Do I Need to Leave ObamaCare If I Get a Job?

I live in IL and signed up for medical coverage while unemployed. I got re-employed and was wondering if I need to leave the enrolled coverage for different coverage available off the marketplace?

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Am I required to drop my Obamacare coverage and join my new spouse’s employer plan?


While unemployed I had Marketplace insurance and received a premium tax credit on my premiums. I started a new job which offered health insurance and dropped the Marketplace insurance. Will I owe back the premium tax credit I received while on the marketplace insurance?


It’s 100% based on your total household income for the year after deductions (essentially, MAGI). It doesn’t matter what month the money was made or not made.


What if my new job dose not offer coverage?


You can switch to a Marketplace plan during your special enrollment window or open enrollment.

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