I have not received my 1095A form. I need to know how to have my 1095A form mailed to me, so that I may file my taxes. Or can i print my 1095 out online?


If you don't have your 1095A form you can view it online. You can also contact the Marketplace Call Center if you find any errors on your 1095A.

NOTE: This page was compiled over the years in a response to people's questions with 1095-A forms. The information below remains important. However, we suggest anyone dealing with 1095-A issues see the latest update from Treasury and the IRS issued on April 3rd, 2015. The IRS hasn't issued a specific statement this year, but the statement from 2015 will give people an idea of what sort of complexities can occur and what past official responses have been.

With the above in mind, 1095A forms aren't available until after they filed. So while you can view it online earlier than you may see it in the mail, you shouldn't expect to be able to view it any way until it is officially filed to the IRS by the Marketplace. The 1095 forms are filed at the end of January and into February, but I've heard of people getting forms as late as March.

For those in doubt, the best thing one can do is contact their state Marketplace (or HealthCare.Gov). The buck starts with HealthCare.gov filing the 1095-A form and ends with the IRS receiving it (around the same time the consumer should receive their copy), consumers don't file their own forms.

The instructions below are general directions for finding your 1095 form on HealthCare.Gov (although some users have commented with these steps not working). If you have issues please comment below and helps us clarify what is happening.

Find your Form 1095-A online

  • Log in to Marketplace account
  • Select your this year application (be sure you’re not choosing last year's coverage application)
  • Select “Tax forms” from the menu on the left
  • View or download each Form 1095-A
  • All 1095-As are also available with your Marketplace messages

In some specific instances, your forms may not be mailed until March or later. In rare cases people did not have a 1095-A filed for them until after April 15th, an automatic extension should not be considered until all other options have been exhausted. In general, calling the Marketplace or the IRS and following up is your best bet for finding a resolution. Only when all of this fails is filing an extension due to 1095 forms suggested.

You have until April 15th, to file your 1040 and related ObamaCare forms.


For those who got cost assistance, and are running out of time. Here is the information on your 1095-A (this doesn't replace filing an extension, but can be helpful in estimating your 1040 at the very least):

Since you don't have to file a 1095-A yourself, if you can gather the above information you can fill out the Premium Tax Credit 8962 form without using a 1095-A. The IRS suggests: "If taxpayers experience difficulty obtaining the Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, from their Marketplace, they should review the monthly billing statements provided by their health coverage provider or contact the provider directly to obtain the coverage information, monthly premium amount, and amount of monthly advance credit payments made on their behalf."

If you are running out of time to file, you can learn more on our page on how to file without a 1095-A.

Also for those who wish to do so, you can file form 4868 for an extension of time to file your income taxes.

For more information on what is on your 1095-A see our simplified guide to the 1095-A.

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Dora Delgado on

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That is not true for all. Massachusetts marketplace has not send the form and there is no way you can obtain it online. People that are counting on receiving money from their returns cannot afford to wait until the last minute.

Ian on

Answer Rating:

No 1095A mailed and no PDF available. Had to call the marketplace. They don’t know why it’s not available online and I was told they would need to escalate issue and to expect a reply in 30 to 90 days. Wonderful. Meanwhile I cant file and receive my refund.

Cassie on

Answer Rating:

I am in the same boat. Mine is not available online was told it would be postmarked by Feb. 1st but I still haven’t received it. Called a week and a half ago, they told me they requested for another to be sent to me but it can take 14 business days. Their answers are always different for each call I have made. It is the only thing I don’t have for taxes. Turbo tax says if I submit without it the IRS may hold part or all of my refund until they can verify the information. Should I go ahead and submit and hope they have quicker access to the information than I?

Danielle on

Did you file or wait for your form?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Generally the advice is to wait for the form and not file. The forms for 2015 wouldn’t be sent until the end of the month at least if it is going to work like last year.

Jasmine P on

I did. And on February 1 I received a letter from the IRS stating that I needed to file that form. They sent me a list of all the forms I needed, and told me to file it within 20 days. I sent it that same day by fax. My refund increase by $300, if my calculations are right.
Downside: it said it may take 6-8 additional weeks to process my refund.
Wait for your forms!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

THANK YOU. Yes, the proper method is to wait for the forms.

Phyllis Acker on

Answer Rating:

Yeah as government goes. We know we have till april 15. But if we don’t make that due to not having the form 1095A we need, who’s going to pay for all the late charges. Obama. And I’d like time in case I owe to figure that out. This is just another example of our government at work. I think their good at using that saying. Do as I say not as I do.

Daniel on

Answer Rating:

I am in the same boat. They had to escalate the issue while I wait. There are like 2 or 3 entries that I need from the 1095-A. Why can’t they just e-mail it or give me the information over the phone? I had to wait 3 weeks for them to assign the escalation and now another 30 to 90 days for them to resolve it (which basically means mail it because I doubt they’ll fix their website). What I dislike is that they act as if your situation is so unique. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me that, “there are a lot of people in the same situation.”

Jill on

I hear all you. I have state insurance, same thing happened to me. It’s a joke.
You are better off making sure to find a job that provides good health insurance. This is the first year that I had to pay out of pocket.
Thanks a lot Obama, so glad our country is changing.

Jay on

I know, what a joke in MA huh?! I just called and they said last “batch” would be mailed on Feb 12th but they couldn’t tell me if mine had been sent with earlier “batches”. I could really use my fed return. I guess that’s the price I pay for having MassHealth. I feel ya

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:


Thank you for your comment. The above is true for HealthCare.Gov

If your state’s Marketplace hasn’t filed their application yet then you won’t be able to view it online yet. Also state Marketplaces won’t necessarily have the same exact process for viewing a 1095 online. Some states won’t finish filing their 1095’s until the end of February. We haven’t heard of any states needing to defer their filing any later than that.

Lalabaw on

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What if you live in a state that does not have an exchange? I am in Texas and so I have had to go through the federal marketplace website to apply. I check my messages and see nothing in regards to the 1095a. When I go to my 2014 application and choose Tax Forms, nothing appears but a section of general information. I cannot download my individual form at all. I had insurance for 7 months out of the year, but had to have an enrollment canceled as of the effective start date of my plan because I was erroneously enrolled. Wondering if this has something to do with me not receiving the form. I hope I get it sometime before the filing deadline.

Unanimous on

I just called the Marketplace and they informed me that there wasnt even the form in my account. so i asked them if they are going to pay all the late fees and they also said that they would send it to the escalated team. Maybe the person who made this mandatory should be helping getting this stuff straightened out before another trip of vacation.

Kylie on

I am still waiting on my form to be filed and it’s March 10th. This is absurd. I’ve called multiple times and while the people are helpful, they cannot do anything but tell me it won’t be available to download till after it’s filed.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

If you had more than one Marketplace plan you should be sent forms for each plan. Texas and any state that didn’t set up it’s own Marketplace uses HealthCare.Gov. If you haven’t got your 1095a and can’t view it online, then you have the option of calling the Marketplace to follow up. 1-800-318-2596 or (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)

Michelle on

they don’t help at all

Autumn on

What happens if I filed the taxes already unknowingly that O needed this 1095-A. So now IRS has put a hold on my refund and I have to wait for a letter to find out what to do next. I thought IRS was also sent the same info that I was sent? Why can’t they input the info in themselves… I will never get OBAMACARE AGAIN!!!! This process has sucked and if I knew it was a problem then I would never have signed on for the 4 months that I did…

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There isn’t much to do, but the IRS may have your 1095 and may process everything anyway. The 1095-A is a frustrating aspect of the law for sure. I think there is enough of an uphill battle discussing the law without getting bogged down in forms… although perhaps that is just a metaphor we should seriously consider in regards to bureaucracy and democracy.

Christina on

Same thing happened to me!!! I am beyond mad. I filed my taxes and then kept waiting. 20 days passed and the irs website kept saying still processing. I finally called the irs and they told me I was missing the 1095a form. I have reached out to the lovely marketplace 3 times now. First time I waited to speak with some one well over 30 minutes and when they finally took my call the lady said she would be happy to help me by HANGING up on me. I called back. Waited another 30 mins and then the rep told me they would send the form out to me but it could take up to 14 days!!! After 14 days passed by I called AGAIN for the next rep to tell me oh it looks like the form was just sent out as of YESTERDAY!! I’m like whatever just resend it. So now if it doesn’t come by this Friday I don’t know what I’m going to do!!!!!

Jennie on

Same thing just happened to me. My husband had it for 2 months, admittedly I was in a hurry to file, thought we had all the tax forms and now it’s a BIG mess. After filing on Jan 26th and it still just saying “accepted” I finally got a letter today saying they needed the 1094-A form sent within 20 days. Well, I don’t think I even recall seeing a form from the marketplace but nonetheless I searched through the garbage 3 times. Searched every drawer, closet, and shelf. Nothing. Anywhere. Called and spent about 7 hours on the phone with 4 different marketplace representatives because the marketplace application and email address are under my name and the insurance policy and online account are under my husband’s. Since my husband’s name is linked under my email, when it should be mine, the application won’t load. So, because the application won’t load, I cant get access to my 1095-A and have to wait up to 14 days for them to mail it. Really?! They refuse to email it to me, I begged. It is not that serious, I don’t even have the money to sue if identity theft happened nor am I worried . I feel like suing for making this so darn difficult and making me waste my day trying to log into an account either one of us should have access to. Or, they should have tech support available that can at least edit and change something as simple as that!! They did give me all the info to write into the 1095 A form myself, but I’m reading that’s not allowed. Maybe I’ll have better luck when I call the IRS tomorrow.

Timothy Ritter on

I need my 1095A

white man on

Obama bullshit healthcare is for ni***ers like Obama

Charlotte on

Answer Rating:

I am in Georgia and I still have not received my 1095-a, nor can I view it online. I received a letter in the mail stating that I had inconsistencies in my application and would need to resolve it in order to “keep getting help paying for my coverage”, of which I do not receive nor am I attempting to receive. I am a stay at home mom and I do not have any income, therefore, I can not submit proof of my personal income. My husband works, but they are wanting proof of MY income. We were not married when I initially applied for coverage, but he was paying my monthly premium. Also, at the beginning of 2014 I was possibly still on the employment roster for a company in Pennsylvania (I worked on an as needed basis for them in 2013), at which I worked 0 hours the entire year of 2014. I am not sure what to do at this point. I am wondering if this issue is what has caused the delay with my 1095-a.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

1095’s are sent from each source you got insurance from. So if you had employer coverage they will file a separate 1095 (1095b or1095c).

For this year, you should only be concerned with 1095a forms. (other 1095’s are deferred until next year).

If the marketplace is looking for clarification, this could be what is holding up your 1095a up. You are supposed to report marriage to the Marketplace. Cost assistance works differently for married people, it takes into account both of your incomes. You’ll need to file the 8962 PTC form when you file your taxes, this will include steps for calculating how marriage affects tax credits.

You should call the Marketplace ASAP and clear things up to make sure your 1095a is sent with plenty of time to file. Shortly after it’s filed you can view it online.

Keep in mind Marketplace cost assistance (not Medicaid) is only offered to those who make over 100% of the Federal Poverty Level. If you made no income, this could actually be part of what needs clarification too.

HealthCare.Gov Helpline: 1-800-318-2596 / TTY: 1-855-889-4325

Ron on

Answer Rating:

I have not received my 1095-A and it is no where to be found online on the Marketplace. Yes, I have followed the instruction to view. I am concerned as it is almost mid-February. Calling the marketplace is a special hell and purgatory. As of right now, I’ve been on hold for 1 hour and 6 minutes. Where can I get some answers? I am in Florida if any of this information helps.

tiffany on

Answer Rating:

I also live in Florida and have not received 1095 a form, but if you call your insurance provider they’ll be able to give you your monthly premium, subsidy, beginning and end date, you’ll also need the monthly premium amount of 2nd lowest cost silver plan (slcsp) which you can get that by using the tax tools in healthcare.gov hope this helps

Jose Dajer on

i have not received my 1095-A form What can l do to get it . IRS is holding my refund as a result of it

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

Our suggestion for those who have coverage in place for 2015, but are waiting for their 1095a, is to simply wait until after open enrollment.

One should expect longer than usual hold times until February 15th, 2015 when open enrollment ends.

Since not all forms in all states are filed yet, you certainly aren’t behind to get your taxes filed for the April 15th, 2015 tax deadline.

The exemptions form, the rest of your 1040, schedule A’s, HSA forms, etc don’t depend upon the 1095a. The only form that you really NEED a 1095a for is the 8962 PTC form.

You can get general questions answered by asking us or using the other HealthCare.Gov help options like the live chat. The Washington post have an ObamaCare questions App and Kaiser (kff.org) has a great QA section. Those are all reliable resources.

Also in many regions in-person help is available. That being said, nothing is really going to answer the question “why hasn’t the Marketplace filed my specific 1095a yet?” Again, that answer is probably best cleared up after open enrollment.

Get in person help. You can find in person help by going to LocalHelp.Healthcare.gov.

Call the 24/7 marketplace helpline 1-800-318-2596.

Dan on

Answer Rating:

I’m absolutely upset that there is a national problem in getting folks their 1095a. I live in Washington state, tried to get my taxes done yesterday 2/13/15 as I have received every tax document from all parties within a few days of the end of January. Well, except I didn’t realize that I needed the 1095a as its new for this year. At the tax office I called the Washington state help line and it says, go into your wa health plan online account and print it up. Well it wasn’t available. After waiting over 2 hours on hold with a recording telling me my expected wait time is 1 min. I was told I was part of a small number of people that will not receive 1095a and it will be delayed….. With no eta as to when to expect it.
Why is it that if I file my taxes late I pay a fine, but if the government is late with my taxes I just get screwed…… I need this refund….this is ridiculous….

Jeneane on

Answer Rating:

I live in Washington State too. I am in the exact same boat. I’ve been ready to do my taxes since January and the first notice I got said it would be ready by Feb 15th because it was on hold. Then I got a second notice on the 17th saying it would be 7 more days. Still has not come!!! I am sooo angry! We were counting on our refund. So tempted to file my taxes without it especially because I didn’t get any kind of tax credit, but nervous about what kind of trouble that would get me in.

Tiffany on

Answer Rating:

Heeeey same with me. I live in Pennsylvania and I have yet to get my 1095-Aphone form. I tried filing my taxes on Feb 5 of this year. But I was told that without my 1095 A form that it would be more of a hassle to get my taxes done. We called the Marketplace number and the guy on the line said that they had sent them out on the second of February. He was suppose to of changed my address for me since I had lost my coverage in the middle of 2014 due to having an old phone bill crop up so I can’t get on my account anymore. On top of that he kept putting me on hold for an hour before the guy who was filing my taxes for me called and got someone else. I was told it would take around two weeks or so. My form still hasn’t come in and from the comments I’ve seen here it’s a waste of time to call or go online and demand the form. So glad to know the government’s screwing us over any way they can still.

