When do I Need Insurance After Turning 26?

I am turning 26 on June 1st and will be dropped by my mom’s federal government plan at BC/BS. Do I need to get Obama care that day? I am also unemployed.

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My 26 birthday is Dec. 8th. I’m also moving to Humbolt County, CA on Jan. 1st., 2017. I’ll be attending Humbolt University full time. I will not be living on campus and I don’t have an address as I haven’t found a place yet. With all of this happening during enrollment period, I’m a little confused. I believe if I enroll by Jan. 15, 2017. I’ll be okay regardlees of the enrollment period. Please confirm.


Open Enrollment doesn’t end until January 31st in 2017, but you won’t have coverage until the first of the following month after enrolling. Everyone gets a 3 Month Short-term coverage gap exemption (you simply report this on your year end taxes) and moving is considered a qualifying event with regards to getting a Special Enrollment Period, so you’ll have up to 60 days after the move to use the Marketplace for insurance (still only 3 month short-term coverage gap allowed). So, 1) you can sign up for coverage where you are now and then go back to the marketplace after you move to change coverage using a Special Enrollment Period or 2) you can wait until you move to sign up for insurance, but you’ll want to make sure that your coverage begins no later than April 1st to avoid owing the fee (you also risk not having coverage if you fall ill during that time).

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