I would just like to know how they can mandate that I pay 200$ per month for insurance as a single mom with 3 kids (who are eligible for Medicaid).

I do not think that this is right and its pay the 200$ or pay for something with a $6000 deductible!!!

I realize this is new, I just really want it to be heard that this OBAMACARE is affecting the people that work that make 40k-50k and support themselves! It is not right, there is problem with the way this is set up!!


Coverage should cost at most 9.5% of your household income. If your children qualify for CHIP (Medicaid), but your income is higher, you'll get low cost coverage.

A typical subsidized family plan, for 4 people making between $40,000 and $50,000, for $200 a month actually pretty good. The deductible is high, because the premium is low, but at least under the ACA it's limited to $6,300.

Coverage can be very expensive. If you can swing it look into a Health Savings Account to lower your Modified Adjusted Gross Income. You'll be able to use tax free money to pay for out-of-pocket care, and you may qualify for cost assistance depending on your year end Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

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