Am I eligible for Obamacare with my E2 Visa?



An E2 Visa does qualify you, Immigrants with temporary work and student visas (H-1B, E-2, F-1, J-1) qualify for the Marketplace, but not Medicaid.

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pascal burel on

how can i get a medicare claim number ? on

You should contact Medicare with any specific questions. Here is the section on claims:

Gabe on

If I’m eligible through an E2 visa, am I required?

Jim Yeager on

Is enrollment in a health care plan required for Immigrants with temporary work and student visas?

Kate Lee on

I am on E-2 visa. Do I have to get obamacare? If I don’t get obamacare or health insurance, do I have to pay penalty?

judimar olivares on

Does qualify Visa O1 and Visa O3 for Obamacare and benefits like help?

Erin on

As long as they are lawfully present aliens folks with non-immigrant visas are required to have minimal essential coverage and eligible for cost assistance so long as they meet the other eligibility requirements for getting cost assistance (i.e. between 100%-400% of FPL, not offered employer sponsored coverage that is considered affordable, etc.) It doesn’t appear that there is a lot of information out there about “O” visas specifically, but under the Affordable Care Act most lawfully present aliens who are required to file taxes in the US are also required to have health insurance while they are here and thus are treated similarly to US citizens with regards to cost assistance. Many non-resident aliens aren’t required to file taxes and thus wouldn’t be required to have health insurance under the law, but there is nothing preventing non-residents from choosing to file taxes in the US in order to claim Premium Tax Credits for marketplace insurance or to reconcile those tax credits if they have taken them in advance. Here is the IRS publication for 2015 (it doesn’t appear that a new one has been released for 2016, but it’s likely that the information will be similar with adjustments to the dollar amounts). Here is a more recent publication from a Specialist on Immigration Policy and a Legislative Attorney on “Treatment of Non-citizens under the Affordable Care Act” for more information.

judimar olivares on

Does qualify Visa F1 and F2 inmigrants for Obamacare and benefits?