoke we sholnt be forced to buy any thing puunjshed for this and that this is usa not china

Lorraine Guth on

It seems like so many folks who want to repeal Obama care don’t know what it feels like to work hard all your life, build a home and business, have children and then find out that if you get a preexisting condition you might as well quit working, lose your assets, and get the government dole just to make sure you can have Heathcare. I have paid for health insurance all my life and without Obamacare we would have been denied coverage for my husband. Thank you Hillary and president Obama for making healthcare possible for my family.

Lorena Fernandez on

I work 7 days a week 365 days a year in home health care and the company I work for has over 50 employees but they don’t even do any health care benefit I have had one day off in 4 years and have to have the high rates that the insurance companies hike up and I only get paid about the same as a fast food cook it really bites when you have to pay $500 for medical insurance a month so now I gets to choose food or insurance. I’m not saying others don’t benefit from it but the insurance companies should have cheeper prices

John F Thomas on

we have enough health care programs in effect now, and you can rest there is a lot of duplicaton of efforts. Take existing programs in effect now, merge all and delete redundancy?? It would be advantageous to the government and those with out insurance, to pay a minimum amount to off set the program. One blazing error in health insurance companies to shirk any insurance for expensive surgery. So health insurance is flawed from the beginning….sick is sick, cost is not the controlled by those who need medical attention. There should be a plan that everyone who has insurance donate at least $5.00 for very expensive surgery, and of course call it emergency funding, and placed in control of an organization that would allow this fund to grow as time passes, to keep the fund solvent. Some what like the Canadian Social Security program whose funds grow more and more each year by proper handling. Any mishandling of the fund would be immediate life in prison. Try it you might likes it!!! .

Glen on

Best bet.. move to a blue state.

Let the red states suffer under their own stupidity and be the 3rd rate places they wish to be. Hey at least they’ll have Jayzus, and won’t have to serve ‘dem queers any wedding cakes.

Theresa Pline on

There should be no penalties on people who do not want to purchase insurance. IRS removed from the equation. Should be able to set up health care savings and be treated as as a deduction from income tax. I should have more control on what type or kind of insurance I would purchase. I do think high risk pools would be an option. Right now I have a subsidised bronze plan. So I guess I would be called insured. It is more than worthless. I would have to spend 6500 dollars before I would see 1 dollar from insurance. So I never go to the doctor. I am wondering how many people are like me.

Kim on

Me. I just spent almost 2 hrs talking to a marketplace agent to find a plan for $20 / month out of my pocket after credits. I can’t afford the $ 20, and the $6500 deductible guarantees that I will see no doctors for any reason short of having a heart attack, and they will just be showing up to pronounce me dead. If I don’t pay the $20 a month & choose to skip health insurance, I will never see another tax refund; what little refund I get now will go into some black hole labeled penalties. I am screwed no matter what I choose.

Brandy on

Why fix something that wasn’t broke!! I was paying a monthly amount of $300 for full coverage for my son and I. I am a single mother. I make $80,000 – $90,000 per a year. Since Obama care I now pay $460 a month to cover my son and I and can barley afford it because of the doctors bills, hospital bills alone are $1,000’s. my son has extreme allergies and he went into anaflatic shock took him to the ER well I received a hospital bill for $2,600 that I had to pay out of pocket!! Took him to his allergy doctor to get retested and received a bill for $889. I work my ass off and make a decent salary but still am barley making way for myself. But I refuse to give up and let the government run my life!!! I will be damned if I’m going to let Obama tell me what I can and can’t do. Yeah it would be easy to give up and have the government pay my way, but I guess I have a little more dignity than some people!! This is why we are in the predicament that we are in. Too many people take advantage of the system and give the ones who actually need the help a bad name!! It’s a damn shame!!! I don’t know how some people can lay there head down at night knowing how they have cheated their way through life! Not giving the younger generation a good example!!! This is why the so called “millennial’s” are the way they are today! Always thinking somebody owes them something! They want the best without working hard for it, everything just handed to them on a gold platter! So I hope trump changes this ridiculous Obamacare!!!

