I have insurance under my step mom but I am unable to use it because I have to pay a massive deductible so I have not been able to get my necessary checkups last year.

My step mom said she cant take me off her insurance until the end of the month , but I feel like my hands are tied because I cant even go to the doctor for a checkup without paying a significant balance.

My step mom insurance is considered “the best” but to me they are just waiting for me to pay this huge deductible.

I want to get Obama care because I heard of the many benefits that come along with it but I feel if I apply I wont get through just because I am under my step mom insurance?

What should I do ? can I be approved for Obama care and still have her insurance as my secondary ?


Generally you can only get cost assistance through ObamaCare's Health Insurance Marketplace if you don't have other coverage options. Cost assistance is based on household income, if you file as independent (don't have your parents claim you as a dependent) you can base cost assistance on your income. Since it is outside of open enrollment, you'll need to qualify for a special enrollment period to actually enroll in a plan.

Holding more than one comprehensive insurance policy is rarely cost effective in the individual and family market. That is just going to land you with two deductibles and two premiums!

There is no clear and simple answer here. An ACA Silver plan with subsidies could make out-of-pocket costs much cheaper, but only if your income is in just the right spot. You could also consider opening up an HSA and using tax free dollars to pay out-of-pocket costs. That is another smart option you have. Also if you have low-income, your state expanded Medicaid, and you aren't claimed as a dependent you may have Medicaid options.

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