Hello I am an American citizen who has been studying in the UK since September 2014.

My DOB is September 1988, and I turned 26 while living here.

Up until this point, I had been insured under my mother’s healthcare plan. I haven’t seen the need to purchase health insurance in the United States since turning 26, because of living in the UK and being covered under the country’s NHS.

Now that it is tax time, I’m a little worried that I might be fined for not purchasing insurance in the United States, due to the Affordable Care Act, and I was hoping to avoid that. Is there anything you can do to help me with these concerns? Thank you.


If you are living outside of the country for more than 330 days then you don't owe the fee. You also don't owe the fee if you get other exemptions. If you live outside the country less time and you file a US tax return, then you could owe the fee and need to look into coverage options or exemptions.

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