L. on

This is my stance and I hope someone in charge of revamping Obamacare reads it! Why is it that I’m force to pay extremely high insurance coverage rates to help subsidize other people’s medical care?!? I am 61 years old, 5’5 1/2″ tall and weigh 124 pounds. Each and everyday, I get a minimum of 10,000 steps-in which means I’m very active. I have never smoked, never taken drugs and do not drink alcohol. Needless to say, I have absolutely NO medical issues. However, being a responsible person, I’ve always had “private” insurance(we’re self-employed). That means I’ve paid an exuberant amount of money for years and years but never have a claim. Instead, my money has gone to pay for someone else that probably sits around all day shoving TWINKIES down their throat and is, therefore, in terrible health! My point is…..why can’t I get reduced cost insurance coverage since I’m so careful about staying healthy? People that smoke, are overweight and/or have other “vices” should be paying far more than me….it’s only fair! Please do something about this!

Janet Hulsing on

It’s easy to think that you will be healthy if you live a life of healthy habits. I always did. I worked for 35 years as an RN, never smoked, ate healthy and am an excercise fanatic. Last summer I developed a cough that wouldn’t go away. Turns out I have advanced lung cancer. Oh I am still alive only because I have a rare tumor mutation then can be surpressed with a 14k per month oral chemotherapy. I’am living proof this can happen to even responsible healthy people.

Robin on

The Obama Care Act caused health insurance to become unaffordable. It hiked because it became law. Next, it does not allow for anyone making less than $16,000 annually. Instead, they give exemption to the ones that are desperately needing it. Then to those that do qualify, they are offered the absolute worst coverage which you could not even afford to pay deductibles to even get benefit. Now the insurance companies are making bank. And the government is spending our tax money to support this. Then they shortchanged the medical staff and hospitals which cause less funding to support our healthcare overall! Who’s really benefitting? Now try and put Humpty back together again.

Jack on

So what is the deal? Do we have to purchase health insurance in 2017?

I am self-employed, married, and make about $125,000/yr. For the last 3 years I have basically purchased the cheapest health insurance available…roughly $600/month with individual deductibles of $6,000/yr. I’ve basically just been giving health insurance companies $7,200/yr for absolutely NOTHING as I, nor my wife, will ever use up either of our $6,000 so we basically benefit zilch from having health insurance. Premiums are being raised to $750/month. I have no interest in giving health insurance companies another $9,000 of my hard earned dollars. Since Trump said he is getting rid of this stupid health care system do we have to sign up for health insurance for 2017? If we do not sign up for health insurance in 2017 will we have to pay a penalty when we file our taxes? Honestly, we can’t afford $9,000/yr of premiums. After paying $9,000/yr in premiums and both my wife and I spending around $5,000 each on health care/year… that’s $19,000/year we spend on health care and we get nothing out of a health insurance plan. I prefer to simply pay out of pocket for everything. No idea how middle class families making $70K+ can even afford health insurance. I know that we cannot afford this. Thank god Hillary lost!

rosana suarez on

totally in agreement with your comments. I just make 31200 and I can not afford to pay 249/month for nothing. In my case it was better paying the fine which I don’t think is fair.

tina on

I just had to get 6 stitches in my finger and the hospital er bill (before insurance) was 3199.00. Next will be another bill for the doctor who stitched me up. I removed the stitches myself to save money. I did not take any pain meds at the er. Not even a normal Tylenol. Which is like 15 bucks per pill. Over inflated hospital cost need to be stopped. Plus/also Some places love to tack on costs to insurance companies. Simple example…When I smoked, I once asked for a single piece of nicotine gum. Did not ever get the one piece gum. But they billed the insurance company for several packs of gum!!

Jim on

I have a medical saving account, do I have to use it up before I can get Medicare at age 65?

Anna Copes on

At the end of the day…you guys voted for him. His new plan is to let the state control it with limited funding. Which means a lot of you will no longer receive it. He changed his plans more times than we change channels.

teresa tonkery on

I think it would be good if health insurance premiums could be taken out of federal income tax returns . But I think it should be unconstitutional to charge someone a fee for not buying health insurance if they do not want it .