Brad on

Answer Rating:

We got health insurance thru the Maryland Health Exchange in 2014. There is no way to view 1095-A online. Website says forms were mailed by Jan 31st. Call them and they state they were delivered to the post office but were told they have until 15 Feb to actually mail them. Does that make any sense or sound like BS? Told to call 14 Feb if still not received. Of course, nothing delivered. Call them and now a recording to wait until Feb 17th to call if about the 1095-A. I need to file to complete my sons FASFA so he can qualify for a student loan. Waiting reduces his chance of getting grants/loans. Being told that we have until April 15th to file is true but not helpful.

John on

Answer Rating:

Same story – each time I called the Maryland exchange I was told the form had been mailed by Jan 31st, just be patient because sometimes the mail can be slow. They refused to send a duplicate because the form was ‘in the mail’. So today (Feb. 25th) the form shows up in the mail, and is dated Feb. 17th! They lied, repeatedly. I wish I owed money so I could tell them the check is in the mail.

I hope your form shows up soon!

Canady on

I just received my form but had already filed.havent received anything yet so I called the irs and the lady told me that I was going to receive a letter next week about what I need to do.My question is ,has anyone had this problem if so what did you have to do

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you file without the form, your 1040 and related forms are correct, and then the IRS gets your form, I would assume it’s a non-issue. We aren’t affiliated with the IRS, this is based off what we have seen second hand.

Teisha on

Answer Rating:

February 23,2015. I live in Florida and still haven’t receive my 1095A form. I called the marketplace 4 times and they told me they noted the account and will resend me another. They told me the same things all four times

Rob on

Answer Rating:

I live in Maryland. I’ve called the state 3 times. They assured me that they will send me my 1095 form. Its Feb 25, I’m still waiting. I wish I never even signed up for this insurance. It didnt pay for any of my therapy, the state wont send me my proper forms and Ive read many people will need to return some of their subsidies. Its been nothing but problems.

Jaclyn Jones on

Answer Rating:

Its now march 5th still waiting on my 1095A form this is the 3rd time we are told they are sending us a copy of it if I dont get it by the 12th I f march im done waiting ill file my taxes without it abd the government can kiss it nice how we get screwed but we screw around the government we get put in jail if can’t tell im sick of wating and im mad about it soooo messed up all tax forms was supposed to be sent out 1/31/15 I will reoort this to the IRS if I dont get it soon

Bob on

Answer Rating:

I feel your pain Jaclyn.

When I didn’t get my 1095 in early February as promised, I call the market place.

They said would escalate the problem, but I needed to give them 14 business days. I thought 14 days was odd, but said ok.

Well after 15 business days, no form. I called again.

I ask them what the problem was. They really didn’t know, but told me to wait another five days.

The people that I have talked to have been polite, but they apparently how no way to actually see what the problem is, let alone to do something about it.

The things that bothers me most about this. I would not even have file ( not enough income ) but because I have to have insurance by law ( admittedly I need it and I appreciate it ) I have to file.

Yet very institution that requires me to have insurance, thus requiring me to file won’t give me the form so I can file…….ugh Talk about a catch 22….

Lisa on

Answer Rating:

I’m still waiting, I called 2/17 after starting to do my taxes and finding out that I needed form 1095a. I was told they have no recorded that I had Ins. through the marketplace in 2014 as I’m staring at my Invoices, so I called my Ins. and they don’t know why they don’t have that Info. So, I get transferred to one person to another just to say that they have to request that info. that they should already have and they don’t know how long that will be. I should not be surprised since I had problems signing up with Ins. through the marketplace since day one. I might do my own calculations myself if I don’t get something soon. I had to quit my job in July 2014 (do to my health and trying to get disability) and was the sole Ins. carrier for my family. I signed up in Aug. through Kynect for Ins. It took so many phone calls and tears to get Ins. And now I’m told they don’t see where I had any in 2014. In the mean time my disability was denied. I don’t understand, I know of people that have full time jobs and receive disability, something about a work ticket for 36 months. If they are able to work…for 36 months…I don’t get it. But that is another story and problem with this government.

Cammy l on

Answer Rating:

I literally just got off the phone with the marketplace and after this being the fifth time contacting them since the beginning of February I’ve lost all hope. First the lady apologized profusely and said that I should receive my forms in the mail within 14days. Its now almost the middle of March and nothing. Now they are saying that the caseworkers have up to 30 days to file my info. I’m extremely happy that I am no longer associated with the marketplace and I don’t have to deal with them anymore. I’ve had so many problems with this insurance and I’m so tired of dealing with them. People look forward to filing their taxes as early as possible and the hold up with the forms to do so is extremely frustrating. I’m just hoping everything is here on time to file or that I can view it online sometime soon.

Robert on

Answer Rating:

the way heathcare gov. is handling this matter is a total , shameful joke! I’ve never received my 1095A form and can’t file my taxes .All the calls to the help center just put off, put off, put off. They can’t find my information and only pass the blame. This has been going on for over 30 days with no relief in sight. Tax time can be a stressful time but this Obamacare file up makes it 100 times worse I am really losing hope and confidence in the whole system!!! thank you

Liz on

Answer Rating:

Robert, I am in your boat. This has gone on for far too long. My 2014 application isn’t available on healthcare.gov even though I set up my account through a legal aid assistant who assured me I was doing the right thing. I have had a number of issues with my account; password problems, incorrect information such as the mailing address and phone number, even the spelling of my name! None of this makes sense because I have checked and repeatedly corrected the information NUMEROUS times. Before I hit the green continue button on any screen through the site, I literally clasp my hands and pray that a red error screen doesn’t pop up. I must say though, I have saved an incredible amount of money on health care through this act, but I am appalled by the fact that its taken this long to retrieve my 1095 and correct important information, because NO ONE I call through healthcare.gov can assist me!! A few have even stated that they “have no clue” why I can’t access my information. I’m only hoping that the next time I call they can at least find it and read it over the phone. This is day 28 and I’m thoroughly bored with this routine.

Bob on

Answer Rating:

To update my last post. After the five days they told me it would take. Still no1095-A form, so I called again.

Well “yada yada yada”….they still have no idea even though its been over a month since I first ask about my missing form. They told me to wait some more.

Time is running out. Please everyone with this problem, post here. Maybe we can get the national press to look into this.

tom on

Answer Rating:

Also have been waiting over 3 weeks to receive the correct 1095-A as the government incompetently sent 800,000 wrong files. You would be amazed at the answers I’ve been given when I called . I asked one lady “are people not finding their 1095-A’s on the website because they aren’t actually there?”. She replied saying “we actually don’t know where they are”. That kind of answer gave me complete hopelessness in actually receiving my 1095-A before the deadline. I have to pay for the government’s incompetence. Going into the 4th week since the file was “mailed” so hopefully this will be my lucky week.

tamara on

I’m having the same problem filed my taxes on January 25, 2016 not knowing I needed a 1095 a form wait until February 22 no taxes call irs they say no problem give it two weeks February 25 get a letter from irs saying I didn’t file 1095 a form really!!! Called market place same day they said we see you applied for it in January 2015 then it was cancelled in February 1 2015 I’m like really I didn’t even finish the application because it was something always wrong with the site so I never used it so why is the irs holding my money long story short it’s March 12 and I’m still waiting on this form help please

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

Be aware that we have offered our readers an alternative to waiting. Get more details on how to find the information for your 1095-A yourself here: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/03/12/didnt-get-1095-a-or-ecn/

Carol on

Why can’t you just send people their form? A person in our family needs to have surgery and we are desperate waiting on this money as we can’t survive …. and pay rent, electricity, food, etc… until we get our refund!!!
This is the most messed up thing I’ve ever seen. I thought is was just our bad luck, but now I see that apparently the entire country has been locked from filing their taxes!
FIX THIS MESS! People need their money!

Jaclyn Jones on

Answer Rating:

I still haven’t got my 1095 called them 6 times all I get is a run a round then they tell me that their having problems with the system on the computer so im not able to get it off their now I find iut that it might not even be legal to have the stupid forms what are we supposed to do its been over a month and counting was told that it would be here on friday and no its not im calling my local news to report on this its bs all they do is lie sooooo messed up im in florida and it shouldn’t take 14 days for it ti come in the mail thats what they keep telling me bs

Valerie Jackson on

Answer Rating:

I have been told on numerous occasions that my corrected 1095 form had been sent to me. I never received a 1095 to begin with and it was never available for me on the market place website. I am now being told it was not sent and that the Marketplace is having difficulties with some of the 1095s and they don’t seem able or willing to tell me what the problem is. I have been going back and forth with them for over a month to no avail. It is very frustrating.

Bob on

Answer Rating:

We are all in the same boat. I don’t blame the people that we talk to at the marketplace. They just don’t have the tools to fix it.

Its who designed the system that’s to blame.

Unfortunately, this will literally cost us money when we file our taxes late.

I’m not sure, but maybe we can sue them for not providing us with the necessary forms in a timely manner.

carmie on

Answer Rating:

It is March 17th and I have still not received my 1095 form. I have called Marketplace repeatedly. First 3 calls they continued to tell me that I can go to website and print it out. Mind you I have checked my Marketplace Acct several times a day hoping it is somehow going to show up. Now I have called an additional 3 times (mind you the wait time on hold is generally about 35-60 mins) and they’ve now told me that they are going to escalate it and resend it, then the lady again tells me that its available online BUT IT IS NOT, only thing available online is a message saying Ill get my 1095 form in the beginning of February and there is nothing to even click on. Then 2 weeks ago I received 3 automated calls telling me that they are waiting for it to be approved, and it’ll be reissued. So now, here we are March 17th, missed my tax appointment twice and still nothing.

Shannon on

Answer Rating:

I’ve spent an hour and ten minutes on the phone for the 5th time regarding my 1095A that just doesn’t exist. My advice from the woman from the market place….
“Okay, so I’ve talked to my supervisor. You are not alone in this situation by ANY means. You’ve got two escalated tickets. One from February 20th and one March 9th. Yes, you should have received the form by now and you should have it by next Thursday at the latest. However, I’m not going to lie to you and I’ll be quite frank. You should file for an extension.”

Tiffany on

Answer Rating:

I have filed an extension as well. I am not happy about this new system.

Tiffany on

Answer Rating:

I have looked on the website many time during the day since January 31st. I have not received anything. No one is calling me or sending me letters. I call everyday and nothing has been done. I have has 2 escalations, the first one was on February 9th. Thirty days after the first one I called and had another one done. They keep telling me the same thing, they are working on it. But I have not been assigned a case manager or received anything in the mail. I would like a phone call or something so I know this is being settled. I will NOT be penalized and fined for something that is out of my control. Again this form is not on my application page and I have not received one in the mail. April 15th is fast approaching, and the longer this takes the more frustrated I become. I am submitting this on this site because no one else apparently is trying to help me.

Bob on

Answer Rating:

Even though my problem with not receiving a 1095 A form was escalated way back in February ( were talking 6 weeks here )…..still nothing.

I have called at least 3 times since then, they still have no idea.

Again I don’t blame the people I talk to.

I’m talking to the person that has replied here. That is the person with the blue wings and red letters that says fact. You know who you are.

I have received no e-mails, phone calls as to what’s going on.

If you would just give us a honest explanation as to the problem, what you are doing about it, and when you think it will be resolved.

I will still be pissed for good reason, but it would go a long way in reducing my anger.

My God tell use what’s going on.

I can’t afford a professional tax preparer. The last free tax preparer in my area is April 7.

After that, not sure what they cost but guessing 200$

And then add late fillings fees on top of that.

Please…please. .please . please someone with authority give us some help. I beg you.

sam on

Answer Rating:

I’m in the same boat. Every time I call the market place they don’t have a clue. How about we penalize the person in charge for not getting us our paper work on time?

Sam on

Answer Rating:

Does the total premiums paid for you, mean before the subsidy is given or what I actually paid once the tax credit was applied?

Jean Guignard on

Answer Rating:

I haven’t received my 1095 tax forms yet , how can I obtain it or do I need one?

Bob on

Answer Rating:

If you received advanced premium tax credits from the government to help pay for your insurance, then yes you need a 1095-A form.

As far as why you have not got one yet….well that’s what many of us have been complaining about. Do call the market place and let them know….1-800-318-2596

It probably won’t do you any good but a least you will be on record as to calling.

Kevin Counihan is the CEO for Obamacare.

His government e-mail is…[email protected]

This won’t directly get you help, but a least he….well his staff….. will see there are problems out here.

David Edelman on

Answer Rating:

Thanks for the e mail address. I will shoot him an e mail telling him I still have not received my 1095-a and the marketplace has been unable to help me since I began calling on 1-27-15. I will inform him of the financial hardship this is causing for our son’s FASFA financial aid. If we all unite and take the few minutes it takes to send him an e mail it can only help. Right now we are powerless alone but if we all respond it might grab their attention. It is worth a try.

ann on

Answer Rating:

It’s nightmare for me trying to get a copy of my 1095 A, I spend the whole morning trying to log in (at least 8 times) to Marketplace website…. still no luck to get my 1095 A…..Grrrrrrr
instruction saying make sure not to pick the year 2015, BUT 2015 is the only choice …. I am so frustrated with them leading back and for…back and for….
Should I try that again???!!!

Jenny on

Answer Rating:

I still have not recieved my 1095!!! We have been calling since January and you all just keep changing the date!! I need to file my income tax and also my fafsa for school!! Someone needs to get on this! This is ridiculous and not right! I have had patience but it is now wearing thin!! Please help me!!!

David Edelman on

Answer Rating:

I keep calling the marketplace and asking tor a status update. Today I asked for advanced resolutions center since they now have my case. It is most unpleasant and disheartening to call because you know they are not going to be able to help you. But I do it anyway because my logic is if we all keep calling then sooner or later they got to figure out a way to generate a 1095-a so we can complete our fasfa and taxes. We have to keep pressuring them. We can’t let up. Sooner or later they have got to get the message how badly they are hurting us all.

Darrick Buralli on

Answer Rating:

After calling multiple times, I have finally reached this conclusion… I’m not sure if this applies to anyone but I wish this was more well known. (the previous 3 people I called didn’t relay this information to me)

From the markplace website –
“The Marketplace will not provide Form 1095-As to consumers who were enrolled in only catastrophic coverage or a stand-alone dental plan because they do not qualify for the Premium Tax Credit.”

