What is the maximum income for ObamaCare?


For 2020 coverage, those making between $12,490- $49,960 as an individual, or $25,750-$103,000 as a family of 4, qualify for ObamaCare. For 2021, those making between $12,760- $51,040 as an individual, or $26,200-$104,800 as a family of 4, qualify.

Minimum and maximum income for ObamaCare cost assistance is based on the Federal Poverty Level for the previous year. See the Federal Poverty Guidelines for more details.

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Billy on

What if someone lied about having affordable insurance from work to get subsidies? Would they still be subject to the repayment caps or have to pay back everything? Even if they are low income?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is a very interesting question. The way the rules are written they would be subject to the repayment cap, but they would also be in danger getting in trouble for tax fraud if somehow it was proven they knowingly lied. This is probably a question for a lawyer though.

william on

what is maximum income for a family of 2

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Our page on the Federal Poverty Guideline will always show you all the levels for each year. Family of two max is $68,960. Learn more https://obamacarefacts.com/federal-poverty-level/

Karen on

Six years ago our private insurance BCBS dropped us at the time Obama was saying “if you like your insurance you can keep it”. We had to go with Obamacare and since then have paid $800 per month for two of us. We are both self employed so our income varies. We just got a call from our accountant and he said that we made too much last year (2019) and we have to pay back $17,000 to the government due to not qualifying for Obamacare. If that is correct that means the mediocre insurance plan we have had was supposedly costing $17,000 plus $9600.00 for a total of $26,600 per year? Is that possible? How is that affordable?