Paul on

My question is this…if you eliminate the credits for LOW income people or people who lost tons of retirement money during the crash of the Bush administration and cannot afford to pay high premiums net of any credits…what happens to them? Do they die on the streets because they have serious health issues and can’t afford insurance?

Also, why do the Washington politicians get the cadillac plans they have and get paid so much for messing with low and middle income American’s right to life by cutting health coverage? They too should get the same credit and be forced to buy plans on the market.

Folks…we are heading to people dying on the streets and King Trump sitting on his throne with Pence, Ryan and Tom Price kissing his feet. People don’t have money to buy plans without the credits!! They should be focusing on the costs of healthcare including why health insurance companies need such huge salaries while lessor people die! Raise taxes on the wealthy via SS tax and Medicare Tax. Wealthy people can afford it and they make more money by keeping their grunts alive by having healthcare to spend money at their businesses!!

Andre on

The ‘ACA’ needs to go. It has caused more harm to Americans then good. Mainly do to the ‘Mandate’ law. If I family income is $1200 a month, rent is $850, food bill is $150, give or take. How can working families afford health care?..then, they have the nerve to ‘PUNISH’ you for not being “Rich”…who are they or anyone, to tell you what you and your family need or can afford!?…if it stays, cut that ‘Mandate’ carp out, makes no sense. If not, I fully support Mr. Trump on diminishing, killing and removing this horrible thing called: ‘ACA’

Alan Eakins on

I became unemployed at the end of 2015,at age 61 seems no one was interested in hiring me,so i become say self employed, but just making a fraction of what i used to make,cant afford to pay $800 to $950 per month for health insurance, im on obamcare,it the only way i could afford insurance on our combined income .

Debra from Georgia on

I started working at the age of 15 and I payed my way through college no grants or loans and worked full time it was hard but I did it. Have worked at my job for 39 yrs as a nurse then in 2014 had a stroke,seizures use all my time at work and had to pay cobra 900.00/mth for me. I was in the hospital for 1 month and rehab. for 1 mth. had to have family help me walk again and then went to outpatient therapy still paying 900/mth. I couldn’t do it any more was getting ready to lose everything I had worked for and I am single with no children Now I am a diabetic,high blood pressure and have heart problems. Yes I pay for OBAMACARE with great pride if it had not been for this I would not have been able to get treatment and now I am disabled. I have never asked for a hand out I have always been the giver and care taker but life changes in a blink of an eye. I have to pay a high deductible but I see a lot of Doctors and take high priced
medicine. If you don’t have insurance you need to get some because you never know what life will bring because health care bills will make you have to give up a lot if you pay them. Mr. Trump please think of all of us who need this insurance and if people don’t want the insurance they should not have to pay a fine. But please keep me and millions of others in mind we need this. THANK YOU and have a Blessed Day

Sam Houston on

Obongo should be tarred and feathered, paraded through the streets of D.C. at the end of a chain and run out of this country along with all obamunist supporters.

Natasha on

It is so important to maintain obamacare. Before the exchange I could not afford insurance. I work two jobs ( one full time and one part time where neither employer offers any benefits [they are small companies] and go to college). I do not live beyond my means ( we do not even have cable television! ) I have a pre- existing condition that is life threatening if not monitored. Without proper care I cannot maintain a job. Then, where am I? No insurance, no employment? At least now I can support myself. The GOP refuses to acknowledge the real life struggles that face every day Americans. We have waiting so long for affordable insurance, and now they are going to take it away? President Obama, please take steps to ensure our insurance will not be taken away and secure your legacy!

Kat on

I think the smoking fine should be removed….if drug addicts , obese people, and alcoholics do not pay fines neither should smokers it’s oppression and unbelievable! !! The fine foe not having insurance is oppression as well. Disgusting! I hope and prey that trump fixes this garbage as its not what I thought America the land of the Free stood for , as it’s becoming America the land of the oppressed! !