Hope this helps someone…

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

Good call in making the distinction between catastrophic coverage (which required Marketplace approval) and an actual Marketplace plan. Only those who have a Marketplace plan that is eligible for cost assistance need to file the 8962 form using the 1095-A form.

jessica on

Answer Rating:

my parents have been trying for a month to get this stupid form. they’ve talked to 2 different women and they both said they would mail the form out right away. i doubt they did or we would’ve gotten the form already. then the other day my mom got a letter from kynect saying they’ve sent emails about it, which they absolutely have not. hey devon and amy at kynect! time’s running out! we need the 1095a form now!!!!!

Bob on

Answer Rating:

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

That is correct. IRS and Treasury just provided further direction on 1095-A forms. Essentially if you have one, double check the information and file (as noted above). If you don’t have one, you can still find your own 1095-A info, but you should file for an extension. You won’t be punished for filing if you make an estimated payment of at least 90% of what you owe by April 15.


Chuck Hart on

Answer Rating:

WARNING YOU MAY NOT BE SIGNED UP IN THE MARKETPLACE PLEASE READ…I had been trying to get my 1095A for 3 months. I spoke to a bunch of customer service people at Healthcare.gov. multiple times they said it had been mailed. Finally on the eighth try (2 months of trying) I find out my insurance agent who was supposed to sign me up in the market place did not do so. My name was on file at the marketplace but he never signed me up he was on the approved list to do so. I found this information out in ealry March and tried to get signed up for the marketplace program but I was told I missed the deadline. I cited the complex issues clause that is posted at Healthcare.gov and at first they told me it did not apply now I have filed a request to get in under the complex issues specifically that I was given wrong infromation, but it has been 3 weeks. It looks like another year will go by this is costing me a lot of money. I spoke to an accountant that said alot of people are still waithing Hmm.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

Wow, that is awful. It seems like that situation would 100% qualify you for some sort of exemption and at the very least a special enrollment period.

If you didn’t have coverage last year, and would owe the fee (having an exemption from the fee doesn’t disqualify you) then you DO qualify for this special enrollment period: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/02/20/obamacare-extra-enrollment-2015-march-15-april-30/

Suzanne on

Answer Rating:

April 6 and I still have not received my 1095A. I have called the marketplace twice. The last call I was read a script that they apologize that I did not receive my form 1095A in the two weeks I was promised (from the first call) but they are investigating THOUSANDS of form 1095A errors, including people who were supposed to receive them but did not. I was advised to keep waiting. I’d like to point out that I am not able to file my taxes without this form and that I will incur penalties and fees on the amount I owe, but until I get that form I will not know HOW MUCH I owe. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

To be clear everyone, there will not be penalties for filing with the wrong form or for needing to file an extension (assuming you follow the correct processes). This doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit you to file with the correct information, or that you can’t get burnt by under-paying an estimate on an extension. It just means the IRS won’t try to issue penalties for filing the wrong form or for filing an extension (as you have “reasonable cause” to file an extension).

Check out this page for the latest updates on what you should do: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/03/21/treasury-and-irs-confirm-no-penalties-for-wrong-1095-a/

N. Alise on

Answer Rating:

Easy fix: Single payer

ananonymous on

Answer Rating:

After not receiving the 1095-A form in the mail in early February, I gave them a call. They told me it was mailed late and I should look out for it for a couple of weeks. When it didn’t show up, I called them again. I don’t know how many times I’ve called them. How many times they’ve “escalated” me. The representatives are clueless and connect me to the next tier; after telling me to check my account, because they’re convinced the form is in in my account. After patiently waiting 30 days, and weeks of escalations, I’m fed up. I should have just faced the penalty if I knew I would have to deal with this. I can’t even file my taxes. Never again will I buy insurance from them. Time to go file for an extension…..

jessica on

Answer Rating:

How do I view/print my Personal 1095A form. Or is this just a generic form for everyone?

Son bui on

Answer Rating:

How can I print Form1095 Fromm Obamacare insurance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

To answer both the above questions. You can print your 1095-A by logging into your marketplace account, selecting your 2014 application (be sure you’re not choosing your 2015 coverage application), Select “Tax forms” from the menu on the left, then you can view, print, or download your 1095-A. The process is similar for state Marketplaces that don’t use healthcare.gov. You can always call the helpline and have them walk you through the process. If you want a blank form you can download it here https://obamacarefacts.com/form-1095a-1095b-1095c/

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Answer Rating:

Don’t forget to double check all the information on your form, specifically the “cost of the second lowest cost sliver plan” on your 1095-A filed by the Marketplace (unless they are marked “corrected” on the box at the top of the form). https://obamacarefacts.com/second-lowest-cost-silver-plan-slcsp-and-tax-tools/

Jenny washington on

Answer Rating:

I still do not have a 1095a. Why??? When will I recieve it? This is not right!! Even the representatives are clueless about why a form has not been generated. Who can I contact about this? Help me please.

David Edelman on

Answer Rating:

Hey Jen I feel your pain. You are not alone. I have been calling since 1-27-15 trying to get them to generate my 1095-a and still have not received anything. I did however receive a phone call two weeks ago saying I should be receiving it in the mail within two weeks but so far that is not happening. I am on my third “escalation” my case is with the “advanced resolution center” and I have literally made at least 50 calls to reps and supervisors. My advice – keep calling and ask for supervisor. Be persistent. It can’t hurt. Secondly follow these fact check guys advice and prepare your own 1095-a. If you call healthcare.gov and ask for a supervisor they will actually supply you with all the info. Just download the form first and have a pen ready to fill in the info manually. Then you can use that to prepare your form 8962 and file your taxes. Based on what I am reading on the blogs you got a 50/50 chance it gets approved by Irs. It is worth a shot. Read the site on obamacare facts about how to do this . And also read the comments. Then you won’t feel so bad .

Bob on

Answer Rating:

I have posted her before.

I was shocked when I logged into my account today.

There it was, my 1095-A

Its been 3 months since I reported not having my 1095-A.

LOL in other words there is hope.

I want to apologize to people that run this website. I may have made a comment that was undeserving.

There is a lot of good information here I thank all that contributed to it.

This whole process was extremely frustrating, and the people here don’t deserve the frustration that we/I threw at them.

Maybe the best thing about this site was to vent….and I did do that.

Amanda on

Answer Rating:

I have yet to even receive my 1095A form and have been trying since the end of January. I have made over twenty phone calls between then and now (May 7th!!!) to NO AVAIL. I was finally, on April 4th, after being told this would be resolved by March 31st, to get someone on the phone who literally dictated the information she had in front of her so I could finish filling out my tax return forms. I was also told I’d still be mailed the form in a week or so. LIES. I filed my taxes, did my part, and just received a nice letter from the IRS requesting a copy of the 1095A which I have YET to receive!! I cannot get my refund until they get a copy of this stupid form, apparently. I called again and was given the same useless answer, that it was placed in “escalation status” and they’d do everything possible to get it sent out. This is beyond infuriating and putting me in a very bad place as I badly need my refund. Never before have I had such problems. I’m almost to the point of being with the Republicans on this. No one from healthcare.gov nor the IRS will help. It’s just one big run-around.

Jared Curtis on

Answer Rating:

This would all be well and good if this article was truthful. Time for an eye opener. Not only has the 1095 form not magically appeared on my personal account, but after 4 MONTHS of phone calls, 3 escalations, all with the broken promise of a resolution within 10 – 15 business days, nothing has ever been done. I truly hope that whoever is responsible for evaluating the job performance of these people finds out how many tax payers they’ve left dry and fires them. If there is a single person capable of telling the truth and doing what they say they will do I have yet to talk to them….

The fact that I got an automated call on April 15th letting me know they were going to be incapable of providing the forms that by law they were suppose to have provided months ago, is proof that they’d messed up on so many people that they had to program a computer to call all of them.

As it stands now, I’m beginning to have my doubts that anything short of legal/criminal action is going to get them to do anything. They are happy and secure in their jobs knowing they have a guaranteed paycheck regardless of how little they do. Thank you Obama.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thanks for the comment. To clarify the article is truthful (including a good deal of facts and troubleshooting ideas for people missing their 1095-a). That being said we know there are still X number of people out there who have yet to have the issue resolved. Make sure to look into our page on how to file without an official 1095-a. We had a user confirm their self filed 1095-a was accepted by the IRS. We can’t offer this solution is more than casual advice as we are an unofficial free, grassroots site, unconnected to HealthCare.Gov or the IRS… but it does seem like a good strategy for ensuring your taxes are filed before the filing deadline under the extension. https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/03/12/didnt-get-1095-a-or-ecn/

Lisa Nelson on

Answer Rating:

What you don’t know, is that I have talked to the IRS a couple of times. If I go ahead and file my taxes the way you are saying…The IRS will not have a 1095a form to match it with, so there for I will not get my return…I was told I could file my taxes and pay a penalty saying I didn’t have Ins. in 2014, when in fact I did…Then when I do get my form file an amendment…I don’t have that money and why should I pay for others mistake!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you for the update. Still if you file your own 1095-A, then it is up to them to have a 1095-A to match it with and not on your shoulders that you aren’t filing your return. So it still seems like the better choice. I would not attest to not having insurance if you had insurance. You can prove you had coverage by contacting your insurer and showing your premium payments. The best thing to do would be to get back on the phone with healthcare.gov, your insurer, and the IRS and not be satisfied until you have a resolution that includes you having a 1095-A showing your coverage in the hands of the IRS. You may not be able to adjust tax credits using form 8962, but you sure the heck don’t have to pretend like you didn’t have coverage and pay a fee.

Lisa on

Answer Rating:

Still waiting on my 1095a form. I have been calling since 2/17/15. They keep telling me the same thing since 3/20/2015. “The data dase is matching the records”. I guess the computers work by themselves…I have filed an extension, now I have a deadline Oct. 15…Still they can not give me a answer of when I will receive my form…Now What!!

Suzanne on

I’m still waiting too. Now my financial aid cannot be processed because I have not been able to file more than an extension of my taxes. Every time I call — two weeks…two week….two weeks. I did not receive any call from anyone at any time indicating anybody has been working on this. Third escalation and she tells me that the insurance company rejected the request for a duplicate 1095. How about just giving me the first copy! And they all ask about whether I can see it on the website or not. Seriously. So I’m with you Lisa. What happens in October? Two more weeks?

Shawn on

I had to file an extension on my 2014 taxes because did not get my 1095-A. October came, I still did not get it to meet the extension deadline. I have called 5 times and each time I am told that a 1095-A was never generated for me even though they show that I had coverage and that all they can do is escalate the issue and that escalation can take 30-90 days. I even got a call one time from the escalation people telling me that a 1095-A was being generated and would be mail. We even confirmed my mailing address. that was back in October. Still haven’t received it. Still can’t file 2014 taxes and here we are coming up on 2015 taxes. I wonder if I am going to have this same issue with my 2015 taxes.

Gordon Whittington on

I got my 1095-B in the mail all filled out correctly. What do I do with it? I file my tax electronically through a tax service so I don’t mail in any forms. I don’t know what to with this 1095-B form now? Thank you.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Your 1095 should be sent to the IRS on your behalf from whoever filed the form. So keep a copy on hand incase the IRS needs to verify this. You can always contact the IRS to understand the status of your return.

Darlene Tyler on

I you my 1095 A form for 2015. What do I have to do?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

1095 forms for 2015 will be sent to the IRS on your behalf and then you’ll get a copy in the mail. After it’s sent you’ll also be able to view a copy through your marketplace account online.

Cindy on

When can I find the SLCSP calculator for 2015 marketplace plans? I didn’t see it online. Also when will 2015 1095-a forms be online? Mine isn’t there yet. Last year it was there by the 13th.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I don’t think the Silver plan (SLCSP) tool is up.

Here is the link to 2014 plans: https://www.healthcare.gov/taxes/tools/silver/

Here is our page on the topic (it will be updated when we get the new link): https://obamacarefacts.com/second-lowest-cost-silver-plan-slcsp-and-tax-tools/

Cindy on

The SLCSP for 2015 is now online

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You rock! Thank you for the update!

Cindy on

If you go to healthcare.gov and in the search type in tax tools it will come up.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I actually can’t find it to post. Will update as soon as we do.

Cindy on

If I don’t receive my 1095-a and gather the info myself, will it hold up my tax refund? I need my refund ASAP

Laura on

Did you ever find out the answer to your question? I’d like to do my own too but need my refund and can’t afford to have it held up!

Cindy on

Has anyone had trouble getting their 1095-a this year? Does anyone know when they will start posting them online? I am in TN.

cindy lee smith on

I just need a 1095Aform for thgis year 2016

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The 1095-A forms haven’t been sent yet to the best of our knowledge.

Cindy on

Do you know when they will be sent or available online?

Jen on

1095-A for is only for those who used the obamacare insurance option correct? if your employer provides insurance you will not have to file this form, correct?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You don’t have to file yourself no matter what (except in rare cases). If you got tax credits, you get a form from the marketplace. If you got employer coverage or no tax credits, the insurer or employer sends the form.

Joe B on

I did have coverage through the exchanges last year, with only a one month gap in coverage for my daughter and I. I did not receive any government assistance for paying my premiums. Do I still need to wait for a 1095 A to be filed to process my tax return? My state of residence is Arizona.

Josh on

Thanks Obamadontcare

Cindy on

Does the information on a 1095-a come from the marketplace application or from the insurance company’s records? I have an insurance company refusing to terminate a policy after the marketplace advised them it should be termed. I’ve not even paid the first month’s premium. I’m filing a complaint with my state department to try to resolve the issue. I don’t want to have to pay back something I’m not getting. Marketplace don’t even have record of the plan.

Patrick Connolly on

Will 1095A forms for 2015 be mailed to recipients? If so, when, now that the kinks have been worked out from last year (2014 tax year).

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yes they will be mailed, but you can usually see it earlier by signing into your healthcare marketplace account (HealthCare.Gov or state Marketplace). I would assume that it will work just like last year (where they will go out over the next few weeks). I would also assume most of the kinks would be worked out this year. We will be updating the site as we know more.

Cindy on

Mine was posted online Friday

Ian on

The instructions refer to a webpage setup that does not exist, making them useless.

After you login to the Marketplace webpage https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/auth/global/en_US/myProfile#marketplaceUsers , there is no place to choose the year, and there is no menu on the left from which to select your tax forms.

Based on the other comments, this has been the case for at least a year. The instructions refers to a webpage that does not exist, or to which the user is not directed, making those instructions nothing but a source of frustration.

