Elderly and don’t know how to do this. By myself. Very low income. Cannot move. have appointment with clinic to help me register for insurance but not until Tuesday the 17th of feb. What do I do?


If you are over 65 you'll get a Medicare plan, if you are low-income and your state expanded Medicaid you can enroll in Medicaid.

In person assistance is offered for both cases. Neither of these types have the same open enrollment periods as individual and family insurance, so you aren't missing the deadline. Also at a very low income you won't owe the fee for not having health coverage.

Without specifics it's hard to give specific advice, but if you have someone from a clinic coming over to help, they will most likely simply be able to enroll you in the right plan then and there. If it's a Medicaid plan it can even start retroactively.

You can also go to HealthCare.Gov and fill out an application. That will tell you what you qualify for as well.

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