George Pantelic on

My insurance before Obama care was $548/mo now it is $1,312/mo and I have $7000 deductible now on top of that. How does this help anyone. I can not in right mind be for ObamaCare.
We as a society have to face it that people do die, and some of them that can not afford the high price of medical care would have to do just that.

Alexandra on

I find it unfathomable that voters would elect a president with such little information regarding their healthcare decisions.

Beverly Bruce on

Hi I am writing to ask for advise and let you know what kind of situations that we and Americans like me and my husband are faced with. June 2016 I had brain surgery and no longer was able to perform my work duties therefore left my job of 10 years to stay home and heal. For the first time in 15 years we got insurance last year. We had a short term 11 month individual insurance plan as neither one of our employers offer health ins they are very small businesses and this short term policy was all we could Afford and continue to save for retirement and continue to pay bills. My husband also has some health issues that need taken care of soon and I now have a torn tendon in my shoulder that will require surgery. Our ages are 53 and 56. Affordable care health plans are all that are available to us as we have pre existing conditions and it is the law to have this insurance. The plan we choose as our best Affordable option will cost $1536 per month every month of 2017. We live below our means as he brings home $3980 per month our bills equal $1600 month plus $500 to put back for house and car insurance and property taxes so that equals $2100 a month. This does not include gas or groceries or any extras. This is only the basic not including what we owe for medical bills from the brain surgery. Add $1536 for our Affordable health insurance and it comes to $3636 a month. This leaves us with $344 a month break that down per week is $86 a week left for gas groceries medical bills to pay off from 2016 and future medical bills and any unexpected things that may happen. We are no longer able to save any money as that used to be high on our priority list as we are aging and will need it in the furure. We will not be able to sustain living for very long with this insurance policy being the price it is. We do not qualify for assistance from the government to help pay for medical as he makes to much but we do not make enough to pay for the Affordable health care either. What are we supposed to do. I am sincerely asking for advise as maybe there is someone smarter than me and that thought process works better than mine as I just had brain surgery for a brain tumor removed and I struggle with figuring things out at times. How are we to survive when we buy this Affordable insurance that we must have by law and that we need in order to get medical care. What am I supposed to do please tell me any other options. I would like someone from the government to answer my questions and say what exactly they would do if they were in our situation.

Angela Miracle on

So what is being said is that now we are no longer covered. I am with BCBSTX and last week they had my new policy up on their site but now it only shows until 1/1/17 and when I go to billing it is not available. Does this mean that I better get busy trying to find some kind of health care. I am not worried about me yet but my husband is in bad shape.
so frustrating since I am the one responsible for his health and I am getting pulled apart with no where to turn. Does anyone have any ideas? How about the insurance carriers that keep calling my phone are they for real? I work but our co does not offer insurance.

Dusty Scharberg on

I cant afford health insurance because of the high premiums. This in return allows me to more or less be set up for bankruptcy when a huge medical bill just breaks my bank. We should be able to buy insurnace from private companies at our discretion. We should bot be fined for not being able to afford their plans.

Mel on

My COBRA from last job runs out in September 2017. It’s good coverage and I was under cancer treatment last year so didn’t want to change providers, etc. while doing initial 2 years of followups. I am also planning to relocate to another state this year. My questions are: Will I probably be able to sign up for an Obamacare plan when my COBRA runs out (special enrollment) or could the preexisting condition derail that? Prefer to stay on COBRA but wondering if it’s better to get in an Obamacare plan now before open enrollment ends. Second question, what states would be best to relocate to in order to be sure to still get coverage? Assume Massachusetts would work since it was modeled on Mass plan. Other good options? I’d been thinking of New Mexico or Oregon or Utah. Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Erin on

You can sign-up for a new plan on the Marketplace as soon as you aren’t eligible for another form of minimal essential coverage. COBRA doesn’t make you ineligible to sign-up either because an employer is no longer contributing towards the premium. At this point, there is no reason to assume that the future of healthcare reform won’t include using the Marketplaces (especially in states) or that people won’t have some form of cost assistance for coverage. What isn’t clear is exactly what the replacement plan will be or when it will actually be passed (needs a large majority in congress) and when it will be begin. Trump has made it clear that he would prefer a replacement be passed same day, I just think he under estimates the length of time that will take to make happen. This next year, nothing will change about the Marketplace plans, next year is less certain.

