I’m low income. I work for a car dealership. If I want get insurance for my family I have pay 500 each month. I don’t make too much money. I make $2000 each month.

I have pay for rent.food.gas.car insurance.kids……. I can’t pay $500 for insurance.

I already get insurance for my self with $70, but if I want add my wife I have pay $500. My wife is collage student. She doesn’t make money. Can u please help me.


If you are struggling with unaffordable employer-sponsored family coverage you have many options including exemptions and catastrophic coverage. We suggest reading our page on your options for unaffordable work coverage.

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Emmanuel on

I’m currently have have insurance from employer. But for my wife I have to pay $100 dollars a week for her coverage. Do I have any other options from the marketplace?.