My husband signed us both up for health care Silver coverage. We have not received a card yet and I need to use our coverage right away to pick up my prescriptions, etc. It is supposed to be in effect 3-1-15. Please provide me with the information required. The pharmacist said she needs 3 sets of numbers from you in order to see if my prescriptions are covered.


If you have coverage, but don't have your card yet, call your insurer and get the information. You'll need your member ID, group number, and insurer at least.

Make sure to double check your premium is paid and your insurance has started.

To be clear, we are an informational grass-roots website that aims to help point consumers dealing with ACA in the right direction. We are not in any way connected to HealthCare.Gov or your insurer. There is nothing specifically we can do to help you get your information. Both the Marketplace and your insurer can help resolve this issue.

Learn more about what is on your insurance card.

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Diane Peterson on

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Your answer was very insulting and not personal. Furthermore, my insurer does not pick up the phone. I waited over 35 minutes today on the appropriate line. Finally, after feeling like I was waisting my time I clicked on the appropriate 1# to leave a message as directed only to get the reply that the insurers voice mail was full and not able to take my voice mail AFTER THE MACHINE SAYING THAT I SHOULD PRESS1# TO LEAVE A MESSAGE. This reply is not appropriate and I expect a return phone call. I will be waiting to hear from someone tomorrow, Friday. I have been given only one of the required fields listed above. I am ill and in need of my medication and a sonogram. I do not have a card in hand yet. I would appreciate someone take an interest and reply. on

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Sorry that you are having so much trouble reaching your insurer. We are a informational grass-roots site. Our goal is to try to help people by pointing them in the right direction and to create an open forum where everyone can discuss ACA related topics. We don’t always have a perfect answer (certainly suggesting you call the same insurer you are having problems with is not a “perfect answer”). That being said, by offering the information we do have, and by creating this page so others can comment and discuss the topic, we hope to come to a “more perfect answer”. For now, truly, calling the Marketplace and or your insurer is what we would suggest to anyone. If the number you are using to get ahold of your insurer isn’t working, may we suggest going to their website and finding another number? We would not suggest continuing to wait for them to get back to you, despite the complications you seem to be having.

HealthCare.Gov can also help you resolve parts of this issue and help provide more direction.