Ramona isley on

I’m scared. I will be dead in six weeks without my medicines. I dont believe that our elected representives listen or respect the individuals they are suppose to represent. I have an insurence policy that i can afford but if it disappears I have no idea what to do. I ‘ don’t believe we have a reliable day in our government.

Bobbie on

Once again those who will try and change the aca get insurance why don’t they walk in our shoes and see how they like not having medical insurance?? So tired of all this.

Holly Kava on

I make $721.00 a month. My doctor who I have gone to for 13 years takes Champ VA insurance. Medicaid helps with my co- pays of my perscriptions.. Thank goodness!! I don’t know how much of this will change…I certainly hope none. My doctor says stress us a killer and since Mr Trump has been ” elected” I feel like a slow stress death has been handed out! I am sure I am not the only one. I am 62 years old. I have lived to see a lot of situations change in our country but the new administration is the scariest I pray I live through. I live in Denver Colorado and I am going down to the state office thus month to make sure my food stamps and medicaid remain in tact. I do hope Mr. Trump strongly agrees to putting the DEA back where they belong fighting against the illegal drugs being brought into our country and gets them out of Doctors offices who are trying to treat their patients effectively. There has been mention of “blue” states not being affected at all, what does that mean? Thank you.

Robert on

What will happen to me? I worked all my life, am now waiting on disability, and am on Medicaid. Am I going to lose Medicaid and be forced to make every visit to the ER with bills I cannot pay?

Erin on

At this moment, there is no reason to believe that states who’ve already expanded Medicaid will not experience any immediate changes. The proposal at the moment is just removing the of the requirements (like matching the funding) that state’s must do. They also intend to cap the rate of growth in those funds, but nothing definitive about that element. This means that more states will likely expand under their own custom Medicaid programs where the state contributes less tax revenue and other states may continue to expand by making their programs more efficient. Some won’t change at all.

Rob on

What will happen to me? I worked all my life, am now waiting on disability, and am on Medicaid. Am I going to lose Medicaid and be forced to make every visit to the ER with bills I cannot pay?

Maria on

Obamacare may work for some people but it doesn’t work at all for me. I pay the fine. It’s like not having insurance at all. My deductible was so high. I really am hoping and praying that this nightmare insurance will go away!

Shonda on

I don’t think we should be fined my company support have me coverage in 90 days took 7 months now I pay a fine

Doni on

I support some of the Obama Care and support some of the changes expressed by the GOP. No one should be forced to have or fined for not having health insurance. There are still people who do not have health care because they cannot afford it but cannot afford the fines too. We need to provide good healthcare plans with a maximum cost of $100.00 per month for a single person. A person making slightly above minimum wage (10ish per hour) would be able to afford such healthcare not the 250-300 a month that it is costing for health care today.

Lorena Fernandez on

I agree with Donni, that is my exact dilemma, low pay, high rates and deductibles

Renee Wells on

I agree with Donald Trump about not being mandated to have healthcare insurance.. It should be the individual decision on whether they want it or not.

Heather on

I’m am scared to death that I will loose my insurance and or it will becomes more expensive, let alone it get coverage for my pre-existing health conditions. I am terrified because I have health conditions that without insurance I could never pay for my medication. I am a type 1 diabetic and my insulin is $647.00 and my other insulin is $760.00 a month. This very scary.

Consuella Harge on

I have a life threatening illness Lupus and ARDS and need the ACA to survive. The ACA covers my medicines I need to take so I don’t have Lupus flare ups. The ACA gives me coverage to see my pulmonary, rheumatologist and my primary care doctor to work together to keep me healthy. These are doctors that know about my personal illness, they know me and how far I have come with my recovery.

