As a non citizen, what type of visa must I have to buy insurance through the health care exchanges?


Generally only US citizens can take advantage of Marketplace subsidies, however you can still shop on the Marketplace with:

  • Valid non-immigrant visas
  • Machine Readable Immigrant Visa (with temporary I-551 language)
  • Victim of trafficking visa
  • Victim of trafficking and his or her spouse, child, sibling, or parent or individuals with a pending application for a victim of trafficking visa
  • Individual with Non-immigrant Status (includes worker visas, student visas, and citizens of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau)

NOTE: Temporary work and student visas that will allow access to ObamaCare (not Medicaid) include the following: H-1B, E-2, F-1, J-1.

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Francisco on

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I have a valid non inmigrant visa, the o1(artist) do i need, by law, to paid a health ensurance? on

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Nonresident aliens for tax purposes are not subject to the individual mandate. Resident aliens for tax purposes are subject to the individual mandate

Cristina on

Can I apply to Obamacare being on a O-1 visa? on

We are fairly certain that if you have an O-1 visa and are “substantially present in the US” it means you are required to get coverage and would be eligible based on immigration status to claim tax credits based on tax filing and income in the US. That being said you should check directly with HealthCare.Gov to understand all of your options (there are lots of immigration statuses which make being sure about all an individuals requirements and options best left to the official website”.

Basically non-resident aliens don’t have to comply with the mandate (and can’t get cost assistance). Lawfully Present immigrants can use the Marketplace, get cost assistance, and get Medicaid and CHIP and must comply with the mandate. Sometimes a person will be here on a visa working and will have to comply with the mandate and get coverage through an employer, but not qualify for cost assistance (essentially a tax break). Learn more below:

Raghda on

I am an F2 visa, georgia, atlant, can I enroll to obamacare?

Lukas weichert on

Can one sign up to insurance while pending for a non immigrant pending? on

Generally if you are paying taxes and in the country legally then you can use the marketplace (regardless of immigration status). That said, because the details can be complex, I would call directly and inquire that way.

HealthCare.Gov provides 24/7 assistance and your information cannot and will not be used for enforcement purposes. If you have questions we strongly suggest contacting HealthCare.Gov for help. 1-800-318-2596 / TTY: 1-855-889-4325

Laura on

Hi. I’m on a F1 visa and I bought my insurance through the market place and I’m even getting subsidy to pay for my premium. Should I be worried about having to return this money at some point? on

In general: If you are legally present, such as with an F1 visa, and you are working and paying taxes, then you qualify to use marketplace assistance.

Thus, you shouldn’t have to be worried about returning the money, assuming you projected your income correctly.

I would call the marketplace for insight, because the specifics can be tricky to grapple with. But generally, if you will be in the country for the year and maintain health coverage, and you have an income that qualifies you, then it makes sense to take assistance. In this case you’ll only owe back on your taxes if you take too much (see repayment limits).