I am 65 and have medicare insurance but am looking for a supplemental policy for dental and prescription medication on the Obama care plan. My income is low so I’m looking for an affordable plan.


Generally you can't use the Marketplace if you have Medicare, even for dental only. If the Marketplace in your state is run by the federal government, you won’t be able buy a stand-alone dental plan unless you’re also buying a health plan. If your state is running its own Marketplace, you may be able to purchase a stand-alone dental plan.

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Paul Nason on

I support Obama,
I don’t believe this answer. Weak start “Generally” also, There are a lot IFs in that statement.

I bet my few remaining teeth that nobody gets covered in a satisfactory plan. Those who do participate might run out of those offices in tears as I often have lately.

We on medicare with hearing, dental, orthotic and other not covered conditions are in trouble. We may be better off getting so destitute that we get medicaid??? It’s no wonder suicide rates are so high. men in their fifties I once read are the highest risk group. that year. We are losing hope and Trump is looming.

One president can’t do it alone, we all have to act, participate or relive the same problems over and over until the earth dies


ObamaCareFacts.com on

Double checked the content and the answer is true. The if’s are there because the situations are conditional. Sorry if it was confusing.