Please do not be insensitive to people like me who need the ACA to survive.

Thank you,

Consuella Harge

Rosana Suarez on

I am a divorced 53 year old woman, my income is 31200 a year, no dependent, the cheapest, plan available for me is $249 a month with a deductible of $4,500. So for the last 2 years I have paid the fine for not having Obama care.
Why don’t you let us choose if we want to have or not health insurance??? Is our choose, is our health. Besides, it is ridiculous paying so much for a plan with a $4500 deductible.
I am crossing my fingers I do not have to pay 695 fine for choosing not to have Obama Care.

Erin on

You may qualify for a hardship exemption, especially given Trump’s recent Executive Order to The Health and Human Services Department (HHS). Under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), HHS is given authority to grant hardship waivers and a certain amount of leeway in how to define a hardship. The language in the Executive Order is clear: do what you can to relieve taxes imposed on essentially every person and sector in society within the bounds of the law. If you think you’re being asked to pay too much or you are experiencing a financial hardship, apply for an exemption. There’s no telling how quickly HHS will follow through or how they will redefine “hardship”, but it’s worth trying.

david on

I think Trump should order the IRS to refund all fines paid in the past for not having Obama care

Anne on

President-Elect Trump, please review the Hill-Burton Act that covers the hospital care of someone unable to pay for their treatment at non-profit hospitals and expand it to cover the fees of the treating physicians both at the hospital and office visits for sickness and wellness care.
I trust you and your Congress to give the citizens a better healthcare program by stopping the pharmaceutical companies from compensating the physicians for pushing their medications over another for the same condition. One case in point is the EpiPen. Doctors push the product of Mylan as it has one cap to remove while Adrenaclick made by Amedra Pharmaceuticals LLC has two caps to remove. There are 20 other medications in ProPublica’s list that companies are paying the most to promote, nine had a competitor also ranked within the top 20 that treated the same condition. They are: Victoza, type-2 diabetes, Eliquis, anti-clotting drug, Brilinta, blood thinner, Invokana, type-2 diabetes, Latuda, schizophrenia, Xalreto, anti-clotting drug, Humira, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease, Tudorza, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Daliresp, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Abilify Maintena, schizophrenia, Linzess, irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, chronic idiopathic constipation, Pradaxa, anti-clotting, Tradjenta, type-2 diabetes, Belviq, weight loss drug, Copaxone, multiple sclerosis,
Samsca, hyponatremia (low sodium levels in the blood), H. P. Acthar, infantile spasms, multiple sclerosis, endocrine disorders, arthritis, lupus, Symbicort, asthma, & Aubagio, multiple sclerosis. Also, please allow the Senior Citizens the option to obtain or keep Medicare if they are paying for their healthcare benefits through their employer. Do not make it mandatory to have Medicare. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

Kevin on

Me and my wife is very happy that abama care will be gone especially the pentalty. We can’t afford banana’s care in Ohio so we have to ow IRS for something that we a forced to have. For 2017 if we got a fine for abama care we will have to file bankruptcy. Since Trump getting rid of it we are very happy. Go Trump

Jennifer Gierok on

End Obama care completely. Expand medicaid for anyone who wants it and makes under like $100 or $80k a year with dependants etc. Make Doctors medicaid reimbursments pay out higher and give docs an incentive for accepting medicaid patience.like a tax break and an much bigger % back for services. Right now they get screwed.Easy enough. Cheaper than Obamacare and people can go back to normal insurance again. Or not. Obamacare has screwed my family. Make $40 k a yr family of 4. Premiums are $100 a month for just my husband and myself but the deductables $16,000 before we can even use it. So we said screw it. Im not paying $1,200 a year for something I can use. But the IRS screws us and takes over $1,300 as a penalty. Its a load of shit. Because $40 is huge for a family why not steal my tax money on top of it..

Dorothy Bertana on

88th can understand that if we have jobs we have healthcare. And with that said I don’t think we should pay extra for smoking thats our choose and for the ones that do should have health insurance.