This is not a state issue, this is a problem with the website.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is odd, thank you for the insight. I double checked and these seem to be the right directions. That said, i’ll keep my eye out for updated instructions from HealthCare.Gov.

Jerry on

The majority of tax payers depend in the monies to pay property tax before they become delinquent in Feb now with this Obama care form its taken a toll and everyone.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Couldn’t agree more. At first I was wondering why everyone was in a rush to pay taxes… but you are right, people depend on the refund and tax form being filed early for this and other reasons. I still like the idea of a single payer catastrophic coverage. It’s much simpler tax-wise, sure the IRS would like this too. At this point, I wonder if it really matters if it’s a public fund or not. Let the free market have the fund, if it means less forms. Just musing. Referring to this by the way: https://obamacarefacts.com/single-payer/

Linda Brown on

how do I view my 1095A form online from the Healthcare Marketplace

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Instructions are above if you missed them. If you need help call the Marketplace (ideally Feb 1st or after, after open enrollment).

Julie Clinger on

We have insurance through my husbands employer. We haven’t received a 1095a form yet. Do i need this to file my taxes for 2015? How do I get a form?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Your 1095 should be accessible from your Marketplace account after signing in. You can always call and ask them to walk you through the process.

LB on

This step by step on how to obtain your 1095 A form is garbage. I can get halfway through and then I am on my own and there is no way to view or download the form. I guess I am at the mercy of them mailing out the form (hope it comes soon)

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sorry, the above is just a rough guide (it changes from state to state, and depends on your form being filed). If you ever have specific questions you can follow up with Healthcare.gov or your marketplace directly.

Becky on

Will I get a 1095a since I only had Obama care a few months then I had medicade?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you had coverage for even one month you should get a 1095.

Bonnie on

There are no 1095 forms in my messages and I cannot access them by going into forms…Please advise. Thank you

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Anyone who hasn’t gotten the form yet, don’t panic. People are just now reporting getting the form back. Likely the filing process is still in the works. If it hasn’t been filed yet you won’t find it in your account.

Courtney Williamson on

Every since this health care act has come into effect it has been nothing but a hassle. Why do things go from being so simple to being the most complicated situations. You know care is to be provided whether or not having insurance and even having to call this “HEALTH MARKET PLACE” the wait time is like sitting in the E.R. anyways stayed on the phone with them for 7 hours last night. After the first hour I just laid my phone down. This government is just so screwed up either way we all end up penalized for something yet the government screwed up again.

Amy on

Isn’t this something Mr Obama should have warned us about 3 months ago? We were forced to have Obama Care and now we’re being held up from filing our taxes waiting on a form I was not even aware of until I tried to file.

Paula Hegge on

I can not get my 1095 online – says doesn’t recognize my email or password…I keep trying to have them email me but I’m getting no emails..I’m trying to do my taxes and don’t have this form..

Rogelio Galdamez on

The market place does not work. I can’t log in, and I can’t request to see my username or even change my password if that’s even the problem.

June Gaskins on

My application for health insurance through the marketplace was processed over the phone with a representative. So, I was never given an opportunity to set up an account with a username and password. Now, I cannot log on to my account to view my 1095 A form. Is there any other way to access my account info?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can call the Marketplace directly, or you can wait for your 1095-A in the mail. You can also contact your insurer. No matter what coverage you get, you should get a 1095 this year. If you got tax credits you specifically will need to wait for the 1095-A though (B and C apply to non-marketplace coverage).

wendy on

are the 1095-A forms available yet? I am ready to submit 2015 tax return but can not without this form

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In many instances people are still waiting for forms. You can check online and you can wait. This happened last year and it can take some time for all the forms to go out.

Thelma Hunter on

I have not received my 1095A how can I get it

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to check your marketplace account and follow up with the marketplace as needed.

Alice partlow on

Can’t get on the line I need forms for taxes


We need our 1095 c to get out taxes back!!!! Is there any way that we can do this online to get our firm back quicker!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

All of the 1095’s are filed by the entity that provided you insurance, if you got tax credits that is the marketplace and it’s a 1095-A (if not it’s a B or C). All are dependent on the entity. We have some workarounds on the site, but these are last ditch workarounds. The proper method is to wait and follow up with the entity if you haven’t gotten your form yet. Here is the scoop from last year, goes into lots of details: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/03/12/didnt-get-1095-a-or-ecn/

Casey on

Where do I find my “this years” application on market place page? I can’t find anything that says that. I just keep getting sent back to Log On, over and over and over

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You may want to call for help. It’s hard to troubleshoot the workings of the website any other way.

Angela Castro on

Why are their rules different than anybody else’s?
I could understand it the first year, but they had all year to fix their issues and figure out a way to comply with the law and have forms ready by January 31st–because I assume they are governed by the same laws as all other businesses are. Why is it happening again this year?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I think everyone is just trying there best and processing all the forms is difficult. With past tax credit programs things have typically improved over the years. Not much to say, it’s a part of the process that needs polishing.

Maebela on

In pa They mailed wrong 1095 forms for people on Medicaid So now I can have problems because Harrisburg didn’t get it right I got the right form now after I already filed my taxes If our social security number Can show everything else about us Why isn’t it good enough for the irs Heath insurance ? I got my tax money back and wasn’t fined for 2016 If 1095 A was wrong How can 1 be so sure 1095 B is right Because they say it is They got it wrong once

E on

I Live in Michigan I never received my 1095A form when I called the HealthCare Market Place they stated they had no record of tax forms for me and I had to wait for the escalation, Can someone explain?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So in that situation you would probably take them at their word and “escalating” would mean that they are sending it to the next tier to investigate. I would assume that each year there will be less-and-less missing 1095-As. But generally, last year this sort of process ultimately led to near everyone getting their 1095-A at some point before tax season.

The only advice is to stay ontop of it make sure they are in the process of finding your form. Also, you can check with the IRS because they may have filed, but perhaps not added the form to your marketplace account (no confirmation that this could be the case, but seems like a smart move).

E on

Who for the IRS do i contact is there a specific number

Erik Wolfe on

Totally worthless. All we need is a copy of our 1095A . There is no active link to view it online, no information on how to request a copy and all the log-ins try to sell you new insurance.

Roy Tuthill on

from the start – I login and see NO option to select this year’s application. But – there again, does “THIS” mean “current” year, or the year I am trying to get the 1095 for? Probably means 2016. But – I did try this, and get an error stating I already applied, so that’s a dead-end. Hope part of this is useful. I will continue to try alternatives.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Hmm. Yes so you want to find your 1095 for the last calendar year. So people will be using their 2015 1095 for taxes filed by April 2016. Once it’s submitted to the IRS it should be viewable in your marketplace account. If you are having trouble finding it you can call. I can’t confirm that it is accessible from every state website, but I know it should be available through healthcare.gov.

Just wondering on

Why is it that you didn’t have to have the forms out by January 31st as the law states? I think that all government agencies and private businesses involved in this debacle should be heavily fined, with those fines payable to the people whom you are failing to serve. The fines should be equal to what they would be if the person/people involved did not file their taxes on time, as that is what this broken system is risking to have happen.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So to be clear we are an independent site who helps with ACA related info. So I can’t give you an answer beyond “organizing the taxes of 320 million people is hard”. I think a big drawback of well intentioned bureaucracy is the billing, claims, and organizational end. I would say that at this point i’m more a fan of reform than suing ourselves. We are already a little strapped for cash, I think the focus needs to be on how we can clean up the system and stop the cash leak without sacrificing the new expansion of healthcare.

Tammy T on

It’s impossible to get any answers from the health market or from their site regarding your 1095a for 2015!!! I have called everyday since 1-31-16 and been given a different answer. You CANNOT log in to get it either!!! Any suggestions?????????

Frustrated in WV

Just wondering on

I thought it was law that ALL tax forms had to be sent by January 31st? Why is it suddenly there is an exception for this broken system? If we have to face penalties for being late, why is it the government and companies involved don’t have to face penalties, and more specifically pay the people they are offending by their breach of the law?

mike on

Last year, most 1095-a were issued at around the same time. It was a widely published news story. Has that date arrived yet?? It doesn’t seem that most people have been issued that form for 2015. Are you able to confirm that the bulk of 1095s are yet to be sent?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So it’s a bit of history repeating this year (but less in-the-news). Seems like more 1095’s were sent out on time, but my guess is the same general rules will apply. Most people will get their 1095 well before April. Some not until March. And some will be resorting to the “self file” option that no one suggests using. We will do an article (probably in March) that gives advice for those who still don’t have their 1095. Trying not to talk about it much as both the IRS and healthcare.gov have expressed that people should wait until they get a 1095 to file.

Guadalupe Sanchez on

I have been getting the round around on the 1095-A form health care provider with not send me copy covered calif doesn’t say nothing for me what do .

Shirley moyer on

Haven’t got my forms to do my taxes.

Marlin Washington on

I did not get my 1095-A to file my taxes so where is my 1095 -A so I can file my taxes

Debi Lynch on

i go thru all the steps- log in select applications but i it never get to the screen with the forms coming up on the left side – we tried removing cookies and going to different browsers but it still doesnt get to that screen

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In some cases it’s not posted yet, or you are in a different state marketplace that uses slightly different steps. When in doubt, call the marketplace.

Ray from Texas on

Add my name to the list of people who are waiting for the Marketplace to fix their many mistakes. In my case they screwed up my policy and then cancelled it and reinstated it again. I have one 1095 a but am waiting on a second one. I called and they don’t have a clue. I called Blue Cross and they can verify that I had coverage but alas I have to wait on the feds to find their mistake and correct it. I bet I will be waiting a long time.

mike on

Ray, what happened to you happened to me.

Bridgette on

The same thing also happened to me. I signed up over the phone, but there was an error that was caught a couple of months later. They had to cancel and then set up a whole new policy. I’m worried that bc of their mistake, I may never get the 1095.

Anita Owens on

I did not have insurance in 2015 and IRS is showing I had it for Jan and Feb, marketplace is sending no 1095 because I had no insurance, not sure how to explain this or prove it because marketplace only sends 1095’s which I will not be getting one because of no insurance.

Bridgette on

Called 4 times now and spent endless hours trying to get my 1095. All I receive is a complete runaround. I can’t get an answer about if the form was ever mailed or if it has even been created. I have been told that I should receive a response within 30-90 days. Because I have a small business, my taxes are due by 3/15/16. I do not have until 4/15/16 and even if I did, why would I risk waiting until the last minute. The deadline to provide this form to participants is 2/1/16, so why is there this much of a delay. If it is going to be this late, we should be able to file without it. Apparently this happened to people last year as well, so why were they not better prepared this year? If I had known in advance how horrible trying to get such a simple form would be, I wound not have re-enrolled for 2016. BTW, this screams class-action lawsuit. I hate to waste even more time with something like that when this is a simple fix, but this is really ridiculous. This is going to end up costing me so much in fees and time. So sick of waiting for the mailman to deliver a 1095 that I don’t think is really even coming. Anyone have a number of someone who can actually help? Escalation in the marketplace means nothing, so maybe if there is someone who you have spoken with who actually gave you a real answer? And yes, I have looked everyday to see if it is available online and it is not but clearly states “The forms were mailed in early Feb.” What a waste and very poor management.

Kenneth on

Googled : “class action”. No soap. The weasels probably have immunity anyway.



ObamaCareFacts.com on

The only real way to get a 1095-A is to have the marketplace file it. Follow the steps above if there are issues.

Bobby Dale Salinas on

I just wanted to know if my tax form was sent already

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Always contact healthcare.gov for this one (after following the steps above). This page is here for discussion and insight, but we aren’t affiliated with the government (including the HHS, IRS, etc).

Thelma on

Last year I had no idea I needed a 1095A form to file my taxes and
H&R Block didn’t ask me for one when they filled out my tax forms.
After a few weeks the IRS sent me a letter stating I needed the 1095A
and gave me a deadline to get it sent to them, well you guessed it,
I made numerous calls and was told by each rep. that they were putting
it in the computer right then and I should get it in about two weeks. I
never received one and I finally got the info by phone and filled out the form.
myself. Had to pay interest to IRS on the money I owed. I reluctantly paid it. This year is going the same as 2015 did, no form same old run around.

Eileen Smart on

I still have not received a 1095 a i
have been calling everyday they say it shows I have had coverage all year through marketplace but they do not have a 1095 a form even in my account for me . They keep telling me they are checking into this problem and still no answer. Every other business by law has to have these forms out by end of January why is market place so special???!!!

jason on

What if i received a 1095A but didn’t have insurance, what steps do i take?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Just don’t worry about it… unless it shows that you had coverage and got tax credits. Then you need to contact healthcare.gov and find out what the heck is going on. If you got a 1095, and had coverage, that is normal. If you didn’t have coverage, or didn’t have marketplace coverage, and the 1095-A specifically shows tax credits… then that is very strange and shouldn’t have happened.

Alison on

I filed my 2015 taxes and submitted them back in January. I just received a letter from the IRS requesting my 1095-A form, which is a bit of a shock for me as I haven’t participated in the Healthcare Marketplace (Obamacare) in 3 years. When I called, the Marketplace said there was no 1095-A form available for me, as I am no longer paying any premiums and they have no record of me participating since 2013. They told me it was a matter for the IRS to handle. When I contacted the IRS, they told me that the Marketplace reported to them that I had a 1095-A, and that it was a Marketplace matter to handle. So now what? My refund will not be released unless I provide a form that doesn’t exist, because there is no way to get the Marketplace to correct their error. How do I handle my taxes with two giant entities that refuse to accept any sort of responsibility?

Jacob Cooke on

I did NOT enroll with the ACA in 2015. I did NOT receive advance premium payments to pay for healthcare in 2015. I did NOT receive a form 1095-A, however the IRS says I did.
It is possible that my parents forged my enrollment for their benefit, but I do NOT have absolute knowledge of this either.
What can I do? I can’t provide the information requested on this form because I DID NOT ENROLL, nor did I ever know I had health care for any amount of time on 2015.
I have been sent a notice from the IRS saying this was an issue with my return, but I have no way of giving them information I do not have???
I have spent a day on the phone being transferred from person to person and NO ONE knows the answer I need and it is not on this website that I can find.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

To know what exactly was happening i’d need more information on the form, but i’m not a tax professional and this is a job for a tax professional or the IRS, that said, here is some insight:

If it is a form that shows no coverage and no tax credits, not a big deal (but you should still clear this up). Does it show that you got tax credits or coverage, but didn’t actually get either, this is a big red flag.

There is a possibility that your parents enrolled you as part of their family plan by accident. If this is the case then I would 100% go to an accountant with your parents to get help straightening it up, after trying the IRS directly (or related help lines).

