IRS Withheld the Wrong Amount? (ObamaCare)

During 2014 I was covered for two months under Obamacare.

Once I became employed I called and cancelled Obamacare because my employer offered insurance.

Fast forward to tax filing season.

I filed my taxes with no problem and just received something in the mail from the IRS stating that I now owe over $700 for not canceling the insurance even though I did. I also informed whomever was on the phone that I DID NOT receive a 1095 from Obamacare for my taxes. The are holding my tax return until this fee is paid.

The person that I tried to speak with on the phone was extremely ugly and has no place in customer service. How is this just or fair? This is stealing! The worst part is that I only had to pay a fee of $5 for my insurance. How did this turn into $700?

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hello, my husband and I could not afford health care, so we paid penalty for 2016 $1400. now the IRS still sends bills saying we owe $300 I sent checks for June July August $100 a month, but they say takes a LONG time before they pay, but YES they admit have the $300. Now November and still send bill!

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