K on

All I know is that I have a family of four in the aweful state of CT and my salary of $93,000 per year makes me ineligible for any kind of affordable health care. To cover three of four family members it will cost $1376 per month. I’ve signed up for this in hopes that my wife will be able to find work so I do not get penalized by the IRS. Bottom line is we just cannot afford the insurance and will have to pay the penalty until another job becomes available. And until then we will not have insurance. I wonder how many other Americans are in a similar situation. The ACA is not a good solution for all Americans in my opinion.

Corbitt Gipson on

I think that Donald Trump can win the popularity of many of the doubtful American people if he provides us with affordable and accessible healthcare for all. Greedy insurance companies and the republican senate will watch us wither and die.

Rainy on

What happens to single adults on state disability (197a month) waiting for SSI hearing who are on medicaid? The thought of going back to the way things were when bush was in office is terrifying to anyone who is chronically ill


I do whis it would change to if you want obama care fine go get it. However I’ve not got any ins.. at all. Right now couldn’t get a plan if it was 50 a month. I do have to feed a family and that is with out the help of goverment handout’s. I have had to use the E.R once and now making small payments to pay it off. What is a dam shame is that I’m paying now and I will be paying again out of my tax’s. so 2 times i’m paying off one 700 hospital bill. Now lets get off to a different subject,,I think in my heart this ins. junk had sent more thugs to the street with drugs. Lease saleing drugs they dont get that took away when tax time comes around. they aint worry about tax like a hard working man is that needs his evey dime. RICH GETS RICHER AND THE POOR WELL THEY JUST HAVEN’T GOT A CHANCE IN HELL ANYMORE

Crystal on

I don’t think everyone should have to have health insurance. I only go to the Dr. Once every two year’s. We shouldn’t get penalized for it at the end of the year. Not everyone can afford it even though you say they can.

Damir from Europe on

In first place it is very stupid thing to have for-profit insurance companies and hospitals which charge ridicul amounts for insurance and overcharge simplest procedures. If I was to live in USA, and have to had a heart surgery or cancer treatment I would fly to Europe , either to Slovenia (where Trump’s wife is from), or Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and get a treatment for less then 15.000$. In fact, in Croatia you can, as american citizen, register a company and pay for your insurance and pension for as little as 300$ a month with 100% coverage for all disseases (dentist included). And a return ticket is just 500$. In some cases, it is cheaper to fly to Europe to see a doctor than to see him in USA. The system in USA is corrupt, and if you are earning below 100.000$ a year and get cancer or need a heart surgery you are done, its over for you. Either you will be lucky to be treated but you will have to pay for it for the rest of your life. Another problem is, if everybody don’t pay for insurance, then the cost is to high and system is not efficient. If everybody paid like 3-4% out of each paycheck, it would suffice for general coverage. It needs to be done, health is one of human rights proscribed by constitution.

Janet Williams on

Can someone explain to me why this stuff varies state to state when the UNITED STATES is one nation under GOD!! You all need to get back on the same page. This is not a communist country get your sh** together. I really am hoping and praying that Trump can get this country back in line. Because it has really stunk for the past 8 years!!!!!

rufustaylor on

obama is no good at all and needs to be gone and obama is gone as well

Jane Hogan on

Is there any way I can get out of paying the IRS 695.00 on my taxes for not having Obamacare? I could pay 200.00. Help me out please president Trump. Small town SD. Jane Hogan

Erin on

Trump just signed an executive order encouraging HHS to grant exemptions. There is no way of knowing how quickly that might happen or how the HHS is going to redefine “hardship” to include more people. It is clear, that is what Trump expects from them among other things. Depending on your situation, you might qualify for an exemption if you apply.

Suji raj on

What will happen to Obamacare now since Donald trump is president. I am not against any one, but I just received Medicaid for my family and now it is so uncertain regarding the healthcare. News papers would say, everything will be collapsed. Any body has answer? This is so uncertain time for people who are struggling.