Melinda on

I’ve tried to print my 1095 a form off line and I can not find the tax form box that supposed to be on the left I’ve called the market place 3 times my last call was two days ago and they said it should be in the mail by March 14

yessenia ruggiero on

This is ridiculous! Obamacare should have the same deadlines as every other agency. I have already put in three dispute forms and have received nothing. I have been waiting to file my taxes since Feb 1st on behalf of waiting for my 1095 A form.
This marketplace link did not work. I went into my ca covered account and was unable to find any forms.

Jenna Colbain on

I had coverage in 2015 for ALL OF A MONTH…YES LIKE ONE MONTH! I went to file my taxes and when the 21 day mark came I became nervous. After about 5 LENGTHY TRIPS TO THE IRS OFFICE HERE IN HOUSTON and majority of the trips lasting more than six hours someone FINALLY told me the issue was my 1095 A form. Once I recieved that info I went to call the marketplace (the first of about seven calls) and a guy gave me the info off of the 1095 – A. I took the information to my tax preparer and they stated that they needed the legit actual copy. Called again and they said that they couldn’t get me logged in. Sorry there was nothing they could do about it. Called back for another person same thing. Called back cause it STILL had not came by mail and someone told me they were sending me a “link” to reset my password and it could take up to 24 hours…24 hours passed….so did 48…and 72….STILL NOTHING! Not in incoming email server nor spam. Called back to tell them nothing came, same scenario. Still nothing in email nor letter mail. Call back no help logging in no surprise there, but requested for my 1095 A be resent through the mail. Days pass almost a week and still no sign of the “two previous sent out forms” and this rep says “I don’t know why they didn’t give you your username. I can give you that information. Your username is your first initial, a period, and your last name.” I was so happy thinking it was goning to work for me…LIES…tried it every possible way still didn’t work. Call back same ole same ole tango. I even went to the actual business building here I houston and they weren’t able to give me any pertinent information. Just a “wait for it in the mail.” I’ve been waiting. The first said it was mailed out on Feb. 11th…the other Feb 18th…and STILL nothing in the mail and no help logging in to JUST PRINT IT OUT!!!! I only had coverage for ONE MONTH OF 2015. Haven’t logged into that website since….so I obviously do not remember my username nor password and the email they have on file my ONLY email they say that they are sending links to recover which is untrue because nothing has come in my email nor my postal mailbox since first contacting them in FEBRUARY!!!! Yet I recieved a very “gangsta” letter from the IRS detailing the very issue I’m trying to have resolved and if I don’t take the “steps” to getting it resolved I will be penalized AND I will have money taken from my income tax like as a late fee or something to that extent. Its stressful and MIND BLOWING to me when the government wastes NO TIME taking from my weekly checks, yet I can’t recieve SNAP Benefits because “I make “too” much”(however they don’t look at what they take AWAY from me EVERY check. They count that in there as if they do not see it at all, as if they don’t take it and ALL of that comes to me. Which it doesn’t.) They ask for car info and how much I pay per month yet don’t count that either because its a “luxury item”. What kind of sense does that make?! Why even ask then? But tell me to try my “local food bank”. Which I already have and have recieved food that was NO good AT ALL from the Houston Food Bank(no good at all meaning rotten fruits and expired goods and ao forth) and I’ve tried churches which are hardly being supported so they hardly ever have anything so you’re “lucky” if you get a can of fruit cocktail. I bust my behind at work EVERYDAY AND EVERY WEEK just to make bills that I hardly ever make to not “qualify for SNAP” and there’s NO FOOD in my apartment for even a roach to survive on. Yet I have to go through ALL of this just to get the very lump sum of money due to me for working hard ALL year round to put me in good standing with my bills, to put food in my house, to pay off an EVER increasing loan I took out when my “luxury car” was my home for six months, to pay for my tuition (because my parent isn’t a parent and I’m not “of age” (I’m 22) to qualify to recieve financial aid in a dependency over ride. Only the very loans that I DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT because the accumulating interest on them and the increased interest over time is not even worth it. You may get your dream job after college and be FOREVER paying back a loan so you can’t even fully enjoy your job nor your degree because you ask yourself was it worth it. You stress paying it back for over 10 plus years. The “LIFE” of the loan…ever heard that term? Thats because thats what you’ll input trying to pay it back…your life. Its ridiculous! Our government should be ashamed. They do not wait to take from the people but can not help the people. The workers they’ve employed as their marketplace reps, their irs reps, their health and human service reps treat people like CRAP, like peasants soooo very much in need instead of respectful human beings who need help getting their life together from whatever issues they’ve encountered and help them, you, me, US genuinely. No…unfortunately they don’t. There is no love and help and genuine care for the next being placed here on the same planet as you, to work together and help one another. They get power on whatever level to whatever degree and use it to make people feel worthless and drowning in life not asked for with no hope and no way out. The crime rate isn’t at an all time high really because this is what people want to do…some yea maybe however….alot of it is because its simply what people feel like they HAVE to do. To survive. Because its hard to survive. And when you’ve done EVERYTHING in your power….to put pride aside and asked for help from the ones who have “the power” to help and you get turned away… Sorry no food you bust your hind parts to make your bills but you make too much to get food(I even asked the lady at the snap office what dod she suggest? She told me don’t get all your hours so you can get food and my reply was if I don’t make my 40 plus hours all of my bills don’t get met and I’ll be further behind…she just shrugged her shoulders like her option was a good one. What advice is that don’t work hard so the government can help you? That’s pitiful!!! I’ve seen too many people including mine abuse the system to live off of the goverment and think that that is cool or ok. I want to work hard and see the progression not be lazy and have someone take care of me.)….so your starving. Sorry you don’t have helpful parental guidance…so here’s a loan not financial aid. Sorry I can’t help you log in your marketplace/ community health choice account to just simply print out your 1095 A form. Just keep waiting and calling us a million times so we can tell you the same thing and you can go over the deadline and be penalized so the irs can take money you worked hard all year round for as “a late fee penalty” when you’ve been on them as much as possible. Calling and going to wait six hours plus in a building to be turned around with no helpful information to help YOU. Nothing comes easy no it doesn’t, you do what you can. You buy noodles and live off of that…you risk being taken to jail because you take the biggest purse you have and put whatever you can to last you in it when you have no money to buy food. You donate plasma to put gas in your car when you JUST got paid thursday and your broke from paying bills on friday (and all of your bills aren’t even paid) and you need gas to make it back and forth to your main source of income. You don’t know what hurts worst…your arm from donating plasma…or the pain you feel on the inside having to resort to things you don’t want to just to survive and live. You pick up a second job like me or like some of my friends going through the same issues to make it to a stable “better side” you resort to dancing or pretending to like a man much older than you just to pay for your school and books. Or you rob places. Like how my job is always getting robbed for ciggies and money and they tell you “Just step back I only want the ciggs and the money…times are hard.” And i can’t hold them at fault because times are hard and I comply for my life and to help them out with theirs. Its a sad sad cycle. This really got me going obviously, didn’t mean for my emotions to get the best of me…but if anything all this really tells me is that politics are a joke, voting is useless, its just another person wanting to be the most highest being in this country…this world and neglect the things they told the people they would work hard to do. Hard work will pay off eventually because I have a will to survive and have it better than how i grew up and what I have lived and seen. Praying that some of the scholarships I apply for come through to help and one day I’ll be in such great standing I can show the goverenment what REAL GENUINE HELP FOR ALL PEOPLE REGUARDLESS OF ALL THE B/S THAT DOESN’T MATTER REALLY LOOKS LIKE. You become a blessing by being a blessing…a genuine blessing.

Myra Sial on

When will I have my 1095A tax form? So I can file my taxes.

Jim on

raawr! I haven’t received the form 1095a. this is the first year I have had to deal with this. the covered California website is not working. Nor can I get through to talk to a human. I am not sure how to deal with this issue. why should it take days of my life to file my taxes?

linda on

Please can I get my 1095a emailed to me

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to contact healthcare.gov first and the IRS second if need be (IRS can’t do anything but confirm a 1095 was sent, so marketplace is best).

Killapolitician on

What a massive scam. H&R block stated I NEVER needed to file 1095a so I didn’t. Never got that god damn forum in the mail either. After filling taxes and waiting a full month we get a letter that we need to file this bs.. So they hold my refund hostage over 20 fucking dollars. Now I wait longer.. What a joke. And this shit healthcare system won’t even cover my kids. Thanks for nazi healthcare.

Matthew Turner on

Have the 2015 1095-A forms been mailed? As of 3/7/16 I have not received it. I can’t login to the marketplace and the phone lines are always full. Thanks.

Ashley on

I need a copy of my 1095 health care tax form. How can I get one?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The answer is always contact the marketplace (healthcare.gov or your state marketplace) and follow up. If you got marketplace coverage then you should get a 1095-A, otherwise whatever entity provided you coverage should file a 1095 B or C on your behalf (either way you should get a copy in the mail).

Teresita A Soriano on

I recd 1095 A. I was laid off & I need to get ins with my daughter & I was covered from March 2015 to July 2015..when I applied I declare I don’t have income because I was laid off. I recd a call that I need to pay $3160.00 I’m confuse coz I paid already my monthly premium under Silver.. I thought the government will help me for no ins for 5 months.

S C on

My daughter did not receive a 1095 A (it is mid March). We logged onto her account and their was nothing there. She called and was told that her application was forwarded to Medicaid so Marketplace will not mail her a 1095 A. On her tax return it asks if she had Obamacare and we entered yes, but it won’t let us file without the 1095 A. I don’t know what to do!

Kyle Hsiao on

Does anyone know what’s the best phone Number I can reach to them to reguarding my 1095/A form?

Matt on

Just chiming in to report that as of March 15 I STILL haven’t received my 1095A form. I did not receive any tax credits and had insurance through the marketplace for the entirety of 2015. I had it in 2014 as well. I had to postpone my scheduled tax appointments twice now and finally after meeting with my accountant are still waiting to receive this form before filing. The message when calling the marketplace is that we should expect the 1095 by EARLY FEBRUARY. After waiting on hold for 1.5 hours March 1st, they said they would submit an escalated claim and call me back ASAP. Well, two weeks later and not once did they bother to call me back and I am still without the form online or via mail. I called again a week ago and was told to wait another two weeks. Another person I know who has not received their form was told it could take 30 days yet. This is highly frustrating to me that my taxes are forced to be delayed due to the government’s arrogance. Totally two-faced system. Everyone should just wait until July or August to file their taxes, I’m sure the government wouldn’t mind based on their own standards.

barbara on

hi am going through the same issue. i just got off the phone with them that i still have not recieved it. They telling me they are going to do a re-escalation. am so frustrated

Jeanette Rosas on

Need monthly premium on dates for Feb thru Dec of 2015 on a 1095

Danny on

Somehow I ended up with multiple accounts and six 1095-a forms. I only paid and had coverage for 2 of them. Do I need to file all of the forms or just the 2 I actually paid for?

Danny on

Also I don’t have all of the forms. I only have the 2 I actually paid for. I called the 800 number was on the phone for 2 hrs and was disconnected, waste of time. please let me know if I will be fine with just filing the 2 forms that I was covered by thanks.

Cookie on

I can tell you that if your 1095-a form isn’t on you account or something is wrong on the form that isn’t the Marketplaces fault. It’s the fault of the insurance company because they do not send any information about your policy back to the Marketplace. Thats why they have to send up the escalations to get the information from the insurance companies to correct the form and it takes so long. A regular reprint takes 14 business days and if anything is wrong on the form and you need it corrected it takes at least 30 days. They can’t fax or email anything btw.

Beatrice kimbrough on

I need my 1095a form they are holding my taxes can i please get the form

EVe on

not true. its now March 19th and I still didnt receive my 1095 A from acesshealth CT. there is no way you can download it from the site. apparently accesshealth CT doesnt have it available for download. I called them 2 times and spoke to 5 different people, provided my name and my SSN to all of them and non of them could help. they said 1) they cannot give me MY policy number (the information is too sensitive to say it by phone…and my SSN is not..) 2) the form has never been generated for me to begin with. and it will take up to 21 business days to investigate and send it out. I cannot believe this is happening. so i have no information on my plan and acesshealth refuses to give anything for me to file my taxes. biggest mistake of my life to enroll with them. should of paid for everything by myself and collected tax credit after! lesson learned. never again AFFORDABLE CARE. what a joke.

Randall on

I would also like to express my frustration with not receiving my 1095-A form. I do understand that this site is independent and affiliated with the Health Insurance Marketplace. I just wanted to tell my story, so that other people know that I am also in the “same boat” as them.

I originally called the Marketplace on 2/9/16 and was told they would “escalate” the issue and that I should receive my 1095-A in 7-14 business days. 14 business days had past so I called them again. The told me that it could take up to 30 days to resolve. At the suggestion of this website, I continued to follow up with them about twice a week. Every time, the same answer “they are still working on it.”

After 30 days had come and gone I called them again and spoke to a supervisor. She had assured my that they would add a second case worker so this would help resolve it. A week later on 3/14/16 I called them again and they told me they would issue a “second escalation.” This could possibly take another 30 days!

I had called my carrier and they confirmed that I had coverage through the Marketplace for those months in 2015. This took a 10 minute phone call. But somehow a month and half later, the Marketplace still cannot resolve this issue. I suggest that other people write their senators and congressional representative. I don’t know if it will actually help, but maybe if they get a enough complaints, steps could be taken to hold the Marketplace accountable.

So as of 3/18/16 I decided to file my federal tax extension to be safe. I will continue to call them and follow up as suggested by this website. I do not want to file my own 1095-A at the risk of making things worse. I hope we all receive our 1095-A forms soon!

Kim M on

Thank you for sharing your situation. As one in the same boat, I appreciate hearing I am not alone with respect to this same problem.

Rob on

The Marketplace never sent me a 1095-A form. Mid- March now, and I’ve already spent a ton of time on hold between the IRS, and the Marketplace hotlines trying to get the form, so I can file taxes (still haven’t got it resolved)….then I see on this site: “If taxpayers experience difficulty obtaining the Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, from their Marketplace, they should review the monthly billing statements provided by their health coverage provider or contact the provider directly to obtain the coverage information, monthly premium amount, and amount of monthly advance credit payments made on their behalf.”
SERIOUSLY?!? I DON’T WANT TO SIT ON HOLD ANYMORE! I shouldn’t have to call the previous provider! You do it! The only means to get support/help from the marketplace shouldn’t be only via phone! NEWS FLASH MARKETPLACE: It’s 2016- there’s this great thing called email…try it sometime… And even the local cable company has live, online chat support!!!!!! Absolutely REDICULOUS!!!

