I have Medicare. Do I Need ObamaCare?

I have Medicare. Do I need Obamacare?

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I will turn 65 in Feb.2019 so I just need Obama Care for the month of Jan. next yr. How do I stop Obama Care .


In a situation like this your best bet is to call the marketplace. Usually short term plans are the best bet for short term policies, however if you will rely on assistance it might make sense to get marketplace coverage for 1 month. It really depends on your medical needs!

In short, you sign up and then you set up a cancellation for Feb 1st, but its a tight timeframe and given this it is best done with the assistance of the marketplace.


If I have Medicare, must I fill out an IRS form 8965 or some similar form to show my exemption?


You are simply going to: “Check the Full-year coverage box on Form 1040, line 61; Form 1040A, line 38; or Form 1040EZ, line 11” with regards to your coverage. Medicare is a qualifying health coverage.

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