Am I able to join onto my parents’ plan at anytime? (within the accepted age range, of course).


A dependent can be added to coverage during open enrollment or a special enrollment period, this is the same for a spouse.

Under the Affordable Care Act most plans only allow new enrollment of family members during annual open enrollment periods. Each insurance type has it's own special enrollment period as well (based on qualifying life events) which allow family members to be added to a plan. Some insurance types have short Special Enrollment windows. So as a rule of thumb, you'll want to get added to your family plan ASAP after a qualifying life event.

There are many Special Enrollment opportunities that you can look into.

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Shit on

You f’ing aholes!!!! SO we have to go through a whole year without coverage for a dependent because we have to wait for open enrollment???? Then we have to get penalized on our taxes too??? We can’t even move to another state without losing coverage.
Obamacare sucks!!! on

When you move it triggers a special enrollment period, dependents can get coverage through CHIP outside open enrollment… but just by strict open enrollment rules everyone, including dependents, needs to enroll during the annual enrollment period and than maintain coverage. See: