I am currently in California but I travel a lot and live in different states, especially in the West. How do I get insurance that covers me in multi-states?

Also, I am confused about the prices. To get half way decent insurance it will cost me at least $600.00 a month that is more than I was paying in the past. I can not afford that.

I thought insurance was suppose to be cheaper now.

Am I missing something? Is there somewhere that we can personally talk to someone, because this is very confusing and we want to make sure we sign up with the correct company.


What you'll want to do is get a multi-state health insurance plan. Coverage is designed to cover people regionally, in general. In fact networks are so important that if you go out of network you generally end up owing the full-out-pocket costs for treatment. So step one is to check out the marketplace. Step two is to call and tell them you need a multi-state plan. Step three is to perhaps contact an insurer who offers a marketplace plan directly to inquire about how networks and coverage work. California provides Multi-state coverage, but not all states do.

As far as costs goes, it's based primarily on income, so you may get cost assistance through California's marketplace. However, you should expect to pay more, as your plan will need to contract more health care providers to cover you. Typically regional HMOs are the cheapest plans due to narrow, abet focused, networks.

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Bob on

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I am in the same boat. I have researched and researched this and it is so confusing and disorganized. I live on the Nevada, California border and I could only find one insurance company to insure me in both states and it only insures me 100 miles into California. I use to have a limit of $2000 and now it is $6000 and cost me more.