Erin on

The changes that are being proposed at the moment are just going to make it easier for states to get the Medicaid expansion funding already present in the Affordable Care Act with less rules and restrictions. This is coming in the form of block grants and as long as they make it per capita and do keep some rules to ensure the funding is being used appropriately and efficiently to provide the health care that it is intended to, it may mean more states expand a modified version of Medicaid to more non-disabled adults. It likely means very little will change about Medicaid in states that have already expanded. Currently states were required to match federally funding to a certain extent using tax revenue, but the block grants would probably allow states to supplement costs in other ways (copays, deductibles, small premiums) and other states will simply become more efficient so the federal funding goes further.

Lois on

I love most of what Obamacare can offfer, however as a single woman 57 yrs of age and making over $100grand per year I did not find it affordable. I am happy for the families and individuals that can benefit from it. I would like to see the penalties removed, as I feel it is my right to choose to have coverage or not. I hope Trump will be a decent human being keep it going and improve upon what is already in place, his dislike for Obama need not hurt innocent American citizens.

mamoud conteh on

shame on you Mr president

Auddie Ranney on

We canceled our Obamacare coverage in June 2016. With Trump repealing Obama care will we still have to pay a fine for not having coverage?

Janet Jordan on

I think ACA should be improved not repealed. Why would anyone repeal it when do many people depend on it so much? It seems heartless to repeal a working program without having a replacement in place. People should be more important than politics and money.

Rebecca Messner on

I was always a democrat and as a nurse was one hundred percent behind socialized healthcare but what has happened is horrid! I’m a single mother never received child support and put myself through school and for twenty years have always paid our way and for health insurance now I am in a spot with Obamacare that either I pay for insurance for myself and family or I pay my rent/car payment or eat my payment went from $300/mos for good insurance to over $800/ month for crap insurance with huge copays and deductibles! Unreal I have worked my ass off to remain self sufficient and now I’m in a spot where I should quit my job and go on welfare to get insurance I would get more from becoming a leech on society but my daughter has medical issues and her medicine is more important than me being independent sadddd saddd our government has done this to my family!

Peggy A.Rhoads on

I think if the prices on the medinces would drop down and the price would come down that would help,. help the ones on fixed income.

Scott on

I think its un constitutional to make born Americans to not a choice about having health care or not I get sick I pay to go to Dr end Obama care now

Mike on

Pre-existing conditions is the most important. Sooner or later we will all be there.

Linda Myers Harn on

For people over 74, is there a death panel clause in the affordable act by Obama care.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No, not at all. I can’t tell you how frustrating and low-brow it is that people use terms like “death” when talking about healthcare reform. That was just slander used back in 2009 to try to get the ACA blocked. It referred to Medicare improvements and the advisory board. Sorry you had to encounter that negativity. See: https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-medicare/

Ff on

Obama care cost me my home be aide my premiums are 1300 per month for a family of . All Democrats listen up. Things are not free pull your head out of your lazy ass’s

Rebecca Rodriguez on

What is funny is that when i was asked qualifying questions for getting healthcare coverage I was told that my husband and I didn’t qualify because we didn’t make enough. But when trying to sign up through our local DHHS office we were told that we didn’t qualify because we weren’t dead, dying, or pregnant. How can we get insured when our health is compromised due to lack of coverage so we can’t even get healthy enough to get hired for a job. Can someone explain that to me?

Herrod Campbell on

Under President Trump; will you be allowed to go back and choose your own Doctor (Most important to my wife)?

Also, even though you will be allowed to keep your children in the plan until age 26; what about the added cost to do so? Right now under the Obamacare plan, and even though you are allowed to do so, the price/cost is more than the average family can afford (e.g., the monthly cost for this part or the plan is too expensive).

Teresa on

I have my insurance through the Marketplace. I don’t know what I will do if I lose it. It is a great plan, my deductible is $200.00 and max out of pocket is $600.00. I have preexisting conditions, so I would really like to be able to keep my same plan.

glenda thomas on

get rid of that dumb only buy during open enrollment unless have qualifying event that’s so dumb!