American Citizen Living Outside of US, Can I Get a Health Plan?

Hello from Hong Kong. My family has been living in Hong Kong for past 3 years. Health insurance is bad here and my wife has doctors she trusts more in NYC where we used to live.

Can we apply for coverage just for my wife so she can use her doctors and be covered? If so, what is covered? Thanks for update of more details and costs as I understand sign up deadline is this weekend.

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I am a US citizen,currently reside in South Africa, I am a full time student. I have a number of medical conditions which need medical attention, the specific treatment available in South Africa is of a very poor standard. I was previously a New York State resident have no family in the US but want to know if I qualify for medicaid or any type of health care provided by the government. I do not have an income and currently do not know how or where to apply if i do qualify even. I would like to return to the US to seek medical attention but i simply cannot afford medical treatment. As far as i know i was told that in order to apply for any state medicaid you have to provide proof of residence in that state however i reside outside of the us.


In general, you need to live in the state to access Medicaid. However, New York and California tend to have relaxed rules in some cases where state (not federal funding is used). Generally, if you are a U.S. citizen, then coming back to New York and residing there in some respect (even without a primary residence; after-all, some people are homeless, so there are options for those without a primary) should be enough. I can’t tell you for sure though. You need to call the New York state Medicaid department.


I’m an american citizen live out side of the United State since March 2017 , my work health insurance expire on Sept 2017 and I’m planing to live stady in the Dominican Republic , right now I have bought a health insurance plan here in D.R.

My question is , how the the obama care afect me , do I going to be penalize for no having a health plan in the United State or do I have to get one in the United Sate.


I understand the 330 days..but what do you need if you live 50-50% in the US and abroad and you have Global insurance ( the kind that insures you for 90 days if you come back to US…but how do I cover the rest of the time one is here..Do i have to pay for 2 policies one global and one in the uS or marketplace…..I guess I need to know what I need to do if my wife is out of the country , but less than 330 days and has global insurance. WHat do I need for coverag in US when she is here


This did not even answer his question. We are in a similar situation…living in Bangladesh most of the year, but we are planning on IVF abroad and me returning to the US to have the baby in May. What are we supposed to do? Also, why is Obamacare so expensive…how are we supposed to pay $450 per month per person. Ridiculous.


You need to live in the U.S. and be legally present or a citizen to buy a major medical health plan. You need to pay taxes to claim healthcare tax credits. You can get travelers insurance if just traveling (although you can be denied for this). This does mean that even if you are a citizen, if you won’t be residing in the U.S. you may have to go with travelers. Also you can only get covered during open enrollment each year. No matter what, you can always call HealthCare.Gov to get direct advice.


my family and i living outside united sated my husband had to do emergency heart surgery other seas it cost us more than 15000 us dollars if we come back to the state could we claim this under Obama care


If you are currently holding a policy in the states and had emergency surgery your plan may cover some types of costs depending upon the details of the contract you signed. Generally, people would be advised to have travlers insurance while traveling as insurance purchased in the US typically only covers treatment in the US. Emergencies and prescriptions are the two things that can break the rule traveling in the states.

In general the big name insurers are more likely to provide over-seas emergency coverage.

In order to get reimbursed by your health care provider, you’ll need to file a claim and include an itemized receipt from the hospital. The process can take weeks, if not months. The expenses covered will be on par with how your policy works in the U.S., meaning that if you normally have a $50 co-pay for emergency-room visits, your health insurer will subtract $50 from its reimbursement check.

This article does a decent job of explaining things further.,1912/

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