Missed Enrollment at Work, What do I Do?

My enrollment period at my job is in July and I missed it last year without being aware. Can I get Obamacare Insurance until July of 2015 when I can then enroll in insurance at my job.

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I missed open enrollment at my new job. I and my husband currently have insurance (with a subsidy) on the exchange. Can I keep my plan but not take the subsidy anymore? We just can’t lose health insurance.


Yes, you just need to contact them and let them know you don’t want the advanced tax credit.


I’ve been working for this company for five years and this is the first time i have missed open enrollment. My wife has insurance but it would be too expensive for her to add me, is there anything I can do


If you missed open enrollment with your company you are in a difficult situation. You can still enroll with the marketplace, but the technicality of you having an employer option might pose issues with cost assistance.

I would contact healthcare.gov immediately to find out your options… or contact HR immediately to try to wiggle into being enrolled (perhaps through special enrollment). There are affordability exemptions based on the cost of employer coverage, but there is no “forgot to sign up” exemption.


If I miss my open enrollment through my employer, can I sign up for a marketplace plan and receive subsidies?

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