Larry Sorth on

I am a tax preparer and former federal agent. I am trying to prepare my daughter’s tax
return. She did not receive a Form 1095-A and I have been trying to obtain a copy
of the form without access. She is a resident of the State of Kansas. When I access the
Marketplace website, there is no option to obtain the form.

Marlina Shaw on

I’m in Indiana. I have written three (3!!!) letters to insurance company, called the Insurance Marketplace 4 times and always told they have not had enough time to get it put online. Really? The lady I spoke with on the third call had the information at her fingertips on exactly when I was covered and what it costs. I’ve been trying since mid-January to get the information needed for my 1095-A form but nothing yet. April 15 is approaching rapidly but as usual, government moves like a snail.

Joe Sladic on

We have called the marketplace numerous times to get our 1095, but no luck. They claim we can’t get a 1095 because we dropped our insurance coverage after a few months, but that’s not true. They’ve escalated our claim to tier 2 and promised a resolution by April 13, although we’re not optimistic. We contacted our insurance provider, and they gave us proof of coverage for the entire year of 2015 so that we can fill out our own 1095 with the needed information, including the subsidies we’ve received. Two questions: Should we send in our tax return by April 15 with the 1095 we generated, or should we file for an extension and wait for the marketplace to send us a hopefully correct 1095? Since we owe the IRS a substantial sum of money, do we need to send the IRS the money we owe by April 15 even if we file for an extension?

Roberto Gonzalez on

My son continues to call the market place to find about his forms. This has been going on since last. They continue to tell that his application has not been generated. I find this to be very unprofessional. If he makes a mistake, the IRS will find him with penaties! It not fair that he is pay alot for crabby insurance and still have to wait for him file his return at someone else fault.

Patty moore on

Filed our taxes mid February 2016 got letter 2weeks later about 1095a form got one from market place filled it out mailed it in then 2 weeks later got letter from market place with a 1095a in it and saying they had mailed one to irs still no tax refund

Amy on

I had the marketplace insurance for less than one month. However, because I DID have it, I needed to obtain my 1095-A. I have called Healthcare.gov three separate times to have it mailed out to me, and each time I am unsuccessful. I was told the first time that I couldn’t print it off from the website as I had not previously set up an account and/or answering the identifying questions and setting up the new account wouldn’t guarantee access to the 1095-A I needed. The second time I called, I was instructed differently. Together, on the phone with the representative from Healthcare.gov, I set up the account, answered identifying questions, and tried to log in with the application number that was given to me from this representative. I did this all while being on the phone with her. After three failed attempts, it locked me out. She claimed she didn’t know why this was happening. She said, “Well at least we sent you a copy in the mail.” Nope…..still haven’t received it a week later. Calling a third time as we speak while quickly running out of time for my taxes…. frustrated 🙁

LouE on

I have been calling the marketplace in which I received coverage harassing them about my 1095 a, keep in mind I never even received a tax credit for my premium but was told I would “guaranteed” up through the last day to enroll by a health coverage guide. Every Saturday when I call, I am told different things such as: 1st call, we can’t find you in our system. 2nd call, we found you and are working on it. 3rd call, “we sent it out weeks ago you should get it next week.” even though the week prior they couldn’t find me in their system. 4th call, “I have no record here showing us ever sending it to our 1095 a team”. I have been getting the run-around for 2 months now, I don’t believe a word they say nor can they prove that anything has been sent, verified, started, etc. Besides basically harassing them, what else can I do?

O on


ObamaCareFacts.com on

Replace with…?

Brett on

When I log into my marketplace there is no option to view my application. Only “get coverage,” “enroll,” “renew,” all over the place. There is a link to “find my application” that asks for an application ID. What is my application ID???? From last year??? I have logged in and you have verified my ID can you not tell me my application ID????? Can you not make a link to 1095-A on my marketplace home page???? The 20 minute estimated wait when you call is wayyyyyy offfffff. I need a simple document and this is rediculousssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ivan l on

Hi, I only got the 1095-B form, is this enough to complete the forms ?

Thank you

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you got 1095-B then you likely didn’t get marketplace coverage. This means you don’t have to file 8962 and your life is easy. So if this is the case, that one form is enough. If you had two coverage types, you’ll want to wait for your 1905-A from the marketplace.

linda on

Same issues. First did wrong request of escalation. Then told mailed. Then said not mailed because their are no 1095 even generated. Then got call with case ID number. When called back. Was told no number like that under my case. Going crazy.
Have spent many hours calling. They messed up my enrollment last year. Now my taxes. Still waiting but thinking of trying to fill out 8965 from my own info.
What a mess. Not that difficult to correct if you could just talk to the person actually trying to figure it out rather than a different person that has no clue what is going on each time you have to call. Very poor system.

Irate in New Hampshire on

This is bull****. I am a 23 year old female who works two jobs. I only got insurance because it became mandatory by law. I now have an insurance plan that I pay $110 for a month. This plan is catastrophic, meaning, it literally doesn’t even cover my annual physical. It is $1000 wasted each year from my earnings to pay for what exactly? Now I am trying to file my taxes like a law abiding citizen, BUT THE HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE DIDN’T SEND ME MY 1095-A TAX FORM. I have now been on hold with the healthcare marketplace for 30 minutes. I was told there was only a 20 minute wait. I’m expecting to be on hold for another 30 minutes… The treatment I receive as a law abiding citizen is disgusting. I work hard. I have never received welfare of any kind or any support/help from the government for that matter! So, for doing what I am told to do to avoid fines…I got insurance. And now I am unable to file my taxes without jumping through hoops. Excuse my language, but FUNK YOU OBAMA! Also, I rate this answer as a 0. It is absurd and FYI I am unable to download the form on my healthcare.gov account….but wishful thinking douche bags.

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You aren’t the only one feeling frustrated, lots of people who really are trying. Also, I mean not to say the obvious, but the President has very little to do with filing 1095-A forms.

Katie on

I have been calling the marketplace here in Tn since early February to get my 2nd 1095 form. I received one that covered January and February, but not March through December. This phone call now makes 4 phone calls and times the Marketplace has told me they are re sending it and putting it online! Still neither and it’s April….I have not been able to file my taxes and they told me I might have to file for an extension on the tax date so I don’t get into trouble with that. It’s not my fault I haven’t received it and if I can’t get it I want all the money I paid from March to December back in my pocket! Thanks Obamacare


so really this is the federal govt. saying… APRIL FOOLS

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Ha. That would probably be better than the truth. Truth is that it is hard to coordinate tens of millions of forms through the mail. When ever will we invent a technology that allows us to electronically handle forms? Maybe some day we will advance our understanding of technology to that level, maybe super-multi-dimensional quantum computing?


HEALTHCARE.GOV and the A.C.A. is a sick joke I.M.O. we need true Nationalized healthcare system South Korea has probably the worlds best example of how it can be done,

Kim M on

While filing taxes last week, I came to realize that I had never received a 1095-A in my Healthcare.gov acct. nor a hard copy in snail-mail for 2015. Contacted Healthcare.gov by phone and rep there could not find it either and stated that for some reason my 1095-A for 2015 was never generated. Sent me to 2nd Tier rep. 2nd Tier rep found no sign of it either and “Escalated” the problem. That was Friday 4/4/2015, tax deadline looming. Have been instructed to expect a telephone call from the Escalation Dept in 1 business week. I was told that the problem will be resolved within 30 days, well past the income tax filing deadline. I now have to file for extension for filing my income taxes. Sadly, once the form is generated, it will make no difference. I did not accept the Premium Assistance I was offered for 2015 b/c we were expecting an income increase in our household. Because our income did increase as anticipated, I also will not receive as a tax credit the premium assistance I declined up front. The form, for my situation, is merely supporting that I did have healthcare coverage for 2015; it will not affect the amount of my return. I see here that I can file w/out the actual form. I have been working on filing online w/ H&R block and I am unable to complete the portion that asks about my Marketplace coverage b/c I am missing some bits of info such as “Marketplace assigned policy number.” I will continue to research on the WWW for a work-around.
As a side note, I could be a poster child for things that can go awry in the Healthcare.gov marketplace. I am an example of some of the messes one hears about in the media, only I have not contacted any media.I have been a supporter of Obamacare and the way it has helped folks whom, otherwise, could not have health insurance and the resulting medical care. Sadly, the bureaucracy of it, the way it was under-planned and under-tested before going live (and railroaded w/ govt. shut-down time and again as they tried to ready it), and the systemic broken communication and procedures between the Exchange and the insurance companies (eh-em, Anthem) has bitten me again and again. I look forward to being free of the exchange once this tax form debacle resolves. I have an off-exchange plan now and could not have survived the stress of the healthcare screw-ups without the diligence and compassion of a local broker.

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a am a big fan of local brokers. I wish the system would be more inclusive to them and less driven by forms. But progress forward is being made a all the time.

Bryan palode on

How do i get a 1095A

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you got marketplace tax credits, then you contact your state’s health insurance marketplace to check up on where it is. It should be mailed and should be in your online account, but my best advice is to call since there are variables and the buck stops with the marketplace.

Mary Braden on

The market place is a joke and scam. You auto enrolled my friend and he has no income and did not receive insurance. He received an incorrect 1095a he shouldn’t have gotten one at all! His coverage ended August 2014 how can u auto enroll he didn’t give permission for anyone to have his info. We tried to correct the problem. Even the supposedly insurance company states there was no coverage since August but the market place states different. Who’s pockets are being lined I’m sure he wasn’t the only one. I turned over all the info to the correct people including the irs. We have documents stating there was no coverage and why. Then today he market place calls to tell him he was denied a corrected 1095a even though they see where he didn’t have coverage. Looks like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.
This is a joke and scam on the American people. We didn’t need healthcare reform we needed insurance reform.

Debra S. Burkart on

Have not received 1095-A for my Health Insurance to do our taxes.Can you Help? I am in Wisconsin and have Molenda Insurance.

Pamela Francis on

I have not received my 1095A yet. I have talked to 10 people on this. I was told on March 13, 2015 that it was mailed out on February 25, 2015. Now it is April 11, 2015 and I sill don’t have it. I don’t know why I was lied too but I was. This is not professional at allI called and spoke to someone on this and I was told that they filed a formal complaint with CMS. Don’t know how much I beleive that but that’s what I was told. We need help thoseof us not having anything to file and we get penalized for it.

Atawny Molina on

I do not have a 1095A I called covered California and it was never generated for me . My dependents and I have medical only what can I do ? The irs sent me a letter back stating that I need to send this form in .


Can i get a copy of form 1095-a for 2015 .For my tax return informayion need.

JRae on

This is bs. The “find my 1095a online” link does nothing. Tried calling the marketplace they sent me somewhere else. I don’t know what to do.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sorry to hear this. It almost feels silly that we don’t have a simple computerized system for all social benefits and taxes like other countries. Right?

Randall on

Hello All,

To update you on my situation. This morning, 4/14, marks the 30th day of my second escalation for not receiving my 1095-A. I called them, very frustrated and they had set up a 3rd escalation! So hopefully, this will be resolved this time.

A couple of things to note from my conversation with a supervisor. There were no notes on either of my two escalations. The cases had been assigned, but they had not started looking at it yet. Essentially, the supervisor informed me I was “still in line.” There are hundreds of thousands of escalations just for 1095-A issues.

Also note, the people that you speak with when you first call the marketplace do not have a direct line to resolution center. They pretty much can only provide you with status and any notes that are logged into their system. So there is no direct way for the consumer to consult with the people actually working on the case. This does not seem logical, but it may be due to the fact they simply do not have enough personnel yet to make this better.

I am frustrated as many of us are, but I understand why it is taking so long. I will continue to be persistent and follow up with them. My tax extension has been filed. At this point, I do not know what else to do.

Anna Campuzano on

I need to get 1095 A forms by email or what can i do because i need to file my tax return

katherine on

I did not get a 1095 A from you and I need one IRS is requiring it.

Aslyn Ruark on

I have no idea what to do, I was on state insurance all of 2015, and I do not know about all of the other states, but Az. does not send out any kind of forms, regardless if they are for tax purposes or not. And I have no idea what the amount of the coverage is. All I know I did not use it. So other then checking the full coverage box on the form, what amount am I to put on line 11, of my 1040EZ tax form.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but if you did get tax credits then you can’t file an 1040EZ form and you must file a 1040 or 1040A along with form 8962 – tax credits (and likely 8965 – exemptions).

This might be what is tripping you up. Box 11 is just if you had coverage and not tax credits. This was the case last year, and reviewing the new EZ instructions it seems to be the case again: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040ez.pdf

Now to be clear, this is only true if you got a marketplace plan and want to claim (or did claim) tax credits. If this is true then you also need form 1095-A and you should contact the marketplace to follow up on that.

Remember, you can also file for an extension… and you can always file the EZ and attest to having coverage if you didn’t get credits.

Lots of options, it can be a little confusing, and wholly depends upon your exact situation.

bob on

you’re not 100% correct
The location of your 1095-A is in your “messages” once you log in.

Vicky on

In the answer above, you stated “In general, calling the Marketplace or the IRS and following up is your best bet for finding a resolution.” This is not accurate. The IRS will not help, as 1095-A forms come from healthcare.gov. I went to the IRS to see how they could help me get mine but referred me back to healthcare.gov. And, frankly, I have tried for 1-1/2 months to get this issue resolved by talking with healthcare.gov “customer service” people and have been going around in circles … I don’t know what else I can possibly do.

Vicky on

By the way, I looked online and it is not there. I am computer literate, so that’s not a problem. It just isn’t there. The customer service people said I was sent a 1095-A, but I never received one.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thanks for the insight. I know the IRS doesn’t love 1095-A calls, but in some instances they have the 1095-A and the marketplace and end-user are the ones missing the form (for any reason). So I think we say often that IRS is the last resort, but yes generally agree. Will try to make it more clear.

Leann mulluns on

Can I bet my 1095 a “

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I’m sure you meant “get” and the answer is to call healthcare.gov. We are an unofficial informational site.

tom on

Just thought I would make a comment….Last year I went through the same thing. Finally had to file for a extension.

First this site can only offer information. They can not solve problems….so be kind, they are trying to help.

I know its easy to vent here, and I did last year. But again, the people here are only trying to help, and have no real control of how all this works.

Second, and this is just a guess but I think its true, but starting more than one escalation only slows things down. I could be wrong but, I think it resets your request for whatever problem you have, thus taking even longer.

I finally got my 1095 2 weeks after the deadline. Then I was ask twice to send a copy to the IRS. I did do that, and finally got my refund. I’m very thankful for Obamacare, it was a life saver for me. Its just unfortunate that the implantation of it has been so complicated.

