Should I Get ObamaCare If I’m Going to Move out of Country?

I’m 62 now, I get the $400 retirement benefits a month, in August I am going to Poland(I am also a Polish Citizen) and I am going to live and stay there . In Poland I have got the medical health insurance. My question is: should I enroll in the USA for Obamacare health program. I will not use it, because I am going to live in Poland. What should I do? I do not want to pay any fines.

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great answer


I can’t find my question on the site, but this is close. I quit my job last year and have been out of the country the last ten months and will return next month. Can I try to enroll in Obamacare? Is there any sort of exception in this case? Will I have to pay a fee? I’m not sure how to proceed with healthcare when I return. Thank you.


In this case you should always call when you know your moving plans and arrange coverage and cost assistance. This is best done up to 30 days before the move, although you can call and get more details at any point.

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