My husband passed away on 12/26/2014 and has been on disability and social security since 2006, he had insurance through his work, but now they want to take me off and make me go through cobra which I can’t afford on his pension of 749.00 a month, how can I get on Obama care and how much will it cast per month, and will I have certain Drs to go to?


If you lose a loved one, and thus love coverage, you qualify for a special enrollment period and an exemption from the fee. You'll get a Marketplace plan based on projected income. You'll be offered a price based on what you can afford now, not what you made before.

Every plan is different, and your costs and coverage will be based on the plan you choose. If you choose a plan in your network, then your Doctor will be covered under your plan. In general we suggest looking a Silver Marketplace plans first.

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