At any rate, hang in there….I feel your pain…..been there done that…..:)

April Armstrong on

Thank you in advance for your prompt response. I have tried THREE times to have our 1095A mailed to me. After speaking with numerous agents and supervisors, I still have not received them. I even sat on the phone and filled in the forms as the agent gave me the info over the phone only to be told that I still couldn’t use them. For some reason they are able to see the forms, but I nor they can access my account online.

I am not concerned about the return at this point, my MAIN CONCERN is that we have two college students and their financial aid awards are on hold due to this info missing from our return. We filed on March 7, 2016 and we are still awaiting a simple form. Is there another way to procure this form to get it to the IRS?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

These questions are difficult. The answer is that healthcare.gov, the insurer, and IRS are the only ones who really have any power here. We talk about how to self-file the 1095-A, but it isn’t a widely accepted method.

In simple terms, people are getting caught up in bureaucracy and there are no good answers. I want to think that politicans aren’t out of touch with this and will work towards reform… honestly I am today and have been a fan of using the technology that Silicon Valley and the DOD came up with all those years back… you know, using databases and the internet to automate all taxes and social programs.

Geoffrey on

where do I send my 1095a once I have it.

My taxes were already filled out.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You keep it for yourself and you use the information to file your 8962, 8965, or other healthcare related forms as needed. Always keep it on file, don’t send to the IRS unless specifically requested (in which case make a photocopy).

G Man on

Just got a letter saying I need to send this (1095-A form) in, even though I don’t recall getting one? Already filed at like the start of April and just got this letter today (even though it was sent on April 27th, snail mail much?). Apparently my 1040EZ isn’t enough information and I lost my 1095-C so that kind of sucks.. I work for Walmart and have had Kaiser for over a year paying over like $50 a month to have it.. kind of silly I have to provide this this year even though last year I don’t think I did.. ugh.

olivia glass on

What else would you expect – a fiasco from the beginning all the way….and no answers.
I did not receive the 1095A form and naively believed I could find it on line, like they said.
Finally I called the market place, and I was told that a lot of other people are in the same boat. They also promised that the form (even though too late for the April 15 deadline) definitely is coming.
Just today, I received a letter telling me that NO, THEY ARE REFUSING MY REQUEST TO CHANGE THE 1095A FORM – BECAUSE THEY FOUND IT CORRECT!!!!
It is maddening!! Who are these people!!?? What is this organization??!! Oh, yes! the government!!!!
They found the form, that can not be found CORRECT !!!

Michael Lepage on

didn’t get form already filed my taxes this is crap we file like we on time so whats wrong with gov getting form knew this was going to be a mistake

Stefany on

does anyone know what address do i send the 1095 a form too???

Crystal Ellender on

I have been trying since April 30th to get my 1095 from the Markrtplace after already filing my taxes. Waited two weeks still no form called and they said they did not mail it. I tried to access it on line but couldn’t hey told me it may take 30 days to access. Are you freaking kidding me??? I have 20 days to get the info to the IRS but cannot get any help from the marketplace…so frustrating but I will be penalized even though I had coverage makes no sense!

Judith Chavannes on

Hi, my name is Judith Chavannes. I’m tired of calling Marketplace. Every time I call, they give me some B.S. Even though they tell me that they’re going to send me or email me the 1095 A form, I’ve never received anything. It’s been like that since early February. What’s going on? I want to file my tax. Help me please.

Janet Stansberry on

I was NEVER sent a 1095 in 2014 OR 2015 at all EVER, even after re-requesting it 3 times. And there is some glitch that stops me from making a password in order to see & print it myself. My only option is to call them & have them read me the important numbers to use on my IRS form 8962.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can also call your insurer and get a lot of the information you need. At this point in the year we start directing those who have already tried EVERYTHING to this article which explains just about every option we could think of: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/03/12/didnt-get-1095-a-or-ecn/

Yudenia M Gonzalez on

I am very disappointed because I have been not able to file my 2015 taxes because I still do not have my 1095 A form, every time I called the Marketplace they did an escalation and there have been more than 3 escalations since my first call on February 29th, the last one was on April 26th and there is still no solution to my case even though I had coverage all 2015, so what more time do they need???

Rosa on

I haven’t got any luck logging to get my 1095A form from 2014.
Can you guide me to easier and faster place.. .

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There is no good solution on this one outside coordinating with healthcare.gov

melissa on

Well here it is june 6 and still no 1095A. they told me back in april I should have it by the end of may so far I don’t see one yet and it is not online. so that is the price you pay for having Obamacare marketplace. I need to get my taxes done but cant till I get the 1095A. I get different answers every time I call after I am put on hold for 20 minutes when I first call them and then take them forever to find anything and they still don’t know what the problem is. makes me wonder what kind of people running the place.

jonathan ton on

they doing the samething to me its been 4 months and still no 1095 a form

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sorry to hear this all. We really need an electronic based system here in 2016!

Kelsey on

Received a letter today stating they had not received form.well I certainly made sure it was filled out with proper tax forms.hmmmm….something is radically wrong…then they state in letter I have 20 days to respond and if not will be unrolled for 2017.I have never in my life had issues with IRS….seems to me they want to drop good folks from program.signed completely sane with no memory loss.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That seems really strange… The IRS shouldn’t be involved with whether or not you can get coverage. I’ll have to research this. Just know my first instinct is this is fishy and you should contact the IRS and confirm the validity of the letter.

Roberta Amador on

I’ve been contacting customer service for the past three months about my 1095-a tax form. I received an incorrect form on which it only showed coverage for three months and then cancelled for the remaining of the year. I contacted my previous health insurance and they told me I was covered & paid for till the end of the year. Customer service told me they were going to send me the corrected form back on May 11th 2016 and till this day I have not received any letter in the mail. I contact them once again, spoke to a super visor and once again I’m still waiting for that form now they say to wait till July 15th 2016. I can not view the form under my online account since it tells me to wait for a mail letter, I keep calling every week to check the status & I keep getting the same answer ‘wait for the form to arrive by mail’ but how much longer do I have to wait to receive the letter from healthcare.gov? Who can I contact rather than customer service? I’m getting impatient, three months seem like a long time to wait & no one has a clue what’s going on. Please help me….

Dennis/Pamela Brandenburgh on

I and 1 million other tax payers really wish you would fix this worthless site. We are required to use it but IT DOES NOT FUNCTION. The IRS says I need Form 1095-A and I cannot view or retrieve it. However, no one in this household has received ACA subsidies for 2 years. My/our previous multiple attempts to persuade the market place to make note of this has failed miserably. If I cannot prove my case, I lose my refund. You people need to talk to each other-soon and often. Please advise.

jonathan ton on

the health care market place mess up my paper work in 2015 my form never got created for 2015 the plan was carried over from 2014 i got tax creit from them in 2015 and blue cross has all the info but the market place has been running me in circles for four months now and still no 1095 a form every timei call they said they need up to 30 day for a escalation.
every 30 days they come up with nothing and start another escalation over 4 escalations have been made ove 4 months they still wont help me what should i do

John Hartford on

This is a travesty, but I’m used to it with this joke of a program, Obamacare. The IRS is now saying I owe them a tax payment and a penalty but they are incorrect! I filled out my own 1095-A, called Obamacare and spoke with agents on five separate occasions, beginning in January of 2015. Each one told me my case was escalated, each one lied. It’s July 6th, 2015. I don’t have the 1095-A and the IRS does not have one for me, either. It’s not online. Since the IRS can’t verify my participation in Obamacare, they want me to pay back the money I received. Obamacare tells me a third party provides the 1095-A’s, but they won’t let me know who that is or how to contact them. My 1095-A is 100% correct and was verified as being such, today, by the Obamacare “tax specialist.” Same problem though, she can’t send me my official 1095-A. My case is being escalated. LOL! All I could do was send the 1095-A to the IRS, today, certified mail, return receipt. This is such a joke, but I’m not laughing. I’ll have to go in for a partial audit just on the 1095-A and my 2015 Form 8962. Ultimately, this is a sad comment on how the USA is sinking ever-further into complete chaos.

Crystal Sutton on

Taxes where filed for the year 2014 in March 2016 along with my 1095A and send off, received a letter from the IRS for a 8962 to be done because it was not done with my taxes even though they had my 1095A. My question is what will happen to us because they failed to do it until now( which they put on the amendment tax that it was not present, but this is not true, it was, I just don’t want to be held responsible for their mistakes, are there any consequence to us. Thank you for your help. Crystal

Lisa moore on

Hi i never recieved my 1095 a form. My application number under market place is #########

Please call me at ###-###-#### i need this form for my takes

[email protected] Erin on

ObamacareFacts.com is not in anyway affiliated with Healthcare.gov. There is no way for ObamacareFacts.com to provide personal information for you about your marketplace coverage. ObamacareFacts.com does try to provide answers and information for people about the law the Affordable Care Act. The best advice for you to get the information you are seeking is to read the instructions on this page and call the marketplace.

A very important piece of advice though, DON’T PUT YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT INFO AND IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS INTO COMMENT THREADS ON WEBSITES! Luckily, ObamacareFacts.com takes the time to read and moderate the comment thread before posting it online. However, most websites don’t do that and instead your personal information would just be posted available for anyone looking through the comments on that site.

IO on

I am not able to get 1095A from Obamacare. It is September and I cannot get my refund. We paid so much for the Obama care and all we need is a 1095A form. I do not know what to do. The call center is a road to nowhere. It is disturbing.

Julio gomez on

so frustrating

Carrianne on

October 2016 and we still have not been able to get missing 1095a. We can not file taxes and there is nobody who helps. This seems like a scam

john on

obamacare sucks!!!!! I hate it, i am expecting a refund, now i have to wait to receive stupid 1095-A thing

carlotta Moore on

Who ever work at the marketplace should be fired every last one of them because I have health care coverage for the whole Year of 2016 and they can see it but no one is sending it to me because they fuck up the marketplace should be tourn apart and dismemberment the whole damn thing get rid of it completely
It is the whores thing that ever happened to this country every one I talk to say the samething ..

Obama care get rid of it!!!!!!

Charlene hernandez on

How can I get my form for my1095a for my taxes

Erin on

Follow the directions in the answer to the question at the top of the page. The marketplace that you purchased the insurance from is who supplies them and that’s where you need to look to get it, if it hasn’t showed up. The answer is old, but the information on how to get 1095As when there is an issue is still accurate.

Tina on

Can a 1095 A get me a refund if it’s all I’m filing ?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well you would have to file a 1040 along with it, and thus the answer could be yes. 1095a is a form that helps you do your taxes and is used by the IRS to confirm you had (or didn’t have) coverage for each month. Does that make sense?

Wyndi on

I cannot access any of my applications through the marketplace for the last 3 years. It keeps telling me that they could find my application. I have successfully enrolled and received the tax subsidy for 2015, 2016, and now 2017. None of my Application ID #s are working. I just want to be able to print my 1095-A as soon as possible. It is the last thing I am waiting on.

Douglas conner on

Have not got my1095B yet

Jimmy Reaves on

Please send a copy of my 1095-A

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Just to be clear, one would have to contact healthcare.gov for this or access their account and request it. We are a independent third party, and even if we weren’t, a comment wouldn’t be enough.

Andrea Roberts on

I need my tax credit paper for taxes. And I could not pull it of line

patty mccoy on

I don’t have my 1095A and I need it now. I been told that it was sent out December 8 2016 and I still don’t have it. I NEED IT NOW.

Stephenie on

This is horrible. I followed all the directions to find it online. When I get to each page Im not even seeing the options its saying I should see. This is a mess. You cant do this online. Many people as I cant wait last minute to file taxes.

Whitney M on

I received mine in mid-January, which is the same time that I received it last year, but my spouse still hasn’t received, and it’s not online either. He had health insurance from the marketplace for about 3 months in 2016 and an exemption for the rest, and I had insurance for most of the year. I don’t know if that matters, but that’s the only difference that I can think of that would make a difference.

Richard severns on

When I go to the healthcare.gov, and my application, when I click the year it doesn’t show my 2016 application.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So I have certainly heard that this was the case a number of times. I don’t know if people are missing something, or if not everyone sees this depending on some factors I don’t understand, or if it is just different at some marketplaces (and people are getting re-routed to their state marketplace).

Wish I had more concrete answers.

Robert Torres on

I did not get my 1095-B

Peggy on

Confused First time filing like this. I have Medicare A & B and supplement N with Manhattan Life. Do I get W2’s? Also husband is with Cheasapeake Life Insurance tax accountant says we have to wait of 1095 form….Will it be filled out?

Still waiting to file

Peggy on

Does anyone really reply for these questions and comments? We need answers

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We are happy to reply to any comment, but it can be difficult on a hot topic (as you can imagine). This is made more difficult by the fact that we aren’t an official site (we are a private company not healthcare.gov the IRS or a government entity of any sort).

Thus, we can answer general questions, but on this issue the main answer is: You need to contact healthcare.gov or your state marketplace if you don’t have the form. However, by about April we will be suggesting workarounds. You can find the workarounds on our site, they are linked into this page, but past official advice was advising not to use them this early on. Does that make sense. Trying to walk a line between letting people know what we know and trying to funnel everyone in the right direction, ultimately though we can’t offer help beyond general advice.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You won’t get a 1095-A if you have Medicare. This is only for private coverage via the marketplace. That said, employers send out their own 1095 forms. https://obamacarefacts.com/form-1095a-1095b-1095c/

Jimmy Herciuk on

I need your help. I don’t have a 1095. -a

Victoria Debolt on

This is a joke every time I call about my tax for I get a run around I need my tax money now not last minute

Carla Quirk on

still waiting & several calls, “will receive by mail your form, by mid’Feb. well, its mid Feb & nothing as of yet. I thought ALL forms were to be mailed out by end of January, but is the government exempt? No wonder our health insurance is in such a mess, the right hand doesn’t know what the left had is doing. And changes every year. Such a run around. I would HATE to be a government employee deal with Q & A ‘s all day. I think tey have a standard reply ” receive in mail by Mid Feb.” Come on people, we have to do our duty and file taxes, you should uphold your end & get the forms out ASAP!!

brandi on

when will we get the form needed to file taxes……this is so dumb

Sue Watson on

I did not receive my 1094A and have not been able to get it on the market place website.

Sue Watson on

I did not receive a 1095A form for this years taxes. I have not been able to get into my account and do not get help from the Marketplace.

Ashley Reul on

I’m unable to get a copy of the 1095A for 2016 so I can file my taxes.

Jackie on

Getting health insurance through the MD Marketplace was easy but getting my 1095 is always a challenge each year. This is the second year in a row I have had this problem from the State of Maryland Marketplace and the MD CareFirst websites. The IRS is always giving Maryland CareFirst an extension to mail the 1095s out at the last minute. The 2015 1095s were mailed out close to the April 2016 date for filing on-time. This year I was told that they have until March 31, 2017 to mail the 1095s. Also, the 1095s are never available online until close to the April deadline date. If you have health insurance through your employer, the 1095s are always mailed out by January 31st. CareFirst of Alabama mailed theirs out on-time. The months of March and April are the busiest months to get your taxes prepared. I don’t like waiting till the last minute to file when all of my other documents (W-2s, 1098s, 1099s, etc.) were mailed and received by Jan. 31st. Maybe the IRS need to stop providing these extensions to the Healthcare providers each year. They are clearly taking advantage of the system and do not care about the taxpayer.

Bob on

Being the 3rd year in a row that I did not get my 1095A form on time.

Why this happens I have no idea and the people you talk to at Healthcare.com have no idea. They are vey nice and I believe they are not to blame. Its the higher ups that you can’t talk to that are the blame.

The Obamacare came pretty close to saving my life, so I do appreciate it. Its this dang 1095A that’s so frustrating. Since my only income is social security, normally I would not even have to file. Because I do have Obamacare, I’m required to file taxes. Yet this very same Obamacare won’t send me the form so I can file. This is a oxymoron if I ever seen it.

I want to be clear, I’m very thankful for Obamacare. Why they can’t get this 1095A thing right is beyond me.

Also, I’m thankful for this website. lol….you can vent here….just keep in mind, the people here have no control of anything, they can only offer information. I’m sure its a thankless job.

So vent if you want, but the people here are only trying to help.

Robert Johnston on

if you are going to shove health care down our throats then you should be held responsible for getting the right 1095a form to us in the time frame allotted. i have called several times and i get the same runaround. they can see it but they don’t know what to do. they just tell me we will call you back. i haven’t got one call. i think if you cant do your job right then the public should not be responsible for fixing the problem. i have made all my extremely high premiums. so the sooner this law is repealed the better. i don’t need the government taking care of me and giving the health insurance companies guaranteed customers.

carlotta Moore on

My name is Carlotta Moore
And I had Melina health care for 2yrs I did not get my 1095a from the marketplace nor Melina and they can see that I had health insurance but for some reason they haven’t printed my 1095a nor have

Amanda on

Exactly. Have called 3 times for mine. Twice being with my attorney. One time the lady was rude n demeaning n laughed at us. Still have not received mine. How can we be punished for not filing on time when the government doesn’t want to give us our forms..

Katherine owens on

Not update files still haven’t received my 1095 nobody can help me that’s really bad resolution

Zach R. on

My 1095-a hasn’t come in the mail yet and it isn’t online either. What’s going on?

Domenick DeSeta on

I did not receive my 1095 A for 2016, and I need it to prepare my 2016 income taxes. Can I get it on line?

Mary on

I have not received my 1095a from the market place I need it to file my taxes. When will I receive it

Isabel Vazquez on

What about if I forgotten my secured questions answer is there any other way I can get to logging into the healthcare

Steven L Hren on

Have not received my 1095A

Lynne on

Have had no luck getting 1095-A for 2016 from the MarketPlace!

I have been trying to get a corrected 1095-A for 2016 from the MarketPlace since the beginning of Feb. The 1095-A they sent an incorrect amount for Jan and nothing for Feb – Dec. After calls to the MarketPlace and my insurance company, the insurance company sent me and the MarketPlace the correct insurance/payment info on Feb. 14. The initial escalation with the MarketPlace was closed, but they never provided an updated 1095-A. I called them again and a new escalation was opened. Finally on March 16, the MarketPlace called me and I believe I was told that the corrected form would be available online and sent to me after March 20. Still nothing! I called the MarketPlace again today March 27 and was told it would be April 10 !!!

Should I go ahead and file my taxes now based on the information provided by my insurance company for Jan – Dec premium and tax credit?
Should I enter the incorrect/missing 1095-A information and file an amended return later ?

I know the SLCSP for Jan (shown on the incorrect 1095-A) and I’m assuming it’s the same for the rest of the year.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is hard to say, I have never seen any good advice on this. The first year the IRS hinted that one could file without the 1095 by getting the information from the insurer, but it was never officially confirmed.

This page explains a lot: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/03/12/didnt-get-1095-a-or-ecn/

Missy on

Been calling the market place since February …. STILL not on line ..STILL not in mail

Chelsea P on

My husband and I filed on January 21, 2017. A week later I received a notice in the mail that I had not input my 1095A. I now have the information necessary to do this but am not sure whether I send in the form through mail or if I am able to “re-file” through TurboTax with the correct information. Does anyone know what to do through this specific forum? I have misplaced the letter at this point and don’t recall the instructions.

Erin on

You’ll need to file an amended tax return.

Diana on

We were sent the wrong form. I have called the Marketplace (healthcare.gov) for help three different times. They have all told similar, yet different stories (little lies from each one). We will not get our 1095A in time to file our taxes. No online access either, until it “suddlenly” appears (another promise I don’t believe) I think a law suit would be appropriate. Can you even sue them. They are misleading and very unhelpful and liars.

david on

My 1095-A from the marketplace in Texas wasn’t sent for some unknown reason. Its 4-4-2017 and just now they are escalating it. They wouldn’t tell me how long to expect to wait, it inst available for download, and I cannot file without it.

jeanie on

I need a copy of my 1095 for tax purposes please

Everett W Redmond on

This a nightmare! Can’t print 1095-A online, We did not receive this form in February
and now forced to file for an extension. Check out the hundreds of reviews, doesn’t
anyone in authority get it?
No smiles here!!!

Ritwik on

I have not received my 1095-A yet and it is April 13th. I just filled in 8962 using SLCSP tool and PTC information from healthcare. There is neither hardcopy nor softcopy available. I have filed fed taxes. Don’t know what will happen. Has anypne dpne like this before?

thomas ellis on

cannot find my 1095-a form. Will I be able to get another copy sent to me

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you did have one sent then it should be accessible via your marketplace account. If you can’t find it, consider calling the marketplace and having them guide you.


WTF, its may 2nd I haven’t received my 1095-a. I made the escalation since feb 20th and I Can’t wait no more!!
can someone be able to reply or email me what could I do in order to either suit or fix this Issue???
This is ridiculous, 3 months and they only can tell me is “we can escalate your case” -> Already escalate my case many times. what can I do??? Im tired and Frustrated!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The not fun part is that I have never figured out a perfect answer to this question despite looking for one for the past few years. It is one of the more frustrating parts of the ACA. See ACA sticking points: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/12/29/obamacares-sticking-points/

whity on


Tamara 2 on

I have tried since February 6 2016 to get my son’s 1095A and have escalated each month now 4th time and over a dozen phone calls to them only for them to say “It’s in the mail” “They sent the wrong one” “After mail date, found out hasn’the been released”. “I’m sorry for your inconvenience “. No! This is unacceptable! Withholding person information and enabling me from filing my taxes that I worked hard for! They never have someone who can do anything but escalate from the call center and you cannot talk to some who actually releases the form. It is not right that whatever office is responsible to get us our information in order to timely report mandatory taxes to the government, to withhold vital information. It feels as if there is no integrity here some do not care of the well being of the people needing this information because they rely on it!

Brian Hickey on

Can you please email a copy of my form 1095 for my tax return?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We aren’t healthcare.gov and aren’t affiliated with them (or the government in general).

One needs to direct questions like this to healthcare.gov 🙂

gary koch on

cliced on find your form on line, didn’t work, phone numbers don’t work out of the country either, we happen to be presently in Canada. Why does it have to be so dificult. so now what am I suppose to do?
Maybe when they come to arrest me they can tell me something.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can’t get arrested for not having coverage. The numbers on our site don’t work for outside of the U.S. because we work with advertisers who control them very tightly. It is a safeguard to protect our visitors. Contact healthcare.gov the official marketplace.

Susan Silver on

I need a 1095-A, 2016 form to file my taxes & have not received it

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There is no great advice not already given above. That is, check with the marketplace and check with the IRS. I’m almost surprised they didn’t issue a fix under Obama, not that surprised it isn’t happening this year with all else going on. Really frustrating to see so many still having issues.

JeseC on

What if they don’t have the form online either? I’m still trying to get my form 1095-A for 2015, I have stubs showing my payment for insurance and the amount of the subsidy, but the state marketplace can’t seem to find my complete record and won’t generate the form. I can prove that I purchased and used insurance during that time and the insurance company has record of the subsidies, but the state does not

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I’ve never been fully sure about what to do in this situation. You clearly can prove that you had coverage, you can even fill out form 8962 with a 1095 by finding all the information elsewhere, but the IRS still wants a 1095 (which can be complicated when it is the marketplace holding things up).

This is the sort of thing that someone actually needs to fix. We should all note that for all the bickering in Washington, they haven’t bothered to fix little things like this. Here are more little sticking points they could be addressing but aren’t: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/12/29/obamacares-sticking-points/

Diana Gray on

Trying to download my 1095 information but I can’t remember the email address that I used it says to direct me to the call center but then there’s no number to call WTF

Debra M. Edgel on

I to have not yet received my 1095-a. for 2017 All I get from Healthcare.gov is a hard time. they keep telling me to wait. I need mine. I live off a fixed income. Is there nothing you guys can do about this?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We are a free to use informational site with no relation to healthcare.gov or any government entity. So there is literally nothing we can do but offer direction and advice. The advice above does note that contacting healthcare.gov is the right move however 😉

Lesley r. Persijn on

Can you please mail me a 1095a form so i can complete my filing

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We are a free to use informational website. Please contact the official government run site healthcare.gov (although your 1095-a can generally be found in your marketplace account, you can always contact the official website for assistance).

thane beers on

I can’t find my 1095A form required for my taxes.

eric renderos on

I never received the form 1095 A and I need to file my income tax

Maria Pagan on

Hi my name is Maria P., I did have health insurance, but marketplace was insisting I didn’t but after placing my cal in three way they were able to confirm with Florida blue go I did health insurance. The reason the weren’t able to find records was because there was 2 different accounts where one saids I only had insurance from 01/01/12017 up to 01/21/2017 and it was cancel from 01/21/2017 thru 02/01/2017 and this is the only thing that shows one first account but in the other account started on 02/01/2017 thru 12/31/2017 and I have called about 7 times going through a exclamation claim which every time they respond they keep sending me a denied letter with only the first account. This is so depressing because when I speak to someone at the marketplace the read where it’s verified I did have health insurance. Please tell me what can I do because I must file my taxes because I have to show proof for when I reapply for my daughter who’s actively attending college and I’m the only one that can apply for parents student loan so she can continue attending college because she doesn’t have any credit because she still young and never had any credit . Please tell me what can I do ? I really have to do this for my daughter to get herself a career in law.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The options when you get a situation in this include contacting the marketplace, the insurer, and if needed filing an appeal.

I would think you could call the insurer and explain the situation and make sure it was worked out while you were on the phone, but if this isn’t working then you still have options.

One thing you can do is attest to coverage and use the 1095-a form from your correct marketplace account to file taxes. Another thing you can do is simply attest to having the coverage you had (assuming you have bank statements where you made payments to the insurer).

I’d call the marketplace for guidance (we can only give unofficial advice and suggestions on ways to proceed, we can’t advise on specifically what to do), but those are the sort of last resorts I would fall back on as needed. Good luck!

Ida Arredondo on

I have been trying to get my 1095 A since march 15th
I have tried to retrieve it online and they have tried to help me get it online and it won’t link so I can download it and print it out. It is April 27, 2018 and I still have not received the 1095 A in mail. I call every week and they tell me they are sorry I can’t print it online and that it’s in mail.
I’m frustrated and do not understand why they have not mailed it to me.
Please tell me what I can do. My income credit is on Hold and will stay on hold until I send the 1095 A –
Please advise what to do as final step.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I still haven’t found any good solution here. It seems to be an ongoing sticking point that X amount of people deal with each year.

Rena Jhinoo on

I live in Florida and have not gotten my 1095A for 2017 and i have been pleading with the marketplace since April and no luck its so frustrating I was told there is an escalate generated and all the customer service can do is send feedback to the caseworker and there is no direct contact or number to them i have been calling back and forth and without this form cannot do my taxes its so unfair My husband and I are hardworking people don’t make much but just wants to get our taxes done there must be another step I cannot understand why it is so difficult to generate a simple form. I wish someone could help.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This has been a really odd ongoing issue since day 1. Not sure what to say, I would have thought this would have been fixed long ago.

Carolyn Ranalli on

I need form 1095B to file with my 2018 taxes. Should I call my union (DC37) ? Or is there another way to receive the form on line.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Since a 1095-B is the responsibility of the employer / provider of your insurance to file, it does make sense to check with them. They should have filed it, but perhaps your copy was not sent out.

Reyna Saldivar on

I have not gotten my 1095-A statement for 2018 in the mail

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you haven’t received your 1095-A, make sure to contact the marketplace first. They should have a copy on record in your account. If they do not, they are still the best option for following up with what happened.

amanda on

i need my 1095-A 2018 form asap i have 20 days to mail it in as i did not recive one nor did i know i would need one i have never needed one or got one before and i already did my taxes and have already gotten a letter requesting it from the IRS and was given 20 days to respond and i got it on 3-29-19 and today is 4-2-19 so my time is running out fast

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There is nothing we can do as an independent informational site aside from supply you with the best information we can. In terms of that, the best information we have is all provided above. Remember you can self file your 1095-A (and hope for the best) or file an extension if you can’t get help from the marketplace or IRS in time.

Florence Fagundo on

tell her.

Melody McMorris on

I need a copy of my 1095A form for tax year 2019, the IRS is requesting a copy of it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Your first stop should always be the marketplace (HealthCare.Gov or your state marketplace), you can typically download your 1095a right in your account. If you have issues, give them a call.

Kim on

Marketplace told me they didn’t have a 1095a for me but I have a completed application online and current account. Ambetter was my provider and they told me to call Marketplace. So what do I do??

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The marketplace should have it. They are correct in saying this. If they don’t have it things immediately get complex.

My best advice is still found in this link: https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/04/06/1095-a-form-updates-treasury-and-irs-april/

Basically, that advice is to explain to the marketplace that they should have it, ask if they can get it. If not fill it out by hand, send it to the IRS, and use your self calculated amounts to file any related forms. Can always opt for help from a CPA if needed. I’ve never found perfect advice, but that is the best workaround path I’ve come across.